Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"We are sisters, you and I!"

Haven't been in much of a vintage Barbie mood lately. I bought an expensive vintage doll back in Mid-March and .... I don't really like her. Now, she is lovely and a stunning and should be a jewel in my collection, but there's just a really odd unfulfilled feeling I get when I look at her. Maybe because she was so expensive and I didn't really get a great deal on her she's not as satisfying as some of the other dolls I've gotten. But either way she killed my vintage desire and while I'm still looking at vintage Barbie, nothing really catches my eye. I haven't bought a vintage doll for over two months now, which for me is very unusual. I have picked up a few newer dolls lately (including one that I finally broke down and overpaid for since I didn't buy her at retail prices years ago) but most of those are for their clothes or accessories.  There really haven't been too many new dolls joining my collection. Which I guess is a good thing since I really shouldn't be spending money and I have so many dolls already. With my plans to move, space is limited so the less I have the better. I don't want to leave any dolls behind, but if I run out of room I'm going to have to.

Even with a seeming bored attitude toward new vintage I still have a literal pile of dolls to share with you all. This post will be introducing two new dolls, but not vintage dolls. It's a couple of modern dolls that I added to the collection recently, but still a while ago. At least once I get them introduced I can move them from the pile they're in ... to another pile. We have a lot of piles around here. At least pile B is a bit more organized than pile A.

The two dolls I'm going to be talking about today both share the same head mold, thus the title. I'm going to be talking about the LA Girl Fashionista doll and the Cat Burglar doll from that Barbie Superhero movie. They both use the current Skipper head mold, just bigger. The Skipper head mold is getting used a surprising lot in the Barbie line. Not sure why, but it is a cute sculpt. I'm glad they're using it for Barbie since the current Skipper dolls really doesn't interest me.
Poor Picture Quality Brought to you By: The fact that it's raining and there's no Sunlight!

Let's talking about LA Girl first. When she was announced she was one of the most wanted fashionista dolls. Everyone wanted this edgy doll with her half shaved head and blue and pink streaked hair. Sadly by the time the doll went into production she had lost her blue streaks (and the sleeves on her shirt). I however still wanted her. But she was really hard to find. This is a doll that I never found in stores. I had to buy her online. I bought her from the Mattel store with a few other newer fashionistas that I bought for their shoes or accessories. She suffers from slight wonk eye, but it's not terrible. The doll's rooting gets a little shaky at the back of her head, but it's something I can ignore. I might end up doing a partial re-root on this doll. I like her hair as is, but would like to add the blue streaks. Also the hair at the very top was cut a bit short. I'd really like for her hair to be all the same length. I'd love to get another one of these dolls to re-root without the shaved head part but now that she's no longer in production the odds of me finding another one is slim. Also I don't really need another project I literally have a dozen vintage heads that need hair that I haven't started on. I really shouldn't be adding more work to the pile (see, there's another pile!).

One of the first things I did when she arrived was take the head off the body. She came on a body that was only articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Ever since the original fashionistas came out I've become spoiled and want my modern play line dolls to be articulated. I stuck her on a Barbie Glam Style Lea doll body that I bought for that very purpose. This body has limited articulation, but it's good enough for me. Ideally I'd have the under-bust articulation but other than the Made to Move body I don't think they've released a pale play line doll with that joint. In time I would like to swap out her legs to some with bending knees, but I'm fine with straight legs for now. I really wanted arm articulation. I could have given her a Divergent Tris body I had, but I'm trying to hold onto those for other dolls. I'm fine with her being on a limited articulation body, at least she can now move her hands. I did end up selling her body to recoup some of my costs for the doll. I also sold her outfit (minus her shoes) and got some money back that way. I think with everything I ended up making most if not all of my money back on her (not including the costs of her new body). I really do like her and out of all the newer fashionista's I've bought, she's the one most likely to stick around for a while.

The second doll is the doll of the character of the Cat Burglar from the Barbie Superhero movie. I'm pretty sure she's the villain and I'm not sure of her name (and am not interested enough to look it up). I bought her from Amazon as soon as she came out. She's a really cute doll with mostly purple hair, but with a few pink streaks. I don't know why, but I'm getting more into dolls with fantasy hair colors. Right now I have orange, blue, pink, and purple. I'm not counting Monster High in that since they're a fantasy line but dolls with a realistic skin tone but fantasy colored hair. She has slightly pursed pink lips and purple eyes. The really neat thing about her eyes is that she has cat pupils! I really like her eyebrows, they have a little more attitude than your usual Barbie eyebrows.

 Just like with LA Girl, she's on a new body. Her original body was smaller (think around Francie sized). It also had molded on clothes, which is something I detest. The only removable piece of clothing she had was a blue plastic vest. Her rubber skirt might have been able to come off too, but I couldn't figure it out. I ended up selling her body but kept the jewel bracelet thing and her headband/glasses contraption. The rest of it was sold to recoup some of the costs. (I knew I'd never use it). She's now on a later edition fashionista body that had the under-bust joint. I did a leg swap with Barbie Director doll so she also has the ankle joints. I wanted to see if I could do it (you can, but you need to sand down the leg posts on the torso to fit the legs). The head and body aren't a perfect color match, but I'm not too worried about it. She's a lovely doll and I'm glad I have her, but if I have to do some serious culling of the collection I'm not sure she'd make the cut. But right now she's here and I'm enjoying her. I even took her to one of the doll meetings several months back.

So that's two of my newer dolls and the only dolls I have with the modern Skipper face mold. I believe there's two dolls coming out from the newest Barbie movie that use that face mold, but they have stiff bodies and fantasy skin tones so the odds of finding a replacement body is going to be impossible, so I most likely won't get them. 

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  1. They're very pretty dolls. I like that face mold.
    I had no idea you could switch the legs on modern Barbies.