Saturday, June 11, 2016

Another one sells out!

First of all, thank you everyone for my Birthday wishes. I really do appreciate it. 

Disney store now only has 23 classic dolls in stock. The Beast has sold out. I find it odd that out of the three three dolls that have sold out, two of them are Princes. I would think that they would be the least popular dolls, but perhaps they have less of those since they anticipate them being less in demand. They are having a sale on some toys right now, but not on the classic dolls. The animator dolls are down to 18 and the Alice in Wonderland movie collection dolls are also 18. The Alice dolls must not be selling at all if they're already slashing their prices. Even the Lone Ranger dolls took a while to start getting clearanced out and that movie TANKED.

I did see some new mini dolls today. They're for the upcoming Elena of Avalor TV show. We've already seen the 12 inch version of Elena, but this set had three new characters. It has a new blonde woman doll who kind of looks like a pirate (her outfit reminds me a lot of that pirate fairy from the Tinkerbell line), a darker skinned male doll who's dressed like a prince, and another male doll who is in more casual clothes that kind of looks like Aladdin. Not sure if they're going to be 12 inch versions of these dolls, but usually the mini dolls are the classic doll molds shrunk down so I can't see them making new molds and just using them on mini dolls. Still not sure if these dolls will be part of the classic line or will be their own line. I hope they're part of the classic line, those dolls are usually cheaper. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney released them as their own line so they could charge more for them and keep them out of the 2 for 10 dollar special (although last year it rose to 2 for 12 dollars when they were first released). Time will tell, right now we just have to wait until the remaining dolls sell out and the release the new ones.

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