Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello everyone, today is my Birthday! And yes, I am shameless enough to create a blog post just so people here can wish me a happy birthday.

Even though it's my Birthday, I'm holding off on celebrations. I want the new City Suit Silkstone Barbie doll for my birthday present, but she's only available at Barbie Collector website and is back ordered until the end of the month. I'm hoping another site will be getting her before then. I'm not in the mood to spend 100 dollars to get free shipping when I've already used my quarterly reward. So I'm holding off my party until she shows up somewhere else. Also, my father is working so I'm hoping to get a day where he's not working. That's easier said than done though, his job has been working him every day since he started there over 6 months ago. There's a glimmer of home he'll get a weekend off soon. Not sure if I'll do my party then, but we have options.

I did have a little Birthday luck. Today I went over to Amazon and found the new Made to Move redhead had been listed for sale. I quickly rushed and bought the last one. I was glad to find her, but really wanted the blonde one. Thinking she might have also been listed I poked around on Amazon and found her. I had bought the second to last one of her. I've only deboxed two of the dolls, but for a doll line that I don't really love (I wish the torso was the fashionista torso) I've purchased every single doll in the line so far.

I also wanted to use this time to talk about the upcoming Disney Classic dolls. Yes, we are at that time again. The time when the old dolls are clearanced out and the new dolls get released. Well, close to the time. It used to be at the early part of June, but last year it was late June when the new dolls were revealed and I think it's going to be that way this year too. The biggest sign that the new dolls are coming is Disney selling off the old dolls cheaply and them selling out and not getting replenished. They did just have one of their clearance sales. Right now there's 24 classic dolls on the site. It looks like Elsa and Snow White's Prince are the only ones missing. I'm not sure if they're not going to get new Elsa dolls before the new dolls get released. Seems a long time losing out on sales for their most popular princes by not restocking. Some information and pictures has leaked about the dolls so far. Right now it seems that the dolls have a new box, but the dolls themselves are pretty much rehashes of last year. Tiana might have gotten a new head mold (so far we've seen Tiana, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and Elsa) but the other dolls look practically the same. It looks like the clothes have lost the plastic "gems" on them, but they gained little plastic figurines of one of their animal friends. The Elsa pictures are actually her on store shelves with the current Frozen dolls. She might be the first one to show up since I can't see Disney waiting to restock her when she's in such high demand and they've got the dolls ready to sell.

There's conflicting reports about the Princes, some people say they've been dropped from the line and some people say that Kristoff will be getting his summer outfit (I assume the one from Frozen Fever) this year. I could see them dropping the Princes from the line but keeping the Frozen male dolls around. I mean, they kept Hans in the line and he's the only *Spoiler* villain left in the classic line.

JCPenny also released two new dolls from the Elena of Avalor series. They are from their version of the classic line, which is a simplified version of the Disney store's dolls. (Usually that just means no arm articulation and a simplified outfit). Both dolls look very pretty, and one of them is a child sized doll with articulated wrists, which is a first for Disney. Usually the younger dolls get the Tinkerbell body that has a really unnatural looking arm, especially the elbow joint. This doll still has the Tinkerbell elbow, but the articulated wrist looks interesting. I'm not sure if these dolls will be part of the Disney Store classic line or a new line for the new show. They've already sold out on JCPenny, but I wouldn't buy from them anyway. The only time I've bought from JCPenny was years ago and it was a TERRIBLE ordeal and I refuse to buy from them. Not that it matters, the one in town closed several years ago so it's not like the pick up in store option is even an option any more. And if I'm not willing to spend 100 dollars at Barbie Collector for free shipping, I'm even less likely to do it at JCPenny.

Right now, without seeing the rest of the line I assume I probably won't be buying too many of the Classic dolls this year. I really just buy them for the flat shoes. Not sure if the dolls are even using the flat shoe this year but if the dolls are pretty much clones of last year, most likely the shoes will be the same too. I'm really just interested in Kristoff if he does get a new outfit, since Joe can wear those clothes, and the younger Elena doll since it's a new body and I'm curious to see what it's like.