Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The 2016 Disney Store Classic Dolls are online!

Been that way for a couple of days now and I just haven't bothered to tell you are. In an unusual move, couple nights ago Disney pulled the 2015 dolls and listed the new ones. They didn't even bother clearancing the old dolls off, they just switched them out. Well most of them. For some reason Anna from Frozen is still last year's version. I was surprised with this move since they traditionally have a bit of a pattern with the Classic dolls.  I had given up hope the dolls would be be for sale soon since they didn't seem to be selling them off like they normally did, but then they did this!

There's not too too much to say on them. The Princes are still part of the line and Kristoff did get a new outfit. However he's the only one that's really changed any. All the other Prince dolls are still the same they just got an updated box. I wish they had more updates, but at leas this means I won't have to buy any of them. The Villians are still gone from the line same for the friend dolls.

The Princesses did get some minor tweaks. They also got the new boxes as well as a little plastic animal friend. I wish the Prince dolls also got a plastic friend. It would give people more incentive to buy them and there's plenty of friends in each movie to use. They did lose the plastic gems on their clothes (and still retail for 16.95) but everyone is in pretty much the same outfit as last time with some of them getting minor tweaks. I think Mulan and Pocahontas are the exact same as last year. I think Tiana got a new face mold. Sleeping Beauty's face looks a little different, but I think it's the angle of the pictures. I'm not a fan of the new Ariel. Her eye makeup looks to be just browns and in the pictures it makes her look sickly. Not that I'm planning on buying her, I have an Ariel that I'm happy enough with.

In terms of shoes, it looks like they're still using the flats. I've heard that Elsa (who was showing up earlier in stores) was wearing them and in the stock photos you can see that Snow White is wearing them. Usually they stick to one shoe mold for the entire line, so I'm betting all of them are wearing the same shoe mold.

There's 14 female dolls in the classic line. Out of the 14, 5 of them don't use the flat shoe molds in their outfit. Ariel, Rapunzel, and Pocahontas are barefoot, Anna wears boots, and Jasmine has shoes with pointed toes. It looks like Tinkerbell and Snow White's shoes are the same colors are previous years so right now I am just looking at dolls with shoes I can't see; Elsa, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Merida, Mulan, Belle, and Tiana. However I am betting there's a lot of repeats in color from last year especially for the dolls with minimal costume changes.  I already have shoes from each of the dolls in my collection from previous years. The only one I'm hoping will be different is Cinderella since the glass slipper look can have a lot of different variations. Belle could also be different if they tried for a more golden color shoe instead of the yellow she usually has. I'm pretty much assuming the rest will be in the same shoes as last year. I've already started but I will be hounding the internet for reviews and pictures of the new dolls to see if my assumptions are correct. If anyone sees any or gets the dolls themselves I'd love to be alerted to any new information, especially if it's comparing shoes from the previous year. I'll buy the doll if the new color is different enough, I just don't need spares of any color. I'd rather not spend the money on the doll just to get a repeat.

So for the most part the classic line for my purposes is a bit of a bust. I do plan on getting Kristoff for his outfit, but can't see too many other dolls joining him. I will buy a second one to get the 10 dollar each deal, but haven't decided who yet. Hopefully someone will have shoes that warrant me getting them.

I didn't count her, but there actually is another new classic dolls, Elena of Avalor. She is not yet part of the 10 dollar deal.... yet. Disney usually does that with new releases to squeeze the most money out of people. She will eventually join the line, but only after enough people have paid 16.95 for her. That's what happened with the Frozen dolls. She does not use the flat shoes, her classic doll has an all new shoe mold. It's cute, but oddly long for her foot. I'm not sure if it's actually have enough room inside, but it looks like it should fit the tall/curvy sized dolls with the arched foot. It even has a small kitten heel that looks like a decent height for them too. Hopefully someone will say if they're compatible or not.

There are two other Elena doll releases as well. There's the mini-doll set, which has yet to have any 12 inch counterparts beyond Elena herself as well as a gift set which includes a Singing Elena as well as her little sister Isabel. Eleana has a different outfit and shoes compared to her classic doll. The shoes are a more formal looking gold pair with kitten heels. Looks like a brand new mold. That doll does have the hard plastic legs with the knee and ankle joint, so she has the larger flat feet. I don't think the feet are bigger than say, Poppy Parker, but I like having those type of shoes for doll's feet that are bigger than the average Barbie. In this set Isobel actually is wearing the Disney flats in what appears to be a new color! They're yellow, but more of a gold/mustard hue than the bright yellow color of Belle's and Snow White's shoes. For the record there is no Classic Disney Store Isabel doll but the J.C. Penny doll has her in the black Disney flats, which I already own thanks to Sleeping Beauty Deluxe Gift Set Maleficent. So while the Classic dolls are a disappointment, at least there's some new shoe colors out there.

I am also waiting for a doll to come from the U.K. who will be wearing a pair of the shoes as well.....  

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