Saturday, June 11, 2016

Two blog posts in one day???

I spent a good chunk of today working on E-bay auctions. I've been rather apathetic to the whole process lately and I really cannot afford to be sitting around not working on E-bay. I have a lot of stuff to list, so I need to get my act together and work on it when I have free time. I got 5 done over the course of two days earlier in the week and today I got 6 done. A few things I've had for a while, but a few new things too. I still have a lot of old things to list, but at least I'm keeping some things from gathering too much dust before I list them.

Since I am done with that for the day (but plan on working on it tomorrow some more) I've decided to do a doll introduction post. Just like with E-bay I have lots of old dolls to share, but this one is going to be a new one.

Last Saturday was the doll meeting. It was going to be the cookout so I was going to skip it. That meeting really is just a few people bringing their families and barely anyone going swimming while the majority of us hang out under the overhang and make small talk. Since I haven't gotten much sun this year I bet I'd burn like crazy and with my fair skin, I really don't need that risk. So I was going to skip it. I didn't even ask for that day off from work.

But as luck would have it, I ended up getting the day off for some reason. Also it ended up being a change of plans for the pool party. Something happened to the pool and in failed inspection and was closed. There was talk of having it at someone else's house, and just grilling but nobody could host so they just ended up having a regular old indoor meeting. Not many people could come, but since I had the day off and prefer indoor meetings, I decided to go.

I also decided to stop at the thrift stores on the way up. I was originally going to stop into work that day too. They were having a double employee discount day and there's a few housewares I want for my eventual move but I decided to skip going there. The deals were good, but there's another one coming up next month and it's not like they're going to sell out of the items I wanted by then. Also, when I don't have to be at work I don't want to be there. I see several of my co-workers come in to shop and I just think, why? (Some of them are there an awful lot) I'm not much of a full priced retail shopper and I'm there often enough to buy whatever I need when I have to be there.

Since the meeting was later than usual, I decided to still leave early and visit a store that I'd only been to once and over a year ago. I think it's an old grocery store but right now it's an antique mall. I had visited when it first opened and didn't find anything, but maybe since it had more time to get settled I might have better luck. It did have more stalls filled this time, and I did have decent luck. I did notice something odd, I didn't see too many "collector" Barbie dolls there. Usually there's several sellers trying to unload those type of dolls for higher than E-bay prices, but I saw very few pink box dolls for some reason. At one of the first stalls I found a vintage Brunette Skooter. She was tucked into a basket with some cheap 50's/60's era decorative dolls. The kinds with mohair, sleep eyes, molded on shoes, and arms held on by elastic and molded on legs. Some of them had fallen apart, so Skooter was sitting in a sea of random heads and headless bodies.

She's a bit TLC, but only cost 5 dollars so I decided to get her. I figured even her body would cost me more than that online, I do have a real surplus of Skipper bodies so I didn't even really need her for that but I really have a hard time passing up on vintage, unless it's super expensive or super trashed. Skooter was dressed when I got her. She was wearing a shirt made of a pink cotton with a bias trimmed neckline and gathered wrists with lace details. The shirt closes with velcro so it's newer than she is. It's in rough shape, there's a hole in the back at one of the sleeves. It's much too large for her, so I'm not going to try and salvage it. She also came with a pair of pants. The pants I think are vintage. They're a pair of pink with white polka dot pajama pants. They had and elastic waist and white lace at the bottom. They're also in rough shape. The elastic is shot, the inseam is blown out, and one side the fabric is fraying and the trim has come off. I might be able to salvage these. I'm not sure if they're vintage Skipper or not. I did see someone identify them as Betsy McCall's pajama pants, but I've only seem them called them that by that one person. They are cute though.

Let's start talking about Skooter and her issues. Let's start from the top and work our way down. Her hair is actually very nice. She is a brunette, not sure if I have one of those or not already. I do need to spend a little time getting some of the longer pieces out of her bangs but her hair wasn't to bad when I got her. Her head has darkened, which does happen. Her face paint is nice, but her lip pant and blush have oxidized to a white color. I don't mind the lips, but the white cheeks are an odd look, especially with her darkened face. At the very center of her lips she still has a small trace of her original lip color. Her biggest issue is a small gouge to her chin. I noticed it at the store but still decided to get her. It's not terrible, terrible but it's not like Skooter is worth much anyway. Her body is nice, her arms have darkened as well. Her body has general play wear but nothing too extreme.
She's okay, Skooter is probably my least liked of the vintage era dolls. She's got the tricky to sew for proportions of Skipper and the goofy looks of Midge (I think she's more cartoony than Midge). Not sure when she's get dressed I really haven't sewn anything in AGES, but perhaps she'll get her day in the sun eventually. And if not I can resell her and get my money back. I only paid 5 bucks for her.

And about the meeting, it was okay. Very few people there and since we didn't have a theme it was pretty aimless. I'm glad I went, but the real fun times was the doll shopping I got to do before the meeting. It was nice seeing people, but had I missed it I wouldn't have been too upset. I don't think I asked for the July meeting date off, but I did ask for the August meeting date. That's the convention recap. I'm warming up to the idea of going to a convention, not any time soon since it's expensive but I would like to go for the experience. I like hearing about the convention because you always get some of the dirt. Also hearing about the "deals" people got even though I find a lot better bargains online.

(Don't think there's too many 5 dollar Skooters at convention!)

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  1. Post a picture of the PJ bottoms and maybe someone can identify them. They could be the bottoms to Skipper's Dreamtime PJs.