Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Went to Walmart today

I had a 10 dollar voucher that I had gotten from Mattel that was due to expire at the end of the month. I hate using them at Walmart since for some reason the bar codes don't work and it's always such a hassle, but I hate losing money more.

I was planning on buying the Asian Made to Move doll (last time I had been there they had a couple), but she was sold out. Not a huge deal I really didn't need her. I haven't even opened the first one I got back when they first came out last year. I toyed with the idea of getting another Eye Doctor Barbie set, but don't need more of those glasses. In the end I bought one of the older Style Barbie dolls. The ones that replaced the articulated Fashionistas with the two pairs of shoes. They had the Raquelle with the black Mary Janes and while I didn't need a fourth pair of those shoes I didn't not need a fourth pair either. Also it was really the only thing that was interesting to me. Since I've sold parts of this doll before I knew I could at least make part of my money back. I could see something shiny on the doll's face in the box, but it wasn't until I got home I found out what it was.

The doll was WEEPING glue from inside her head through the holes from her rooted eyelashes.


I already removed the doll from the box and put the outfit away for safe keeping. The doll's head also came off since I'm keeping the body for a spare. I did fill the head with talcum powder. Hopefully that will soak up some of that residue. I don't have any of these dolls (I just keep the bodies), but is this a common thing? This is not an old doll and if that glue is already unstable these dolls are going to be riddled with issues in the future.

I guess it's the 2010's version of greasy face, paling, melting, and spotty legs.


  1. Glue head was a big issue for a while. Yours sounds like an extremely bad case. Judging by the Ever After High and Made to Move dolls that I've purchased recently, it *seems* like the problem has been fixed.

  2. Sadly, I'm not surprised. Apparently they're using a new glue now that's supposed to be more stable and less prone to leaking (although I've heard of new dolls having head glue syndrome too, so I'm not sure when they made the switch).