Saturday, July 9, 2016

I need to stop buying from Mattel

I really should stop buying in general, but specifically from Mattel. The last four new still in their box dolls I've bought from them have been riddled with quality control issues.

I bought the Ruffles and Leather doll from shopMattel, she had this weird defect where either her arms were too big or her torso was too small and it scraped up her upper arms really bad (as I said in the email to Mattel, it looks like it's being peeled like an Orange).

I also bought the curvy doll with the glasses and the emoji denim vest. I like the vest and saw a picture of her with red glasses, but she actually comes with black glasses (Boo). I was cleaning her up today (the glasses are rubber banded on and leave dents in the face) and found out she's got a pin hole in the middle of her forehead. I want to contact Mattel since I've already thrown out the box for her, but I contacted them about Ruffles and Leather and don't want to come across as trying to take advantage of them.

My African American Made to Move doll arrived with a torn scalp. At the front of her part line the hair was rooted too close together and split the scalp. She also a missing a hair plug in the back and it looks like it might be tearing back there too.

And the Raquelle doll that had the leaking glue, which out of all the issues is the most minor.

I just want to get a doll who's not riddled with issues. Come on Mattel!  


  1. How disappointing that your dolls had these major issues. Mattel's quality control must be nonexistent at this point.

  2. I feel your pain. I've been working hard to undo some of the damage the leaking glue issue is doing to my Monster High dolls. Mattel hasn't even acknowledged there is an issue. I truly don't know what that company is thinking these days. If you feel you should look elsewhere for dolls you aren't the only one, and this will eventually clue them in, along with your complaints. Really, how many unhappy collectors does it take for them to catch a clue?