Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Awful August

Hello everyone,

It's the end of the month so it's time for our traditional end of the month retrospective. I know it's the month isn't actually over until the end of day tomorrow but I won't have time to do it then so I'm getting it over with now.

In a nutshell, August sucked.

My father was in a car accident and his truck got totaled, one of my aunts has very bad cancer, my grandparents are dealing with a very nasty bug infestation, and the cat got sick again this month. 

Luckily my father is still alive and the cat wasn't as bad as she was the first time. It took her several days to bounce back but it wasn't as dire as the first time. She had less of an appetite, but at least she was eating and started to get better sooner. The other two things, we will just have to wait and see how that all goes. Please send good thoughts my way. 

I also left my current job to go back to my old one. I realized that I hated where I was working now. I was tired all the time and depressed. I was taking naps a lot more which was both signs of exhaustion and depression. The pay was terrible, well not the pay my hours. Most of my days I'd come in for 3 hours and 15 minutes. I know that's a short day and you can still get a lot done, but that's not taking the time of getting ready and traveling to work. And even with a short day I'd be so tired nothing would get done after I got out. The amount of money I made last month was laughable. Plus there was a co-worker there I could not stand working with. Most of the people in my department were really nice and helpful and I liked working with but this one woman was so snide and passive aggressive I was just done working with her. I of all people know I'm not perfect but I was trying my best. The negatives just outweighed the reasons for staying. So after running into my old boss and her saying she'd welcome me back I decided to go back. I ended up taking a pay cut, it's hopefully a temporary one while I get my metrics up, but it's what I had to do. Tomorrow is my final day at that job. 

Last week I was working at both places, 40 hours in 6 days with several days over 8.5 hours going from one job to the other. Lots of time spent on my feet and running around. I was exhausted but I do feel better with my decision. I wrestled a lot before deciding to go back, I even had lots of weird dreams about it but I like the people there and at least I'm not running up and down stairs multiple times a day. I feel happier going back and I did request to only keep working 4 days a week, so that will give me more time for sewing and E-bay. I haven't sewed a single thing since I started that other job. I'll still be very active at this other job but it's not exhausting. Also I think I might be able to wear sneakers there which would be great and really help my feet.

In a minor glimmer of good in a rough month I've had an amazing E-bay month. I think I'm at a record breaking 15 sales for the month with several people doing the buy it now option. I even got another go around of listings for the month that's going right now so I'm hoping for more sales and more things leaving. I did a big push of getting new things listed this month and put a nice sized dent on the pile of stuff on my dresser. I was doing well but the other day I was looking for something that had sold and couldn't find it. In my search for it I managed to unearth several more things from the Dollpage I had forgotten about. Did you know I still had a cabbage patch doll? I sure didn't. I also found several random dolls that I had been meaning to donate. The ones in good shape I put in the Doll Donation Meeting pile. We actually finished the last of the surplus dolls we had at the last one so we need more so it'll be good to have those to donate.

I'm still trying to make E-bay pay for the new dolls, but right now I'm 175 dollars in the hole. I was 100 dollars more in the red but I was able to put that money back into my account (and then promptly spent 75 more) from my sales. I was doing real good but last weekend Disney had another buy more save more sale. I hemmed and hawed for a little bit but ended up buying another Beauty and the Beast gift set like I was planning to. I knew I was going to buy it, but I was thinking about waiting for when they release the Elena of Avalor gift set but why wait to have an even more expensive Disney order? The gift set alone almost puts me at free shipping and I bought a few Christmas presents to push me over the limit. When the Elena set comes out I'll buy some of the sketchbook ornaments like I usually do and get the free shipping then too. I already got the first Beauty and the Beast set completely listed over on E-bay so I know I can do it and I'm hoping to use the listings with a few tweaks to save me time. I've already had several parts of it sell, I just need one more to break even. I have 4 listings from it so I'm sure it'll happen. I also ended up buying two harder to find articulated dolls today since they were a good price. I plan on selling their heads and clothes. I ended up paying 15 dollars in shipping which I am not pleased about, but I think I can still make my money back from them. So in reality most of what I'm in the red for I will be reselling and making my money back on. I just have to get my act together and list them (when the arrive), which I am confident that I will do. I've been pretty good with E-bay lately. 

I also bought another expensive Disney doll for her shoes (who will also be resold) as well as a Japanese exclusive doll (who I am still waiting for in the mail). So while it's been an expensive month, most of it will be resold in an effort to recoup my expenses. Which is a good thing since I really, really, really want to get two of the Integrity Toys My Little Pony dolls. They're expensive at 130 each plus shipping, but I just need to remain focused and keep selling. I also would like to cross a few more off my wish list, but most of that is modern play line so I'm waiting for some good sales for that. 

To the future! And please let September be better for my family than August, but I wouldn't mind keeping the E-bay sales momentum. 


  1. Wow, I hope things improve for your family! Sounds like you were put through the wringer in August.

    Are you in whatever club you have to be in to get first dibs on those My Little Pony dolls? I wouldn't mind picking up a couple myself, but I've seen a couple of people conjecture that they won't last past the initial sale for club members.

    1. I am not a member of the Integrity club, but I know some people who are. I might try seeing if someone could try getting the dolls the day before on my behalf.

      From what I hear, which may be wrong, is that there's a set number of dolls available for members. Once those sell out they have to wait for the next day and fight with the public to get one.

  2. I really hope your family's luck improves from now on. That was a terrible monthful of events.
    Good luck with your new-old job, it does seem like you got a lot more done back then and the other job was mentally exhausting.