Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Has anyone ever contacted Integrity Toys before?

I've been noticing an unsettling issue with some of my Homme dolls.

Two out of the three Color Infusion homme dolls from the 2015 convention have discolored hands and feet. It's turned a sickly yellow color. My Poppy Chip doll has this same issue. I'm not sure how it happened, they're nowhere near and sunlight and the male Jem doll sitting next to them doesn't have any issues, neither does the third color infusion doll I bought at the same time who is also sitting near them. I sent Integrity an email asking them for help but it's been over a week and I haven't gotten any reply not even a we can't help you. I have hard that Integrity has good customer service, but is there some other way to contact them to get it?

Alternately does anyone know how to repair this? I do have some spare hands I could use to replace these, but a lot of the spares are in weird poses so I'd like to be able to salvage these. Is there a way to recolor their hands and feet?  

I know I keep hearing rave reviews over how much better Integrity is than Mattel, but in terms of quality control, they seem about the same. I don't have too many of dolls from Integrity, but one doll I own has very uneven eye paint, one of them has a torn scalp due to the hair being rooted too close together, and the Homme dolls have discoloring going on. And several dolls have arrived stained from their original outfits. Maybe other people have better luck than I do, I guess I just keep drawing the short end of the stick.


  1. I had yellowing vinyl issues with some of my Ashton Drake Gene and Madame Alexander Alex dolls. From what I remember, there's no rhyme or reason why some vinyl gets discolored, and at that time there was no way to fix it. Perhaps there is now.

    I've heard other Integrity collectors bemoan the quality decreasing, so I don't think that you are alone. Do you know of any message boards out there that discuss Integrity dolls, where you could ask for help?

  2. If IT doesnt give you replacement parts you can also bleach the yellowed/discoloured parts with hydrogen peroxide cream for hair and use UV light to bleach them.

    I haven't done it myself but it seems promising if not a bit tedious without a UV light....

    1. Also I guess ask a doll forum like Doll Divas or go to the IT facebok page to complain lol.