Sunday, August 7, 2016

"It's like she's looking right at me!"

This post is going to be about a doll I've had for a while. I have a box top full of dolls to share on the blog. I'd like to get them all shared with you so I can move them from the not yet introduced pile into the not yet dressed pile. It's progress, I swear.

I have a minor interest in Tammy. She's a lovely doll but with her large head and younger teen body she really doesn't fit into my collection. However largely in part to Flickr I kind of want to collect her and her family (I also really like Sindy). I already have a Tammy that I found locally, I also have a TLC version of her father, as well as a possible clone doll of Tina Whatshername that uses the mother's head mold. I also have a Misty head that I've been super neglectful of finding a body for.

Sometimes I will go to E-bay and search for Tammy dolls to see if there's affordable versions of the dolls I don't have. Usually there are but I rarely buy. While I like Tammy I don't really want to spend money on Tammy. Ideally (no pun intended) I'd like to find the rarer dolls for a deal and then pick up the rest of the family cheaply when I can.

My grail Tammy doll would be Bud, but he's hard to find and usually just a wrongly labeled Ted doll. He can be pretty pricey, but nowhere as highly priced as some Barbie dolls go for. However even Bud is something I would like to have, not something I dream of having. I like being informed of what's out there and rare in case I stumble across it on my journeys so I will know what it is.

I feel like I say this exact same story every time I talk about Tammy.
 I apologize if I'm repeating myself.

I usually check for Tammy when the search for Barbie is unfruitful but I still want to window shop on E-bay. So I was there checking out the newly listed items for Tammy trying to see if there was anything rare I recognized (I'm no Tammy expert but I know some things). For the most part it was common stuff and uncommon prices. I know she's getting older but some prices people want for a Tammy doll is crazy. However I did find a new listing for a centered eyed Misty doll. One of the rarer dolls of the Tammy world. She was 40 dollars with free shipping. I did hem and haw for a little bit over the doll unsure if I really wanted it. Yes, she is a rare doll but 40 dollars is still a lot of money for a doll that I only sort of wanted. I decided to go ahead and get her, partially aided by the regret of missing out on the around 40 but can't quite remember the price Ideal Bewitched doll over on the Dollpage that I never bought due to never having enough money. So I bit the bullet and bought her.

I can't remember if she shipping quickly or not, it's been too long since I bought her. I don't think it was an issue. However after she arrived there was an issue with her. Both her head and her arms had yellowing and there was a very faint smoke smell to the doll. I can begrudgingly deal with the smoke smell since it will eventually mostly go away, but the yellowing was something I didn't want to deal with. I contacted the seller apologizing (I hate having to do returns on E-bay, I always feel so awful) for the inconvenience but I would have to return her. I figured that I'd just ship her back and get my money back, but the seller said I could keep her for free. Which is more than beyond what I was expecting. So she stayed. She is a very pretty doll, I'm not sure if recoloring her work to mask the yellowing. She's made from a different material than Barbie.

Other than the yellowing she's in really nice shape. Her hair is really nice, it's a little dry but I think it's in it's original style. Her face paint is nice, her right eyebrow and winged eyeliner on that side is a little worn, but everything else looks good. Her body is in great shape, she does have one leg longer than the other but this really is a common issue for vintage dolls. Barbie has that all the time!

 Misty came wearing some very mature negligee when she arrived. I thought it was a home made outfit, but it turns out it's the stock outfit for Miss Clairol. However I'm not sure if she's Miss Clairol, I don't know of they did a centered eyed version of her. Her outfit was in fair shape. I think all of the pieces are a little yellowed. The sheer overlay is snagged in a few places and missing the flower applique. The elastic is shot in the top and was sewn onto the doll in big stitches. There's also some fraying to the elastic. Someone also added some threads to give it a strap around the doll's neck (I assume to keep it up). I cut those, but haven't removed them yet. The panties are cute, it has ruffled lace on the backside that is super cute! The elastic is shot in these too. Someone sewed gathering stitches at the waist and leg openings to keep it on the doll. It also has some stains on it. Not sure if I'm going to keep the outfit or not. It's a bit TLC, but I rarely keep dolls in their original clothes. Luckily I have lots of stuff to sell before I run out of things to list and have to start thinking about things I could sell compared to what I want to sell.

So welcome Misty into the collection,  she's far from ideal (pun intended), but she's a wonderful addition to the collection!


  1. My sister and I had a Glamour Misty when we were kids and she came with that negligee outfit and a short terry cloth robe. Ours is the side glance version, and yes, that's her original hair do. She came with coloured markers for colouring her hair. My favourite thing about her was always her graceful arms and hands. I know direct sunlight will take alot of yellow out of mod era barbie dolls, but you have to beware of paint fading. I've left some dolls for months and it took out most of the yellow and the paint didn't seem to suffer. As you said though, they are a different material.

  2. I like her looks. She's beautiful but not overly done. Thanks for sharing your pictures of her.