Monday, August 1, 2016

July Update

Hello Everyone,

It's the start of the month so it's time to talk about the last month! It's like a monthly Christmas Newsletter!

Not too much to report this month especially on the sewing front. I honestly haven't touched the sewing machine in months. The last time I sewed anything was before I switched jobs. I think the job is a factor in my creativity being so low. I'm feeling better about it compared to the last time I talked about it, but I still don't like it. I am thinking about going back to my old job. I keep flipping flopping on it though since it wasn't an ideal situation either. But I liked the people I worked with more and I wasn't so tired all the time. I'm still thinking about what I want to do.

While I haven't been sewing I have been making progress on E-bay. I didn't get as much listed this month (when depressed my motivation is terrible), but over the course of the month I did manage to get a decent amount of things listed. I think I did around 20 new listings, which is not too shabby. I had some good success in sales too. E-bay gave me some additional listings at the end of the month so that I was able to list mostly everything again. They all ended yesterday so I have to wait until the 6th to list things with my new free listings since I only list on Sundays. Between my original listings and the additional ones I had a record breaking 19 sales! A couple of those I'm still waiting for payment and one of the earlier sales got returned since the buyer's address was wrong but they said they wanted to re-buy it and pay to ship it again, so I'm hopeful they'll all pay and I can say that it was a 19 sales month. A lot of what sold was cheaper items, but I had a fair amount of people do the buy it now option so overall it evened out. Now I need to get back on working on listings, I need to fill in all those slots with new things. Luckily (said ironically) I have a lot of stuff to list so I know I can fill up those slots with a little work.

I was good about new purchases too. Vintage Barbie is still boring me. I keep checking new listings, but haven't found anything that excited me enough to buy it. I think I'd buy something if it was a good deal but I really haven't found any good deals. Everything's been overpriced lately and usually for stuff I already have. I did however pick up a couple non-Barbie dolls I've been wanting but didn't have the motivation to buy. I really have scaled back with my purchases which is good I am trying to be better about my spending. With my lowered dolly expenses and decent E-bay sales I've actually been able to only spend E-bay profits on my doll purchases. At the start of the month I even sent 25 dollars back into my bank account to pay for the Etsy lot from a couple of months back. I did have to take some out for a Target order (that I had to do), but again I was able to return all the money to my bank account. I'm hoping to be able to keep up this trend, but I am expecting some expensive months coming up. However I am trying to budget better and at least now I'm not spending something as soon as I get it.

I'll try to be better about posting some new things during the month, but I make no promises. I would like to share some of the new things I got, but I have to repair something first since I broke it.
(Boo to that).


  1. I have a bunch of stuff I should put up for sale as well, but have I? No. I am slowly getting back into sewing, though. Hope your job situation improves.

    1. It's really hard to get into the mindset to list on E-bay. I know I have good days and bad days. But it's so rewarding to get rid of something you don't want, especially when it helps you buy something you do want!