Monday, August 15, 2016

Updated Neck Knob?

I bought one of the newest Look Dolls recently. I needed her to get free shipping at the Barbie Collector website. I wanted to buy something different, but it was back ordered and wouldn't let me order it. So I was like, eh, might as well get her. I liked her shoes and could always use another pale articulated body despite having more bodies than head already.

Her outfit and head are already listed over on E-bay (trying to have a quicker turn around with new listings). However when I took of her head I noticed that the base of her neck knob was thicker than average. Not sure if this is a new thing or a fluke, but if it's the way they do it now I'd like that. The thicker plastic is where the knob tends to stretch out when trying to remove the head giving you a wobbly neck. Hopefully a thicker neck knob would fix that. This change might not all be good, it also might mean Mattel is using a cheaper plastic for the neck knobs and the cheaper material can't support the neck at the original thickness. I've had a neck knob shear off on me before from minimal force (Fan Bing Bing doll), so this might be their way to deal with that.

Or maybe like I said, it's a fluke.

Here's a poor quality picture of the Look doll (on our right) compared to a first issue Fashionista body (on the left). The Fashionista has had the top prongs removed.

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