Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wish List Update!

Hello Dear Readers,

You might remember that several months ago (I think at the start of the year) I created a wish list of the dolls I wanted. I think I updated it a few times when I found something, but haven't in a while. Here is where the wish list stands as of today:

The red circles means I bought the item, the black circles means I decided to not purchase the item and "crossed" it off the list. I made pretty decent progress on my list. The purple top is the only thing left on it, and that's because I have yet to find it. My Walmart is incredibly slow in getting new things. I believe they haven't gotten any more the little pak items since I found the baking and sushi set and that was quite a while ago.

With that list (mostly) finished and with my want list continuing to grow I've decided to make a new one. Here is that:
*Not my pictures, will removed if ask*

Anyway, for the most part I just want bits and pieces from each item. I'll describe what I want from each set, going from the top left and working my way across.

Up first we have the Deluxe Beauty and the Beast gift set. I actually bought this set when they were having their 25 percent off sale last month just to get the shoes that Belle is wearing. They are a new shoe color of the Disney flats. Turns out the "gold" shoes that go with her ballgown are a new color too. Mine however were two different shades. I had already started to list the dolls on E-bay so I decided to just sell everything (but the shoes and the bluebird) and buy a second one the next time they have a sale and hopefully get a matching pair of yellow shoes. To the right of that we have Barbie Career Teacher. I just found this set on The doll's shoes (not shown in the picture) look like they might be a new high heeled Mary Jane style shoe. I'll need to see them from the side to see if I actually want them or not. They are bright pink so this doll might not actually make the cut. After that we have the Blonde Holiday Barbie. I want her for her shoes and her plastic bodice. She is the model muse body so I'm not sure if it will fit a different sized doll, but I think I'd want to get it to at least try. After that we have the basic Batgirl. I have no interest in the DC Superhero line (they are really cool, just not for me). However I want Batgirl's bat ears. Her head is a bit large so it might be too big for most dolls I have, but I think the headband with horns would be a good thing to have). I am making plans to buy this soon.

On the second row we have the not yet online Toys R Us 10 outfit set. I'm not sure it it's exclusive to Toys R Us or not. It has a cat ear headband that I must have and I like a couple of the outfits. I think I'll most likely end up with this. To the right of that we have a Fashionista. I like her hat and her lip purse. The pizza t-shirt is cool too. I almost bought this one in stores but ended up not being able to. After that we have a Toys R Us exclusive doll. She's 21.99 over on their website which I think is too much for her. I like some of her headbands and sunglasses. If I got her I'd probably keep her body since it's articulated (and clearly I need more of those). But I'm not sure if I'd be able to get my money back if I resold her. She's rather ..... common. After that we have the 2015 Holiday Barbie. Like I said in the last post I'm just waiting for her to drop a little more in price before I get her.
On the third row we have the African American Holiday Barbie. Again I want her shoes and plastic bodice, but I also like her face. It's a newer face mold and I want to get it to see if I like it. She probably won't stay, but I find if I get a doll and end up reselling it I'm far less drawn to getting another doll with the same face later. After that we have the Barbie Game Designer doll. This doll was on the last list and I did get her but I want another one to get another pair of her brown glasses. I'd only get her if I found her cheaply. To the right of her we have the Barbie for President and Vice President dolls. I want the black glasses (shocker) and the shoes (another shocker). I think the Vice President doll has a new shoe mold that's a classic black pump and I need it. I'm just waiting to find it at a decent price. After that we have a shoe pak. I don't have this one yet, but it's a stand in for several shoe paks that are out there (or will be eventually) that I don't have yet. Like I said earlier my Walmart doesn't have any new ones and I have not had any luck finding them online for anywhere near their retail price. I also want to get the Monster High shoe paks if possible. After that we have another Fashionista. I just want to get her for her hat. I'm not sure if I'll get her, but if I find her for a deal I'll see if I can get her.
The final row starts off with the Toys R Us exclusive Pink Passport Ken doll. I want him for his clothes, but I am rethinking if I do. I like the white shirt with the vest top, but I bet the shirt is cheap broadcloth and the collar is unfinished. I like a couple of the other pieces, but overall it might not be worth the 24.99 price they're asking for. After that we have Glam Gown Silkstone Barbie doll. This was shown at the Barbie Convention. I love her face, her dress not so much. I've actually purchased 3 out of the 4 released Silkstones this year. I hate how delicate their bodies are, but I LOVE their faces. This one retails for 100 dollars, so I'm not sure if I'll get her. That's a lot to pay for a doll even if I sell the outfit. After that we have the Elena of Avalor Deluxe Doll set (not yet released). I want the boy doll's clothes for Joe. I also wouldn't mind more of the shoes. I plan on getting this on sale and selling most of it.

*Honorable Mention* Disney released their next go around for the Heroes VS Villains line. It has four dolls; Cinderella and Lady Tremaine, Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, Belle and Gaston (who looks to have a new head mold and body), and Alice and the Queen of Hearts. They're cute but I don't collect Disney dolls. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to spend 129 dollars per set to see if they have the flats. I looked it up on E-bay and the last dolls haven't really retained their value so I'm not going to buy them when they first come out. I am hoping they have the high heeled shoes so I won't be tempted by them. However Alice has Mary Janes, so I'm really conflicted if I need her or not. But I'm going to wait, I have too many things already and too many things to buy as is!

There's also some vintage dolls I'm looking for.
I also want to get:
Eegee's Andy with the Swirl Haircut and Sad Eyebrows
Valentine's Polly
A Davtex Doll, who I think is a Midge clone
and Tomy's Nina Ballerina (or at least her head)

So let's see what ones I get and what ones I cross off the list!

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