Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ebay Update

I had two non-payers from the last E-bay go around. Both Disney dolls oddly enough. One of the buyers had like 70 feedbacks, the other one had 0. Everyone else paid pretty quickly and got their items into the mail at the start of the week. I decided to be patient with these two. The auction ended on a Sunday I waited until the middle of the week and sent an invoice as a reminder and nothing. So on the following Sunday I opened up cases against them for not paying. That seemed to get the one with feedback to actually reply to me. They sent a brisk two sentence email telling me they had changed their mind, didn't want the doll any more and to please cancel it.

Which I ignored. 

Had they contacted me after they had bid or after they had won it but before I opened the case I would have canceled the bid. I would have been annoyed, but I won't (and actually can't) make someone buy something if they don't want it. Also, they could just pay for it and return it and I'd be out shipping both ways. So it is in my best interest to not make people follow through on something they don't want.

However once I open a case, the only way I will shut it is if they pay. Once you end a case early you can't open another one and have to cancel the auction which means the buyer has to agree to it. And it's not like I have any confidence in their communication skills or anything. So if they ignore the cancel request, then you're out the fees for that listing and nothing happens to them.

So random E-bay person, the issue is now closed, so you kinda got what you wanted but now you have a nice little strike against you. Perhaps next time you'll bid on something you really want.

And I never heard anything from the other auction so whatevz.

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  1. What weird behavior on those buyer's part, before you bid you have plenty of time to decide. The system also asks you if you're sure because it's binding contract, what more do they need? Sigh
    So, when this happens are you allowed to relist right away or do you have to wait for something?