Thursday, September 15, 2016

I heard from Integrity!

Thanks to a suggestion from John on my last post I ended up posting a comment on Integrity's Facebook page. They told me to send my email with my issues to Patient Care and gave me the e-mail address.
I contacted them and they wrote back the next day asking for pictures and the names of the dolls so they could see the issue and find out which skin tones I needed for replacements. I sent them the pictures and names and they wrote back that they'll be shipping out replacements. They're apparently coming from Montreal, so it'll be a few weeks until they show up here. Which I am fine with. These dolls are just sitting around right now so they can keep their discolored hands and feet for a little bit longer. I am impressed with how quickly they responded. Not sure where my first email ended up, but I do know those things happen. I almost want to contact them about my other doll who had her hair rooted in one spot too closely and it tore her scalp, but not sure if they can do anything about that.

Since I took/edited the pictures already, you get to see them too.
Here is some of my budding Homme collection:

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  1. It's great that you're getting a positive resolution from Integrity in regards to this.