Friday, September 16, 2016

Now she's really living!

Disney recently released several dolls from their new Elena of Avalor TV Series.

So far there's a classic doll of Elena and a two pack set with Isabel (that Elena doll sings). There's also a classic doll of both characters sold at J.C. Penny. Classic Elena is pretty much the same, except the Disney store has articulated elbows and wrists. The Isabel doll has a different outfit and her legs are made from a white rubber to mimic tights. There is also a gift set coming out eventually that has I believe all the outfits from every doll in it. Don't think the doll will sing though.

I've purchased both Elena doll's from the Disney store. Pretty much just to get their shoes. I thought that the Isabel doll was wearing the classic Disney flats, but they're actually different. They're smaller, made slightly different, and marked on the bottom as copyright Disney. They do fit Charlotte, so they technically work, but I didn't keep them in the shoe collection. It just didn't feel right. Singing Elena's shoes are really cute gold shoes with kitten heels. They fit the Poppy Parker foot really nicely. The classic doll's shoes don't fit as well since her foot in thinner. They are a lot longer than the average Disney/Barbie foot. I think they fit the Tall/Curvy Barbie high heel foot.

I ended up with two sets of the singing dolls since my first one arrived with issues, most of them with Isabel. The worst one was that her hair wasn't rooted properly and part of the vinyl was lifting on her forehead. Despite their shoddy quality control Disney is pretty good at sending out replacement sets. The doll was better in my second set but the dress hem on Elena's dress was really mangled, so neither set was perfect. I ended up taking the head off the first Isabel doll. She has a very unique body. It's the Disney Store fairy body, but without the wings and with wrist articulation. She does have internal clicking rubber knees. She pretty much has the same level of articulation as the classic dolls. I believe this is the same body as will be used for the upcoming Alice and Queen of Hearts Heroes and Villains set. (For Alice, not the Queen of Hearts, her body is stuffed).

I searched my stash for a head that could work for this body. It's a bit small, so it's hard to find just the right size. She's roughly Skipper sized, but more curvy and a little taller. The body is a pink/orange skin tone. I ended up putting a Living Skipper head with cut hair that I had on it. I did have to rubber band the neck knob to get it to fit and it's a bit wobbley, but it works for now. I've kept her like that for a while so I must like it. Skipper is a little pinker than the body, but close enough. I'm curious to know how the body would work with a 90's Skipper head, but I don't have one here to try with it. The neck is pretty thin (but feels sturdy) so it might be an option for all those Skipper dolls with broken or cracking necks.

I do kind of want to modify the body. Ideally I'd replace the legs with ones that are hard plastic and articulated but can't see that happening since I don't have smaller legs to use and the color match would be hard to do. The other thing I'd like to do (which might actually happen) would be to mod the elbows. The fairy body has this weird flap on the elbow at the top that keeps the lower arm from bending a certain way. At least in theory, the material it's made out of is very soft so you can push it out of the way. It does interfere with some of the doll's mobility and can look down right odd. I'd like to trim it off, but am hesitant to do that just in case I mess it up. I'd like to trim her wrists too since they have too much material there and it interferes with her mobility and looks weird. But again, worried to do so.

Skipper does need a re-root but I'm not sure if I will give her one just yet. While I like the head and body combo I'm not in love with it. The head does feel slightly small too me. She stays as is for now, but time will tell how things go in the future.


  1. I know for a fact the princess bodies, the arms can come apart like MH if you boil them or heat them up first. If the smaller body has hard vinyl arms you could try heating them up then pull them apart and carve off the extra vinyl without damaging the doll...
    I love the combination but I think a outfit and reroot can help make her head less small lol...

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  3. I saw this eBay auction and thought of you. I have absolutely no connection with this seller, but I thought these might be the kind of Disney Princess shoes that you want.