Thursday, September 8, 2016


Hello everyone,

September continues to be just as awful as August. My parents got the check for my father's totaled truck and were forced to return the rental car, well before the original date they were told so we're down to one vehicle for the family. They have been looking for a new car every day in the morning, but have not had much luck. They're working with a limited budget so it's hard to find cars that aren't a mess. They were close yesterday to getting one, but after checking it out with a mechanic it needed over 2 grand in repairs so they didn't get it, leaving us with just one car yet again.

So I've been forced to call out of work twice this week. I told them I had messed up my ankle. I have today off, but work again tomorrow and I'm worried I'm going to have to call out again. I'm supposed to be showing them I'm worth more than minimum wage but I'm thinking I'm going to be stuck at that rate for another 30 days due to this setback, if I'm even working there by then. Where I work has a point system, you get a point every time you call out. You get 6 points within a 6 month period they are forced by the company to fire you. The store itself has no say in the matter, they have to due to corporate. I am very worried that might happen. I've never been fired from a job before and I'm extremely worried how this is all going to play out.

So needless to say I've been extremely depressed lately. I hate having to call out of work and let the store down and the fact that there's no end in sight that might lead to my dismissal really sucks the joy out of my life. Things have not been going well, and life just keeps piling more crap on. I don't seem to be the only person having a crappy August/September. I have yet to hear any good news from anyone these past weeks. It's all been bad, bad, bad.

At least my depressed state helped talk me out of buying another new doll. I've been eyeing the Charlotte Olympia doll since I love her face and cat shoes but figured I wouldn't get a chance to purchase her. I saw she was listed over on Barbie Collector but managed to talk myself out of buying her since I'd just want her head and shoes and I really didn't need to buy another doll right now especially such an expensive one. I'm still in the red for 136 dollars for this past month so I really shouldn't be adding any more to that. I reasoned with myself saying that for that money I'd rather buy a vintage doll or one of the My Little Pony dolls, but right now I'm so glum I don't want to buy either of them.

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  1. Obviously this might make it so expensive to go to work that all your salary would go to transportation, but, could you pay someone to drive you like with Uber or Lyft or just an informal arrangement with a neighbor?
    During a transit strike when I was a teenager, I essentially spent all my salary on cabs to and from my job, just to avoid missing work and getting fired.
    It sucks to blow some of your savings or put this expense on plastic but since your father will likely find something to drive within a couple of weeks it might be worth the sacrifice.
    I certainly hope your luck improves. You're right though, this has been a pretty depressing year for most people I know.
    Take care and no matter what happens don't let it get you down.