Monday, October 3, 2016

Begone Septepmber 2016.... now take October 2016 with you...

Now that it's the start of the new month it's time for the E-bay update!

I got a free go around of listings from E-bay earlier in the month so that was nice. I had some pretty decent luck and had a grand total of 10 sales. Everyone paid too, even though I did have to open a case against someone. Eventually they did pay so I was able to get that item out into the mail and out of my life. I did do another round of listings that ended last Sunday. I had had one person do a buy it now on an item during the week and ended up the month with six more items selling, leaving me with a grand total of 17 for the month. As of this post all but one person has paid. That remaining item has been purchased like 2 times before without payment so hopefully this time it actually sells. I have a funny feeling about it I won't get paid for it once again and will have to open a case but I would love to be proven wrong. If that does happen again, I'll just keep listing it until it sells, someone eventually will want it.

Despite having a good number of auctions end with bidders, these weren't really high ticket auctions this month. Most of them ended in the 6.99 range, so while the overall auction amount was good, the total sales amount was pretty small especially after E-bay and Paypal took their cut. I'm not upset over that, I am the one that set the prices after all and getting rid of something I didn't want it's part of the reason why I'm listing stuff over on E-bay in the first place. So despite my goals of wanting to have E-bay pay for my doll expenses I'm still in the red from the last month and from this month. I haven't put any money in yet for September and I still have expenses from August to repay. I did a quick count, I think I'm 204 dollars in the red in total. It's actually not that bad since 135 dollars of that was from the previous month, I actually only spent 69 dollars this month on dolls. So not too much of a set back. I already paid my seller fees for the month and from the past two months I have about half of the money in my accounts. I'm going to wait until people get their items to transfer it to my bank account but that should be some decent progress when I do.

Despite all the items selling I've been so neglectful in creating new listings. It's not from a lack of merchandise, I have plenty to sell I'm just having a really hard time getting motivated enough to do it. I was doing good the previous months but lately I've been having a streak of terrible news/luck/life for me and my family it's just killed my motivation. I've been really bummed lately and just finding the motivation has been really difficult. I'm hoping to get back to work, but it's just been so hard. I would just like for things to go right for a little bit. I'd say October was going to be better but the 1st of the month was absolutely terrible (which might get a blog post of it's own) so I'm not holding out much hope. The first part of 2016 was not great but the second part has just been awful.

I'm just ready for it to all be over. 

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  1. Keep your chin up -- this year will over in a few months! I can't believe I am saying that because each year just seem to fly by. My baby is a Junior in High School and my eldest is a Junior in college. I want to slow time down!