Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Now that I'm working in retail I've decided to start celebrating Christmas for myself after Halloween was over. Last year was my first year working retail and I just had no time for anything outside of work, so nothing got done. So to combat that I decided to give myself permission to start my personal Christmas decorating early. It's either that or not have it happen at all.

So today I decided to clean Charlotte's shelf on the bookcase and dress the dolls in their Christmas outfits. The bookcase (like everywhere else) has kind of become a catch-all for things, so I now have a bunch of things to find another potential home for, but I always feel better when the bookcase is more organized. Even a little bit.

So without further ado, here's what I spent my morning doing: 

My apologies for the blurred face. It's a very special doll that I haven't shared with you all and I'm not ready to share just yet. You will meet her in time.

For the most part, it's a pretty traditional display. Artemis (far left front) is wearing a skirt I made .... last year? for Charlotte that Artemis ended up with. She's wearing the wrong shirt and I couldn't find her belt so she needs a few tweaks before she's "fully" dressed. Vanessa is wearing her usual Christmas outfit. Audrey Hepburn is wearing a Harlequin costume from the Nutcracker that I made years ago for Charlotte. She did have a Christmas outfit I made for her, but another doll stole it and I don't have anything I like better. The blurred doll is wearing a matching top and dress I made several years ago that I didn't like on the doll I made it for. I still like it, so I use it for a temporary costume for the dolls that "visit" Charlotte's shelf. Mary Clair is in her usual Christmas outfit. Her pleather gloves are really starting to crack badly. Might be the last year for them. The Number 4 Ponytail is wearing her usual outfit. I also had to give her a dusting of baby powder to her face. Poor gal was super greasy. Midge in the back is wearing her usual outfit, she's actually worn that since last Christmas. I just don't like anything else better on her, so she gets stuck wearing it year round. Modern Circle is wearing her usual Mattel made dress. I couldn't find her correct boots, so I stuck those on her for now. I'll hunt down her correct boots eventually. (She also needs underwear). Ashley is wearing her usual outfit. I couldn't find her correct socks or shoes when I first dressed her. I found her socks but they're a little dingy. They're also a little large since she's on a ankle joint Fashionista and they have very thin legs. I might make her a new pair that fits better. Sebastian stole Joe's Christmas pajamas from last year. They're very roomy in the torso but fit surprisingly well in the length. The nail decal sticker has survived an entire year on the shirt. It did curl up but for a sticker I'm pleased with how long it's lasted (and it still looks good!). Tommy and Kelly are wearing their usual Christmas "fancy" clothes. Her's are more formal than His' since I don't have that many Tommy clothes. Maybe some year I'll break down and buy a Holiday doll just to steal the clothes from for him. (I keep saying that, but never do).

Charlotte and Joe are missing because they don't have Christmas outfits yet, hopefully they will get some this year. I have an idea for Charlotte just need to buy some material. Joe I don't have an idea for yet, but am thinking about it. Blaine is missing because he's in the middle of getting modified for an articulated body (it's been months without any progress) and Pierre is missing since I'm not happy with his body so he's away for the time being.

I realized I have too many decorations for such a small space that I decorate. I still have to set up my mini-tree, so some of them might find their way over there. I don't have too many more but I could always break down and decorate another shelf (even though most of the shelves are cluttered with nude dolls).  

I switched out Charlotte's current chair for a Christmas one. It has a music bottom on the bottom with a metal piece that allows the chair to rock back and forth as it plays. I actually have two of these chairs, both found at thrift stores at different times. This one my second one. The first one is currently in hiatus from me trying to sand off the red paint to make it a regular rocking chair. The first one had a broken music box. I was trying to get it to work in the car when I bought it, handed it to my dad who did something and a TON of black ants started swarming out of it! Luckily we were parked so he just threw it on the ground and left it there until all the ants were gone. Music box never worked even after cleaning it out. This one is ant free. I did remove an oversize stuffed stocking and Santa hat from the top of it. It looked goofy. There's still some hot glue residue on it, but I'm not too bothered by that. I have a Happy Meal Gingerbread girl plush toy seated in it. I hope to find the boy some time too so I can have a set. Standing to the side of it I have a vintage doll Christmas ornament I bought at a thrift store. It's very similar to something my mother had from her Grandmother's house years and years ago that we no longer have. To the side of that I have the reindeer figurine I restored years ago. I still love it, it's so pretty and one of the nicest restoration jobs I've done. For using just Elmer's glue for the rhinestones they've held on very nicely for over 2 years now. At the very front we have two dollar store nutcrackers that I've used for several years now. I think they work perfectly for the shelf. They're large but not too large.

We also have a new addition to the decor, even though I've had them since last year. In the summer of 2015 I found a cross stitch booklet that had some small Christmas patterns in it. I asked my mother, who cross stitches, if she would please make the Santa one for me. I asked her to make two of them, mirror images of them since I like things to be balanced. I hunted around for a suitable frame for them. I wanted something small but protective. I found the ones I used at the dollar store. I don't love, love them but they suit my needs for now. I gave the frames to my mother then promptly forgot about them. I was working so much last year in December I wasn't even thinking about things like that. One evening after I got home from work my mother handed them to me completely finished. I hadn't even known she had started them. It was such a lovely surprise. I didn't have them up last year since I didn't do any Christmas stuff (other than replace the base on my mini-tree since I cracked the plastic one) but I wanted to make sure they got displayed this year. I love them and am so happy they're part of my Christmas display.

Although I need to switch them since I want their Santa hat's pointing out not in.

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