Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A quick post

Hello Dear Readers,

I know I said there wouldn't be any posts for December, but you know how I love to contradict myself.

I wanted to give everyone a quick E-bay update, this is as much for my benefit as yours. I had a banner month for November, with a grand total of 21 sales! I think it's a record breaking total. I purchased the Elena of Avalor doll gift set from the Disney store earlier in the month since Joe can wear the Prince clothes, but it seems in a cost cutting measure Disney made all the prince clothes tighter so he couldn't fit in any of them! *Curse his meaty thighs* It looks like they also made the female clothing tighter too, one shirt I couldn't even get on a doll since I was worried I'd tear it. I also noticed a few details missing on one dress they including in the singing doll set. From the entire gift set I ended up keeping two pairs of shoes and listing the rest of it. Very disappointing overall since I didn't really want the shoes and they bumped up the cost of the set by 10 dollars. I'm pleased to say that everything sold, with several people doing Buy it Nows so I more than made my money back from it. I wish that the Beauty and the Beast Gift set sold like that. I still have several things left from that gift set, including some doubles since I bought the set twice.

Even with a lot of the sales coming from the Elena set I had a good mix of old and new selling. I even managed to sell John Littlechap! Now I just have two more of them to get rid of..... I still have lots of things to sell, but I am pleased when something does sell, especially when it's something that I've had kicking around for ages. Every listing that sell means money and another listing space for something else to move out.

It wasn't all sales, sales, sales for the month. I had 3 non-payers. One person emailed me saying their daughter bid and would like to cancel the bid. I don't believe them, but I still cancelled it. Surprisingly the email came after they won the auction... The other two people never contacted me at all, so I just had to open a case against them and wait to get my money back.

Things have slowed down a lot for December. I actually got two free weeks of listings. I assume people aren't listings things for the month and E-bay wants to keep their auctions numbers up. Even with so many things listed I haven't had very many sales. I think I got 3 in the first week, including one non-payer who I just closed the case on, followed by 6 in the second week. So far out of those six, two have paid. Hopefully the rest pay. I'm tired of having to open cases and waiting to be able to close them. I still have my 50 free listings for the month. I thought about listing them this week but then they'd end on Christmas which I think most people won't near a computer for. So I'll be listing them on Christmas and letting them end the following Sunday. I'm not expecting too many bidders, but even if a couple things end up selling I'll be happy.

I haven't done any new listings for the month. I tried earlier in the month but didn't get past the picture taking phase. I went up to working 6 days at work, and over 40 hours each week. I just don't have time to work on E-bay on my day off. I don't do much on my days off, I'm just too tired. I do have lots of new things to list come January, I've bought several new dolls mostly for their clothes and shoes so I'll be selling off what I don't want. I'll just have to unearth them first. With working so many hours I haven't been keeping things as organized as I should be, and I was never really great at that in the first place. At this point I'm going to need a team of explorers to help me uncover the desk in January.

Luckily after Christmas things will drop off and I will hopefully get a handle on things.

I probably won't be able to post until after Christmas (I'm working 49 hours this week), so I hope everyone has a great Christmas and gets lots of fun stuff!!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope your sales go well. I have some stuff I'm hoping to unload after the New Year as well.

  2. Wow, I am surprised at the number of non-payers. Why bid if you do not intend to pay? What do you gain from that? This is why I haven't listed on EBay even though I have a lot of dolls I could sell. I do buy a lot on Ebay myself, but have never ever not paid immediately on a auction I won. I have, however, had sellers that did not ship items I have paid for. Fortunately, I have been able to recover my payments after opening cases. I hope your Christmas sales go well.