Thursday, December 29, 2016

Asking for help from re-rooters! (Cross Posted Everywhere)

Since I'm on an uneasy break from collecting vintage Barbie I'm thinking it might be time to work on some of the re-roots I've had for ages. This isn't easy because I have to decide hair color and I'm so indecisive, especially when I'm trying to color match a vintage doll.

I have a small collection of saran swatches of doll hair colors I've collected over the years that I've labeled and put on a jump ring to help me decide what hair colors would work best when I'm deciding on a doll's hair color. However with Dolly Hair doing away with their free sample program (you can still get samples when you order but I like placing large orders to save on shipping) I have lots that I'm still missing. So I was wondering if any people had any spare hair from one of the main sellers of doll hair they could give me. I don't need much, just a hair plug of each color. I'd gladly pay shipping since it'll fit in a regular envelope.

Right now the colors I'm missing (from Dolly Hair's website) are:

Ice White, Snow White, Dark Summer Sand, Golden Brown, Mocha Brown, Milk Chocolate Brown, Russet Brown, Red Red Wine, Wild Lavender, Vineyard Violet, Great Grape, Violet Iris, Foxglove Lavender, Mauvelous Pink, Shocking Fuchsia, Chromatic Pink, Sherbet Pink, Cupcake Pink, Sugarless Gum Pink, Cotton Candy Pink, Pillar Box Red, Torch Auburn, Flame Auburn, Copper Auburn, Rusty Auburn, Golden Auburn, Tangerine Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Mint Ice, Seafoam Green, Lagoon Blue, Phthalo Blue, Midnight Blue, Raven Black, and Silver Bullet.

I also don't have any of the mystic hair colors, but I figure that would be a long shot since it's so expensive.

If you have any Restore Doll hair you'd be willing to donate please let me know the name and I'll gladly look up to see if I have the color already.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Hi! I'm Saffy and I have duplicates of a lot of swatched saran hair and would love to help.
    Email me at firespirited ( or contact me on flickr/tumblr.
    Here's my current hair name spreadsheet to keep track of what names get used across doll hair sellers! If you'd like to edit, just let me know and you'll be added!