Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Round Up!

I got called into work today. They're having a visit tomorrow from a higher up and they wanted people to come in and clean. I didn't really want to, but felt that I should. My hours got cut way back this week and last week I ended up calling out a day since the car wouldn't start. (also I remembered that the visit was the next day after I replied to my boss's text so I was kinda stuck). It's not a huge deal I went in on my day off, I was having a hard time getting motivated so if I hadn't gone in I probably wouldn't have gotten much done. They also asked two of my co-workers if they could come in and they both said no, so hopefully I also got some brownie points.

I didn't go in until after 2. I would have gone in earlier, but I had packages to get into the mail. Last Sunday was the final go around for E-bay for December and I'm pleased to say I had seven sales, and they all paid. I technically got another free go around of listings from E-bay, but didn't start them until the last day which was the 1st, so I'm counting that for January and any sales will count towards that month and I'm closing the books for December.

December ended up being a fairly good sales month. With that seven I ended it with 16 completed sales. I had a lot of non-bidders with 5 that I had to open and close cases since people didn't pay. Several of those completed sales people did the buy it now option so I got more money from those. It was a nice mix of old and new, and even the new wasn't that new since I didn't get any new auctions done for the month. I haven't had the time yet this month, but I'm hoping to get back into listing things soon and refilling spaces where things have sold. I was making some progress on the pile of stuff on my dresser, but managed to rebury it with things that I bought in December. Hopefully the sun will show up again soon and I can get back to taking pictures. Won't be sold just sitting there on my dresser!

I haven't bought a new doll (again) this month. I'm still waiting for things in the mail, I assume it'll be harder when I'm not waiting for anything to come in the mail. I haven't been super great in my resolve to not window shop. I have managed to stay away from E-bay (but I did find myself there the other day) but Etsy is so hard to not click over and scope out the new listings. At least I'm trying to be better and not just going about business as usual with doll buying.

I might be going out thrifting this week. I need to go out to the dollar store and get more packing tape and white tissue paper. With all my sales I've almost run out of both. If I go out I might make a day of it and hit up the thrift stores. I really shouldn't, but I'm weak, weak I tell you! Hopefully I'll find nothing and return home empty handed, except for tape and tissue paper of course.


  1. I have a few searches going on eBay so going there whenever items fitting my description turn up is unavoidable. I do know exactly how much is the maximum I want to pay for them though, so it's not so bad. I'm not in any rush :-)

  2. I do check ebay and put things on my watch list. I don't bid but it helps me remember what I'm looking for. I have a tiny wishlist starting.