Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Happy Resolutions!

Hello everyone,

I have survived December (and to the same extent 2016). December was such a rough month in terms of work, so I'm kind of looking forward to the less demanding work schedule that's coming up. I say kind of because less hours also means less money, which I'm not looking forward to as much. I'm still working towards my moving out goal, but I'd feel more comfortable with more in my savings.

I've had yesterday and today off, which has been amazing. It's been over a month since I've had two days off in a week, and longer for two days back to back. I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday and slept for 12 hours. Granted I woke up every 4 hours and had to fall back asleep but boy did I need to rest. I'm still a bit tired, but that did help me a lot in getting better rested than before. Last night I didn't sleep so hot, I think I'm coming down with a cold. I've been a bit more sneezy today and one of my tonsils hurts (but just one, isn't that weird?)

My family still hasn't done Christmas and on Thursday of last week my mother did say that since my father and I had last Saturday off we could do it then, per my sister's suggestion. I promptly shut that down. It was less than 48 hours away and I had to work the next day, I still have things to get and nothing was wrapped. I felt a little bad saying no since we're not sure the next day we'll get to do it, but I was so tired. I just could not do it that day, or at least not do it and feel good about it.

Even with my first two days off in a while I haven't been lazy. Between the past two days, I've done a bunch of laundry, washed my floor, put away a bunch of stuff, organized one of my closets, cleaned off my bedside table, and I've even started to make progress on cleaning off my desk! It's not a total disaster any more, but it's still going to take some work to get it into more of a user friendly shape. There's still plenty to do, but I'm going to keep working at it. I know every day won't be as successful as I've been the past few days, but I want to keep making progress.

Which brings me to the reason why I wanted to do this post, some resolutions. I'm not going to set a year long resolution, but I want to set a couple for the month. Not sure if I'll do it every month, but we shall see. For January I'm going to set two personal goals for myself.

The first one is to go without buying a doll for the entire month. 

I've already kind of broken this rule since I bought one this morning, but I'm not counting it since I meant to buy it last night and use up some expiring Shop Your Way Points from Sears. It was just the tan Look Barbie doll from last year. I don't really want her, but she was the best thing to use my points on. I will be keeping her body and selling the rest. I don't really need another articulated body (I sorted through the boxes of spares I have today and WOW I have a lot), but at this point it's kind of a collection within the collection. I'm kind of cheating for the month because I actually have several dolls pre-ordered due in in January. I have the Lady Gaga Monster High doll, the Brunette Classic Black dress Silkstone, and a couple Integrity bodies so I'll have plenty to look forward to. I also have my Christmas presents. And if that's not enough I have plenty of new dolls to open that I already have. I went a bit hog wild in December and bought several new dolls that I haven't gotten to debox yet so if I get a hankering for something new I could just open one of those. I'm not sure if I'll stay strong for all of January, but I really should focus on what I already have instead of getting more (although there's still several things on my wish list from last year and I'm already building my one for upcoming dolls for 2017!).

My second goal is to get back to working on E-bay. I was very good in November, I actually got over 30 auctions finished for the month. My goal was to end up with an average of one a day and I succeeded! I didn't do any for December I just didn't have the time, but now I've got plenty of new merchandise to sell and plenty of old things that I still need to list. With my amazing amount of sales in November and a decent amount of sales in December I have lots of slots that need to be re-filled, and this month I'm going to get back into it. That's why it's good to get the desk cleaned off, I need it to take pictures. Ideally I'd like to get it so that this year my E-bay sales actually pay for my new dolls. This doesn't usually happen since I spend so much but I would like to at least try to dial back my purchases for this year. January is already looking to be expensive and that's without new dolls. I still have to pay for the Silkstone (or have my card charged), pay for the rest of the Integrity doll bodies (I did a deposit already), pay to rejoin Barbie Collector, and my dues for the Doll Club are due.

I'd really like to spend my time working on the dolls I already have instead of just buying more. I can't say I'll be successful at it, but I'm going to try, especially when I find myself checking online selling sites to go away from there and focus my energy elsewhere. Why I could write a new blog post a week with the time I spend on E-bay. And I really should get back into it, my poor neglected blog.

So that's my goals for January, no new dolls and back to chugging away at E-bay. Has anyone else made any resolutions they're going to try for?


  1. I posted some resolutions on my own blog. Mainly, I want to make more time for sewing and painting doll things. I don't see a lot of dolls out there that I want, but that could change at any moment! :)

  2. Happy New Year! No resolutions for me, life is so unpredictable.:-)

  3. No real resolutions but I have resolved to keep the new dolls to 25 this year. I also have to light the fire to get more stuff listed on ebay.