Wednesday, February 8, 2017

January Update (Slightly Rambly)

Hello Dear Readers,

How are you? I'm okay. I keep saying that, and mostly it's true. January was quite a rough month for a variety of reasons. First we had Simba's passing (thank you to everyone who left those kind comments on that post), then the following Monday my Aunt passed away, then my Grandmother went into the hospital (for a short period of time as a precaution and she's fine now). As I told someone else, 2016 was rough but 2017 feels like a personal attack.

E-bay's been surprisingly good. I had three go-arounds this month with decent success. The last one ended on this Sunday and I got a grand total of 6 bidders! As of right now 4 of them have paid with just waiting for the final two. I've got a bad feeling about one of them so I'm not holding my breath on them paying. If everyone pays I'll have 16 sales for the month with 1 item I had to close due to not paying. I'm pleased to say that a couple of the sales this month were for the Beauty and the Beast gift set. With this week's sales, I have sold the last of the first set and just have four pieces left from the second set. One is already listed, one is in draft form, and the other two need pictures and their listing text tweaked. It'll be nice to have it all done (and hopefully selling). While this month I had a lot of sales, the overall sales amount is pretty low. A lot of the items were pretty cheap. Which is fine by me. I had a lot of things sell that I've had for YEARS and I'm glad to get rid of them. One of the items was a .99 cent auction, but I'm glad someone finally wanted it. I haven't been very good about refilling the empty sales slots but I'm working practically a full time work schedule so I haven't had a lot of time. Plus I'm tired, so very very tired.

Work has been awful. I was working overtime in December and while January has dialed back some I've still be stuck working there 5 days usually getting hours in the high 20's, even though last week and this week I have over 32 hours. I was biting my tongue about saying anything since my immediate supervisor was leaving and I was hoping to get a chance at her job, but my jerk of a manager didn't even let me interview for the job. I knew going in that my manager had someone on my team she wanted for the position. I asked the person who was leaving and she told me that my boss wanted Kathy for the job. And to be quite frank, it was Kathy's job to loose. However, once I applied I was called into the office for a quick and dirty job interview with my manager. My manager wasn't the person making the final call, we were told that interviews were going to be done by Mike, the head for the entire district. He came in last Thursday for a review of the store, I dressed up and brought two copies of my resume in case he was there doing interviews. He was, just not with me. The only person he had an interview with was Kathy. I know one other person applied as well and they weren't granted an interview either. So my boss got what she wanted while technically not breaking the rules. Now the job isn't Kathy's just yet, they're still looking outside the store so they might find someone they like better. I'm not mad at Kathy, I'm just very hurt and mad that I wasn't even given the opportunity by my boss.

To add insult to injury that same day my manager also made me be the cashier for my entire shift, 7.5 hours. I know my job is cashier/mca but I absolutely hate cashiering. I left that job back in March when I was a just a cashier and went to a different store. Lately she's been sticking me to be the cashier and letting the other associates be the mca's. One of the reasons why I'm forced to be a cashier is because I'm good at selling our loyalty program (the credit card, not so much), but no more. I will be a cashier, but I'm not going to fight so much for it. I wouldn't mind being the cashier so much if I wasn't getting short changed because of it. Because I keep getting stuck at the register, I have had very little training as a mca. I see other people, people who started much later than me getting trained on the mca part of the job and surpassing me. I've been fighting so hard to be trained and not getting anything, so I've given up. The other day I was there with another MCA who had to go home because she was sick and I honestly didn't know what to do. I had an idea, but I don't have the training for the unwritten rules of what I can and can't do on the sales floor for clothes. So I decided, she wanted a cashier, she'll get a cashier.

Like I said, I'm not mad at not getting the job, the person who interviewed was really the one to beat, I'm mad I wasn't even given the opportunity to try for it. After all I do for that store. Whenever I'm at work other associates ask me questions all the time when they need help. I call myself an assistant-lead. But no more, I can't turn it off completely (and don't want to be rude to my fellow associates), but there will be a lot more "I don't know, I'm just a cashier" comments so they can call a manager to help, it's not my job. As my boss seems to enjoy reminding me, I am on the lowest rung of the ladder.

All this discord has really got me thinking about my future. (as you can see from my last rambling post), and I think I'm getting done with my small town. I was hoping to get a full time job to be more financially secure for the next step, but that's not going to happen where I am, job wise and location wise. It's going to be rough and I'll most likely have to get a second job, but I'm warming up to the idea. Right now my plans would involve me flying when I move, leaving most of my dolls behind. And I'm fine with that. With my last two moves I did learn a lot, I have to pack smarter.

And I really need to get back to E-bay. Really, really, need to get back.


  1. You seem to be ready for the next step. That's what comes with giving your present situation a fair shot the way you did by working at different stores and activities. Now, if you have to leave to make progress possible you won't wonder what might have happened if you'd tried harder.

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