Saturday, April 8, 2017

Massive March Update!

Hello Dear Readers,

Has another month gone by? Time really does fly when you're busy, busy, busy.

Work is still being awful. I was hoping for a different position, but they ended up giving it to someone else. I asked to be switched back to a different department. I asked my new department head first just so she knew that it wasn't because of anything she was doing, but she told the manager who called me into her office and yelled at me for a long time trying all her managerial tricks to keep me where I am. She tore into me for several things that I had not told her but she heard through the grape vine (however when something happens she doesn't want to hear, she somehow never manages to hear that). I still hate the job, and severely dislike my manager but I'm keeping my mouth shut and my head down. The writing's on the wall that the company I work for is failing and right now it's a matter of when. I did look a little for new jobs, but not a whole lot. I'm kind of unsure exactly what to do. (Jumping ahead for April, I did have a job interview that I applied for on Thursday. I think it went well, but you never know. I'd appreciate some good thoughts). I'm trying a new thing where I keep my thoughts a little better guarded at work. I'm calling it "Operation: Shut Your Mouth".

Despite work sucking I did spend a lot of time working on E-bay. They have been honoring my four day request. I was planning on listing a bunch of Monster High dolls I purchased back in December, but I never stick with what I plan. Instead I found a box (that I knew was there) full of old stuff I wanted to sell. Some of it was so old I originally had it on the Doll Page Show and Sell Site, and that site's been gone for several years now. So instead of Monster High I did a big push in getting all the things listed. I wasn't able to get everything, I think there's four things left that need some TLC first, but other than that I got the entire box listed as well as several other items so in terms of numbers I got more than the box listed. I think once again I got over 50 listings done! (It was a LOT of listings). I also had fantastic, record breaking month with 33 sales! I had at least 2 people not pay, but I had 33 things sell. A lot of new things, but several things I had listed for a long time. I'm thrilled with those numbers. I know not every month will be that good, but boy selling all that stuff feels good. Sadly, I still have plenty of things to list. There's still so many things, but I have made amazing progress recently. My future plans have changed slightly, nothing is going to happen until the end of the year but that means I might actually have a chance to list everything! (If I stop buying so much that is).

Speaking of buying, I did purchase the My Little Pony Applejack doll. After all my E-bay sales I had the money so I decided to go ahead and buy him. I was going to buy him at the start of April, but I thought, "why wait?". I sold most of Pinkie Pie's clothing during the month so hopefully I can sell Applejack's clothes and recoup some of my expenses for him too. I like him, he's very handsome. I don't think I'm going to buy the Rainbow Dash dolls. I like his face, but prefer other dolls with different hair styles. Also I think I need a break from Integrity Dolls, and their hefty price tags! I did buy a vintage doll this month. Over on Etsy I found someone selling a Malibu Christie for 30 including shipping. She had melting and a broken arm, but that's still a good price for her. She's a little more TLC than what was disclosed (they mentioned nothing about her chewed feet), but she's still a good price. I've been working on her restoration, but it's slow work. I got her arm repaired, but it broke back off again, first time that's ever happened to me. I've repaired one hip and is working on the second one now. Interesting note, the melted plastic at her hips had a very deep red color. I guess the African American skin tone has a lot of red in it.

I also have continued my streak of buying the American Girl Megablocks. I have now purchased all of the first wave mini figures. I have also purchased the house, the small horse set, the pastry cart set, the small gymnastic set, and the beach house set. I got a pretty good deal on all of the sets and only paid 57 dollars out of pocket for everything. I feel my interest waning on them, but not my obsession. Right now I'm still missing the larger horse set, the ballet studio set, the small art studio set, the camping set, the shaved ice set, the athletic 3 doll set, and the second wave 6 solo doll sets. I'm kind of annoyed, the first time I saw the 3 doll set and the mini figure sets actually for sale was on the Mattel Store website and they were sold out! I would have bought them all! I'm trying to be good about buying the rest of them. I went a little hog wild this month so I'm going to try to take a break. I like the little figurines the best and don't really have the display space for the sets. They are cute though, but boy did that house take HOURS to put together. Now that I have so many I'm not enjoying them as much as I was when I just had a couple.

This month was also the Birthday meeting for the doll club. I wasn't as excited for this meeting as I had been in the past because last year the woman in charge of the club had her two young nephews there. And while they like Barbie they are still young boys at their Grandmother's house so they're a little more high energy than the rest of us. They were there this year too, but were a little less the main focus of the meeting. There was a lot to do at the meeting and I ended up leaving before we were all done. It was a mostly fun meeting and I'm glad I went, but from what I've seen in the club things are changing. I might be more aware of it, but things have been more negative lately. I fully admit I love to complain, but when I go to meetings I don't want to sit around and be negative about people. It just made me feel very uncomfortable, and has happened at the past several meetings. I like going to the meetings and like most of the people in the club, we've just lost a lot of people I've liked and I don't want to spend my entire time at the meetings discussing negative topics. Not to be all Pollyanna, but it's such a small hobby base can't we at least try to get along?

So that was my busy March. April has taken an interesting turn in what I've been doing *Spoiler Alert Re-roots* with a little E-bay work, but I usually work more at the end of the month more on E-bay than in the beginning. I'm hoping to continue my E-bay success, but I'm not expecting the numbers of March. It's weird, I don't have any real doll needs right now. I've gotten several things off my wish list and there's a few things left but they're pretty minor so I'm fine waiting for a good deal to get them. I'm thinking about saving up for another expensive doll in the 400-500 dollar range. We'll see, time will tell.

How was March for everyone else?

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  1. You sure have been a busy bee.:-)
    You're right to just do your job and get on with it since you're leaving it one way or the other and they haven't made any effort on your behalf.
    Thanks for the update about what's going on with you. Take care until the next one.:-)