Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a post showing the differences...

between the two Kens. On your left is the better one from Hong Kong, on the right the one from Taiwan. They are the same type of doll from the same years. You can't tell this from the picture but their head plastic are very different too. The Hong Kong Ken's plastic is much stiffer, impossible to bend unless you boil it first. The other Ken, his head is super soft plastic, like the newer type Ken heads. Odd right? If I didn't know better I would have guessed the one of the right was a clone doll. But everything works out, he has all his mold markers. He's just not as good of quality as the other Ken, unless he's aging terribly. Which would be really weird since I have dolls that are much older than him, that don't have those issues. I don't know.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Redress list as of 8/30/10

I'm thinking about re-doing this list every month, that way we can see what I got done, and what I need to keep doing.
Here's the list posted from the begining of July; Stacey, Scooter, Becky, Licca, Cosette, Princess Leia (sp?), Brunette #1 Ken, Re-rooted Midge, Fashion Queen.
From there I just got Stacey dressed just right. So she's off the list. I also swiped Fashion Queen's body, so she's off by default. Midge is dressed in an outfit that I'm giving a trial period, she may reappear on this list soon.

Right now the list stands as:
Malibu Ken,
Teen Skipper,
G.I. Joe,
Princess Lea,
Integrity Toys Doll 1,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Integrity Toys Doll 3,
And I think that's all for now...

What a weird day...

I went shopping again today, but this time it wasn't my fault! My father asked me to specifically to go with him to go get pallets. I said I would, begrudgingly, not thinking about going anywhere else. He then mentioned going to a second hand store that we had passed earlier in out travels. Since we were already going out I asked if we could stop by the "creepy antique" store in town that we usually skip.
We call it creepy for a number of reasons. When you first walk in you find yourself in a tiny room, smaller than my Bedroom. It's full of random stuff, just amassed in no general order. Most of them aren't labeled with prices. Also it's creepy because of the woman who runs it. I'm sure she's a perfectly delightful woman, and I feel bad commenting on someone's family member, but every time I've interacted with her it's been really odd. She's a little more chatty than general small talk, and I really don't know how to respond to it. When we came in she had a record that was turned into a bowl, and my father commented on how warped it was jokingly. She had to explain it to him that it was a bowl, and "art" (not that I would ever call a record bowl art, it's called kitch) After that she was talking about records, and asked us if there was any records that we were looking for. We don't collect records, so we said no, but she did keep asking us about it. I just wish she would have left us alone to shop, but that's my personal opinion. Also most of the items for sale there are in the basement. The cool/creepy horror film basement. If I ever go missing; look for me in that basement.
Now, normally I would have skipped it but there was something I was looking for this time. We hadn't been there in at least a year now, last time we went I didn't find anything I wanted. But I did remember that they had two Malibu Kens. I wasn't collecting them at the time, so I passed them by. I was taking a calculated risk thinking that they would still be there, but there they were. In almost the exact same spot... shocking... not really. I was a little hesitant about asking the price. I've been getting better about working on my shyness, but there's just something about this place that really makes it flare up. So while I was getting my courage higher we went down stairs. Here I found a box with some doll clothes. I usually flip though this to see if there's anything that I want, so I did that. I found the jacket and shorts that belonged to the 80's Todd doll from Mattel. I have two Todd dolls that I found at second hand stores. One came wearing his full outfit, the other came wearing just his shirt. So that's why I was able to recognize these items. So I grabbed them. He's wearing them now. Not too shabby. I also found a crochet doll dress that I thought was cute. It was older, and I wasn't sure how well it would look, but it came with a matching hat, so I grabbed it too. When asking the price the woman told me that it was hand made... which wasn't that hard to tell. Now if she made it, it would have been interesting to know, but I could clearly see that it was handmade. At home I saw that there was a spot where the yarn was broken, so I took a thread and hand attached it, so it wouldn't just go to pieces. The dangers of using yarn. It's a really odd fit for the dolls, so I'm not really sure if I'll ever use it. Live and learn I guess. I also got a doll dress that I didn't know who it would fit. It was a mommy made dress, for a smaller baby doll. It was this cute yellow fabric with these little sheep on it. I didn't know if I had anyone to wear it, I just knew I had to have it, I would regret if I left without that one item. For those items she charged me three dollars plus she threw in a hat that I found in the box too. It was a cute little Barbie cap. Mostly white with a row of orange at the bottom. It also had an orange puff flower on the side. It's pretty cute.
With that I finally asked about the Ken dolls, which the woman thought I was asking about Candles. Not I know sometimes I swallow my words, but I don't think I was that bad. And then she referred to me as a girl... grr... I hate that. I know with my long hair, full lips, and somewhat effeminate manner it's sometimes confusing, but at that moment I had a few days hair growth on my face! And while it's not bushy and black, it's certainly noticeable. When we finally got through the fact that I was asking about the ken dolls she told me she wanted 10 dollars for each of them. I had to think about that. She then said she's be willing to part with them for 18 for the pair. That was a little more reasonable, so I got them. Before that she pointed out the Chrissy doll that she had and told me that it was "Barbie's friend with the long growing hair." Yeah, I know who Chrissy is, she's no friend of Barbie. They're not even in the same scale. But I smiled and nodded. Looking over at the Kens in the car I was in for a shock. One of them was really nice. Decent face paint, good condition, could use a bath. The other Ken however... wow. First off, he had some weird goo at his hip joints. This weird bubblegum colored sticky stuff. My Dad said it was silicone. Now, I'm not sure if it's an added thing, or his legs melting from being old. Now my Dusty doll has some melting issues from the metal in her plastic, but that's different. This was just weird. Also his head is really thin plastic, with shoddy face painting. The paint quality is also poor. It's weird that they're both the same doll, but look so different. I checked their mold marks and the good one is from Hong Kong, the other Taiwan. It's amazing how different the two are. Just for the heck of it Malibu Barbie is from Japan, and my Malibu Skipper is from Japan too.
When I got home I tried boiling the Ken torso with the goo on it, to try and soften the goo. Big mistake! I guess I left it too long, and the lower torso actually shrank! So I just threw it out. And now I have a Malibu Ken, and a Malibu Ken head, arms, and legs. Live and learn, live and learn.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back into the Swing of things for Set is Aside Sunday!

Here we are at the end of another Sunday, and this time I've got something to share with you my readers. I've once again actually finished something today!
I didn't go back to the failure from last week, that's a doll for another time. This time I worked exclusively with my new to me Walk Lively Miss America. I'm not going to post a before picture, explaining why I picked her to get a makeover, because she wasn't wearing anything before this little adventure. I'm not sure of the recent influx of dolls just hanging out sans clothing, I don't think I live at the Playboy Mansion. Although it would explain the Grotto... and Hugh Hefner... and why I was Playmate of the year for 1985...
Anyway, Miss America needed to some clothes, I mean she is Miss America, and not the Vanessa Williams kind (teasing!). I started with the idea of 70's day wear. I always do day wear, I rarely pick gowns for the dolls. And I must admit I do own a lot of them, I just like casual wear much better for the everyday part of the collection. I also like making it because I have the need. Ask Mattel how many gowns they've made in the past year compared to a cute simple blouse. So off to Google I went. I usually use their image search for ideas, but I would love suggestions for other sites, since sometimes Google is a little bit lackluster.
I found a couple ideas, and I actually liked them. I have a hard time finding 70's fashions that I like, so I did a few sketches before I decided which one to do. I'm keeping the others on file, since with this recent explosion of 70's dolls, I might need more of them soon. What I picked was a long skirt with a ruffle at the bottom, with a puffed sleeve blouse. It had that preppy look I love, but with some needed peasant elements that were nice and 70's. I decided I wanted a print for the skirt with a solid for the top. I still had some of that 70's looking fabric that I used for the Malibu sundress that I never used. It's very 70's, although I need to look for more fabric since it's almost gone, and I don't want to over use it in the collection. I usually try to keep the matching fabrics to a minimum, although there's a few things that are the same. Like right now I realized that Stacey and the new Ponytail are wearing the same fabric and are right next to each other. I'll have to fix that.
I started with the skirt, since it was the easiest. Might as well get that part done before I get too frustrated. I used a pattern from that Barbie in Japan book. It's the skirt from that Black dress I made a while back. it's still way too short to have any nice gathering at the waist, so I added about 2 inches to it. After that I did the ruffled edge and the waistband. Pretty simple stuff. It came out pretty easily, and without any gap-itis in the back!For the shirt I decided to use some Yellow calico that I purchased a few weeks back. I had some yellow broadcloth way back when, and it was the bane of my existence. I don't think I kept anything I made from it. I finally used it up, and then boom, I needed it for a project. This time however I bought calico since it's thicker, and when on sale the same price as broadcloth. Also I think it's a better color too. I never used it for that project so I had it around. I thought it might work for this project, adding some color to the top. It was this, or just use white for the shirt. I tried yellow and it looks much better. The pattern for this is Vintage Barbie, I think it's supposed to be a cowboy shirt. I just used it as the bodice pattern, swapping the sleeves for the cap sleeves I've done before. If it looks familiar it's because I've made it before as an attempt for the Steampunk blouse. I think I still have it, so I may adapt it for something else. It went together pretty quick, I didn't have a lot of issues with the sleeves. I made the collar pattern, since I wanted it to hit all along the neckline. I was originally going to have the shirt open more, but was a little aggressive with cutting away the spare fabric. So instead of having it open as much I made a neck tie for the outfit. I felt it needed something from the pattern on the top of the outfit. I was going to do a hairband of it, but I liked the necktie much better. I may make it again because I'm not totally happy with the outcome, but I may not.For shoes I just used some of the Keri Mitchell sandals that I had. I like them because they fit the Vintage feet, but their sculpt is a little heavy. Usually they just stand in for when I get something better, just like this. That way I'm not obsessing over her shoes, and when a decent pair comes down the line, I can just swap them out.
I'm glad Set is Aside Sunday is back on track!

Just a quick update;

Today is out fourth Set it Aside Sunday (Although, our third where I will have actually finished something) and I wanted to share with you a quick update of what I did yesterday.
I ended up giving the Dotted Swiss outfit to Cinderella. It's really cute on her, so it works for her. Plus I couldn't find anyone else that it would work with. Unfortunately, this meant that the Frog outfit was no longer being worn. And looking back at it, I'm not that upset. While the frog skirt was cute, it was certainly a bit "bold" for the rest of the collection. I mean I still have it, and I plan on letting it come out and play from time to time, so it's not like it's gone for good. Also I didn't have any matching shoes for it, so it already had that strike against it!
But now I'm back to work for Set is Aside Sunday, and this time I promise, PROMISE, that you'll get something this week. And I vow to not even touch Charlotte until it's done.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Waitress wouldn't wait any longer!

bThe other day when I was shuffling outfits around on the Silkstones I found myself unhappy with what the Waitress was wearing. Even though I now had a perfectly fitting outfit in my hand that I liked, but she just couldn't pull off the Dotted Swiss outfit I was trying to fit in. I ended up giving it to another Silkstone, but she's since then gone back to her original outfit. My search continues! So when I had that Silkstone's clothes I played around with them and what the Waitress was wearing. It was then that I realized how unsatisfied I was with what she was wearing. I guess when I originally styled it, it was a it will do for now mindset, but I never got around to actually making it better. With the Silkstone reclaiming her clothes, I was forced to reevaluate the Waitress's clothes. She was wearing a gold top, with a early attempt skirt by me, and they just weren't working. With my dislike apparent, I took her down to create something just for her. I also gave her a dusting, I forget how dusty it gets on top of the bookshelf.
With this doll I already had an idea of what to dress her in. With her heavily vintage inspired face paint she just screamed Dior suit! She's been screaming that since I got her, I just never had one, the means to make one, or the skill set. With my recent advancements, I figured it was time to make another go at it.
I started with the blouse. It's once again the corset pattern, this time in white. Originally I was going to add some straps, but couldn't decide on what ones. So I skipped it. They would have added bulk to the jacket, plus you really can't see them. If I decide to add some later, it's pretty easy. This is actually my second attempt, the first one was made out of a shiny fabric. The problem is, I really can't work with slippery shiny fabrics yet. It was too slippery, and just looked terrible, so I threw it out and began again in white calico. Came out much better, and looks pretty nice.
The skirt is another pattern I've made before, so it came out simply with minor issues. Since it's closes on top of the corset top it doesn't fasten well in the back. I had to use a hook and eye loop, and there's a bit of a gap. Luckily the jacket covers most of it, so it's not that lewd.
The jacket was the part that I was a little hesitant. I think I tried to make it before and it didn't come out so well, but that was a while ago. But when I went to go find the pattern, I couldn't find it, so I had to print it out again. From the directions it's supposed to be lined, but I really didn't want to do that. It would have just added a lot to the bulk of the jacket, plus I'm lazy. Instead I did it normally, although I had to take it in a bunch. This pattern was originally huge on Barbie. I don't think having it lined would have helped. I had to make a back seam taking in maybe about 3/8? or more. I have some issues with it being not symmetrical, but it came out pretty good for a first attempt. I did the neck hemming by hand, using the blanket stitch. I like using that stitch, it's fun. I wish I knew more decorative stitches. My grandmother knew stuff like that, but she passed away in '89. So I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for learning.
I also made her necklace, and bracelet. The bracelet is the only remaining thing from her original outfit, besides the shoes. Her necklace I made originally was three loops of pearl beads, that I couldn't get to stay flat on her. So I took it and remade it into one long strand that I could loop around her neck. This gives me more options for what to do, and it now fits much better. Although it used up most of my pearl beads. I'll have to get more, I love using pearls for jewelry. Oh! I also made her gloves. I hate, hate, making gloves, but I guess I can do it. I'm still working on my technique, so I'm hoping to get better as I go along. I wish I could just buy gloves compared to making them, but this will have to do for now.
There's a ton of pictures because I'm still playing around with the camera. Enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Went out again for some shopping, originally I declined to go, but when asked again I decided to tag along. Stopped in at the Goodwill, but lightening doesn't strike twice, so I left there without anything. I also left Walmart empty handed, although not surprised, nothing in the currant Barbie line screams "Get me!" except for that horseback riding outfit, but they don't have that in stock yet. Everything else was more of a, "It's nice, but I don't really need it." Right now if I don't really need it, then I shouldn't be getting it. Although my resolve is weakening for the Liv doll clothing. It's so cute, modern, and not trashy. I just wish it was cheaper, and that the shoe molds were a little more attractive. I wouldn't be totally adverse to getting a Liv doll, except that their heads are huge! Plus I don't need anymore impulse buy dolls. Right now we are full to capacity, no more room at the inn around here.
I also looked at the Christian Second hand store, but the had nothing new. Not shocked since we'd been there last week, and they really don't have the quickest turn around. They had a couple newer Barbie dolls, but nothing I needed, or once again, wanted. But that's not all where we went. There's a Habitat for Humanity Restore that my father wanted to go to. I have never been there before, although I've seen it before so I was curious. Not a whole lot of stuff there that interests me, but they did have a huge supply of fabric pieces. The down side is that it's upholstery fabric, and most of them are pretty old and gaudy. Most of it I wouldn't want to use on my couch much less on my dolls. I did however, find a few things that I didn't think were too terrible. Not terribly sure what do to with most of it, although some things are ear marked for coats, since they are really too heavy to use in everyday things. I got some more "vintage" looking fabrics to help with the vintage doll dressing. I'm hoping that I'll find uses for most of them. I didn't get a lot of each of them, but everything in that photo cost 1.20. Not too shabby.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back at home in my Mullet-less bedroom

Skipping back to the shopping, to get y'all up to speed; Hobby Lobby was a bust. I had wanted some Holiday fabric, but everything I saw was... not what I wanted. I'm not sure exactly what I wanted, but it was certainly something less gaudy then what they were selling. And when is red fabric with white dots considered holiday? I've seen all their calico patterns, so there was nothing I wanted. I could have used some black calico, but I figured it was more of a hassle to find someone to cut it out for me than just wait to get it when I'm getting other fabric. I found some black velvet in the remnant section, so they must have it somewhere in the store. At this point I'm just going to ask someone where, and you know I hate that.
Walmart had some broadcloth on sale, actually comparable to Hobby Lobby's prices, but it was all solids, and in colors I didn't really need or want, so I left it alone. I think I was just happy enough with my two new dolls, and I wanted to get home and play!
I gave Walk Lively Miss America a quick scrub when I got home. I used a Clorox wipe on her legs, since they were covered in grime. A lot of it came off, but some still sticking to it. I'm sure in time I'll get it all. I also gave her hair a good wash. I'm still on the fence weather or not her hair has been cut. It doesn't really look like how dolls with cut hair usually look, but some parts are short, like her bangs. But it's weird since in the back she has her curls still, and there's no bald spots on her part line. So I don't know. I do know however that her face paint is perfect. She's still naked however. I have other projects that need to be finished before she gets her clothes. I'm only one person, but she's definitely on the fast track for some new clothes.
She may be naked, but she has found her spot in the collection. Originally I was going to put her on the Barbie's dream house couch next too the Malibu, but... I didn't like that. She's just too new. I mean she's 1974, and 1976 is my cut off line for Vintage. I was having issues with Malibu going up there, and she's older than Miss America. I fixed this by moving Stacey from her space on the Vintage Run off Media Bookshelf and putting her in on the couch. This worked because since she's on a new body I don't have to worry about her tearing her knees. Miss America has some issues with her knee plastic. Also Malibu uses Stacey's head mold, so that's a cool connection too. I think that the Vintage Run Off Shelf it going to be where the more recent dolls begin to congregate. That way I can keep the older dolls separate, and when I'm finally forced to get another bookshelf I can break them up into eras! Wouldn't that be exciting, although at this point Vintage (1959-1964) would be the biggest section. There's only six dolls in the Mod section, and only three in the 70's dolls section. But I'm sure that's going to change in time, now that I'm expanding the collection all the time.
Now on to the mystery doll. I knew she was Ideal since it was labeled on her back, and her head, so off to Google I went! There's not a lot of information available about Ideal dolls. Most I could find was about the dolls from the 50's-60's. And they weren't using the Tuesday Taylor body until the 70's. It wasn't until I went back to look at her mold marks that I found something that I could use. On the back of her head had "D.H." written on it. Typing in "Ideal Doll" "D.H." showed that I had a Dorthy Hamill doll. I found a website that was selling her in her stock outfit. Seeing that reminded me of something... I actually had that outfit. I had purchased it many years ago, thinking it was part of the Barbie Sears Olympic outfit. Even thought I found out it wasn't I never found anyone to wear it, but it managed to stick around. Since I had both of them, I was able to reunite a doll with her stock outfit. It was the weirdest thing, kind of a freaky kismet thing going on, I didn't even know it was her outfit until I saw it in the photo. Not sure what will happen to her with shoes, since she has the larger than Barbie Tuesday Taylor feet, but I'm sure she can manage. She's over on the Dregs shelf, but I still need to fix her hair. Thirty years of skipping the hairbrush really shows. She might get a Downy dunk, maybe. Pretty cool huh? Never know what you'll find at the second hand store.

"I just saw a Mullet, can I go home?"

That's what I thought when I was out shopping yesterday. We were at the salvation Army, and there was a guy there with a mullet. As any person with common sense I shuddered inside. But I mustered my strength and kept on going. I found some doll wicker furniture that I toyed with getting, but I ended up putting it back. It was a similar size to the ones I have for Momoko, but both chairs were different sizes. And I have enough spare chairs kicking around anyway. Right now I should only focus on chairs for Charlotte. Getting her more so she can change chairs every three months. If I got those new chairs I'd be thinking only about the fact that I wanted more Momokos to fill them, and that's so not happening right now. I ended up leaving the salvation army empty handed.
But the Gods were smiling at me at Goodwill. I found something really exciting there. After a quick stroll through the glass section, I went over to look at the toy section. I had to wait for the people there to leave. Luckily it was during the day, so there weren't any kids there. I found a few generic blond Barbies, nothing to write home about. But then I saw something interesting. I couldn't see her face, but I could see that she certainly had an older style body. Pulling her free from the darkness I saw who it was. I instantly knew who she was. What I held in my hand was a decent condition Walk Lively Miss America Doll from 1974! If I remember correctly, Dorrie from "Somewhere that's green." found one a while back, but I'd know who she was before that too.
She was naked, not that shocking. I don't run a nudest colony, but pretty often we have naked dolls lying around here. In fact even as I write this, Charlotte and Chatty Cathy are naked. She had some issues, her legs were all grimy, but she still walked. I played with her for a little bit, watching her swing her arms and turn her head. Her dollar price sticker really sealed the deal for her coming home, although I would have paid more for her if required. I also did some more poking around trying to see if there were other dolls from that era. Sometimes if someone donates a doll that they've had for a while, they sometimes donate a few, so you might get lucky. I didn't find any other Barbies, but I did find another doll. I had no idea who she was, but I recognized that she was on the Tuesday Taylor Ideal body. Judging on the detail of her face I assumed that she was supposed to be a celebrity. She was also a dollar, so I got her too. I figured that for a dollar figuring out the mystery of who she is, would be worth it.
And now for a complain about Goodwill. Why would you charge three dollars for a doll just because she's dressed? When I was there I saw another doll. Some Barbie clone, that was missing a leg. She wasn't the most attractive, but she certainly wasn't terribly looking. She was wearing a sweater set that looked kind of cute. But she was three dollars. I know that the prices are a little predetermined for Goodwill, but three dollars? She's missing a leg! But I'm just complaining, I got two dolls from the 70's for two dollars. I should shut up and be happy.
Pics to follow!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dotted Swiss dies a slow death...

I started off today with putting Vanessa away. I put her in a little black dress that I've had forever. I just need to get her off my mind. I have other dolls that need dressing, and when she wants to tell me what she wants to wear, I'll gladly get it for her. But there's no point anguishing over her, that's really counterproductive, and nothing gets done.
Once she was away, I felt a little better. I was more willing to think of other projects and actually get something done. I guess she was just wearing me down, stuck on how to dress her. I'm sure it would be easier if she didn't have so many things to work with. But that's a project for another day.
Yesterday I started this blouse, using the remaining dotted Swiss fabric. I really miss this fabric, you can tell that I liked it, since I used all of it, keeping the smallest scraps. I wanted to make a blouse from it a while ago, but the pattern I was using was just a hair too wide. This pattern is made for the BB body, so it just fit. It went together pretty easy, I've been getting a lot of practice with sleeves. I still mess up a lot, but I'm understanding why I mess up and how to fix it. I hand stitched in the collar in since I wasn't sure how well I could do it on the machine, but that's not really a big issue. I also did a line down the front of pearls, to simulate buttons. Originally I flip flopped about adding it, but I'm glad I did it. I think it looks cute, and really does add to the look.
With the blouse done it was time to think about what to pair it with. I tried on a blue pleated skirt that I had, and I liked the look, but not the color. I figured as much, so I was already planning on using the red calico to make a red pleated skirt. It was time to make one anyway. I ended up making the waistband wide, and taking it in, so it would sit low on the hips. With that done it was time to sit back and look at it. It's adorable. I really like how it looked, it was just so cute!
The issue is, I wanted to give it to someone in the collection. I like it so much that I want someone to wear it permanently, not just Charlotte who wears something until the next thing comes along. It's a problem because it doesn't fit more than half the dolls. It only fits the dolls with the BB body or similar. It's too tight in the bust for the vintage girls. It's too big for Francie and similar sized dolls. I did find it fits the Silkstones. I've been eying them to see if it would work for anyone, but it's a little cute for them. With their strong makeup, you really need a mature look for them. Right now it's Cinderella's slipper and I'm walking around to see who it clicks for. I've been trying it on all the BB body dolls to see who works. The problem is, most of those dolls are already nicely dressed. Hopefully someone will speak up, asking for it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some more Pictures

I've been playing around with the camera some more. I was trying to see if standing back further would create a sharper focus. So I tried that, only one photo came out decently. Not sure why that came out better than the others. I guess I still have to keep experimenting.

This is the Steampunk outfit you've seen time and again, with some minor changes. It's got the new cape, which you've seen before, but I'm also showing the hat I made. One of my first steps into hat making. Pretty exciting! I also used the older skirt that I made that I deemed too long. It works for this "Victorian Winter" look that I have going on. I'm thinking about getting some fake fur so I can make her a winter muff. I'm also thinking about using this dress style for Charlotte's Christmas dress, I'll just have to find a fabric that works for it. After that I'd just have to make a new skirt, armbands, cape, and hat. But Christmas is along time away, I'm still trying to think about what Charlotte should wear for Halloween. Anyway, here's the pics.

Just showing off Pictures

I've been trying to be more active in the "In the Pink Barbie Forum." For a while I was without a camera and was forced to just lurk. Now that I'm back with my camera I wanted to try and post on a more regular basis. Plus it would give me more time to work with my camera, which I desperately need.
So I set a goal of posting once a week, going down the theme days. Last week I posted on Monday, (Or blue Monday as it's called) the Ponytail in the blue calico dress I made for her. Those pictures can be found earlier in this blog.
Tuesday's theme are Silkstones. When looking though my pictures deciding who to use I realized I don't have any photographs of my Emma Rose! So I used her. Not totally happy with how the pictures came out, my next camera will have a better focus, and I'm sure my terrible lighting has something to do with it too. But anyway, here's the pictures I posted on there. Enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

No Set it Aside Sunday Post this week

I tried to work for Set it Aside Sunday.
I started off strong with putting Vanessa and Charlotte away. It's counter productive to keep them out, since they're not part of today. I scanned though the collection, but I took me a while to finally decide on what doll to pick. I kept switching what dolls to work on. I guess that means I have a couple weeks to work with. With my doll in hand I got to work... and... I couldn't figure out what to do. Like it took me a few hours to figure out something I wanted to try. I had almost gotten it finished when I looked at it, and realized I didn't like it. So I stopped. I think I'm going to have to go another direction with it.

I'm feeling creatively drained. I sew, but right now my heart's not in it. I don't think I've made an outfit that I'm really impressed with since the Frog skirt, after that it's been a struggle. Even working with Charlotte's been a struggle. Right now Vanessa's naked. This isn't a terrible issue, it's just, SHE'S NEVER BEEN DRESSED. Not for a long period of time though. I don't think I've ever done that will a doll before. Usually they get something. Vanessa's been languishing on the shelf. I'm still having a hard time dressing her, and I've tried a whole bunch of things. It's sad Red Moon and I, who's dressing issues were legendary, worked out easier than Vanessa here. Maybe we need a break from each other.

But I did do some sewing today, even though it's nothing to write home about. I decided to work on my unfinished project pile, hopefully chipping away at it. Today I got Donny's purple socks done. So now he has a matching finished pair. I ended up making two new ones, since the one he had was a little odd. I also made Charlotte a hat to go with the steampunk dress. That's all that I really got done today with sewing. I hope I get over this soon, I really want to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All the latest in Fall Fashions!

Taking a small mental break from my Set it Aside Sunday project to post this. I actually did this last Friday, but haven't gotten around to posting it just yet. I would have done it yesterday, but my Sister and her boyfriend were here until 10 last night. We had so much fun together. She, our mother, and I played Tripoli. I lost horribly, I had no chips at all by the end of the game. And I ate so many cupcakes, they're so good!

But I'm off topic, this is a posting about Cindy Sad Eyes new clothing. I forgot to mention in her introductory post that when I moved back home I found a red hankerchief that I had kicking around. There was a period where I tried using them, A la Cinderella, but I never really kept up with it. So I ended up making her another skirt from it. That's what she's wearing in the photos in that earlier post. I had to wait to make it though, since this was one of the reasons why I needed some red cotton fabric. All this is referencing posts made way back at the beginning of this blog. And that's what she's been wearing; White collared shirt, black waistband, and red skirt. It's not really fair that she had such a lacking wardrobe, when Chatty Cathy's was literally busting out of the box. In my defense Chatty's Clothes are made from patterns that I could buy, compared to having to draft everything. Plus Chatty Cathy and I just "clicked". We're a May/December couple. I'm 24 and she's like 40... something.
Cindy Sad Eyes' luck changed last week at the dollar tree. They had some hankerchiefs there in some bold red somewhat floral patterns. I knew that they never would have worked for Barbie, but I think Cindy Sad Eyes was large enough that she could pull of the patterns. I originally left them since I was already getting enough, but I had to go back the next week, and that time I decided to get them. They had other colors, but I think the Red was the nicest. I think they had some blue/green ones and some camouflage type ones. I would have picked up the camouflage ones if the scale was Barbie sized. I want some fabric like that. I want to make Barbie some army type clothes.
Anyway, with my purchases at home it was actually time to make something from it. It's not hard to make a skirt from a hankerchief. It's easier since it's already hemmed for you. I've been making skirts for a long time, so I should be pretty decent at making them, but of course I messed it up, of course. I made the waistband much too narrow. I really need to remember that Cindy's waist needs a larger waistband. But when you're programmed for Barbie, sometimes you need a kick in the pants to break the habit. I also had some of the gathers showing below the waistband. The bane of my existence. At this point I walked away. I was frustrated and just not ready to restart all over again, so I took a bit to clear my mind. When I came back to it, I decided to redo the skirt basically. I had to take the waistband out, and I just threw it out. In the bag of misc stuff from the second hand store there was some red elastic. It was no longer stretchy, but it's ends were finished enough to use as a waistband. That went together so much better than before. I had to fix the back and add a snap and we were done.
Cindy has a wider variety of bottoms, since they are easier to make. I figured it was time to give her another shirt, at least for the variety. I used the red t-shirt that I bought at the store. I wanted to make her a red turtle neck, similar to the one that everyone else has. What I forgot is that the pattern I drafted was actually a scoop neck. So it went much deeper than I wanted. I could have cut my losses and made it into a scoop neck, but stubborn me. I made a collar piece that was way too short and kept fighting with it to get it to work. It was not the smartest call on my part. Eventually I did get it to look okay, if you ignore the back. I think I may take another go at a turtleneck, and keep adapting the pattern. I did write the neck issue on the pattern, so I don't forget again.
That was her first new outfit in months. And when I'm on a roll, I just can't quit. At the second hand store I had purchased this cute blue lined cotton. It just screamed Barbie's Suburban Shopper dress. But when I looked at it next to Barbie it was a little large in it's stripes, although you might see it there sometime. But if it won't work for Barbie... hmmm... So I set out to draft another pattern for Cindy. A simple top with bust darts. I had to make two, since my first one came out a little too short. She's got a really odd torso. She has bosoms, but they're really... small for her chest. It's hard to explain without sounding like a pervert, but they're not really in scale. But she's not really in scale for the most part. I know this was the start of dolls looking like women compared to babies, but she's just odd. So the bust darts aren't perfect. The dress is a little low on top, but I think it's fine. I really like this dress on her. It's what she's wearing right now. Not sure what's next for Cindy, but I do want to make her a Christmas dress. I'll just have to find a fabric first that I wanted to make it from.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Sewing Posts Today

My sister is coming from Raleigh today for my Dad's Birthday. You may remember it was way back in July, but this was the first time she's been able to get enough time to come visit.

She hasn't arrived yet, but you know all the things you have to do for company. Since it's a birthday party I've been making cupcakes, and homemade frosting. Only halfway done, I'm waiting to use the oven again. When this is all over we're going to have so many cupcakes!
Probably won't get to do much if any sewing today, but I'll be well ready for tomorrow's set it aside Sunday!

Maybe this will be the break I need.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Introduction here at Aubrey's Mind

I was actually going to save this introduction for another day since the doll's not in the current header, she's actually in the one I've got designed to go up next after I'm done with this one.

Her name is Cindy. She's a vintage Horseman walker Cindy doll. I found her at the Salvation Army in South Portland, Maine. I was there looking for new pants, but I can never resist looking at the toy section at any store like that. Usually places like that are a bust, but sometime you get lucky. I saw her there, on her face, nude. I recognized that she was something of interest before I had even turned her over. She looked very famliar but I really could place her. Judging from her looks and aging I figured she was from the 50's. Even when you don't collect all types of dolls you learn stuff that can help you identify others. I figured for five dollars it wasn't too much of a risk, so she came home with me. While I was there getting her, I was able to justify not getting a twenty five dollar musical snow globe. So she basically saved me twenty dollars.

When I got her home I did some research, that's how I found out her name, and that she is a walker. There's not a lot of information on these dolls, but this is the best website that I found; http://dollykruger.tripod.com/thehorsmanphotoalbum/ After I knew who she was it was time to fix her up. It really didn't take much since I don't think she'd been played with much, compared to other dolls. I carefully took her hair down from the odd up-do she'd been wearing for decades, and brushed it down. Her hair has not held up well over time. It's very brittle and straw-like. I try to be very careful when working with it, since I really don't want to have to re-root her. I also took out her earrings. I thought they might be original, but they were just large pearl beads with straight pins. I kept them, but replaced the pins with the earring posts I have. She had a touch of green ear, but nothing too extreme. I hope that the earring posts I used will stop it getting worse, but I'm keeping an eye on it.With that done it was time to dress her. She has a really weird body type, she's definitely a woman, but she has a very short torso and really long legs. I forgot to take this into consideration when making her first skirt, so it's embarrassingly short. I was using some red checkered cloth, that I got for Barbie thinking it was cute but it came off dreadfully table clothy. Luckily it looked much better on Cindy Sad Eyes, and I used most of it up when making her a longer, fuller skirt. Skirts are the easy part, since all it is is a gathered rectangle of fabric. After that I had to draft the shirt. I used the Barbie shirt pattern for a starting point. Instead of hand sewing it, I used the machine. Since the seam allowances are bigger it didn't get pulled into the machine. It went faster, but I wasn't really gung ho about doing it again. But I made more skirts. I had a white Bandanna that I make into a skirt for her. I also made her a black waistband to go around the skirt's waistband. Eventually she got a pair on pants, and another found shirt. It wasn't the correct style, but it fit so she kept it.
And that's where her wardrobe sat. Three skirts, one pair of pants and two shirts. It was hardly the wardrobe of Chatty Cathy, but it was hard since there were no patterns on the market for her. I can draft patterns, but it's such hard work.And the reason for dubbing her Cindy Sad Eyes? When I put her on the shelf, she always had the saddest look in her eyes. Some sort of deep longing, like she was missing someone. I could never get her to look at me, she's always looking though me, as if trying to find someone from long ago. I just hope one day I can make her happy and rename her, Cindy Happy Eyes.

My Yesterday

I took the day off from Blogging yesterday. I was in a foul mood. My head hurt, I was tired, my sewing was coming out terrible, and I was just generally bad mood, also my shoulder was still sore from when I pulled it working out. I was getting frustrated at the simplest things, so I just stopped cleared my head in order to get into a better mindset.

I did go shopping yesterday, Thursday is grocery shopping day, and I usually tag along to get out of the house, and to generally get what I need for my next project. This week was different because I was skipping Hobby Lobby, "What!" You say? I know it's weird, but that's what I did. They had McCall's patterns on sale, but I think I actually have the majority of their American Girl Doll patterns, and I don't think they have any Barbie patterns. And whatever I didn't have I couldn't picture ever making. Especially since I haven't made anything from the patterns that I just purchased yet. Like literally, nothing yet from them. They also had calico on sale still, but I've already looked over all they had. Other than getting some solid colors just to have them handy I didn't need anything from them, so it's better to not go there, saves time, money, and sanity. What I wish would be to go to another fabric store, but there's no other local one, especially after Walmart got rid of most of their craft section.
I did go to Walmart though, we always do. There I picked up some bobbins and some binding tape. That's all I got there, and all that I really needed. Originally I wasn't even going to go in, but then I remembered the binding tape I needed, and when I was in that section I remembered that I needed more bobbins. Might as well get it when I'm there, compared to not getting it and regretting it later. I got 10 bobbins, so I hope that's all I need for a while. I mean it took me a year to get to the point where I even needed that many, hopefully I'll be a while before I go beyond that. I did check out the doll section in the hopes of finding something cool. They don't have the horse riding outfit that I want, nor did they have any Monster High dolls. I'm not into them, but I'd at least like to see one in person. Although I'm thinking if I find any second hand to grab it, just for curiosity's sake.
After Walmart I headed over to the Dollar Tree, another addiction of mine. Last time I was there I saw that they were selling poster board. I had decided to get some to use as a background in my photographs. I have the worst time making backgrounds for my pictures. Most of the photos I take for here are on the bookshelf, or on the desk. Now I'll have a nice set up to take better pictures, and I know I need better pictures. Also this will be better since the bookshelf photo sessions involve shoving the dolls on that shelf off to the side. Now I won't have to keep doing that. I did a couple practice shots with it, and it does look better. I still have a lot to work on, especially with lighting and focus. But it's a step in a better direction. I'm hoping I'll be better once I have my own camera, since when I do get one for me I'd get one that was good at taking doll photographs. Also from the Dollar Tree I also got some bandannas for Cindy Sad Eyes, a red t-shirt for fabric, and some hair elastics. The hair elastics are too weak for my hair, so they're banished for doll projects. I guess I'll have to splurge and get some real elastics, not just the chap ones. I needed to get some new red jersey knit, since the shirt I was using before was almost finished. These ones are factory seconds with issues, and they're really thin, so they work well for doll projects. But I did try it on just for the heck of it. (I usually do that for all my clothes I buy for doll stuff.) And it fit, it's a youth XL, so that's pretty cool. Yay for diets! That's all I got from there, still a pretty nice haul.
I'm leaving the best for last, even though we actually went there first. I ended up going to the Christian Second Hand store. We haven't been there for a bit, so I wanted to stop in and see if they had anything new. I skipped the Goodwill and the Salvation Army since they have a pretty slow turn around, and I'd been there recently. When we walked in there was a sign that said 50 percent off. But it was a little vague if it was certain things or everything in the store. Looking at the receipt it turns out it was everything. If I'd know that I would have loaded up on more! But I did end up with a bunch of stuff, more than I should have gotten.
The first place I hit up was the craft section, but honestly it was a little lacking. I was shocked, since mostly it stays the same. But it turns out there was a cart in the center of the store with some of the stuff, I guess they're trying to make more order in that section. From that area I found two things of fabric. One's this heavy linen blue and white plaid, and the other a white and light blue striped cotton. Not sure what to do with either of them, but I think it's good to have them kicking around.
Also in that section I found a doll pattern! Now this store does have a selection of random used patterns, like most stores. But I don't have the patience or tolerance to scan through them to see if there's any doll ones. Usually I just look quickly to see if there's' any old patterns (i.e. 20's, 30's 40's) or if there's any options for any craft/doll patterns. But these patterns were out in the open alone. Originally I thought they were for babies, but they're for dolls, the same patterns one for 13-14" and the other 17-18" so you might see me making one or two of them for Chatty Cathy. From online searching they're from 1973, and out of print. They're cut out, but looks like they're all there. Not too shabby for 50 cents each.
Also in that selection was another bag of misc stuff. You should know how much I love bags of misc stuff. It's all about the thrill of the unknown. This bag had some binding tape, iron on fabric, some trim, a couple zippers, and some really random stuff. Like a bag fill of made in China doily hearts. I have no idea what to do with those, they're pretty but weird. I have like 15 of them. And the most random? Hairnets. The bag had 30 or so brand new hairnets. I have no idea why I would ever use these, but it's interesting at least.
And last I found this darling little chair. It's so cute, and so well made. It's perfect for Barbie. When seated her feet just touch the floor. I couldn't have asked for a better fit. Although, it's a little tall on the back, but I'm just being picky. Right now Charlotte's sitting on it, usually she sits in an over sized tiki chair, but I swapped it for this new chair. The whole thing is on a box to make it higher. Might end up using it elsewhere, but I couldn't find where it should go right now, and I wanted to display it. Maybe Charlotte's chair is going to swap ever couple of months. If I get two more I could do one per season!
That'll be the day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sloooooow Day

Didn't get a lot done today.

I think I'm a little stuck on what to do for Vanessa. I've planned out a few designs, even did some preliminary stuff, but right now nothing feels "right". I think I'm going to have to keep an eye peeled for what I want for her. I've been trying to find a celebrity to help give me an idea of what I want. I did this before with Stacey, using Marilyn Monroe for a guide, although what I found was actually an Audrey Hepburn dress. (Love, love, Audrey Hepburn.) So far I've tried, Marilyn Monroe, Maureen O'Hara, Dita Von Tease, Sophia Lauren, Ava Gardner, Sid Charise, Rosemary Clooney, and Betty Grable. It's hard because I use Google image search, and most of them have that "iconic" picture, and it keeps popping up. I don't know, I'm sure something will come, I just want it now! I know it may take a while to find what I really want, I mean I had Stacey over a year before I found what I really wanted to make for her. It all depends on what happens.

On another sour note, I almost got the Target Barbie Basics Shoe Pack. I had wanted it, but we don't have a Target in town, the closest is in High Point. But today my Dad had to go to Greensboro, and kindly offered to go there for me. It said it was in stock on the website, but when he went, he couldn't find it. He even asked one of their clerks, but they couldn't find it. He offered to get me the 1980 "Black" Barbie Reproduction, since it was on clearance, but I passed. While I want to expand my collection into Barbie's African American friends, 1980's was much too recent. Also she was a Reproduction, and uses the Steffie face. I just don't "get" the Steffie face. I want to, but I just don't like it. Anyway, I declined, since I'm still trying to justify the Peaches and Cream Barbie that I spent three dollars on. And she was the actual from that time doll. It's just if it had said it was out on the website, we could have planned to go to a different Target in Greensboro. Since their "find in store" part of their website is useless, what's the point of having it? Just... grrr....grrr...

I didn't do much sewing today. I made a few skirts, but gave up on them when they weren't want I wanted. I don't really have a project in front of me to tackle. I have a few things that I should do, but nothing that I really want to do. Maybe since all the fun projects are done I'm dragging my feet on the other ones? I really should at least try to make some of those Blythe patterns. I think the Momoko's would like some new clothes, especially Cosette. But I did get something finished today. Even though I love the Steampunk dress, and think it's a cute project I was thinking it was missing something. I noticed this when I was outside doing the photo shoot for it. It needed a little cape, something to use for the colder weather, and for modesty (it is Victorian after all). I just wanted a short little cape, that didn't cover much, with a tie in front. I had something like it, but it was pink. It was the cape that came with my Sweet Poodle Momoko. I liked the idea, but it looked so labor intensive I didn't think I was ready to draft a pattern, especially when I was just so happy to be done with the project. Today I remembered that I had a pattern like that. It's from the Barbie in Japan book. One of the coat patterns had a small cape that you could add to it. I thought it was a bit of overkill and planned to not do it, when I made the coat. But I still had the pattern, and could do it for this project! It's designed to be fully lined, so that was a little, "I hope I can do this." But it came together not that bad. I even added ribbon at the neck, so it can tie shut. I did that during the initial sewing, so I didn't even have to go back to add it. I closed the opening in the back with the blanket stitch, so glad I practiced that. After that all it needed was some glue at the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying. And it was done!
I used Ashley for today's photo shoot. I really need to get Charlotte fixed, like I really, really need to do it. It was something I could ignore, but if I had it done, I could use her for the model in all of the photos. I mean, I use her for when making it, so I should use her for the photographs. She needs to be ready for her close up! I haven't been using Ashley since it's a pain to undress her from what she's wearing, but it's worth it. For some reasons the pictures came out really nice with her. I really like how the cape came out, both functional and adorable. I wish all projects came out this easy.

Another Day, Another Silkstone Introduction!

Another introductory post, another short one since this doll hardly has any back story. Like no joke, no back story, okay looking back after I wrote it she apparently has a lot more back story that I was expecting when I started to write this.

With my Silkstone collection, as with the majority of my collection I have a main emphasis on the dolls, compared to their clothing. When a doll arrives the first thing that happens is I undress them. It's nothing personal, or creepy, I just like having a clean slate for re-dressing. Their clothes might go to someone else in the collection, but the biggest joy I get from the collection is dressing dolls in the clothing I pick for them. Right now five dolls in collection are wearing part of their stock outfits. Everyone else is wearing completely new to them outfits.

It's a good thing that I'm not a stickler for original clothing. Most Vintage Barbie came dressed in swimsuits, it would be a very cold harsh winter for them if that's all they had. Plus only swimsuits would get very boring very fast. But it's good for other parts of the collection too, it means you can get a better price on them.

That's how I got today's introductory doll. A Trench Setter Silkstone. I had put out a call on the In the Pink Barbie forum looking for nude Silkstones. If you're not picky you can pick one up for about 25 dollars, or at least you could a few years ago. Since I had a small selection the odds of getting a repeat was slim. So I ended up with trench setter here. She arrived nude and with another doll, and I set to work. I had a bit of a challenge since the hair on the top of her head was rooted very sparely. With that limiting her options I just put a simple headband in her hair. You'll find that in the collection there's about 5 variations of hairstyles in total.
She had arrived before the era of the sewing machine and all the clothing that had came with it. I've only had the sewing machine for a little less than a year and a half. When we moved to NC I left the majority of my collection (I.E. Random dolls that I amassed) in Connecticut. I still had a semester left of school in NH, and I was getting away from collecting during my college years. I brought Charlotte with me that final semester, keeping her tucked away. After school when I went to NC I started to get back into it. I basically restarted my collection, taking the best from the old collection. But when I first got back into it most of my clothes were in CT, or on a doll I already had. Like no joke, I started with Charlotte, what she was wearing, Joe, what he was wearing, and three dolls I purchased when down here. I ended up buying a small lot of vintage Mommy made clothes off e-bay. Most of it was a miss, but there was a couple hits in it. I got this knitted off the shoulder swimsuit, and a very full yellow skirt. Pairing them together gave me this cute Hungarian village girl look. It was very Gabor looking! Here's an early photograph with her sitting on my brother's G.I. Joe.
She wore that for a while, and while I wasn't terribly in love with it, it certainly worked. It wasn't until a Valentine's Day gift swap with the Momoko.net group that I got what she's been wearing since. I had asked for shoes that Momoko can wear, since my stash is very limited. I got a wonderful package with some shoes, and some great clothing. I think it's from the Kerri Mitchel collection. All I know is that most of it never got to Momoko. Trench Setter took the gold coat and cute skirt. She also took the black shoes that originally came with the top Model Barbie. They do fit Momoko, so they might at some point ask for them back, but they're hers for now! Originally she wore a little black dress under it all for the shirt, but when I was making my black turtlenecks she ended up with one. She's also wearing a necklace that I made out of the hoops I use for jewelery closures. A very early attempt to work with metal compared to beads.
It was when I was changing the dress to the shirt that I noticed something. With her hair... she actually has a side part, that had been combed back. No wonder her hair was so thin on top, she was supposed to have the hair from her part covering that. I wondered if I had accidentally brushed it out, but looking back at that early picture it looks like it's gone there too. I doubt I would have done that, hazard of buying second hand I guess. So I fixed that, it's an easy fix. So that's where she stands right now, on the Silkstone shelf, front row. Just as pretty as the day I got her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Taylor Joins the Vintage crowd!

From my legendary shuffle the other day we had one doll join the Vintage group. My first non-Mattel doll to reach that status. Ideal toys Tuesday Taylor.
I had purchased Ms. Taylor from the local antique mall many moons ago. I had read about her (mainly hearing about how she had a hard time finding shoes), so I was vaguely familiar with her story. She was competition for Barbie. A famous fashion doll, who's main feature was a scalp that could swivel. One side was blond, the other brunette. There was also an 18" version called Tiffany Tuesday. With her delicate facial features, and unique look I decided she would come home with me. The fact that she was only 9 dollars, and came with her issue swimsuit and sandals did play into that a little bit.For a while I didn't know what to do with her, in my research about her I found out that she was a later issue doll, and her outfit was mainly complete. All that was missing was some gold foil on her bikini bottoms. Although, It's not too shocking it's gone. It was pretty flimsy stuff to begin with. She was actually supposed to "tan" when you put her out in the sunlight. I'm sure that feature's long since gone. Joe had that feature, and he can't do it anymore, and he's considerably younger than her. I looked at her as a blond and a brunette and decided that she looked better with dark hair. I have too many blonds already, plus it made her skin tone really look oompa loompa. She got stuck in her swimsuit for the longest time. I just added a pink Barbie dressing robe, to make it look more like she was lounging around in her lingerie, not eternally destined for some non-existent beach. And so she sat on the Dregs shelf, traveling with me from NC, to Maine, and back to NC. Sometimes she stood in the back of the shelf, sometimes she sat, but there was always something about her that drew me to her. I think she's the doll that moved around the most on that shelf. Quietly she moved around that area, but nothing seemed to work for where she should be located. So when I had a free space on the Vintage shelf, I felt it was my duty to offer it to her. I mean, Malibu was going to move in, I think she fits the time frame. So she became the first non-Mattel doll to join. (I'm not counting the Bild Lilli clone.) It was a pretty good match. I mean, it didn't take for Donny or Marie.
After she had settled in to her new home I got around to looking at her. With her swimsuit on she just looked silly. Completely out of place on this shelf. She stuck out like a sore thumb among the other dolls in their 1950's day wear. Nobody else was made to suffer in their stock outfit, why was I being such a stickler with her? That's when I decided to make her something. I wanted something light, airy, casual, and 70's. I also needed to make something that matched her shoes, since I only had one pair that fit her. So like it or not, they had to work with it.
I decided to make her a simple sundress. That's why I got the white calico. I've been noticing that the broadcloth is really thin, so you can see right though it. Also calico and broadcloth are very similar in constancy, so if you can work in one, you can work in the other. I was just a little shy, since I'm still dealing with fabric that I bought way back before I knew what I could and couldn't work with. I used the bodice pattern that I tend to favor. I knew it would work since Tuesday's body and the BB body are really close in measurements. But instead of leaving it long, I trimmed it, so it ended right at her waist. From there I added a small skirt. I wanted it to be long, but not overly full. Originally that's all I was going to do, but in my mind the dress seemed a little bland. But then I remembered that eyelet material that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, right before I found that bag full of the stuff. It's a tad out of scale, but it really adds some decoration to the dress, and I like that. I also did some gathering at the bust, similar to Stacey's sundress (I love knowing how to do that!), and finally simple straps. It came out really nice, and it just looks perfect. Nice and simple, like a carefree girl wearing a sundress as she gets ready to enjoy another fun filled day at the beach. I was also able to use her swimsuit bottoms under the dress, so she got to keep some of it.
You know, I think I'm turning into a fan of the 70's. As long as I get to pick and choose my favorites!
On a random side note, after I finished this dress I realized it looks a little, Miss Scarlett getting ready for a picnic at Tara. (I mean it looked like something women wore under those grand dresses.) So I made another one, this time omitting the straps. And I like it. Charlotte was wearing it under a fancy dress the other day. It's good because a lot of my formal clothes are designed for the older style body. With this dress underneath it adds some bulk to the bodice, filling it out, since the BB body is less busty. and since it's so skin tight at the waist, it really doesn't add to much bulk there. Such a modest group I have!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's what I got done today!

I'll start off with a brief introduction. Here's my Cinderella doll that I've had since... sheesh, 1997? It's been a long time. She's the only Disney doll in the collection and she's survived multiple thinnings out due to the fact that Cinderella is my favorite movie of all time. I think I can quote it the whole way thorough for the most part. Anyway, Cinderella here recently upgraded to a fashionista body (due to Vanessa not needing the one I got for her). I like the face mold Mattel used on this doll, with her not full smile, she has a look of sad longing that you rarely find on dolls. I find it so pretty. I don't think they use this exact head mold anymore. Last time I checked the Disney Dolls had HUGE heads. Cinderella's head is a tad on the large side for my liking, but she's a sentimental favorite. She kindly allowed me to use her as today's model. The good news, she looks adorable in this outfit, the bad news, I think Charlotte lost yet another outfit. I don't think she'll be getting it back, sad but true.
Now you can finally see the reason why I bought that Kelly green fabric that eventually became Malibu's. I was almost out of the fabric section in Hobby Lobby when I spotted this fabric, and just HAD to have it. It's flannel, large print, and expensive, so many strikes against it. But as I was looking at it, I was literally bartering with myself as to why I should get it. "I'll make Chatty Cathy pajamas, I'll make Charlotte pajamas, heck, I'll make me pajamas!" I knew that if I was doing that I had to have it. I got a half yard of it, knowing that it would last a while with me. The woman cutting the fabric asked me what I was going to do with it. My response? "I don't know, I just knew if I didn't get it, I'd regret it." But once it was in the cart I had the issue to figure out what to actually do with it. I had decided on a skirt, since it would overlook the large print. I really can't see much use for pajamas, nobody really sleeps. First I tried a gathered skirt, which was cute, but didn't really "go". I got all the way to finishing it. That was when Malibu took the socks and the shirt from the first attempt.
So this time I started all over again, putting the old skirt in the "give away" pile.
I'd decided to do another pleated skirt, I hate doing it, but love the results. I did most of the set up yesterday, and set it aside to dry. The next morning when I was finishing it, I found that it really looked nicely when it was sitting low on the hips. So it's now a drop waited pleated skirt.
I also ended up redoing the sock pattern I had. It was actually quicker to make it again than dig though the patterns I had to find the old one! It's so disorganized. I also needed to make it a bit bigger, since one of Malibu's socks looks like something's been gnawing on it, if you look at the back. She might get a new one too. The shirt went together simply, maybe taking me a half hour with the initial sewing? I'm still tweaking the pattern to get the best fit. In this one, I added some extra fabric at the back. I was also able to use matching thread that I bought last time I was out. But I didn't have an empty bobbin to use it, so the bobbin thread is yellow, but you can't really tell. Next purchase - spare bobbins! Look at me, getting sewing stuff, so mature! I paired this outfit off with some white sneakers, my final pair. These are squishy white ones that are usually only for Charlotte (there are SOME perks for being favorite!) but I didn't have any others. They don't really match, but they are the closest things I have. Hopefully I'll find something better in time. I'm glad I got something cute out of this fabric, or else I'd be kicking myself for letting myself get carried away with it's adorableness.