Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a Lame day! (Add the little swish over the "E")

Went out shopping today. This was my first time out of the house in quite a while. I could have gone out earlier in the week, but I didn't feel much like going out. I was too upset over things that had happened recently. Today I needed to get that package mailed out with the pattern in it, and it didn't seem fair to make my dad go out alone, when he was doing a chore for me. So I went along with him.
He freaked me out at first because he put the cat carrier in the back of the truck. I nervously asked him why he was doing that. There's been talk lately of getting a second dog. My official stance is I'd rather get another cat before we got another dog, but it was far too soon to be even thinking about getting a second cat. But sometimes my dad can be a little impulsive, and I was worried he had plans to get a new cat. And I just don't want that right now, it's just too soon. But he wasn't planning on getting another cat. He put the cat carrier in the back because he's been having dreams about a new cat, and was wondering if it was a premonition about a new cat coming into our lives, and wanted to be prepared in case we came across one while we were out. Luck favors the prepared mentality I guess. Either way, we didn't see any cats when we were out, which was fine by me. I'm more than fine not actively seeking one out for a while, like I said, too soon.
We got the package all set and into the mail shortly before the post office closed. I need to contact the person to tell them that. I hope it arrives there soon, and it's just what they were expecting. I want my first Etsy sale to be a successful one. (and every one after that too.)
After the post office we went off to the Salvation Army. The clown riding a unicorn is still there. I checked, it is a music box. Oh, how I wish it wasn't broken, if it wasn't I'd get it in a heart beat. It is seriously the tackiest thing I've ever seen. Although, there were a few things giving it a run for it's money today. I would love to see my Grandmother's face when she got it. I did however find something that I wanted today at the store. I found two patterns! At this point, I think I'm starting a men's pattern collection. Whenever I find one I'm compelled to get it, even though the odds of me sewing anything with it are stacked against me. Today I found McCall's 7547, a Men's western shirt (which is kind of cute), and McCall's 6050, which is actually a children's pattern. But it's both simple shorts and t-shirts. Which are nonexistent for adults. I'm not sure the sizing of adults to children, (It looks like it's for older children) but I figured that I could at least use it for a start as to making my own t-shirt pattern. Besides it was only 69 cents, figured I could gamble on it. The Men's shirt one was only 49 cents.
After there we went to Goodwill, but they didn't have anything of interest for me. They had some wedding dresses there, which I always find so sad to see there. It's just so depressing seeing someones wedding dress on display for someone to come along and pick up. I always feel uneasy when I see those. From there we moved onto the Christian Second Hand store. They were doing some reorganization, so it was a little awkward walking around the store while they were moving stuff. Seems like the toy section and the craft section were moving. Those are the only sections that I really bother looking at. I think they are moving the toy section so that they can see it better from the front desk. They try to keep kids from playing with the toys, but whenever I go over there it's usually a mess. I did like how it was tucked into the corner and I was able to look at stuff discreetly. But I guess we'll see how the change turns out, could be for the best. I didn't see any toys there that interested me, but that's no surprise. They don't have that much of a turn around with toys, and it's usually just newer Barbies. Although, I did find my second Marie Osmond doll there, so they do have older stuff from time to time. Plus the person was still moving the toys from the old shelves to the new ones, so I didn't look at them very in depth. The fabric section was now in a totally different spot, and I did check it out, but they didn't have anything I needed or wanted. Most fabrics were too thick for Barbie, and too ugly for me! I did have some luck with the craft section, so it wasn't a total loss. I found two bags filled with random groups of eyelet material and lace. They were each a dollar, so you were darn sure that they came home with me. I now have lace for days. Check out the second photo on the left, that's all the lace that I got today. There's also a whole lot of eyelet material in random sizes and conditions. That photo is the one below the lace pile. Not sure if or when I'll use any of it, but I now have the option to. I can see a lot of white dresses and skirts in my future. There was also a smaller bag of off white lace (photo on the right). This one was a lot of smaller laces. They were originally wrapped around an envelope. It had a postmark of 1981, can you believe it? This lace has been waiting for that long to be used. Not sure when I'll use them, but I have so much trim now, I can afford to play around with it. And all this was only two dollars, I sure love a deal! That store really seems to have good stock if you really dig for it. I also managed to find something for my dad. They had a military gas can there for six dollars. It was tucked away by the new place the fabric ended up. I went and showed it to him, and it came home with us. I should have known. But at least it wasn't that expensive.
After that I went to Hobby Lobby. I had that 40 percent off coupon tempting me. While I was there, I looked at their straw hats. I found one that looked to be in Skipper's size, but they only came in packages of ten... but I only need one! But ten was my only option, so I got a pack. They were only two dollars and now I've got spares in case I need more, or practice ones. I gave one to my mother, just in case she wanted to play around with personalizing one. I don't know, I thought she might doing that. Even if she never does anything with it, not a big deal, I have nine more. Since I had the hat, I went on another search for those silly ribbon roses, since I think that would look cute to decorate them. I looked in every possible location that they could be in that store, (and some really random places too) but no luck. Eventually I broke down and asked somebody who worked there, the nice lady who works in the fabric section (Mary). She tried to help me, but couldn't think of anything. I seriously think that Hobby Lobby doesn't sell any ribbon roses. I can't really believe that, because those things are so cliche in crafts you'd think any craft store would carry them. But I've looked though that store, and can't find them. Mary didn't think they carried them. And they call themselves Hobby Lobby? It's more like Hobby...ish Lobby. But I finally got my answer if they sold them or not. And while I was looking I found out where they had their velvet, another thing I've been trying to spot. Not because I need it anymore, but when you look for it, and can't find it, you remember trying. Now I want to try some stretch velvet. But I did get some fabric today. I decided to use the coupon this week and get some gold lame. It's incredibly tacky, but I love it. It drapes wonderfully and it's just so shiny. I hope that it drapes well on Barbie. I don't have a specific project in mind for it yet, but I'm sure I will think of something in time. I want to note, that it's not a very forgiving fabric. It's going to hold up to a lot of stress. Hopefully I won't have to do a lot of sewing (and resewing) to it, because it's going to show if I mess up. All the stitching is going to show, and if it's pulling, it's going to look it. I still want to get a yard of the silver, as well as a yard of the white metal lame. Hopefully I find a project to use on them, otherwise I'm just wasting money. Any suggestions?
That's all that I got today, even though I didn't get any snaps, or white thread. I was feeling kind of guilty for my purchases, so I skipped it. Even though I desperately need both of those things. The best place to get both of those things is Walmart, and we weren't going there today. Hopefully I can hold out a little bit longer. Although, I really don't have that much to do in terms of sewing projects. I don't have anything planned for Charlotte, and the new Skipper already has clothes made for her. So I'm again at that point where I'm just waiting for the next project. But isn't that the story with me?
BTW, I'm planning on picking back up theme days on Sunday, just fyi.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Updates for Friday

Okay, before I forget, I want to share with you guys, I sold something from my etsy store! Finally one of my patterns sold! It was one of my lower priced ones, a skirt one, but still. Something finally sold! It actually happened yesterday, but I forgot to mention it. I have it all packaged up and ready to go, just need to write a little thank you note for it. It'll get into the mail tomorrow, is it weird that I'm so nervous about it? I hope it goes smoothly.
With my new found money, I'm already trying to spend it. It's a sickness I swear. I found something in E-bay that I really, really, want and I bid. I should have just enough money for it, if nobody bids against me. So finger's crossed for me please! It ends on Sunday, so my weekend's going to be full of checking to see if I'm still the lead. Either way if I win, or if I lose I'll tell you what I'm bidding on, just not until either of those things happen. I'm just a bit superstitious, plus what if someone out there reading this, wanted it too? I'd hate to be outbid by one of my readers! So, you are just going to have to wait until it's all over for me to hear about what I'm bidding on. Even if I don't win, (I'm convinced I'll get sniped at the last second) I'm thinking about my plan B for the money. If E-bay doesn't take it, I'm going to get some doll hair. I think I'm going to get some red hair next. I don't have a red head Skipper, so it would be something for the new girl. I also have that TNT Barbie head waiting for some hair, so I would do her in that color too. But E-bay gets the first chance for my money. (Let me win, let me win, let me win!)
Speaking of Skipper, her outfit is done, just waiting for her to show up and claim it. I ended up redoing a pair of shorts (I made two and they both were not how I wanted them.). They're now just a pair of really short shorts. I kind of like them on their own now. I paired them with a simple white blouse and it's a cute look. If I get another Skipper she might just get some simple shorts and blouse, but not this one. She's already got her clothes finished. I did remake the head scarf today, but this time I made it too short. I decided that the original one was much too big for her head, and gave it to Barbie. Sadly it's a little bit too big for Barbie's head as well, but at least it's a better fit. After I messed it up the second time, I gave up on it. It doesn't really work with the outfit, plus I didn't want to make it a third time. It would only be worn when she was waiting for her new hair. I think I'm either going to live with her hair for a while, break down and make the headscarf when she arrives, or buy a hat for her. Hobby Lobby sells straw hats, I just need to find out if they sell one that is in her size. If it does I can get one and make it all cute with ribbons. I just wish I had some ribbon flowers, that would look adorable. But as of right now I decree her dress finished. I've already redressed Skooter in her usual outfit and put her back on the shelf. (She's usually my fit model for Skipper since her hair is so short and doesn't get in the way.) I also stuck the new dress up on the vintage shelf too, it's waiting for it's owner to show up and claim it. I hope it looks good on her.
I also did some cleaning up in my general living space today. And, I finally put away Charlotte's coat. Do you remember that? It's the red pea coat that I made a while back. She hasn't been wearing it, but I put it on the Barbie sized dress form that I have. I love Doll dress forms, but I only have the one. Today I put away the red coat, and started displaying the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress on it. It looks really nice on it. I didn't bother putting the pantaloons on because they wouldn't fit, I just put them away.
And for our final thing of the day, I was taking pictures for something else, and I took a couple of the projects that I did recently that I didn't bother with the camera. So I finally present to you, Charlotte's jumper, Skipper's dress, and Skipper's under shorts; (The pictures aren't the best, but they're what I have for you)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


It looked like the Rapture had happened this morning. There were clothing, shoes, jewelery, and accessories laying about, casually discarded by the wearer. The reason? The poor weather that was rapidly approaching us. We had the potential to get a tornado around here, so I was planning accordingly. Since I live on the second floor, if something happened to the house I'm sure my room would get affected by it, so I decided to pack up some of the dolls in case I needed to make a quick evacuation to the basement. And that's when we all learned that Daddy plays favorites. I grabbed all the vintage dolls, making sure to take off all their shoes and jewelry, since you shouldn't store them with their shoes and such on. I left those on the bookshelf because I can get more shoes and make more necklaces, can't get these exact same dolls. I also packed all the Momoko dolls, as well as Charlotte, Joe, Ashley, and Vanessa. Vanessa was a last minute addition just because of how long I waited to get one of these dolls, not going to let her slip though my fingers now. I left everyone else because of space and time. Unfortunately I had to leave both Chatty Cathy's and Cindy sad eyes, due to how big they are. At least now we know why she's sad all the time, knowing that I'd leave her behind in a tornado. That would make me sad too. But I left a lot of other people behind too, so it's not like she was the only I was forced to leave behind.
Luckily my abandonment didn't have any negative consequences. We were fortunate to have the weather pass us by again. We only had a little bit of thunder and it passed by quickly. We were lucky, lots of places south got hit much worse than we got it. Birmingham Alabama got devastated by this storm. I don't recall the exact number, but over 130 people were killed last time I saw the news. Which is so sad. My thoughts are with the people of those areas. I can't even think about living in an area that just got wiped out like that. I had a hard time processing it on the news, just scary stuff.
When the weather passed us by I put the dolls back. I don't like keeping them packed away because I don't like them touching each other that closely. (They have personal space issues) I don't want to stain anyone's face. Also looking at the empty shelves are sad. So I started the whole unpacking process, putting everyone back and giving them back their shoes and accessories. A worthwhile process, but a process none the less. I got everyone put away except for the Momoko dolls. They can wait until tomorrow.
I did do some sewing later in the day, for Skipper's sundress, but nothing came out well. The shorts are too small and the headscarf is too big. I'm going to have to redo both of them. Sigh, hate when that happens. But it happens. No "Finish it up Friday" tomorrow, maybe I'll get this dress finished. No rush, according to the package tracker Skipper's only left Spain. But who knows how long it will take for her to get here after that. And I'm not sure who's Customs are going to hold her. Is it the USA's or Spain's? Or both? I don't really know.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Another day where I can't get that motivated. I spent most of my morning trying to get some sort of fire under me. It failed miserably and I spent most of my time in bed. It wasn't until I ventured out for lunch that I was out of my bed for an extended period of time.
It wasn't until late in the evening that I actually started something. I was doing some research for the Skipper that I'm expecting. In some exciting news, she's shipped! As of writing this she's still in Spain, but she's on her way to me. I have a tracking number so I've been checking it throughout the day. Pedro told me that it could take up to a couple of weeks, or as little as a couple of days. Can you guess which one I'm hoping for? But before she arrived I wanted to make something for her to wear. I mean, I might as well since I don't have any other pressing projects on hand. That's where the pajama set came from the other day. (failure!) So today I spent a great deal of time researching young girl's fashion from the 1950's. Let me tell you, that's not an easy thing to find any photos of that. Everything I found were modern girls wearing poodle skirts, or highly sexualized woman in 50's inspired fashion. And neither of them would work for Skipper, especially the second one. But I did find something that I liked, it was a sewing pattern envelope. I find those are a really good source for inspiration for my sewing. Anyway, it was a little girl wearing a simple sundress. Honestly, I couldn't believe that I had never done something like that for Skipper before. I mean back when I started sewing for Barbie there were a lot of sundresses, and most of them have been phased out when my skills got stronger, but I never thought to make a sundress for Skipper. Right now out of my five Skipper sized dolls two are in pants, two are in pleated skirts, and one is wearing an a-line dress. Not a cute sundress among them. So at least then I knew that it would be different compared to everyone else. I appreciate having a variety in the collection. Even though if you really look at it, there's a lot of repetition with pattern pieces.
Anyway, with my project set before me, I had to draft a pattern. I didn't have a simple bodice pattern for Skipper yet. I really only have like 6 patterns that work for Skipper, most of which I adapt or flat out created. Today was no exception. Luckily I was taking a pattern with sleeves and removing them, much easier to go backwards than forwards. I did a quick test run on it, tweaked the pattern a bit, then got started on the actual bodice. This pattern was a quick success. Although, I keep feeling like the top should come higher on the bust, but I think that's just a mental thing, it technically covers what she doesn't have. The biggest real issue I had was deciding on what fabric to use for it. I have a yard of this purple eyelet like fabric that I've had forever, but I don't really like it, or at least I haven't found a use for it yet. I toyed with making it out of that, but in the end I decided to use the pink stripped fabric, that I last used for Charlotte's shirt-dress. I decided this even though I have such an aversion to pink. For some reason I don't mind this fabric as a whole, it's kind of pretty.
While I like this fabric, not a lot of things have been made from it. I think I've only made two things before this with it. And only one of them is being used by someone in the collection, and she's all the way down in the dregs shelf. Although, Mattel has a history of reusing fabrics in their doll clothes, so why can't I?
The bodice went pretty easily after I decided on what fabric to use. It's fully lined, so no hems involved! The top is made basically the same as the little cape-let I've done before, you make the basic bodice twice then sew them together. Flip it right side out and it's done. For the skirt I used a Barbie pattern. It's the same as the Steampunk skirt, just shortened. I thought about doing the hem with the row of soft pleats (like the Steampunk skirt), and decided to do it. That way I didn't have to deal with a curved hem. I didn't make them as tight as I tend to do, so it was quicker. I did the same when attatching the skirt to the bodice, making sure to line up the pattern. After that I was working with the straps on the dress. I think that when I added the straps I'd get over the wide expanse that was the top and it wouldn't look so low. I tried making two different straight straps, but they looked off. So I ended of changing them. Instead I did the straps like on the vintage Barbie sheath dresses. They looked much better. I manged to get the whole thing done last night, staying up super late to do so. I had to dig into my odd snap stash for it. I really need to get more. Anyway, while the dress is finished I need to make some things for it still. Since the skirt is so flared she needs something under it, otherwise it's indecent. I'm also going to make a head scarf for her. That way I can hide her hair under it since I can't re-root her off the bat. No pictures today, but I promise that eventually you will get to see it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Still no writing this Tuesday, I can't get motivated to work on it yet. We finally heard back from the Animal Control people. They don't have any short haired orange cats. Which is upsetting. I mean Chester being at animal control was a slim chance, but it was still some hope to cling to. But now we know he's not there. I'm still trying to find peace with him being gone, but it's not going to be easy. Right now I'm just not even trying to think about it because it hurts too much. I haven't mentioned it anywhere else beyond this blog because I don't want to deal with it. I guess if I announce it, it'll all be so real, and so final, and I still can't admit that yet. I'm still referring to Chester in the present tense, the other day I used the past tense and almost started crying as soon as I said it.
I didn't spend the entire day wallowing in my sadness, I did manage to get some stuff done. I tweaked the bust darts in the jumper Charlotte is wearing. I made them too high, and it was pulling the fabric. I just pulled out like 1/16 of an inch at the top. It's looks a little stressed, but I'm not that worried. When Charlotte's done with it, I doubt anyone will wear it. I did try it on a vintage doll, it can't fit over their shoulders. I thought Midge was going to tear it just trying it on. So I guess it belongs on a modern Barbie body. Unfortunately there's only eleven of them, and they either dressed, or would look terrible in that style, so no takers for this outfit.
I also did some cooking today. The other day I saw that there was a recipe for chocolate cake on the container of ricotta cheese we had. Basically it's make the mix and add a cup of cheese to it. Isn't that weird? But it piqued my interest, so I wanted to try it. So today I made it, cupcakes like usual. And let me tell you, don't think I'm going to do that again. Sure, they are really moist, but they are really crumbly. They just don't hold their shape very well, turning to mush before you can eat them. It was interesting thing to try, but I don't think I'll make that again. The next time I make chocolate cake (for my Dad's birthday), I'm just going to make it normally. No need adding extra stuff that really doesn't do anything but make it worse.
I did do some other sewing today. I was bored earlier and did a search for free sewing patterns. Most things I found were things I'd seen before, things that didn't work for me, or were things I could make with patterns that I already had. I did find something interesting. It was a pattern for a "simple Lolita dress". It's for a larger doll than Barbie with a different body shape, but it has potential. I am able to adapt patterns somewhat successfully, I just need a jumping off point. I don't plan on making the dress how they have it, so it's going to be adapted off the bat. I printed off the pattern in a bunch of smaller sizes trying to find the best fit. So far I've made two different muslins for it. Right now the best fit seems to be 75 percent, but like I said, this is some heavy adapting going on. I think I've gotten it decent, or at least to a better point, but that's where I stopped. I just don't have a real project in mind for it yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll look through my fabric and see what I have that would work with the pattern. Here's the link in case anyone's interested:

Monday, April 25, 2011


I didn't do any writing this morning. I'm just not feeling up on working anything that I'm too emotionally invested in right now. Instead I worked on something for my Mother. She had a shirt she wanted to wear around the house, but it didn't have a pocket. She likes having a pocket because she tries to keep her cell phone in it so it's nearby. She gets that from her father. He only wears shirts with two pockets, that he keeps full of stuff. No joke, recently at the doctors office he was getting weighed the nurse had him take the stuff out of his pocket and reweighed him. There was a difference of eight pounds! Can't you believe that? His pockets are full of papers, pens, and other stuff he uses throughout the day. I think it's pretty cool, some people in my family tease him for it. I just let him be himself. Anyway, my Mom needed a pocket on her shirt. So I made one for her. I am so not a fan of making people clothes. There's just so much fabric to deal with, such a hassle. Not sure why someone would want to do that. Ick! I made the pocket out of some skull fabric that I had (after I cleared it with my mother). I bought it back in November on sale at Walmart (novelty boxers), and haven't had a use for it yet. I guess it was something that I thought I could use, but have yet to find an interesting application for it.
That really didn't take very long, it was just a pocket, nothing exciting at all. After that I wasn't feeling like doing any doll sewing, but I needed something to keep my mind busy. I just don't want to think about some things. So I ended up making more cedar satchels. I don't know why I got the urge to make them, but it's a good way to use up some fabric that I know I can't use for doll projects. I saw a photo the other day of someone who had an entire closet jam packed full of fabric, and it made me feel very uneasy. It felt very Hoarders to me (Just my feeling), and I didn't want to do that. I fear becoming someone like that, where I collect everything and never use it. I mean my fabric stash is nowhere near that bad, but I could see it getting that bad. So I decided to make some cedar satchels to use up some fabric that I had, plus it was mindless work. I'm thinking that next Christmas maybe everyone will get some cedar satchels from me. Depends on if I can be bothered, or if people will want some. People in my family sometimes fail to realize how special the things I make are to me. Anyway, I made eight satchels out of this heavy linen blue and white plaid that I got a while back. It's too thick for doll clothes. I tried making a pleated skirt out of it, but it's been sitting in the unfinished box since. It's just too thick to hand sew. I think I'm going to just throw it out. I churned out the eight in a machine like set up. I got all of them filled with cedar and blanket stitched shut before lunch. After lunch I posted three of them for sale on esty. Figured I might as well see if anyone wanted some. Otherwise they're just going to sit in my closet, although I might move them because I don't care for the scent of cedar (Ironic, isn't it?). Here's hoping something sells, otherwise I'm done with Esty, can't afford to be in business any longer. Story of my life, right?
After I got that posted I didn't do after that. I did manage to do some doll sewing later in the evening though. And it's the darnedest thing, I set off making something for Skipper (still trying to dress the one that's coming eventually), and right now Charlotte's wearing it. I've never had that happen before. It's a jumper pattern that I drafted yesterday for Skipper. The skirt was hitting much too low on her, so I tried it on Francie. It fit her, but it was a bit off on her mainly in the waist. I thought about taking it in some, but instead I tried it on Charlotte who was hanging around. I find that she's the only doll that spends most of her time off the bookshelf compared to on it. In an odd turn of events, it fit's Charlotte surprisingly well. I did have to make some darts under the bust to make it fit better, but it's odd how well it fits her since it was designed for a doll much smaller than her, especially in the bust. It's a little tight in the back, and only snaps in the very back, but I doubt she's going to wear it for long. Even now I'm thinking about trying it on a vintage doll. I guess it's not a failure, but certainly not a success. No pictures because I can't really be that bothered today.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter?

I hope everyone's had a good Easter, I just with I could say that mine was a happy one. Chester is still missing, and the longer he stays away, the less I can hold out hope he'll show up again. I've been trying to keep from crying, but I've had several times today where my eyes have watered. I haven't been feeling very productive today. The most that I could manage to do was go for a walk. But I was doing it for a reason. I was looking to see if Chester had been hit by a car and was out along the road. I went down the section of road that was unpaved, since my Dad goes down the paved section when going to work. I looked down one side when I was walking away from the house, and the other as I walked back. I didn't see anything of real importance when I was out there, so take that as you will. Tomorrow we're calling the Humane Society, hoping he's there. But honestly I doubt it, no Easter Miracle for me.

Other than that, nothing happened today. We all did our own thing. My father slept all day since he's working nights this weekend, and I haven't even seen my brother at all this weekend. I've heard him, but he really hasn't left his room. I honestly don't even know if he knows Chester is gone. But I've chatted long enough without saying anything, but I will leave you with the Skipper outfit I made yesterday. I even got it finished last night, I'm now down to two snaps. I came up with this design for Barbie, but thought that it could work for Skipper. Since I'm getting a new one I thought I could make it, especially since it took my mind off things yesterday. I was hoping that it would look like a cute retro sailor-esque playsuit, but instead it just looks like pajamas. Which is not a terrible thing, it's just people don't really wear a lot of sleeping clothes in my collection. It's all about day wear here. So even though it's not what I really wanted I can deal with it. Into the spare clothing bag it goes. Maybe the new girl can wear it when I'm working on her official clothes. What do you guys think?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Better Physically, Emotionally, not so much.

I woke up today feeling about 98 percent back at full heath, mainly fine but still not back to perfect. That's usually the case with me whenever I become ill. I bounce mostly back after a day or two, and it takes a little bit of time to get back to totally normal.
It was good that I wasn't still all cloudy like yesterday, because I had stuff to get done. Last night my dad mentioned that at his work they were going to have a table for people to bring in sweets. I offered to make him something, so he could bring it in. He said that I didn't have to since he probably wasn't even going to have time to stop and have anything sweet, but I said I would. Since we had all the ingredients to make the mint cookies I was going to make those. Plus, since they make so many, we'd have some left over for ourselves. I was alone in the kitchen making the cookies when I realized something. I hadn't seen Chester recently.
I'm not sure if I mentioned him before, but Chester is our short haired orange tabby. We've had him since my freshman year of High School. He traveled with us from Connecticut to North Carolina. I kept checking for him while I was making the cookies, but he wasn't at the front door like he usually is. When my mom came into the Kitchen, I asked her if she had seen him, but she hadn't. Apparently he's been missing since Thursday, I guess I didn't notice since I was busy with my head issues. We don't really know what to do, we're all worried about him, but trying to stay positive, but I've been near tears all day. My Dad is going to call the Humane Society on Monday to see if anyone's turned him in. I'm hoping he shows up on his own, praying even so. I know that is the risk you take when you have outdoor cats, and he is an older cat, but he still has plenty of spring in his step. If we had tried to keep him indoors he wouldn't have been happy. This is the same cat that shredded my blinds when we locked him indoors over a weekend. Even though my heart wasn't in it, I got the cookies finished. I also did some sewing, but it was just work. I just can't stop thinking about Chester and hoping he's okay.
*Sigh* I need an Easter Miracle.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fuzzy Friday

Well, I hope I didn't scare anyone with my post yesterday. I also hope it makes sence because I wrote it when my brain was still very "fuzzy". Last night I had a migraine. According to the Mayo Clinic I had an Aura Migrane. I didn't know there were types, just that I've had them before. But as I was looking at the list of symptoms, I could check them off one by one. This one was my third one in my lifetime. Not sure why or how they happen, they just do. This is the second Aura one I had. I had one in Middle School, in school. I remember going to the nurse and being scared of what was going on. When I got to the office she wasn't there (she was never there), and had to to wait for her. Eventually she came back, and I got to go home. My grandmother came and got me, and I remember sleeping it off at her house. A few hours later I remember waking up much better, this time I wasn't so lucky. When I woke up today, I felt much better, but still not perfect. My stomach is still a bit tender, and my head is a bit fuzzy, like I'm surrounded with a haze of some sort. I guess I can't bounce back like I used to. So if anything I say or spell seems funny, that's why. I'm trying to be as normal as possible, but I'm still a bit off. (Compared to normally, where I'm just off.) Random side note, that school nurse was terrible. Why do people who obviously hate children work with them? You'd think that would be a job requirement, but whatever.
I played it low key today not really trusting myself to any project today. I mean, I don't think I'd sew my fingers together, but I'd rather not chance it. Whatever needs to get done today can wait for tomorrow. But I do have some good news to share with you. I won a contest over on "In the Pink", (I know, I said I wasn't going to enter anymore", but I have been visiting more plus Charlotte was in the header a few days ago. She was put up on Saturday and not changed until Monday, so she was up ALL WEEKEND! If I don't know what that means, but I think it's pretty cool.) Anyway Pedro (from Spain) put up a contest for a Vintage Skipper. And you know me and Vintage, I will jump though hoops. So I entered. The competition was rough! Two whole people also entered the contest! But I still kept my fingers crossed. I was lucky and found out I won this morning! Eeek, another vintage Skipper, aren't I lucky? Here I was complaining about needing more dolls to sew for, and another lands in my lap. She does have some issues, mainly missing face paint and she's going to need a re-root (I think that's why a lot of people stayed away), I also think she's got the start of a neck rip, but I could be wrong. Either way Skipper re-roots are easy. I've done two of them so far, much easier than Barbie. The only issue is I don't have any hair to use to re-root her with. The only hair colors I have are Champagne Blond and Brunette. Both of which I've already used to re-root a Skipper, so I don't really want to have another one with that same hair color. I do still have some platinum blond left over from Charlotte, but that's so close to the other blond that it's really not that different. If I had my druthers I'd get some red hair, but alas, no money. My Esty shop is dead in the water. Sigh. Anyway, Pedro has address, and he's going to send the doll somewhat soon. (Can't remember when, but soon.) So she's going to be coming to her new home. Oh, and before I forget, I do have pictures he posted of her, and I can't remember if the clothes she's wearing are coming with her or not. I'm kind of think they are, but I could be wrong. Either way they're cute, but not really what I am going to dress her in when she arrives. If she comes wearing them, someone else might take them. The jacket is kind of cute, maybe Ricky will want to try it out. And the hat is adorable, I think it might fit Barbie's head. And you should know how I love a pleated plaid skirt. Maybe my Monster High doll will try it on. Either way she's getting new clothes, and I already have an idea for how I want to dress her, so you'll get to see that soon. I'm trying to hold off on making her something until she arrives, but that might be harder said than done. I just don't want to have her in hand, and find out she hates what I made for her. It's happened before. But here are her pictures so you can see what I'm talking about;

Also, a note before I head off and say goodbye to you all for the night. Since I won the contest I want to repay the favor to Pedro. I'd like to make him something for his collection. The tricky thing is, I'm not sure what he'd like. I know he collects 80's dolls, and reproductions, but I'm not sure how many redresses he does. I kind of want to say he only keeps them in their original clothes, which makes me sending him something I made pointless. I spent some time today looking over what he's posted over on "In the Pink" and still don't have that strong of an idea of what to make for him. I guess I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled so I can think of something to make him. I mean, I have plenty of time. I just won the contest today.
Night everybody!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday... can I lie down???

Writing went off a little more roughly than I would have liked today. But I'm not too shocked over that happening. This is my first day writing in a totally new section, one that doesn't have anything written. We have a very vague outline to work with at best. So I really need more time to think about the section before I start committing things to page. If I do that too early I just get frustrated and mad that it's not working.
Right now I'm at that point where I know what I don't want, but I am not sure what I do want. So today I got about 1/2 page of writing done, followed by just some editing work on the section. That's all I really could do since I need more time to think about it. So after that I stopped. I think that if I'm stuck next week I'll just move ahead and do more work on later sections, and let my thoughts "stew", better than obsessing over a blank word document.
My day was pretty low key beyond that. It wasn't until 9 that something went down. I was lounging about and when I sat up something was going on with my eyes. I'll try to explain it the best I can. Has anyone seen a bright light and it's image is burned into your eyes for a few seconds? I have very blue eyes so it happens to me often. It was like that, but stronger and wouldn't go away. I tried to go about my regular business, hoping it would clear up. But it didn't, no matter what I did, my vision was blurred. And even worse than not going away, it brought some other friends to the party. By the time I was in bed I had a splitting headache on the left side of my brain, was sick to my stomach, I was sweating a bunch, and my right hand kept getting pins and needles. I fell asleep, hoping it would be gone tomorrow. You'll be updated on it then...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a waste of a day...

Didn't get much done today, it was far too hot. I'm not sure where spring went, but I sure do miss it. We went from too cold to too hot practically overnight. And I don't know about you guys, but whenever I get too hot, I get crabby. I'd much rather be cold than hot. At least when you're cold you can add more clothes to stay warm. When you're too hot, there's only so much you can take off before you're as neekid as the day you were born. And while I didn't get to that point, I'm sure that getting nude wouldn't make that much of a difference. Like I said, it was hot. Plus when it's too hot, you get all sweaty and icky, I hate being all sweaty. (Gross)
But I did get a chance to take the pictures that I promised you, so without any more digressing, here's Vanessa's new dress;

But that was one of my most productive things of the day. Still can't think of the next project to sew right now. I did play around making something for Charlotte, but I didn't like it, so I went back to the Ballet costume she's still wearing. Hopefully I'll come up with something soon. Right now I'm looking at redressing a vintage Ken, but still haven't found anything that I really wanted to make for him. I feel bad for him because I took his clothes off already, but at least he's cool in this hot weather.
Other than take pictures I really didn't do much. I did try out that workout tape I downloaded earlier. I like this one much better than the one I tried yesterday. It's faster and more enjoyable to me. I only wish that they were a little more descriptive with breaking down their moves, but that's never been a strong point with me. I've taken a few dance classes in my time (forced to), and I've never been one to just pick up the moves the first time I see them. I need to see them over and over again and break them down in my head. But I like this video, and with time I'm sure I'll get the dance moves down. I only managed to get 12 minutes done before I was all icky and super overheated. It took me taking a cool shower in order to get to a comfortable temperature. I don't know about you, but if this is spring, I will literally burst into flames for summer. Not cool, not cool.
Although I am thinking about making myself some shorts. Just some throw away ones to wear around the house. I used to have two pairs, but the dog ruined one (stupid dog), and I can't wear one pair all summer. That would be gross. I do have a shorts pattern, but it's more complicated than what I want to make. I just want a pair of shorts to wear when it's super hot. Like basically glorified boxers shorts, nothing fancy with a zipper. So I'm thinking about cobbling out a pattern to make a pair or two. I've made people shorts before when I worked at the costume shop, so I know it's not too hard. I just need to get some cheap fabric. Next time I'm in Hobby Lobby I'll hit up their discount section. They don't have to be pretty, just wearable!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got the camera back!

Although, I got it back so late, it was too dark for picture taking. But now at least, it's back in my possession, so sooner than later there will be some new pictures to excite and titillate you all. You just need to be a touch more patient for them. (Which is so ironic because of how impatient I am in general.)
Today started off differently than how I was planning it, but that is not always a bad thing. Today I was originally planning on working more to fix my computer, as well as watch that show that's online Tuesday morning. But, it seems that my computer issues are squared away. Hopefully I fixed it all, finger's crossed. And turns out, my show this week, was technically new, but it was one of those annoying recap episodes, so I didn't bother to watch it. I mean, really not that fun. Another one of my shows is going to be doing a recap episode tomorrow too, and I plan on skipping one that as well. I only bother with those if I really care about most of the contestants on them, and this season so far has been pretty weak. All and all, this week has been, and will be, terrible for me television-wise. Most of my shows are repeats, recaps, or just flat out not on. Which is super annoying because it's so hard to find interesting things on television lately. There's so many more options, but not a lot of decent choices.
But since my morning plans chanced, I found myself free. Originally I was going to skip the writing this week, and planned on getting to work on it Thursday. But since I'm not doing anything else, I figured that I should work on it instead, might as well keep some things in routine. And I was pretty successful, didn't get my two pages like I wanted but, I am pleased to announce, I've finally finished, "Meetingroom Chat". I've been working on this section for months now, and yesterday I got the final first draft of it completed. I'm really proud of this moment because this is where I got stuck when I was writing the rough draft and initially stopped to go and edit back at the beginning. And I got all the way back to this point and was forced to write it, finally. And I'm actually pleased with how it turned out. I think it does need some strengthening, and editing, but what I have written down is a good base to build on. After I finished that section, I moved on to the next one, which was already in first draft form. I didn't do much to it, but I did tweak the beginning to make it flow better with what I had just written. Also I needed to change a few things, because some things had changed from when I had originally written it. I even went and added the finished sections to the full document, it now stand at 120 pages, single spaced and 14 font. I never thought that it would get so big, it's so cool!
That's where I stopped. I have another large dialog filled section coming up, which is a little daunting. But once that is finished, that's the majority of the big sections finished. After that, it's really just under a half dozen action sequences, that aren't really that action-y. And I've already finished the first draft of the biggest section of it. So, we're still making progress on this. Yay!
After I finished writing, I did work on some sewing, although it was again, really just something to sew. I guess I still haven't learned that is not a good thing. So I was getting crabby, and it wasn't looking good. So for the first time in a while, something new got added to the unfinished box. Not that I'm bragging, it's just recently, I've been sewing less, so I have less things I've given up on lately. Not sure when I'll revisit that, because it's something with inset sleeves, and I didn't sew them before putting it in the box. And you know how I dislike inset sleeves. Dislike!
Oh, and on the working out front, I got another workout tape, some Yoga thing. But after a few seconds trying it out, I wasn't really feeling it. It was just kind of slow, and not very knee friendly, and the guy really wasn't explaining what he was doing. Add to that the fact that the camera angles were designed to be more cool than teaching, (all this was from the first two minutes) so I quit. I did some more research, and found another one that I'm going to try. Hopefully it'll get downloaded before tomorrow night, but I think that it will.
That's all for today, see you guys tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

And now some not so happy mistakes...

Well, I managed to mess up my computer last night. I've spent most of the day trying to fix it, with limited success. Hopefully I'll be able to get it all fixed back to like it was, just sucks that it happened.
Since I was working with the computer I wasn't able to work on my writing, which is not a problem because I probably wouldn't be able to really focus on my writing when I was worrying about my computer, and I'm still not in the mood to sew anything at the moment. I've decided against making the dress using the same bodice as the one I did yesterday. Since I made it yesterday, I know I can make it, so there's no need making a dress that's destined for the spare clothing bags. Maybe in time I'll get someone new, or someone will want to change clothes and I can make it then, but that's not the case at the moment. I think I'm just satisfied knowing that I can make it if I need to. No pictures of it yet, since I am still without camera, but I promise that I will get around to sharing it with everybody. I did look though my jewelry bag today to see if any would work with it, but didn't find any I liked. The majority of them didn't work well with the neckline, and the ones that did just made it look weird. It just made it look fancier in general, which didn't work with the look, so Vanessa is going sans jewelry for now. Did you know that Vanessa is one of my most designed for dolls in the collection? She's nowhere near Charlotte's level, but she's at least top 10. I mean since her arrival she's had four looks designed just for her, although one didn't come to pass. Typically people get one, or less if they're getting something that I made for someone else, or I cobble their outfit together from something I already had. The only people I'd say that are ahead of her on that list are Charlotte, Joe, Red Moon, and the dolls in another scale that I needed to sew their entire wardrobe (Chatty Cathy and Cindy Sad Eyes). It's just a weird thought I wanted to share.
My day wasn't all just working on the computer, since it's so painfully slow, I did other stuff, mostly cleaning. I noticed that the dust monster has reared it's ugly head again. I hate dusting, it's such a chore. But today I found some pledge spray so I decided to do that, hopefully it will cut down on the build up. Originally I was just going to dust the sewing cabinet, but then I decided to wipe down the bookshelf as well. I started with pulling the dolls off the vintage, named, and Japanese shelf, putting them on my desk. (Which they covered.) I'm not going to lie, seeing roughly 60 dolls piled on my desk was a little creepy. There was just so many of them, it doesn't look that much when they're spread out over the shelves. But I managed to get them all put back in their respective places, (wasn't going to be able to sleep seeing them all on my desk like that) I also cleaned the rest of the shelves and the media bookcase. I also moved the electric heater out of my room. Winter's over, I decree! I'm sure in a few days I'll be forced to bring in the Air Conditioner. Weather is fun. (Right?)
After I was done cleaning I decided to break a doll, well I didn't really decide, I just did it. I was playing around with my Blythe clone doll, and I decided to take her apart. I've done it several times. I was thinking that maybe I could give her a different body, one that would be easier to dress. In order to even try that you have to open her head. Anyway, doing that means you have to fix her eye mechanism. Which I've done before, but when I went to put her back together (without a new body), I couldn't get her eyes to work right. When going from brown to green, it wouldn't click. It would just be stuck on brown. And even better when I was trying to get it to work, one of the blue eye chips popped out. I tried to fix it, but couldn't get anywhere, so I put her away. She needs to decide if she wants to stay in the collection and start acting better. Personally I'm on the fence about her. I think Blythe dolls are interesting, but I've never been a fan of dolls with over-sized heads. I'd rather they look more realistic than that. Personally I wouldn't mind having a Blythe doll, but I doubt she'd get much play time. I have other dolls that I like better. I have my Blythe clone because when I get that urge to get a Blythe doll I have something like it to appease me. But she doesn't really interest me in general, I've never even bothered to dress her decently. Besides she's got a lot of quality issues, so like I said, she's on the fence. I like her because she's interesting, but if she left overnight, I wouldn't be super upset. I just wish I hadn't broken her, I hate when I do stupid things like that. (Should have left well enough alone.)
Also today I tried to start working out again. I've been really bad this winter about working out, and I need to get back into it. Figured that I might as well start small to get back into doing it, deciding that I would start with my workout tape. "Dance Workout with Barbie" (dorky I know, but it was fun when I started.), but I just couldn't get into it. It was just boring, I actually found myself doing the moves faster than the people on the tape. So I quit after like 1 minute. I did end up jumping around for a bit to get my heart rate up. I think I'm just too familiar with that routine to find it fun anymore. Back when I started it, it was fun learning as I did it and getting further and further along, but now I know I can reach the end part. Being bored was why I quit way back when, and the break didn't refresh my enjoyment of it. So I'm on the hunt for a new tape. Right now I want something that's fun and simple, preferably easy on the knees. Hopefully I'll find something I like, there's a lot of options out there.
Fun times, fun times. Any recommendations?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A happy mistake!

I got woken up this morning from a text from my Grandmother, asking if we were okay. Since I was exhausted and still half sleeping, I ignored it. Forty minutes later she called me, waking me up. I ignored the call and let it go to voice mail (I don't pick up the phone if I've been sleeping, it's a general rule.). But I was awake, so I stumbled downstairs to tell my Mom to call her Mom. She did and my responsibility was done. So it was a bit of an early morning today. Fun, right?
But being up early means that I get a chance to get more stuff done for the day. Right? I'm still without a specific project, so I didn't have anything to really sink my teeth into right off the bad. I did however start and do some laundry, so even if I didn't get anything else done, I still can count that as a success. But I did do some sewing today, I promise. I decided to go back to the bodice that I was practicing with yesterday. I was thinking about my fit issue, and I wondered if I was having that problem because the armholes were too small. The added fabric could be what's giving me that bagginess at the under arm. So I took my most recent muslin and tore half of the stitches out. I then made the armholes bigger and finished it up again. This time the fit was improved, not perfect, but certainly better.
But I felt that it was as good as I was going to get with just playing around with it, I decided to actually try and make something with it. I culled though my patterned fabric, and originally selected the red with white pin dots that I bought a few weeks ago, but after thinking about it, just wasn't feeling it, so I put it back and looked again. What I really wanted was a flowery fabric, but I didn't have any that worked. I guess flowers are something that's missing in my fabric stash, not that I have a whole lot in general. I ended up selected a piece of cream colored calico with semi over-sized blue roses. It's leftovers from a project that I did for my parents, one that didn't turn out so hot. But there certainly was enough for a lined bodice and a full skirt. There was only one real problem with sewing this, I don't have anyone to wear it. I looked over the entire collection, and couldn't find one person who wanted to change clothes. Right now a great deal of everyone's dressed satisfactorily, and the people who need to get redressed wouldn't work with the style of the dress. And you all know how I hate to sew to just sew, so I ended up grabbing the Christmas Bubblecut to use as my model. Since the kimono she's wearing is a bit different than the rest of the people in the collection, she might get a different dress. Although, I still love her in the kimono, I just wish I had shoes that worked for it. Also it was high time too check and see if there was any staining going on with her. Luckily she seemed fine, no marks from the red fabric. Her juban and under kimono weren't stained from it either, so I think we're safe. With my model sitting close by I started sewing. I started with the bodice, making sure that I made the armholes wider so it would fit better. This top is really simple to make comparatively, since it's fully lined. It takes longer to make the Japanese bodice than this number. It wasn't until I was trying it on that I found out an issue with it. Turns out the straps don't go all the way around when using the vintage body. I guess the bust fills it out a bit too much. This wasn't caught in the muslin stage because I was using the BB body for the majority of the tests. The times when I used a vintage body, I just didn't catch the fact that the straps were too short for some reason.
Oh well, it's something to remember for the next time that I make it. But now I have a cute sexy top with a vintage flair that I can only make for the BB body. So I decided to not do the full skirt for it. I only had enough material for one skirt, so I'd rather wait and use it for the dress that would fit the vintage doll, since she'd be wearing the dress longer than a doll using the BB body, they tend to change their clothes quickly. I decided that I was going to use a fabric of a contrasting color for the skirt, which was now tighter and sexier. I went with the gray linen material that I last used for that failed Vanessa outfit. Just a simple straight skirt. I did that all using the BB body torso I have for the fit model. When it was time to try it on someone with legs, I brought it over to the collection. I asked if anyone wanted to try it on, and when Vanessa saw it she went nuts. She ran over and literally slapped someone out of the way to get to me. So I guess she really wanted it. So I used her for the fit model, although, I shouldn't reward her naughty behavior. Although it's pretty good that I picked her. When I took the dress she was wearing I found it had stained her legs. She gets stained a lot, I think it's because her attraction to black fabrics. I'm not too upset with it, eventually she's getting a different body, still I need to be more careful though. Using her, I got the dress finished and fitted to her body. It made more of a dent into my already low snap stash. I really need to get more, or else everything's going to be held shut by safety pins soon. The back is a little wonky, but as I use the pattern more, I'll refine it better. I also added a black ribbon belt around the waist, it helps tie in with her black lips.
Overall I like it, it has a very Sofia Loren feel about it. I'm thinking about adding some jewelry to it, but not sure if I'll find anything that works, it's a rather high neckline. Unfortunitly no pictures today because I don't have the camera, but I promise you that I'll take some when I get the camera back. So, even though it's not what I expected to make today, it still came out cute. And hey, I can always try again to make the other dress another day.
So please, wait for the pictures, I hope you all can contain your excitement!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wow, what a way to end a day...

I started off my morning later than usual. Had a hard time falling asleep last night, so when my alarm went off this morning, I turned it off and went back to bed. I planned to only rest for a bit, but when I looked at my clock again, it was a little bit before 10, not sure where those two hours went, but they were gone, never to be seen again.
Oh! And before I forget, I have some exciting news! One of my photos made it into the header over on "In the Pink", and not only was it my photo, it was one of Charlotte. (She's a celebrity!) It was one of the pictures showing off the pink shirt dress I made recently. Ironically, the doll who's wearing that dress now has been one of the photos that made it into the header before. (Okay, maybe just ironic to me.) I took a screen-grab to preserve the moment in history, here it is (I wonder if she's going to receive fan mail);Anyway, the late start kind of threw off my morning, although I didn't have anything planned in general. Now that I've completed my ballet costume, I'm again without a project to work on (I'm a broken record). Not really sure what I'm going to make next, I just hope it comes to me sooner than later. You know how annoying I am when I'm waiting. I did however get some pictures taken of the costume for you guys. I know, I made you wait so long, and even worse you're not the first to see these. I already posted them on Flickr and "In the Pink". So they might not be new to any of you. However, you guys will be the first to see the photo of the back of the dress, nobody else got to see that. I spoil you like that. But enough jabbering, here are the photos, I hope you like them;

I got the pictured taken before the heavy weather hit us. It was supposed to be a really terrible storm, and apparently it was in other parts of the state, but we got nothing. The skies got dark, but it just rained a bit and had some thunder that sounded far away. We've had stronger storms than this one recently, so we got lucky this time. My heart goes out to the people who got it much worse than we did.
After the storm cleared I did do some sewing. It was testing out a pattern that I had never sewn before, but I think there was something messed up with the original source. It was far too big, like super big. It was designed for the Silkstone dolls, and while I was using a Belly button body with it, it was still too big, like two people could wear the same top. I did a bunch of changes to it, but I think I'm going to have to rethink it as a whole, but not that big an a concern to me. This was more something I was interested in just to know I can do it, not like I needed this pattern for a project I was planning. After I gave up on that I just worked on taking apart the night gown that I bought for the ballet dress. It has some lace on it that I wanted to take off. Again, not for a project in mind, but just to have in general. Originally I thought it was one long strip, but it's actually several shorter strips sewn together. So now I have four strips of acrylic lace, about 6 inches long. There's some matching lace on the sheer overlay that I didn't take off yet, so I still have some work to do. I only wanted to get the stuff off the nightgown today.
When I was doing that I had a friend IM'ed me. I chatted while I worked, and even when I stopped we kept chatting.
Late in the evening he made a comment about me sewing people clothes, and I said that I don't do that, I just sew for dolls. And he went on this tangent about how I'm wasting my life, and basically trying to get me to admit I'm doing the wrong thing, and that my life needed change or else I was going to be homeless. It's like, why are you attacking me like that? It was just so random. And he went on, even though I asked him to stop several times.
The worst part he really doesn't even know me that well, but felt he had the right to attack me like that. But that's not even the cherry on top of the Sundae, he had the gall, the gall to attack the doll collection. If anyone knows me, they should know to not comment negatively on the doll collection. I have dealt with too much negativity and had to fight multiple people, and small mindedness to even play with them to listen to any crap about them. Those dolls helped get me though a lot, and helped me learn about who I am as a person. And the worst part is, I think this person was just trying to get a rise out of me, because a lot of what they were saying was something that applied to them. It makes me seriously wonder if they're off their medication, (Not saying that to be mean, it's a legitimate comment.) thinking about what they said earlier in the conversation before the attack I now notice a couple of baiting comments. I think he was just looking for a fight, and it wasn't until later he was able to start one. But even though I could comment about his own issues, I held my tongue. Except I did make one comment about his weight (which I tried to avoid so, so, so much because I have my own weight issues.), but when all you do is complain about your weight and never do anything to change it, and then comment on someone needed to change their life it's a bit much. And even when I mentioned that, his come back was, "I know I have flaws, I admit that." it was like, "Oh my God, when have I ever not mention having flaws?" I of all people know my flaws, and my blog readers should know that too, I talk about it all the time. And I should mention, my weight comment came after he brought it up. I said he's one to talk about making changes in their life, but isn't listening to his own advice. And his come back, he is changing his life, he stopped drinking soda. Which I was shocked to hear, because it's not soda alone that's causing his weight issues. I should know I was in the same boat. I had to do a severe overhaul of my entire eating habits, so getting rid of soda means nothing. So I called him out on it. I mean, if we can count each little thing as something towards our daily life goal, I reached a huge part of my goal just by waking up this morning. But I didn't say that. I didn't feel comfortable talking about his weight, not in that situation, I just wish he had the same respect for me. But the final straw was when he commented on one day I'm going to be homeless and "talking in funny voices, while discussing Kelly's hair or Donna's dress", (Who the heck is Donna?, and I don't even like Kelly) and he hopes that one day he could give me five dollars (What?). And he's telling me this all because he "cares". Look, I know what throwing shade looks like, and that is some straight up shadiness. He also called it tough love, no, this was just straight up MEAN. And he's telling me stuff like I don't know what's going on. I'm certainly not happy about where my life is right now. I'm unemployed and living with my parents again. Not how I wanted my life to turn out. It's the way the economy is right now. Maybe when he's out of school he'll realize that it's not always easy, the whole world is suffering. But whatever, don't need people like that in life, so I blocked him.
How's that for a change, sucka?

Friday, April 15, 2011

The End of Another Week

Is it Friday already? This week just rushed by quicker than normal, but here we are at another Finish it Up Friday, and again I've managed the just clean things compared to actually finish things that I started. It's just lately I haven't had that many things go into the box because I'm sewing less in general. So whatever is in there has been there for a while, and I'm just not ready to face those failures again. Besides, I'm down to four snaps, and I can't waste them on projects that I'm never going to use. Only the best and brightest get snaps at this point. In in the defense of cleaning compared to sewing, either way something is getting put away. Even though the majority of these things are headed to the pile of random clothes in the closet, they're at least being put away, compared to sitting around until I get to them.
I've numbered the items so it's easier to talk about them.1. Bright green "velvet" Barbie top. This came in a Mattel set of random Barbie dresses. The color, style, and material aren't really my thing, so it's going into the closet pile.
2. Bright green Barbie skirt. This actually came in the same set as the top above. There's also a big green nylon skirt that came with it too, I think I still have that too, somewhere. Not a fan of the bold coloring of this, so it's going into the closet too.
3. Pink "Indian" dress. This I remember coming with some clone Indian doll. It's really cheap and has a bunch of runs in it. I even forget what the doll looked like, but I remember getting her. Whenever I used it, it was a nightgown. It's bulky, but a bit more modest than some of the skimpy things Mattel used to make. This is going into the closet, just because I can't think of someone who would wear it, but I wouldn't get rid of it.
4. White Shapes Dress. I have no idea where this came from, it's a clone dress. I think I got it new with a lot of other doll clothes, years ago. For some reason I kind of like it. It's going into the clothing bags, even though I have no idea when I'll ever use it for anything.
5. Gold mesh Ken shirt. Wow, this shirt makes a bold statement. I remember this came on one of the Ken dolls that my sister and I had. (We only had two) He's out in the donate pile, because I've never cared for 90's Ken. Joe was more the man they'll ever be. I'll keep the clothes though, I keep all Ken clothes because I have so few of them.
6. I have no clue what this is. It's official Mattel Barbie clothes, I think it's a tube top? I could be wrong. I got this from my cousin when she got rid of her Barbie collection. I used it as a bra when I was younger. And that's what I'm going to use it for now, it's going into the undergarment bag.
7. Fuzzy Pink Skirt. This came in that lot of stuff that I got in an antique store. It's odd. This is going into the closet pile to never be seen again in the collection. I've never understood furry skirts... why?
8. Pink flowered shirt. I'm thinking that I got this from a Teresa doll, or maybe one of the Teresa dolls I had was wearing this for the longest so I just relate it to her. Teresa is another face mold that I just can't warm up to. I like the idea of it, just not in practice. Either way, this shirt is going into the closet. While it's a nice modest shirt, I just don't see myself using it ever. I have better shirts already in reserves. Not a big flower fabric person.
9. This came with a Barbie sized Fairytopia outfit. I bought it for the Barbie clothes, this was for a doll that I didn't have, nor do I plan on it. It's closet bound, the flower on it is cute though.
10. A skimpy Barbie tube top. I think this came with the Myscene doll that I bought to give Charlotte her body. While it's super tacky and not my general ascetic, the glitter and rainbow patterned fabric speaks to me. Into the bags it goes, not sure if anyone will ever wear it, but they have the option. You'll never know what Charlotte puts on next.
11. Pair of nylon pants. I think these are Stacy sized and came in that lot that included the fuzzy skirt. Don't have a Stacy doll in the collection, but I will put them into the smaller doll clothing bag just in case I come across a doll that needs pants in a pinch.

And so that's Friday's work load. Not a whole lot, but enough. I think about half of them are going into the collection (with no general purpose), but still, that's 11 things that have found a place to be! Isn't that great?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And type once more I shall!

Well, I welcomed back theme days around here with today's "Typewriter Thursday". Which went along well... kind of. I only managed to get a half page done today before I called it quits. While that's nowhere near the two pages I usually aim for, I'm not that upset. I didn't get to write at all last week, and you know how hard it is to jump back into it. And plus, the half page was in "Meetingroom Chat", a section that I've been working on for for the longest, so any work on it is a good thing. I mean, I did get something done, unlike staring at the screen unable to write, which has happened a few times before.
When I had realized that my writing was done for the day, I did do some other things that I needed to get to. I wrote a few blog posts that I was behind on, Tuesday's and Wednesday's. It was then that I noticed something. Did you know that I've written a blog post every day this year so far? I knew that it had been a while since I missed a day, but I didn't think it would have been that long ago. It's funny because I don't really do anything exciting, but I still talk about it. Last year there were several times that I took breaks and thought about ending the blog, but I always kept coming back. I like having my voice out there, and it's fun looking back and re-reading some of my stuff. It's a good reminder of my day to day activities.
I also did some sewing today as well. And I would like to say I finished the ballet costume today! I was basically done yesterday, and needed a few minor things done. Mostly adding the straps, which is what I did today. I also made the pantaloons that go underneath the costume. I will say that I would have liked it to come out a bit closer to the costume I was trying to replicate, but it still came out very cute. But honestly, I knew that I wasn't going to make it an exact copy, that's still beyond my skill level. But I think it's a cute costume, very ballet inspired. It reminds me of the costume that Christine wears during the "Masquerade" sequence in "The Phantom of the Opera", which is another favorite of mine. No pictures of the dress yet, I promise that you will get some in time, I just haven't found the right time to take them yet. But I will upload another source picture so you can see the dress again. One in color so you can see what color my dress will be like!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boringist Shopping Days

*Heads up, I use some language in this post, so if that offends you please feel free to skip. It's only a few times, so don't think I'm going on a huge tirade or anything. Just so you know!*

So over the weekend when my Grandparents were here, my Mom mentioned that come Wednesday she and my sister were going to Burlington to shop for wedding dresses. She said that I was invited too, but since this whole wedding thing bores me to tears, I declined. My sister asked me if I was going separately, again I declined. But then I asked to go to a fabric store in the area to see if there were any yellow sheer that I needed for my project. My mom said yes, so I agreed to go. This was all before Tuesday's little shopping trip. Even though I had found the sheer I needed, I still decided to go. I felt that since I said I would, I should follow though, even though I wasn't going to go to the fabric store anymore. I was going to get lunch out if because my sister said she was going to treat my mother and I to it.
In the morning I managed to get two more of the tiers done on the dress before we headed out. And right before we were going to head out my sister announced that she's already eaten, so we weren't going out to lunch after all. Which is one of her old tricks. At least she's still acting like her old self sometimes, I was getting a little too secure in our relationship. Anyway, I rushed and made a quick sandwich before we left and grabbed a bag of pretzels.
We met them in Burlington, around 12:15 (ish?). My sister was there with her fiancee. We were checking out Bridal-Mart. Her fiance took off after we got there, and we went in for dress shopping. I got called a lady twice when we were there, which was I guess what I pay for having long (luxurious) hair, even though I didn't shave my face (on purpose) and was wearing shorts to show off my hairy legs (Don't I sound sexy?). Anyway, my sister had about five dresses from their website to look at. And turns out, they only had one of them in stock, even though their website lead her to believe otherwise. So only after a short time there, she called her fiancee to come back and give her their Ipad so she could look up more wedding dress stores. He did, and left again. We sat in the car while she looked up some more locations. We found one in Greensboro, even though my Mom didn't want to drive in Greensboro we did.
*Language* It took us a little bit to find the store that we were looking for. It was Divas, the store with Attitude! We walked into the dimly lit store where we met up with a woman behind a counter, my sister said she didn't have an appointment (which they apparently require, according to the sign on the door, they don't have a website.) and we were greeted by a different woman. My sister showed her the print outs she had, and the woman asked my sister her price point for her dress. My sister said 1000, the woman told us that they don't carry anything under 1,500. (For a dress!?!?!?) She then basically told us to try the cheaper venues and showed us the door. So apparently by attitude, they mean bitch. Because that woman was rather bitchy, we all thought that. When we were home I read some reviews and it seems like other people have had that same experience there too. Why people would want to shop at Divas in Greensboro is beyond me. That woman's attitude was terrible, and from what I saw their clothing, they weren't anything special, especially at that price. Seems like it's the kind of place that people shop who want to be able to brag they can spend so much on a dress.
After that snubbing, (do you know who I am?!?!? I'm Aubrey from Blogger, I have NINE followers!) we ended up at David's Bridal, which was close by. Here we were greeted warmly by several people who seemed to want to actually help us. They gave us a catalog, and we looked though it listing off several dresses my sister liked. Then another nice woman helped my sister try on several dresses, she was really nice. She even lent my sister a veil and a blusher to help give an overall feel for the dress. I liked a couple of them, but really didn't have that strong of an opinion over any of them. Wedding Dresses don't really excite me. I've never been a big party dress person. You know the amount of people wearing gown in the collection? Zero. Day wear, It is where it's at. We did have a dress that we all seemed to like, but my sister didn't commit to one just yet. There's still some that she found online that she wanted to look at before she made her decision. But still, David's Bridal in Greensboro, wonderful place to shop with really nice people, a organized store, and pretty dresses. We even sent a picture of the dress we all liked to my Grandmother so she could see it (and cry). When we were done there, we went out separate ways. It was getting late, and my mother had stuff that she needed to do, so did I, just not as important. Getting home wasn't that bad, we rolled in around 5:15 or so. And while I want to be there for my sister, dress shopping is so dull, I'd rather get my eyes eaten by a serial killer. (I'm trying to make that a thing.) So I'm glad it's over. Not sure what she's going to do. My Mom's been looking into finding someone to make it for her, but I can tell you, it's not going to be me!
Back at home I got the final tier added to the skirt. I also got the skirt attached to the bodice, which was an endeavor in itself. There's a lot of material there! I think if I ever made this skirt again, I'd cut it smaller. I actually made it a bit bigger than the pattern because I worried there wouldn't be enough volume, which was not a problem. I got all the way to where I considered all the machine sewing done. I managed to get the majority of the seams reinforcing done, so that was pretty cool. I also managed to get the large bow in the back sewn, and attached. I was up late working on it, I didn't go to bed until midnight. Once again no pictures of the dress in question, but to appease you all I will attach a photo of what the real dress looks like. That way you guys can see what I'm talking about if you don't want to click on the youtube link I posted a few days back, or if it gets removed. This picture doesn't belong to me, and so on. This is the clearest picture I've found of the dress, so you can see why I was complaining over her arm placement.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hypocrytical Tuesday...

Okay remember yesterday when I said that I wasn't sure when I was going to get fabric for my next project? Well that ended up being the next day, because apparently I love being a hypocrite. I hope you guys can ignore that little fact about me.
It all started with my dad asking me to go shopping, originally I said no, but he kept adding places that we were going to, tempting places. And I am so very week, so very very weak.
We started off at Habitat for Humanity, which was a bust. I can't wait until they open their new store in June. I'm hoping that they'll have some more interesting merchandise then, right now they haven't anything new (i.e. interesting) in a while. I half heartily looked though their book section, although I still haven't read most of the books that I bought there recently. Right now they're sitting on my work desk waiting for me to read them, or at least put them somewhere. At least the next time I'm stuck in Connecticut for an extended period of time I'll have something to do. I'll just have to remember to pack them. (Not sure when that is however.)
I struck out again at the Salvation Army, which didn't have anything I needed. I did see the oddest figure there. It was a clown riding a Unicorn. It was broken so I left it, but my Grandmother collects Unicorns, so if it wasn't broken I would have gotten it for her. It was seriously hideous, so I would have loved to see how she responded to it when she got it. I do stuff like that. She has a porcelain egg at her house from me. I got it in New Jersey at a dollar store. It's part Chinese, part roses, and part butt ugly. I didn't give it to her, as much as I forgot it at her house, and she didn't throw it out. I told her she could if she wanted to, but she still has not. Either way this Unicorn was broken, so I didn't get it. My dad said it was also a music box, which makes it being broken so much more upsetting. Anyway,I saw a couple of Barbie horses that I toyed with getting, but I don't really need one, plus they were in rough condition. I've never been much of a Barbie horse person, they're like a big purse. Works for some outfits, but not really needed. They didn't have any interesting books or toys. I did look through their clothing sections to see if they had any made from a pale yellow sheer that I desperately wanted. No luck there so I left empty handed.
It wasn't until Goodwill that I actually found something that I could use. They too were lacking in any dolls that were interesting. I only saw one Barbie sized doll, some Snow White clone I think. I almost left there empty handed until I was walking though the woman's clothes section. I was still looking for some yellow sheer material, also a table cloth for my father. That's when I stumbled into their lingerie section (*blush*). I didn't know this section even existed. I've never ventured that deeply into the women's section before, because there was no real need to do so. It's tucked away against the back wall, so I mustered my courage and ventured in. And that's where I got lucky. (That sounds dirty) I found an 80's light yellow night gown. It looked the right color, it draped nicely, and it was inexpensive. Plus it had a gash in it, so I didn't feel too bad cutting into it. We did ask the woman at the front if it would be cheaper since it had a slice in it, but she said she couldn't do that. It wasn't something to workers could do, but even thought it was damaged it still cost us under three dollars, which was an okay deal. Especially since it had both sizes of ribbon that I needed for the costume, so that was even more money saved. I did feel a little weird buying a woman's nightgown, but whatever, I'm weird. I've made peace with that fact.
After my finds at Goodwill, I sheepishly asked to go to Hobby Lobby. Originally I wasn't planning on going but now that I had the sheer, which was the missing puzzle piece I needed the light yellow cotton. Honestly, It was annoying having one part and searching for the material I needed, I would have been batty knowing that I only needed some material that was in town, just out of reach! I assured my Dad that I was going to be frugal, and only get a half yard of material and check out the remnant section. They had something there the last time that I was hoping was still there. No luck in the remnant section, you snooze you lose, but not a big deal overall. I like what they had, didn't love it. I did get a half yard of the light yellow calico that I needed (although it's really, really thin, like broadcloth thin), but I also got another half yard of anther fabric. Look familiar? It's the steampunk fabric. I needed to get it for a reason... it's hard to admit, but last week I messed up Charlotte's skirt. I thought I could improve it, but instead I messed it up royally, which is typical. I should leave well enough alone. I have a small bit of the fabric left, but not enough to fully redo the skirt, so today I bought another half yard. Which I think will be good because, I've used a lot of the fabric I bought originally, so I should have more handy. Who know what else I will need for this project, it seems to be never ending. And it's good to buy it when I don't need it compared to need it and can't find it, I actually had that happen to day. I couldn't find it at first in the store, so I started panicking thinking that they might have stop selling it. I don't know how long they keep fabric around. If they sold it all, they might not be getting anymore in. Luckily I found it on the shelf, and got a half yard. I also looked at the metallic fabric I mentioned a few weeks ago. It's lame (you have the add the little swoosh over the "e"), but I didn't get any, like I said I was being frugal, and I don't have any project for it yet. Down the road I'll get some, just not this week, even though this week there's the 40 percent off coupon. Doesn't matter, there will be another one in time. I got out of there for 3.50, which is good, compared to other weeks.
That was the extent of the shopping, other than a stop at the dollar store where I bought a skirt for myself. At home, I took a different shirt out of my closet, one that's older and too big for me now. Like I said, every new clothing in, something that's too big gets removed. I gave the old one to my brother, although it's too big on him too, he just like's his clothes baggy. Also, I started work on the dress. You know me, I just can't wait when I have the desire to sew. Besides, I have to go out tomorrow for a while, and Thursday is a writing day. So I don't know if I'll get a chance to sew for a while. I had already decided how I was going to tackle this project from a technical standpoint, so I was able to just jump in and get it started.
I'm using the bodice from the Barbie in Japan book that I've used a billion times. Seven people are using that same bodice within the collection. I'm also using the actual skirt that the pattern calls for, which is unusual. The first thing was to do the bodice. The bodice is undecorated, so it was just to get it out of the way. Although, I didn't do the hem in the back. I spent most of the time working on the skirt. Oh, and I decided to use the sheer overlay for the skirt, compared to the nightgown. With it's layered tiers of ruffles, it was a lot of soft pleats, I could only do sections because I don't have that many pins. Less now because no matter how careful I was, a couple of them found their way under the needle and got bent. I managed to get the bottom two tiers done, which is a lot of work, never again. If I have to do this again, I'll just do the gathers method. The pleats are pretty, but they don't really read as pleats. They just look like gathers. Oh well, live and learn. No pictures of that because I'm too lazy to find the camera again. Don't worry, when this is all over and done with, you'll see what I mean!