Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey gang,

Some bad news for you all. I'm going to be not blogging for at least the next three weeks. Found out today some really, really, really bad news from up north, so I'm forced to say goodbye for now and leave you all. It's not the worst thing that could have happened, but one of the top ten. So I will see everyone eventually after three weeks (plus) of some pretty hellish adventures. Sorry for the short notice, but this literally transpired in the last 12 hours.

I hope everyone has a better time than me,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the last addition for the collection for this month.

Remember how I swore I was done getting dolls for this month, after I was done with a few things I had in the works? Well, this is the end of those things. Actually she's a bit of a switch on those things. The fifth and final doll I had in the works for this month was a Malibu Francie (Hair Fair was number one, you have yet to meet two through four). I had a short conversation about getting one from someone over on "In the Pink" about getting one, but they said they would get back to me over the weekend. Which was over a week ago at this point. I didn't want to bother them, so I just let it go. I'm sure I'll get my Malibu Francie eventually. But anyway, today I was over on Etsy paying my bill when I found someone had posted a TNT Skipper with Banana curls. She was in decent shape, one foot nibbled, missing most of her eyelashes, but everything still bent, and her makeup was great. Also her hair was so lovely. The best part? She was only 25 dollars, 30 including shipping. Which was exactly what I had. She had only been posted for 30 minutes, but I knew that if I waited she would be gone quick. That was a really nice price for her so someone else would have snagged her up if I didn't. Luckily that's the amount that I had in Paypal so I bought her then and there. And just like that I have a second blond TNT Skipper. Which means I have to dress her. I guess the first one was so easy to dress that I didn't feel I suffered enough in dressing her I had to get a second one to make sure I did. I guess I can add another mod doll to the pile! (These are the Seller's pictures and not mine)
Also I was bad today with my diet. I was downstairs watching TV for two hours in the evening and I tired to be good, but I splurged. You know what I had? Two bowls of salad with low fat dressing. Even my food splurges are boring! I'll be happy when this Wedding is over and I can snack again from time to time. (But really I shouldn't!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do spell spoiled?

First off, I'm not super sore today. So I guess my walk was a bit easier on my body yesterday than last time I went out for my walk. My left leg is a little tight, but it's better than having sore ankles. I did however skip writing this morning. I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I'll make up that on Thursday, I'll make sure I get my page done.
Instead of writing, I went out shopping again! Originally I declined going since I'm trying to save up for my next Barbie doll. But I was told I could get her a week early if I wanted to, which would be this upcoming Thursday. But then someone pointed out that today was two days earlier, so it wouldn't be too outrageous if I got her now, which was fine by me. So we set out this morning ready to get another doll.
Luckily she was still there. Which isn't too surprising. I've seen a lot of these dolls over and over again since we've started shopping at that store. I don't think there's a lot of turn around there. But you want to know who she was? She's a Hair Fair Barbie on a Sweet Sixteen body. She has some paling over on one ear, and her torso is very swingy (and I do mean very), but other than that she's in really nice condition. Her eyelashes are nice and full, her body is in decent shape, and her face paint is stunning. She was originally 27 dollars, but 20 percent off. The man running the shop was willing to go down to 20 plus tax. So we got about 26 percent off of her, which is nice. She's my first Hair Fair Barbie, which is a double edge sword. I think she's lovely, and is a good addition to my collection, but this means that it's time to dress another 60's doll. Which in case you've forgotten is a huge issue with me. I'm so terrible with mid 60's sewing. But for some reason I keep taking the challenge no matter how much I complain about the last one. She did come dressed, in a Mattel fashion, but I can't remember the name of it. It was on her tag, but they end up keeping the tags at that store. Which is totally not helpful. She also came with a Kaiser (Sp?) stand, which I enjoy since I'm always in need of more stands, especially those kinds since they're so small and non-intrusive.
And I'm sure I'll get her dressed eventually. I did try making something for her today, but ended up not liking it on her by the end. I didn't finish it, but I may eventually come back to it, for a different application. Right now she's just standing with her stand on my desk, waiting for me to dress her. I hope I can get her dressed before the end of the month!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quiet days

Like the title says it was a quiet day here today. Not a whole lot getting done with dolls, in fact I don't think I even touched a doll except for Charlotte. And with her it was just to move her out of the way.
But, I did get around to going for my walk today! I haven't managed to do it since last week because my ankles have still been sore, plus it's been too darn hot. But I decided that a week was more than enough time to mend from my last walk, so I set out again today. This time taking water with me, lesson learned from last time. It went... okay. It's still super hot and really tiring, but I managed to do the entire 4.5 mile walk. It was easier since I knew that the way I was going would eventually lead me home. I actually had someone stop and ask if I needed a ride home, which was funny. Nice, but funny. Even though this was my second trip out, I was still really tired by the end of it, had someone stopped then I might have taken the ride, even if it was only the final 30 feet to my front door.
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Somber Sunday

No post today.

It's not a day to deal with my ramblings.
Instead it's a day to honor the people and remember what happened ten years ago today.

Stand strong America.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keeping up with the theme from yesterday...

Another quiet day around here. Not a whole lot to report. I ended up returning back to one of the outfits I started yesterday. I was thinking about it and decided that I was giving it a raw deal. So I took it out of the box, and worked on it some more, even though I had to take it totally apart in order to keep working on it. I got much further with it, including making a few other outfit pieces before I decided that again it was not the look I was going for. So I quit again, and put it back into the box. At least I managed to finish part of it, but it was just another simple skirt. Just like the ones I make as underskirts, just this time made in yellow. So I guess my journey continues on figuring out what to dress Free Moving Barbie in.
After that I moved onto something else, something other than sewing... more video games! If you're mainly interested in the doll stuff, feel free to stop reading at this point. I had stopped playing them since the last time I had blogged about it, but today the urge came back. But instead of going back to Role Playing Games, I went to another genre that I enjoy, fighting! I'm not much of a violent person in real life, but I do like fighting games. Part of the draw is that I really enjoy video games with strong characters, and also games that you don't need to play for hours to get anywhere. Fighters are perfect for when you just want to sit down and play and get something accomplished under a half hour, compared to RPG's where a half hour could get you through the intro (if that). I started off with Dead or Alive Ultimate 2, playing that on and off while sewing. Eventually I got tired of that and stopped (Both the game and sewing). I've had that game since college and have logged in many, many, many hours over the years. From time to time I dust it off and see if I still have my skills. Usually it takes a couple matches before I get the swing of things. Did well today, broke a few new records, which is always nice.
Eventually I went and borrowed the PS2 from my brother again. While I enjoy my X-box I only have a dozen or so games for it, and out of those, only a few of those I actually play. I have many other games for the PS2, just not the system. This time along with the PS2 I borrowed We Heart Katamari, and another game I hadn't played in a while. It took me about a half hour before I remembered why I hadn't played Katamari for a while. Once you beat it, it's not as fun, not a lot of replay value in that for me.
So I switched over to the other game I borrowed... Evil Zone! I'm sure you've never heard of it, it's an older game that didn't make a big splash over here (or in Japan for that matter). It's actually a PSOne game, another fighter. I've had it forever and I'd easily put it under my top three games. I'm sure not everyone would like it like I do, it's got so many issues with it. The graphics are terrible, the controls are super simple, the dub tracking is terrible, but I love it. It's just got amazing characters, and I think the story mode is really well set up. But the characters are the main draw for me. I think I've said this before, but I'm more than willing to overlook many issues if I like the characters, but if the characters suck it could be the best game ever and I still won't play it. I just wish the game had been more popular and warranted a sequel.
Honestly if I ever was in a position at a video game company, I'd champion for this game to be remade. It just has so much potential.
And now here's something that ties it into dolls. I've honestly thought about making dolls of the characters, or at least the ones I like. Luckily the game designers were kind enough to include a lot of production art on the disk itself so you can find some really nice images, including static images of the characters, front, side and back. And from looking at the costumes, I think it wouldn't be too impossible to make certain ones. For the majority of the characters they wear clothing based on real life items. And a great deal of them avoid prints and wear solid colors. I have three favorites that if I ever decided to make these characters I would definitely make them. (And possibly only make them.) So I think that making their clothes wouldn't be the hard part. It's going to be harder painting their faces and styling their hair. Neither are my strong suit. I guess I can add that to the pile of projects I want to do at sometime in my life...

Friday, September 9, 2011

I am compelled to fill the box....

Another quiet day here today. I got asked if I wanted to go out today, but I was smart enough to decline and to stick with it. Instead I worked on dressing Free Moving Barbie... today I made three different attempts at dressing her. All of them flops and all of them in the unfinished project box in various stages of completion. Maybe I should stick her back into the closet and forget about her. She's been just as much trouble as Ricky and Skooter. At this rate I'd be able to do an entire Finish it up Friday based on stuff I've made for her alone, if I was still doing theme days that is. Sadly a lot of the re-dress list is made up of dolls like that. Although I am thinking about removing Mod Midge from the list since I still haven't done her re-root so I really can't dress her. Adding her to the list was totally putting the horse before the cart. So next month I'm just going to cross her off the list, to be added back later, when I've finally gotten around to doing her re-root. (Whenever that may be.)
Also on the doll front today I did some cleaning. Lately I've noticed some people's greasy faces have returned with a vengeance. Part of the problem is apparently how I cleaned them before. I was told that you were supposed to clean them with rubbing alcohol, but turns out that doing that only makes the plastic break down quicker. So today I pulled down several dolls of the shelf and washed them. This time picking good old water and ivory soap. I washed Francie, Talking Barbie, Allan, a blond Bubblecut, a blond Midge, the brunette Ponytail, and a blond Ken. This was also a good chance to take off their clothes to check for stains as well as brush their hair and dust them. So everyone looks good after their face washings, a lot more matte and a lot less glossy. I hope that this helps wash off some of the rubbing alcohol I used and they're going to be less likely to get super greasy. Finger's crossed for me, I still have several dolls to go on this shelf, then I get to go do the ones on the other shelves.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And just like that I'm back to square one...

I got to go out again today, and I did. There were two reasons for going out today. The first one was that I had a belated Birthday card I needed to send to my friend in Connecticut. His birthday was in the end of August and I didn't send him a text or anything on the actual day. Sad part is, I knew it was his birthday, I just couldn't remember if it was the 25th or the 27th. So I decided to cut my losses and just send him a card after the fact, finally getting it done today. Glad that I was able to get that all done and taken care of.
The second reason why I went out requires you to recall yesterday when I was working with the Barbie and Ken from the re-dress list. While I was working with Ken I was looking at him more closely. He's that really poor condition Ken that I bought a while back (and dubbed Edmund). He has a ton of issues; his head is severely cracked, he is missing an arm, his one remaining arm is missing it's thumb, his head and remaining arm has shrunk, and he had totally gone pale except for his torso. Actually the only decent part of him was his torso. I bought him because he was local, cheap, and I felt bad seeing him at the antique store time and time again. I got him around the beginning of the blog, so if you're interested you can go back and read about him. He was also the first doll from the "Set it Aside Sunday" theme days, you can read about that in the archives as well. Anyway, the outfit I made for him yesterday ended up being a wash, so I quit and went about my business.
But he stayed on my mind. He was just in really rough shape, probably the worst in my collection, and if you know my collection that says a lot. Quite honestly he's not a doll that could use a simple body upgrade, his head is in bad shape too, only his torso would be worth reusing. But then I remembered something. There was that Ken doll at the Antique mall, in decent shape, except for his torso. I know I balked at the doll originally, but could this be a way to combine the two and get a decent condition Ken out of it? I was confident enough in my joint swapping abilities, but would I be able to do it emotionally? I know it's nutty but I'd feel bad using Edmund for his parts. It's just that he's in such bad shape, much more than my skill level of repair. So while I was a little uneasy about doing the body swap, I decided to get him, and deal with the guilt afterwards. But I had to go get him before I could do a body swap, if he was still even there.
Luckily he was still there. He was marked 18 dollars, and was half off. Even though that made him 9 dollars, it was a still a bit much for a Ken doll only for parts. I had recently purchased a full Ken for that price. So I let my Dad do the bargaining he's so good at. They called the person who ran the stall and she was willing to go down to seven for the doll. Which I was much more pleased with. So he came home with me. I would have gotten him for nine, but I like him much better for seven.
At home I quickly did the body swap with a lot of boiling water. And I had a new-ish decent condition Ken doll. All that was left was to dress him. Since Edmund the first was on the re-dress list and this guy took his spot (and torso) that meant he was also on the re-dress list. Luckily I had already started a new outfit for him this morning anticipating his arrival. I had started thinking about it last night. It was basically an adaptation of a Letterman's sweater. I started off with making a red sweatshirt/fake sweater. This is actually the pattern for modern Ken t-shirts, but on the vintage body it makes a baggy sweatshirt. I used the red jersey for the main shirt, and used a different red jersey with more noticeable ribbing for the collar, cuffs, and bottom. They're a little bit different in color difference, but not too extreme. For decoration on it, I cut a K out of white felt and tacked it to the front. I guess I should have done school letters, but it's my collection, and I can do what I want! I also made him a pair of white pants. These are different because they are lined with tulle, just because I wanted to see how that would work. I did make them a little too tight, so you have to be careful they don't give a little peek in the front. I did manage to use my last metal snap on them. Now I only have black colored snaps, and there's only a few of those left.
Finally he got white socks (that I had made previously), as well as Edmund the first's white sneakers. And like that he was dressed! And in better news, I now have another doll I can cross off the redress list, which is good because there's more a-comin'. And all it cost me was nine dollars and waiting another week for a different Barbie. Worth it?
I think so.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I made good on my threat...

The one I made yesterday, when I said I was going to put away Ricky and Skooter and focus on other dolls in the collection. Which I did, well I put Skooter away. Ricky is still on my table, but I didn't do anything with him today, I just couldn't be bothered to put him in the closet with Skooter. Same thing really. Instead I dusted off some other dolls and worked with them. It was Edmund (A poor condition Ken doll and Free Moving Barbie's turn today. I made each off them an outfit, each of which I ended up hating, so into the box they went. Sadly all my sewing today was a total wash, but I shouldn't be too shocked since the past few days I got both Living Skipper and Malibu Barbie dressed, usually my creative bursts flair out after two dolls and I'm back to trying different things until something sticks. I should be at least happy that I got those two dolls dressed, and I am.
Skipped my walk again today, my foot's been acting up, plus I'm not really too thrilled to be out walking when it's so hot. I'll be happy when things cool down a little bit, or at least will be until it starts getting cold again. I did do my crunches and arm exercises, so good for me. I also got some unplanned walking in when I went out shopping today. Can you believe it's almost been a full week since I've been out of the house? Lately I've been going out every five minutes it seems like. But today was a shopping day, and I needed to go out and get something into the mail. So I was able to take care of that and get it off my back. Now I'd like to say that I was good when I was out, but I wasn't. I ended up buying something, but it was something that I've decided to resell. It was a couple of bags of Barbie furniture. There was a couch, a Windsor chair, an dining room chair, a fridge (filled with food), a crib, a wardrobe, a media wardrobe, and several other things. I wanted to see if the couch and chairs would look better than the ones I'm already using in the collection, but I decided against keeping them. They are terribly low for Charlotte, so I decided to pass them on to someone else. They're actually really nice looking. They're marked 1996, so I guess they were made before everything in Barbie's world turned Pink. They're still over at the Dollpage if anyone's interested, just remember it's first come first serve! I just hope they sell so I can recoup my losses and make my being bad seem not so bad.
I wonder if tomorrow will be better in terms of sewing, or will it be another day where I just get to feed the box of unfinished projects?
Time will tell, time will tell...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday is sloooooooooooow

Quiet day around here. Worked on my writing in the morning. I got another page done in the section I'm working on. I need to do some re-tooling for the center part, but it's shaping up nicely. At this rate I'll be able to move on to the next section in a little bit. Things are looking up, but still going slowly.
I ended up skipping my walk today, my right ankle is a bit sore. Also we've been having tornado watches on and off all day. Figured I should stay close to home when the weather's that bad, luckily it wasn't that extreme. Some rain, some wind, some thunder, some rumbles, not too bad, but it did freak the dog out some. He came in around three and wouldn't leave his crate and go back out until nine. So no walk for me, but I was good with my diet and did my crunches. Gonna be sore tomorrow.
I also worked a bit on Skooter and Ricky, doing some sewing, some online searches and a lot of mind wracking. They are continuing to be difficult to dress. I just can't find anything I like them in. I mean I make stuff for them, but when I see the end result I really don't care for it. Skooter here has had several outfits made for her, but nothing lasts long. Quickly it's discarded and I'm trying to find the next thing that would be perfect for her. I'm thinking the two of them need to go away for a while and get off my mind. I mean, they are not the only dolls on the redressed list. There's several other dolls on there too, maybe I should focus my attention on someone else. But of course I say that but I could totally see me tomorrow ripping out more hair over Ricky and Skooter not getting dressed. I can be a tad predictable like that.
Until then!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Big Announcement

Remember that I had that big announcement I was going to do at the start of the month, but had to hold off of because my sister was coming? Well here it is... I'm going to be doing a lot more exercise in the next couple of months! So while we said goodbye to "Finish it up" for the month of August, we can welcome in "Move your butt" September. That's a working title, I'll keep refining on it. The reason is that my sister is getting married in November, I'm her Maid (Man) of Honor, and I want to look my best. Plus I've also noticed that I've been chubbing back up from when I was working out before. I'm nowhere as near as where I was before, but I certainly don't want to go back to where I once was. Ideally I'd like to keep getting skinner. And there's only one way to get back to that; Diet and Exercise. (Gross) Both of which I've been lax on for a while. I've basically stopped exercising, and been really bad with my diet. Still better than before, but there's a lot more snacks and cheats in the past couple of months. But that stops now. I've already cut out all snacking from my meals. Also I'm going to eventually work on cutting down on the amount of foods that I eat during my meals. Wish me luck.
I'm also going to be doing more exercise, starting today. I went on a long walk today. It was... interesting. It ended up being longer than I was expecting since I got my roads mixed up. Luckily I was able to sort it out and get back home. But I will say, man was it hot today. My shirt was drenched in sweat. I really should have taken water with me, my dad even suggested I should, but I was bone headed and said I'd be fine. Apparently according to Google maps I walked more than 4.5 miles today, no wonder I'm so tired, even back when I was walking a lot I only walked 6 miles maximum, and that was something I built up to. Anyway, I'm also going to be working on my arms and my stomach, those are the two areas that need the most work. My legs are in better condition because they're used to lugging around a whole lot of me!
In the evening, after I had rested from my tiring walk, I did some sewing for Ricky, after a terrible, terrible, terrible struggle with getting the pattern to print out correctly. I decided I wanted to try making Ricky a cowboy shirt, so I did. I was winging it as I went, but it actually came out pretty decently. Sadly when I was all done with the initial sewing I decided that I didn't like the look so I scrapped it. Eventually I'll go back and finish the shirt, but right now I'd rather not spend the time on something I know I don't want to use. It's actually been really hard designing something for Ricky. It's just menswear is so boring, it's had very little style changes in the past 100 (plus) years. No wonder I have more fun with Barbie.
Sorry Ricky!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday gets stuff done!

Had breakfast with my family this morning, sister and her fiance included (except without my brother). It was different but nice, I rarely see anyone when I head downstairs for breakfast, we're all on such different schedules. My dad made pancakes for everyone, but I declined sticking to my normal bread and butter meal. I did sit with everyone when I was having my cup of tea, so that was nice. My sister and her fiance left around ten like they were planning. They had a long drive to get to Asheville, seeing their play, than an even longer trip back home.
After they left I hung out for a bit downstairs, then wandered back upstairs. I had some cleaning to do... yes, more cleaning. But this time it was cleaning my room. In the past week it had gotten neglected and things have begun to pile up again, really a bad situation. So I spent a bit of time straightening things out and generally organizing. Nothing too extreme, but at this point every little thing helps. I was able to get a lot of things organized and put away so the room as a whole just feels neater. Still have plenty of things to still put away, but that can wait for another day. I also got new patterns listed over on Etsy. I really need to be more contentious about getting stuff into the store. I've had several things sell, and have not kept up my promise to add new things for every thing that sells. I started prepping these new patterns the other day, but only got to take pictures before I had to do something else. Today I was able to get three new patterns into my store. I still have three more that I have pictures done for but I ran out of steam after the first three. It's not an overly difficult process, but it still takes a while to post one. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually, but at least I got those three out there!
I also got some sewing done today. I was looking at the outfit I created yesterday for Malibu and wasn't in any mood to finish it. Usually when that happens it means I'm having an issue with it... and I was. After leaving it along all night coming back to it made me realize that it was looking rather dowdy. It had crossed over from Marcia Brady into 9 to 5 territory. So I scrapped it. It went into the finish it up box. Luckily it's separates, so maybe there will be a life for one of the pieces some other time. So with that dealt with it was time to go back to the drawing board for Malibu Barbie. I was over on Flickr looking through a doll sewers group, mainly trying to get inspired for something for Skooter or Ricky. Did you know that they came well before TNT Skipper and Living Skipper and those two are already dressed? They're both being tricky, silly straight leg dolls. Anyway, I did not find anything for either of them, but I did find something I liked for Malibu. Only in order to make it would require, using the princess seam pattern I most recently failed with, inset sleeves, and a collar. Three things I'm certainly not pleased doing. But I am a slave to these little plastic creatures, so I made it.
It's a princess seamed dress, with cuffs and collars. It's different because instead of the dress being made from the same fabric for all the pieces (like the Chobits dress) the front panel is a different color. In the source it was a blue and while polka dot, but I did not have any fabric like that, but I wouldn't have copied the dress exactly. The blue was just the front panel, the rest was red. I kept the red, but changed the light patterned blue into a dark solid blue (But I did try several other colors with it). For the most part it was not too difficult, but I did have some difficulties with it. I managed to sew one half of it inside out, so I had to redo one side multiple times, as well as I had to redo the cuffs (they were too long), and one side I couldn't get the side seam to match up. But I managed to over come it, even the collar, which was a total pain, but finished. I also got most of it finished today. All that's missing in the back seam on the skirt. I really like this dress now, but it is a little tight in the bodice. You can see some straining going on in the bust. I don't think it's going to be too much trouble, but at least I know if Barbie busts out of her top I can always remake it. I'll finish it tomorrow since it still needs the back hem and to be color fasted.
Luckily she's done, I can't have two Malibu dolls sitting around waiting to be dressed. (But that third doll isn't here yet, and is still a secret... shhhhhh.)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

They're here...

Sister's and Fiance's arrival day today. I had no idea when they were going to show up. Usually when they come for the day they come around two. Today they ended up not showing up until 4:30, which was fine by me.
I didn't do much cleaning today, I finished the bathroom, and swept the rooms that I had already cleaned previously. I didn't bother doing anything additional to the kitchen, nobody else did either. I can honestly say I believe I am the only one that did any cleaning for their visit. Usually I can at least count on some frantic last minute cleaning by everyone on the last day, but not this time. I really hope that's not a reflection of what will happen from now on. Because if it is, I certainly quit. I won't play that game. I was also able to skip going out today. I got invited several times, but since I'm being good, I was all set not going. Plus I went out yesterday, so not going the next day isn't that big of a deal.
Since I wasn't cleaning, I did do some sewing. I worked on dressing my second Malibu Barbie. I know she's dressed, but lately I just felt that it wasn't working for her, so I've been trying again. I didn't bother about adding her to the redress list for this month. Still on the fence about what I made for her today, so I'll have to get back to you on it. It's nowhere near finished, and I didn't get to do any work on it after our guests arrived.
Which they did, around 4:30 like I said. We sat around chatting for a bit, followed by dinner, where after that my father and my sister's fiance went out of the movies. They saw that new Helen Mirren film. My sister, my mother, and myself sat around chatting for a while. My brother quickly deserted us after dinner. Eventually we ended up watching Annie on cable. I just love that movies, it's just so darn cute. And Carol Burnett is AMAZING in it! Before the movie was over we all ended going our separate ways, it was late and everyone was tired.
Another long day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Work, work, work, He'll never get the dress done"

I started off my morning with some more cleaning... oh joy. It was today that I hit the wall, the point where I get to mad that I'm the only one cleaning when I'm not the only one making a mess. Usually then I quit, but today I kept going. I spent an hour forty five cleaning in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom is mostly done, and the kitchen is nowhere near finished, but I don't care. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the bathroom, and sweep the floors of the places that I already cleaned. Anybody else can do the kitchen, because I don't care anymore.
I also went out in the afternoon. I needed to get several things into the mail, plus a local antique was having a sale this weekend "75 percent off"! I got my things into the mail (Yay), but the "sale" was a bust. The only thing that was 75 percent off was the stuff on the landing, which is usually 50 percent off normally. A couple stalls had 25 percent off signs on them, but not for any stalls that had anything I wanted. Besides, not to brag, but with my Dad there, we usually end up getting close to 25 percent off normally! So we didn't get anything there this week. Which I'm fine with, honestly I am. We also hit up the Antique Mall (nothing again) as well as the Christian Second Hand store, where I saw the saddest thing. They had two old Cabbage Patch Kid dolls there for sale, still with their original birth certificates attached. It was so sad to see that whoever owned them cared enough to make sure they kept that easily lost paper, but still got rid of them. It was literally like seeing an orphan for sale. Made me sad.
We also stopped in at Walmart, who has seemed to re-do their doll section. Their Monster High section is still going strong. This time I saw several of the Frankie and Draculaura clothing sets, among other new things. I haven't seen Abbie or Spectra yet, but I do check. I don't want them, but it's interesting to see new dolls that I've never seen in person. Right now the only thing that would really tempt me would be if I saw the Ghoulia fashion pack... or maybe Gloom Beach Frankie on sale as well.
I got out of there without buying anything as well, but wasn't lucky for the entire trip. I had to stop in to Hobby Lobby and pick up some stuff. I haven't shopped there in a while, but I needed a few things for several projects, and when one of those projects is for Sweet Sixteen, you get the materials. I ended up getting a spool of tulle (on sale), some yellow rick-rack, and a half yard of red and white checked gingham. I've already made the dress for Sweet Sixteen out of the gingham and hate it, so it's going into finish it up box. I'm disappointed that another dress I made for her doesn't work on her, but hardly surprised, she's so difficult to dress.
I'm exhausted, so see everyone tomorrow!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An announcement for you all...

But first my day: It was a quiet day, I managed to get the living room and the upstairs hall cleaned and organized. As well as getting some minor cleaning done in the kitchen. Tomorrow I have to clean the upstairs bathroom as well as the kitchen, but I'm thinking about putting off the kitchen to last so that it'll be more likely that someone other than myself will actually do it. I just hate cleaning that kitchen, hate, hate, hate it.
I also got Skipper's outfit finished. I didn't have much to do today since all it really needed was the back seam finished as well as making her her second sock. I also added some hair ribbons to her outfit and gave her a shoe. I say shoe singular since the shoes that really looks lovely on her I only have one of. And the worst part is, I have no idea where it came from originally so I can't try to find a match for it. So if anyone knows where a Barbie sneaker with molded stars on the sole was from I'd love to know. I also have the same mold of shoe in purple. I do really like the shoes, I just wish I had a matching pair. But even with the solo shoe Skipper is adorable. I will say dressing her with her rubbery arms and legs are a pain. I guess Charlotte's hard plastic body has really spoiled me! I took some pictures outside so you can see Skipper in all her dressed glory.
Also today marks the end of "Finish it up for the Month of August." I'm proud that I made it, it was really tough some days. But it was beneficial, I got a lot out of the box, but there's still plenty more to deal with. But I did like having something to share with you all at the end of the day. It really cut down on those days where I didn't feel like sewing, but still did in order to have something to share at the end of the day. I think that while the month deal is over, I will keep up with doing something like that on days where I don't have anything else to share with you. So before I take down that header from the blog, let's take a moment to immortalize it in the post:

There, not that that's done let's never look at it again. I still think it's rather ugly. (Edit, I couldn't get it to show up in the blog, so you will have to remember it in your mind) But anyway, onto my big announcement. I am done buying dolls for the next month. Lately with the recent influx of dolls I haven't had the time to sit back and enjoy the collection. The new dolls get a few days to get dressed then get thrown into the collection while I'm working on the next doll. And even worse after I get a new doll I'm already moving onto what one I'm going to get next. It's a sick obsession that I need to curb. So this month I'm not going to buy any more dolls... but with that being said I do have a couple things that are still in the works from late last month, that will be bringing in more dolls. But once those are done, I am done for the rest of the month. I will no longer be actively seeking out new dolls for the month of September. No E-bay searches, no board post, and no random Google searches. It's time to reflect on the collection compared to my next score. I really think that's for the best.

Redress List for September

I've been actually looking forward to posting this. I'm super curious to see where I stand in terms of redressing people, although I honestly think there's not a lot of turn around this month.
Anyway, the Redress List for September stands at;

Teen Skipper,
Sweet Sixteen,
Mod Midge,
Free Movin' Barbie,
Living Skipper

Dolls taken off the list: Julia, Blond TNT, Superstar Barbie, Sports & Shave Ken,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Dolls added to the list: Julia, Living Skipper, Ricky

Well then, it looks like I finally managed to trim the list down to a reasonable amount. There's only ten dolls still on it compared to last month. Julia managed to be the only doll that got on and off the list this month, but I've only had three new dolls this month. (Only three you ask?) Also two of the dolls crossed off the list have been because of them leaving the collection, not because I dressed them. But I did manage to get three dolls dressed this month, so that's a good thing!
Hopefully next month will keep up the trend of getting more dolls off the list than adding them.

I can always dream right?