Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arg, stress!

So, today I skipped book writing again, hopefully come Thursday I'll be back to normal and be back to the writing path.
Instead I did some research about my collar issues. And I have to say... did not find anything helpful. I did a lot of searches and looked over other patterns that I have, but couldn't find anything that really helped me. So eventually I just bit the bullet and tried again, using the collar pattern that I've used before. This one came out better than my previous attempts. Not perfect, but I can live with this version. I still need practice though. Still open to hearing how other people handle them.
After that I finished up the bodice and set about the make the skirt. I decided that I wanted to add a pleated skirt, so I had to make it first, before attaching it. I'm doing some adapting with the skirt pattern to see if I can make it look better in the back. The first attempt was a loss, I cut the back too short. so it didn't go around all the way. This wasn't a total loss because it was actually too short, it was showing much too much leg. I would have removed it anyway, and redone it. So I did redo it, making sure it was longer this time. The second one came out much (much) better than the first, in fit and in length. After that it was just detail and finishing it up work. I ended up added a row of pearl beads down the front, mimicking buttons. I didn't get it totally finished today, still need to do a couple things on it, not to mention, I need to make a few accessories for it, so tomorrow it will have it's grand unveiling, for you guys. Also, it's on my finished Skipper re-root, so you get to see that too for the first time. I hope you like it, I know I really do.

Now it's time for another teaser about my birthday present, but instead it's going to be a gripe. On Friday I won the auction, and got an e-mail telling me that. I e-mailed back an hour or so after that, then I waited. Yesterday I e-mailed again, wondering if they received my first e-mail, that's when I got e-mailed back. I found out the shipping for my item. I was expecting it for be about 10 dollars or so, turns out the cheapest estimate is going to be over 30! Which is mind boggling because that's more than what I'm paying for the item itself. Also I've paid less for further away, recently. So it's a bit up in the air if my parents are willing to pay for that. I offered to chip in what little money I have left, so here's hoping that will help. I'm looking into other shipping services, hopefully I can find something cheaper. Also the seller doesn't use Paypal, so I'm going to have to send a money order, which would be fine, except that apparently come Friday there might be a postal strike in Canada. Why does thing happen at the exact time that I need to use the Canadian postal service???

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Well, I think I'm finally getting better from this sinus infection. I'd say right now I'm at 75 percent of my normal health. I'm really estimating it, because I'm not really sure what's symptoms are from being ill compared to the fact that I haven't slept very well the past two nights.
Since I'm still dealing with my compromised concentration I decided to skip writing today, I may end up working on that tomorrow, but that all depends on how I'm feeling.
So instead I did some sewing. I'm working on a different Skipper outfit. I was using the adapted Blythe top that I tweaked way back when. You may remember I used it before for Skooter's dress I think... Back then I used the original pattern and not the adapted one that I made. This time I did the exact same thing, leaving me with a top with a terrible fit. Couldn't believe that I did that again! So I just threw out the original pattern, won't make that mistake again. I should have done that back when I first mixed them up, saved myself a world of trouble.
After I sorted that out, I ended up remaking the top with the correct pattern. It was then that I ran into my next issue, collars. They have single-handedly become the bane of my sewing experience, beating out inset sleeves and snaps by a wide margin. No matter what I try I just can't get them to come out decently. I'd say over 90 percent of my collars have some sort of major issue. If anyone out there has any tips or tricks about dealing with collars I'd love to hear them, like love, love, love to hear them. I'm seriously stumped. I didn't get very far with the dress because of that little sticking issue with the collar. I guess I'll have to try again another day.
I did manage to finish something today. While I was online looking for something I found out how to make a pair of underwear for male dolls. So I went and made a pair of Joe. They're a bit bulky and look a bit like a diaper, but I can make them! Haven't had that much need to make men's underwear, but I now at least have that option. And I'm sure if I thought about it and worked with it I could get rid of the bulk. They're mainly bulky because I lined them instead of dealing with hemming them. It was an interesting experience to say the least, although I did mess up several times. There's a failure pair in the trash now, but at least I made one pair.
Now before I sign off, I should share with you another teaser about my Birthday present. But I'm not going to. Instead I'm share something else with you, something I bought and am waiting for in the mail. And I have a confession, it's more shoes. I seriously am starting to think that this is a problem. But since I don't buy ready made doll clothes anymore, or dolls you can find in stores, I need to have some vices. Right now it's only fabrics and shoes (and the occasional vintage doll). I think I can let that slide. Anyway, over on Etsy a few days ago I found someone selling four pairs of those squishy rubber knee high Barbie boots. I'm not sure if I shared this with you, but I love these type of boots. They are just so classic and beautiful. I own one pair, but they have been taken and worn by my Modern Circle Barbie. And she's had them for years now. Charlotte used to wear them, but had to give them up. They are a pair of shoes that I missed having available. In fact for a while they were borrowed for the Steampunk outfit, until I got those brown shoes that worked better, and I returned them back to Modern Circle. I always keep my eyes peeled for them, and usually they are expensive and sell fast. Especially since Mattel stopped using them in their outfits, opting for more bizarre and ugly molds. But this time I found a pair in black, white, light blue, and light pink, for five dollars (plus two for shipping). The white and pink ones had some stains (that happens), but the other two were perfect. I thought about letting them pass me by, but I just couldn't let that happen. I needed them, I really did. So I snatched them up. They're going to be shipped tomorrow and will get here soon. I can't wait... I'm not sure when or where I'm going to use them at this exact moment, but I will tell you that I will use them. I can assure you that someone soon will be wearing these boots. Not sure if I'll be able to use the black ones with anyone other than Charlotte, she knows what happened the last time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Checking in.

I just wanted to pop in and write to you guys so you didn't think that I abandoned you, or worse... died.
Like I said in my last post, I'm dealing with some ill health. Basically a sinus infection of sorts. I've had them before, but this one's different since it also brought dry eyes and a general sense of cloudiness to the party. Never had those before. I've been laying pretty low the past week, and it seems to be a bit on the mend (note: seems to be). I've still been trying to sew, but my concentration and focus have been shot. So I have nothing new to show you, well nothing new that I made.

But I do have something new to share, or at least partially share. The other day I won my birthday present from my parents (Eek!). I still have to pay for it and have it shipped to me (and it's coming from far away), but the first step is done. Now, instead of showing it to you, I'm going to drag it out. Because I like making you guys wait. I've gone cruel with sickness. So today you'll just get to see part of my present. Just remember the best things are yet to come...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Guys

I'm sick, and it's taken all the desire to blog out of me.

Taking a few days off of writing to get better. See you in a bit.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a waste of a day...

Well, I'm still letting my finger rest, so I did some sewing.

I ended up making four variations of the same dress, all unusable and in the trash.

I might have as well skipped today. :(

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well I did it...

No, not finish the re-root, that's on hold for a bit. I finally did that thing where I made a slice in my finger from making all those knots, from my thumbnail. It's super annoying, but at least it doesn't bleed. Instead it's just very sore to the touch, and I just so happen to need to touch it whenever I'm making knots. This usually happens when I'm doing re-roots, it's really inevitable. I remember it happened when I did Charlotte's re-root, and I just suffered though the pain. This doll is not as important, so I'm taking a few days off to let my finger heal. I'm not putting her away, since I know if I do that I won't get back to her anytime soon. Instead I'm leaving her and the supplies out and just keep moving them out of my way. That way they're always underfoot and when my finger's healed I'll be more inclined to finish the re-root and get things put away. There is a method to my madness.

Even after I was done with the re-root of the day, I worked on another project, one much less finger intensive. Lately I've noticed that even with all the clothing I made for Charlotte she usually goes back to the same five or six outfits. Usually they are stored in the bags with the rest of the clothes, except for one that has been kicking around on her shelf, her default look when she's between outfits. While I like having it handy, I hate having it just cluttering up the shelf. There's a couple other people who also are guilty of storing their spare clothes on the shelf too. Also on her shelf is a set of shelves that I store the shoes that Charlotte traditionally uses with her clothes. It's just so convient having all those often used pieces out and not having to dig though everything to find what I need. So I decided to make a garment rack for Charlotte. It wouldn't be exclusively hers, anybody who needed to use it could. I started off with tearing apart my room trying to find any hangers that I've accumulated. I only have a dozen or so, but it's a start. To make the actual rack, I bought more cabinet doors at Habitat for Humanity. My father drilled two holes in each of them. One up high, for dresses, and one lower for tops and bottom. I used more dowels in it too. Basically the same techniques as the thread holder that I made. It's a bit wobbly (I could have been better when taping the ends of the dowels), but that's fine with me. It's not going to be getting a lot of rough play or anything. It stands on it's own, and comes apart of needed (so it can move with me). I went though the collection and pulled out a lot of clothes that Charlotte wears from time to time. It's sort of a greatest hits of outfits. There's a couple things missing that I would like to add, but I don't have enough hangers. When I'm done displaying the "Tales of the Hoffmann" dress on my dress form, it will go here. Also I'd like to display the Regency dress, as well as the steampunk dress. But I'm going to need a lot of hangers for that last one because it's made of a lot of different pieces. Here's a photo of it. The clothing is as follows. Back Row, Left to Right; Mattel Wedding Dress, Charlotte's Pea Coat, Charlotte's Shirt dress (pre-blog), Charlotte's red Christmas dress with matching caplet, and the wedding dress I made recently. Front row, left to right. White petticoat, Vanessa's skirt and jacket, Ricky's shirt, Mattel red skirt, and Charlotte's white turtleneck. Since taking that picture I put away the petticoat and added that checkered shirt that I made for Charlotte a while back. I really need more hangers now. I wonder if I can find them locally?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another pair of shoes? You've got to be kidding me!

I wanted to say that I started the Skipper Re-root yesterday. You know me and re-roots, the sooner they begin, the sooner they end. I didn't bother taking pictures because I'd rather plow on though than stop and take pictures. Besides, it's only the end result that really matters with stuff like that. And I will definitely take pictures when it's all over and done with. So look forward to that.

Anyway today ended up being a shopping day, a different one that usual. It started off like the normal trips, then changed very quickly. Originally it was going to be the usual stops with all the second hand stores. But instead my father went to the downtown district on Sunset, the section with all the antique stores! He wanted to check out the Library book store, and he asked me if I wanted to go to the antique stores... seriously, that's like asking me if I want to keep breathing oxygen. Of course I wanted to go.
The first store was for the most part uninteresting. I did see that the Barbie dolls in the case were still there (Malibu Barbie, Mod P.J., Malibu Ken, Skooter, and Ricky). I knew that they were out of my price range so I didn't even bother looking at them in depth, even though I'd love to have them come home with me. I did see something new that was interesting. It was one of those Hong Kong dolls that use the Bild Lilli molds, one with the pink attached ponytail. She was 22 dollars, and while it was interesting, I don't collect those so she stayed there. I did take a picture of her however. Also it would be interesting to point out that this one was the place with the cool/creepy upper floor. The one that you feel like a murderer could be lurking waiting to strike around each corner. This time there were other people up there and all the lights were turned on. It was much less creepy, and much less fun this way. I actually enjoyed the pretend fear that came along with wondering that there was something dangerous there. It was like exploring an abandoned house, but legal. So I only made a quick sweep of it and left. I didn't leave the store empty handed. I found a new Barbie wicker chair for Charlotte. It's rather ornate, and you know how much I like having chairs for Charlotte to rotate. I'm toying with the idea of making a cushion for it, but I might not bother. It's actually tall enough for her feet not touch the ground when sitting. This only set me back 50 cents.
After that we went to check out another store along the strip. Sadly it was closed because it was moving. I was especially bummed since I was hoping to buy some vintage handkerchiefs there to try and make some doll clothes. I guess I'm going to have to wait some more to get some.
After there we went to the big antique store. We have a few people from there in the collection, okay, only two. Both painted hair Kens in "meh" condition. (Actually, this is where Chatty Cathy came from too, and I love her) But this was the place that had the booth of vintage dolls with the dollar box of shoes. I decided to start looking upstairs since it's cheaper and I didn't want to spend too much time there. So I breezed though the upstairs. There I found a booth with some cheap doll clothes. There I found a teal mod looking Barbie clone dress, as well as a male doll jacket, both for a dollar. They were both stapled in their plastic back packaging in FIVE places. you read that right, five places. The guy probably spent more on staples then got back in profits. When there I also found a vintage Midge doll. Unfortunately her face was mouse chewed and they wanted 28 dollars for her. It was from that guy that always over prices all of his stuff. She was on the more conservative side, but there were still plenty of things that made my eyes widen at his markup. If I still have any money left over when all my wheeling and dealing is done, I may go and buy her for her body, but I may not. Before I left I went down to the vintage doll booth to check it out, and it was gone! Which was upsetting. Before I left to go pay I ended up walking up the row of glass cases they have in front. They too have vintage dolls, always much out of my price range. Imagine my surprise when I saw the vintage dolls weren't gone, the woman had just moved her booth to there! And on top was the shoe box of shoes, and you know I had to check it out. I saw a pair of sneakers that I would have bought, but then I saw a pair of white pumps that looked oddly vintage. I snagged them because they were nice, and for a dollar you can't beat that price.
We hit up another store in that section (turns out the book store was closed, it has odd hours.) before heading home. It was a small store, one that we've been to like twice before. It was mostly nothing I wanted, but in the back of the store I saw a doll. A male doll with his feet chewed off. When I saw him I believed him to be a New Kids on the Block doll, but I wasn't interested in him, it was in what he was wearing. He was wearing a black and white houndstooth suit, and immediately when I saw it, it yelled, vintage Ken. Sure enough when I took off the jacket there was a Ken label. He came home with me for the price of a dollar.
We were not done shopping yet after that, we also went to Habitat for Humanity Re-store. There I managed to snag this lamp for fifty cents. you have no idea how happy that makes me. My room has terrible lighting, and when the sun goes down it's impossible to really keep working. Working with dark material? Forget about it, hopefully this will fix that problem and cut down on eye strain. I'll keep you posted. I picked this one because it was cheap and small. I don't have a lot of space on my desk, and don't want to take up any more than I have to.
At home I was able to research my purchases. The teal dress was labeled Hong Kong, with a paper label. One that dissolved when I was forced to wash it to remove some stains. Also the blue dye has been running like crazy. All the white parts of it are now dyed splotchy blue. I'm annoyed that it's been stained like that, but I'd rather have it stain the dress, than stain whatever doll I put it on. It's still soaking now. The solo jacket is a Ken jacket, from 1973. It belongs to a pilot's uniform. It's missing the pants, the shirt, the pin, the hat, and the shoes. Basically, everything. Still, it was a dollar. The shoes seem to be actual vintage shoes. They look exactly like the examples I find online, as well as they have the correct markings. So I really think I got a pair of vintage closed toe spiked heels for a dollar. Pretty sweet! My blond bubblecut with the nose nip is now wearing them, replacing the modern white heels that she was wearing. This is doubly good since I wanted to use those shoes elsewhere. I now have four pairs of vintage shoes in the collection. I'm moving up in the world!
The suit that I bought turns out to be from an outfit called "Big Business". It's for Mod Ken (which I assumed, since it could fit Joe), and came with a pair of socks and shoes, and a blue shirt with a mod tie. Since I didn't need the doll that it came with, I offered it as a gift to Smidge Girl, since I know she has one of these dolls already. She accepted, so it's going into the mail early next week.
Not a bad haul for five dollars right?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyone's a Winner!

That's right, no matter which order you thought I was going to get the items you ordered you were right, because they all arrived today. I was hoping for the hair and the package from Matt, since according to their tracking numbers they were in town at six this morning. But when I went out to check the mail there were three packages there for me. The body arrived today too! It came from Virginia, so it's not surprising that it arrived to quickly, but it was still a nice surprise. I didn't bother taking pictures of the bodies or the hair because it's just a body and... hair. Nothing fun or exciting. They won't be interesting until they're actually in use. I will say that Charlotte's lucky that I like her as a blond, because that titan hair is gorgeous!
But I did take pictures of the stuff from Matt Sutton so you can see what I got.
First up we have the Bubblecut head. She has a repaired neck split, and the start of another one. I'm going to have to pre-treat that one before I start doing anything with her. But really, what can you expect for five dollars? I've paid more for worse, still a bargain. Re-thinking about re-rooting her, there's just so many holes in her head!Next we have our first group of shoes. First up is the white sneakers for the flat footed Barbie. Like I said these fit Vintage Ken if you push them on. I don't have a real use for them at the moment, but I figured it would be good to have a pair handy just in case. Next is a pair of yellow converse like shoes. These fit Barbie, but actually are a bit big for her. They don't fit anyone else. Not sure who made them, I want to say Liv, but I could be totally wrong. They almost fit vintage Ken except they are too narrow in the toe. Rats! Next is another pair of shoes for the flat footed Barbie. I didn't realize that they were those until they arrived. I don't have a doll that can fit them. They are long enough for Tuesday Taylor, but they don't have any arch and she has a pretty pronounced one, so it's a no go. I stuck them into the back of shoes that I have no real use for. Can't win them all I guess.After that is a pair of red sandals. I think that these have been modified with the strap been cut down. Right now the bubblecut in the Kimono is wearing them. They work better than the 90's Barbie pumps she was wearing at the time. Next is a pair of white Barbie flats. Not totally in love with this style, but I'm sure something so neutral will get used eventually. I think they might even fit Momoko and Francie, so that's a plus. Next is a pair of white kitten heels without a back. There's also some pink decorations on the front. These I just thought looked cool, no real outfit in mind for them yet.Starting off our final picture of new shoes we have a pair of gold heels with a strap. I'm not in love with the heels on these (they're a bit heavy), so I'm thinking about modifying them. Make them a little more delicate. Next is a pair of Rement shoes (I think they are, they're marked RM on the bottom of one of them.) They fit the Jenny dolls and Licca. Right now my first Jenny is wearing them, even though they don't really match her outfit, her feet are covered. And finally, we have a pair in brown much like the white and pink one above. I bought these because they gave off a serious professional look.So that's the shoes I got today. And do you think that's enough? (The answer is no people.) Even now I want more shoes people, more! Here's a photo of Charlotte with part of the shoe collection. She's missing the boot and right/left specific shoes bag. Also missing are the shoes that people are wearing in the collection. It will never be enough, will it? Is there treatment for shoe addictions?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I guess it's time for another rant...

It's been high time since the last one, so I guess another one was just around the corner. Before I begin, I should tell you, I have another night's of poor sleep under my belt. I literally stayed awake until 6 am this morning. For some reason I could not fall asleep no matter what I did to try and remedy the situation. And when I finally went to bed this morning, I only got three hours of sleep, getting up at nine. So I know how I respond without sleep, I'm usually pretty crabby. I'm trying to remain calm and appear cheerful, but this might be what's fueling this little rant this morning.
Okay, onto the rant. Recently I've sold something (not from Etsy, that's again a lame duck), and for the first time in a while I had some free money to use. I decided that I wanted to finally purchase a vintage Casey doll, as well as aim for a couple other things. And so I've been bidding, and waiting, and getting outbid. And while I totally understand getting outbid, that's the name of the game, he who's willing to pay the most wins. But what I cannot stand are people who wait until the last second to snipe the auction out from under you. It's happened to me SEVERAL times over the past few days, as recently as this morning. People who wait until the last few seconds to put their bid in and try and beat you at the last second. That I don't feel is fair, like at all. Today I was outbid on another Casey doll, one that I was winning until the last 30 seconds. By the time I knew that I was outbid the auction was over. And this person bid 3 times trying to outbid me at the last second. It just sucks, it sucks I tell you. I know I shouldn't expect any manners on the internet (especially on E-bay), but it still seems like a really terrible thing to do. If I had been outbid in a more legitimate way I'd be fine with it. There's been several dolls and things that I've been outbid on. They simply get out of my price range, and while it's saddening, I accept it and move on. I guess I'm just mad at the fact that I wasn't even get the chance to up my bid because of this persons less than honorable actions. It just ruins any aspect of fair play. Honestly E-bay should instill a policy that only people who have bid before can continue to bid in the last half hour of an auction. That would get rid of the snipers and make more bidding wars early on. I know they'll never do it, but I just get so mad at those people who snipe. There's a special spot in Hades for them I know. And I don't want to sound bitter, but I am. So to whoever outbid me on that Casey doll, I hope she breaks. (Oooh, that's mean...)
But this isn't a post full of negativity. The other day (when I lost another E-bay auction), I ended up buying a few things that were on my want list, but what I was just waiting on. These things weren't auctions, and I figured they could wait until my auctions were over. Since I was getting outbid on auction's left and right, I was in a bum mood so I bought several things to cheer me up.
First off, I bought a vintage Barbie body I found on Etsy for eight dollars, including shipping. It's in pretty decent condition, and is only is missing a pinky. (I think, I could be wrong, I'm going from memory on this.) How could I pass up a price like that?
Next I bought a large order of Titan Barbie hair. I needed this for Skipper and I've decided to do that Mod Barbie head that I won over on "In the Pink" in that color too. She however does not have a body (more about that in a second). This cost me 10.27 including shipping since they were having a sale, which I believe is still going on. Restoredoll.com, I might have spelled that wrong, I always spell it wrong.
After that I saw a post by Matthew Sutton over on "In the Pink", you might be familiar with the name. He makes and sells the most beautiful custom dolls, usually Silkstones. Anyway, he has a website that sells his extras. I've looked at it several times and have wanted to order from him, but never had the money. But when I was looking over his site, I found that he had a vintage Bubblecut head for five dollars. She needs a re-root, and she has a repaired neck split as well as some makeup retouches, but for that price I couldn't be that picky. I'm thinking that she is going to get rooted in Titan, like I need another re-root project to do. That's not the only thing that I got from him. He also sells certain doll shoes for a dollar! And you know me and my shoe addiction. I seriously cannot pass up getting more shoes. So I picked out nine pairs that I liked, thought I could use, or just wanted because. I picked up another pair of white sneakers that fit Skipper, Barbie, and Francie dolls because I don't have anymore spares. I also picked up a pair of white sneakers that fit the flat foot Barbie dolls because if you force them on they can fit vintage Ken. I forget the exact details of the rest of the shoes, they're mainly heels. A couple of them I took a gamble on and bought even though the details were hard to see. Hopefully I can use most of them, although it's not like I don't have bags and bags of shoes already. I spent 17 dollars for all that, including shipping.
Now I bought all of these the same day, throughout the day. Basically in order of introduction here. They all shipped yesterday. So I'm taking bets on what arrives first. I don't have anything to win, just for my own general amusement. Right now my Mom had them arriving in the order I purchased them. I have the hair, then the head/shoes, followed by the body. Now anyone can take a guess for any other order, or you can agree with any order that's already been mentioned. So what do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Cabinet Catalouge, Drawer Three, Part One

I have something to share with you guys, yesterday I broke my sole remaining sewing machine needle. It was literally the last one in the house, I had already stolen the one in my mother's machine, so we were tapped out. Eventually I'm going to be getting some more, but that might take a few days. So I'm stuck with my hand sewing skills, so guess what? I'm going to do some more work with the sewing chest cabinet. My loss is your gain!
This is the third and final drawer in the cabinet. It's also the biggest and is at least the size of the two above it. This one was the one with the missing knob when my dad originally found it, he said a lot of people left it because it was missing it. Turns out the missing knob was in this drawer. If you work it back into the fixture it stays. You just have to be careful when you pull on the drawer because it will come back off if you tug it too much. Here's the photo of the drawer altogether before I started taking anything out of it for it's individual photos.And here's a photo of the drawer with everything taken out. As you can see, several things disintegrated at the bottom. Into the trash they went.And here's the drawer after I cleaned it all out.It's marked on the bottom with "No 14" there's also something that could be another mark after that, but it just looks like a big smudge.Now onto the stuff inside the drawer! First off we have a trio of small boxes. The first one is a Surcrets box, and is chalk full of pins. Most of them are straight pins, but there's also a couple of ball pins. The next box is a simple white plastic one, I assume made for pins. Inside this one is a variety of snaps, eyes and hooks, and a couple of large hand sewing needles. One of them is triangular in shape and marked Jas Smith & Sons. It seems this company is still around making needles. The third box is the one with the most wear on it. I can read that it originally contained Hexylresorcinol Sucrets. You can find tins like this on E-bay apparently, they don't sell for very well, so I guess there's not much of a market. This one is also full of straight pins, and a couple of ball pins. It's also kind of hard to open, I'd worry about it popping open and pins flying everywhere.Next we have two sheets of snaps. The first one is "Wizard Snap Fastener", look at that logo in the upper right corner. Isn't that cool? Apparently it "works like magic", I wish snaps were magic. If they sewed themselves on it would be magic. The next one is a sheet of Wilsnap "Fashion's Fastener" snaps. On the back is an ad for their invisible snap tape and their lingerie clasp. I didn't take a picture of that.After that we have a variety of snaps, and a sheet of hook and eyes. They Hook and eyes are from DeLong, and was patented in 1904. Made in America, and "Rust? Never!!". I guess that claim's accurate, there's no rust on them. Next we have some DeLong snaps (who also claim to never rust), several full sheets and a few partial sheets of "Boye" snaps, and one partial sheet of snaps that I can't find a name. I do know that they were made in the U.S.A., and that they were purchased at Shartenberg's in Pawtucket, R.I.. Although, if you look that name up on Google you find it was a store in New Haven, Connecticut that closed it's doors in 1962. That location makes more sense than the R.I. one since this chest came from Connecticut.
Next we have what I believe is a sewing machine attachment? It's silver metal and the circle part is smaller than a quarter, but bigger than a nickle. It's marked on one side H&K and the other Pat. Pend. But I really can't find anything about it online. All I get are gun sites. Weird.
After that we have a bag, one that used to have chocolate. Nestle's to be exact. It was the Bakers Dozen Special. "13-5 cent chocolate bars 65 cent value one (Unmarked) cents". Was out mystery sewer a secret snacker? I guess we'll never know.Next we have a full sheet of six magnets. Handy Magnets their name, and they have a guaranteed lifetime full strength. At that time they cost 6 for 59 cents. They "hold memos, notices, recipes on bulletin boards, stove, cabinet, card dashboard, desk. They were a "product of Bellern Research Corp., Saugerties, N.Y.. I don't think that company is still around. Is my lifetime guarantee still valid?
After that we have two packages of Beltx Bra back repairs. One is unopened and one is opened and missing the hook part. And let me tell you ladies, couldn't have come at a better time. You have no idea how much repair my bras need. Again, I don't think this company is still around either.After that we have a "Sturdy Brand Iron-on Jean Patches" bundle. Orignally it had eight sheets, but only 4 full ones are left. There's also a couple of pieces left too. It was a "super value" at 59 cents. I took a picture of the back of the package so you can see how they recommend you attach it. My dad actually ended up using one of these a while back, and while it did attach, it didn't stay on too long.Up next we have a modern (relatively) travel sewing kit with several colors of thread and two hand sewing needles, as well as a chunk taken out of it. One yellow pencil, and a bright pink velvet pin cushion in need of some repair.Next we move onto some of the thread spools in this drawer. (There's still a lot more than just what I have here.) In the pictures I did photo of the top, one of the side, and one from the bottom to show you all of the markings as well as the thread itself. Each thread spool is in the same location in each photo.
For our first assortment we have (from left to right); A wooden spool of white thread, from Coats (no Clark yet). I did do a search to see when the two compaines joined, but no luck. Their own website is void of any such details. Next is a Styrofoam spool. Made by Polyplus, and 100 percent polyester. This spool of rich wine color thread set you back 35 cents. After that is a wooden spool of Belding thread. Size A 800 yards, made of Mercerized Cotton, in color 1187. This one doesn't have a sticker, the information is pressed into the wood. Next is a spool of Coats and Clark Extra Strong Heavy Duty thread. By then it's been combined companies. 250 yards for 35 cents, a light brown color. After that is another wooden spool. on top it's marked "John C. Meyer & co. Boston Mass." and the bottom it reads, "Meyer Silk Hub And D 24 Linen Finish 500 yds Thread". It's black in color and very fine. For our final one it's another Coats and Clark wooden spool. 325 yards of dark blue thread. Original cost, 29 cents.For the second assortment we have (Left to right again); Clark's green colored wooden spool. The thread itself is white. It also has the label of O.N.T., and Six cord. What is six cord? After that is another wooden spool, natural wood, Coat's and Clark. Extra Strong, gray in color. Next is another Coat's and Clark. The spool is blue for this one. It's missing the bottom sticker, but the top one is still there. Next is "The Brainerd & Armstrong Co. Fast Color Crochet Silk". The bottom sticker reads, "Warranted Pure Silk Asiatic Dye Half Ounce." After that is another Coats and Clark spool, dark blue spool, red thread. This one's for "Button and Carpet", it's a bit thicker than the normal threads. For our last one we have a linen thread from Mar(can't read the middle)ll & co. It's three cord linen thread. It's missing the bottom sticker.There's also a few odd sized spools in the drawer too. (From right to left) one full of thick white thread, could be twine? It is unmarked. A smaller spool of bright orange thick thread, also unmarked. Next is a paper spool of green thread. Part of it has oxidized to a brownish color. It has a paper label that reads "American Thread Co. Fall River, Mass. U.S.A. Trade Star Mark Mending Cotton." And finally we have a wooden spool of tan colored thread. Both of the paper labels have come off and all that's left are the glue marks.

So that's all for the first part. What a lot of typing. I'll get around to the second part eventually... like I said, eventually.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Cabinet Catalouge, Drawer two, Part Two

Well my last post about this was back in October (Part one), so I think it's high time to actually finish this drawer, I've kept you waiting long enough. I actually had to go back and re-read my earlier posts about this to refresh what I've already done. It's been that long. If you're new to this, or also forgot, click the sewing cabinet tag and all of the previous posts should show up, they're on here somewhere.
Okay, onto the second part of the drawer. Here's the photo of the drawer in total. If you see something here that I didn't cover in this post, that means I covered it in the previous post, and you can find it there.First we have several pieces of what I assume to be beeswax. They're all pretty small and fit in the palm of your hand, and have a lot of wear on them. I think the three rectangular pieces all used to be one larger block that got broken up. The smallest piece has a thumbtack pushed into it, not sure why. The last one is more ornate than the others, kind of looks like a flower.Up next is something that I'm praying is another piece of beeswax, but honestly, it looks like poop. Not a fan of touching that one. Does anyone know what is it? (Please don't be poop.)Next is a white plastic shoe horn. It's marked on the back with "LAMA Montreal Made in CANADA" and the number 2. A quick Google search didn't show anything interesting about that. So I'm not really sure if the company still exists.After that is some what I assume is marking soap, maybe? It's three small pieces, but over time they've gotten all stiff. Two are gray and one is purple. I did test them out, and the gray one did leave a mark on the purple one. So that's why I assumed it was for making. Could be wrong though.There was also what I think is a stone. So many things have hardened it could have been something else at one time. It looks like a stone, about the size of the first joint of my thumb. Gray-green in color. The bottom is smooth, but the top has been shaped to a dull point. Could it have been for making corners? Anyone else's guess is as good as mine. Here's a view of the top and bottom.That was everything in the bottom of the drawer that I didn't cover in part one, now we move onto the little shelf thing. Here's a photo of it as a whole. I've already covered a few things in here already, but there's several I haven't. Also I should note, that there's the number "14" pressed into the wood on the bottom.
First off we have an Emory board, two pieces of chalk, and a Crayola crayon (orange).
After that is another bunch of needles in papers. They all have various amounts of needles in them in different sizes. Although all sizes are very tiny. That's some fine work you can get done with these needles. There's also a folded piece of card board. I think it must have been a divider for something, but I don't know for what. It's trash in my opinion.
After that we have a bunch of razor blades. Three on their own, and a box full of them. Personally these scare me, so I plan on avoiding them as much as I can. I do not like. The rusty one says "Ever Ready" the long one says "--1 WECK, U.S.A." on the front, and the back says "WECK, N.C." (How about that, some local products, even though this chest is from Connecticut.) The final loose one says "Gem Blades" on the front and the back, The patent number as well as "Made in U.S.A." The box is also from Gem Blades, "avoid 5 O'clock shadow" "Gem Micromatic Singular Blades". Apparently this company is still around. Not sure what the modern going price for them are now, but back then, you could get 5 for 25 cents.Next we have a little poker? It's a wooden knob that goes to a fine point. Could it be for making sharp corners? I really don't know.After that is some random things, some of which I don't know what it is. There's a screw, a key chain keyring, and this thing... It's small, a little over an inch made up of two rings and a shaft. The top ring spins. It's got markings, but I can't read them. I can make out the date 1874 and the word patented. Any idea what it is?
And last but not least we have a bunch of needles and some other things. I think the wooden thing is a shuttle? Not sure what the other large things are for. The rest are all hand needles of various sized and thicknesses.

And we've reached the end of this drawer! All we have is one left, hopefully I can get that done before the end of the year... hopefully.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can Cross that off the list...

I started off my morning with some organization, actually some un-organization. Last night when I went to bed, I just couldn't fall asleep. So instead of fighting it, I got up and did some stuff. One of those things was moving some stuff on the doll shelves (it happens). Basically I wanted to see how the dolls on the vintage runoff shelf (the media bookshelf) would look on the shelf below the Japanese doll shelf (the Dregs shelf). I moved all of the dolls that were on there and moved in the vintage dolls, leaving the displaced dolls on the floor. I was planning on putting them on the media bookshelf, but I didn't get too far. Tiredness hit me, and even before I crawled back into bed, I decided that this little endeavor was not a permanent one. It just didn't look good like that, so it was not going to be staying like that. So I left the dolls for morning with a lot of them still on the floor. If my dolls are anything it's patient.
I started off putting back the vintage dolls, since they all had their exact spots to go back to. Also their spots were empty and just needed them to be put back. The dolls on the other shelf didn't get put back in the exact way that they were originally. I felt they could use a little organization among them. Since we lost Donnie and Marie, I felt it could be arranged a little better. Basically it was a shuffle of a six of dolls there, with fifteen staying in the same spots as before. I was able to add the Cinderella I bought a few weeks back to wear Charlotte's regency outfit to the shelf as well. Before she was over on the media bookshelf with the vintage dolls, and was the odd (wo)man out, but that issues been fixed. The shelf feels more balanced now. And the shelf looks better now, less crowded, which is ironic since there is only one less doll on it now.
When everyone was back in their place, I got down to sewing. Today's agenda was finishing Sweet Sixteen's outfit. I had done the majority of the sewing already for her outfit already, all she needed was a few simple accessories. I started off with her neckerchief. Pretty simple, although I wish it was a little bit nicer (I did have some issues). I also made the tie thing for it, but that was something I had started earlier and was partially done. (Plus it's really easy.) After that all I had to do was make her socks. I decided to do them by hand and used the thin jersey knit that I have. Side note, I'm almost out of that. I need to get some more. I wouldn't have bothered to use the thin stuff, but they need to fit inside her shoes and I worry that the thick material would split the shoes.
After that she was finished. What do you guys think?