Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sometimes you already have everything that you need...

So this post is from something that happened last week. (In fact several of the last posts are from things that happened earlier than the day I'm writing it.) I'm still catching up from my week off, so please bear with me.
After I got Malibu Barbie dressed and put away on the bookshelf my desk looked so empty without a naked doll lounging on it. Oh, I totally forgot this little tidbit. Since I had so many naked dolls hanging around here I was feeling a little overwhelmed about dressing them all. So I ended up taking them everyone and sticking them into the boxes the Silkstones came in. I also put some kitty litter in one of the boxes with the floral scented dolls, hoping that it will absorb some of the smell. With this system I'm able to tackle the dolls one at a time compared to just having a giant pile that I want to get done. It's much more effective, and kinder to my delicate sanity. But since Malibu Barbie (and the American Girl) were dressed my desk was a little devoid of naked plastic. I've grown accustomed to somebody naked when ever I look over there. So ended up pulling out another doll from the boxes.
Tuesday Taylor was the gal who came out to play next. Really I just wanted to brush her hair some more. She's got such pretty hair compared to my first Tuesday Taylor. I did do some research into how I was going to dress her too. Nothing too major, just some quick searches but nothing that really netted me anything that I really liked. But I did have one thought when I was playing around with her. How about a shirt dress for her? It's got a silhouette that fits many eras and if I use a bold enough fabric it would work for the 70's. I find that's the best way for me in creating clothes for other eras, 50's silhouette with a different fabric choice. I figured it was worth a shot, so I pulled out the most recent shirt dress I made and tried it on her to see the fit. It was the pink and white flowered one that the Ponytail Reproduction was wearing before I undressed her to sell her. It looked cute on her, even though the fabric was certainly not the right era I was trying to invoke with her. So I needed to make one for her in a more appropriate fabric, and I turned to my stash to see what I had. I found the material that I had bought for one of Charlotte's kimonos. It's the white (or a very light blue) calico with the light blue paisley and flowered pattern on it. I was attracted to this fabric in the store when I first saw it and wanted it before I had a project in mind for it, even though it's over-sized and a bit more bold than my usual choices. But I held off until I had the kimono project. I still had some left over when it was done, which is why I still had some in my stash.
Which was lucky for Tuesday Taylor. If I didn't have the right fabric, she'd have to wait for a dress, especially since I'm trying to not spend money for the next couple of weeks. But I had it, so I got to work. For the most part it went together pretty easily. I did have one issue with the sleeve at the cuff that I had to fix by hand, but other than that it came out well. Especially since it had inset sleeves... my favorite. These dolls are lucky I like them that much. But I managed to get the entire dress done in one day. It closes in the front with four snaps.. I didn't feel like sewing the bottom part of the skirt together, so I just added another snap. After she was dressed it was time to think about the styling of the outfit. I was thinking about adding one of those buckram hats to the outfit, but I decided against it. I also decided against a belt at her actual waist (her dress has a drop waist). I did however make a neck scarf for her from a dark green fabric that I had. It ties in nicely with the green in the pattern of the dress. I color fasted it so it wouldn't stain her. These bodies love getting stained from dark colors, they really do.
Other than that she got an underskirt. Taken from Charlotte actually. It's the simple a-line skirt that belonged to the Little Red Riding Hood Costume from last Halloween. Charlotte's been wearing the underskirt a lot lately because since it doesn't have a waistband it gives the volume in the skirt that I want, and doesn't add any extra bulk at the waist. Double win. Now I have to make a new one for Charlotte since she lost this one.
And that's how she's dressed. For her hair (she looks better as a blond), I just pulled part of the front back... and used an elastic to keep it back. I don't know the name of that style, but it's one of the ones I can do, so several of the dolls wear their hair like that. The poor gal doesn't have any shoes, but she's dressed. I guess I'm going to have to find her some shoes eventually. Does anyone know any dolls that can share shoes with her?
I wonder who's going to be dressed next???
Only time will tell.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today's agenda? Baking

I started off this morning by baking a cake, and some cupcakes. The reason? It was a dry run for next Wednesday. I've mentioned a few times that my sister is getting married in November. Well on the 5th is her wedding shower... in Connecticut. I'm technically hosting it, but up to this point I've been just a figure head. Seriously it started off as a small thing with my Mother and I and has blossomed into this bigger thing where I really haven't had any say in the whole ordeal. Originally we were going to make everything down here and truck it up, but now everything is being done up in Connecticut.
Everything except desserts, we still get to do that. What I'm planning is making several different cakes. One single 9" cakes, per box mix, with the rest being made into cupcakes. Right now we have planned out chocolate, red velvet (the groom's favorite), tomato soup cake (the bride requested it), as well as vanilla. The Bride threw a wrench into the works the other day by asking to make Rainbow Cake. A cake made up of different colored layers. We bought all the supplies for it. But nobody is thrilled about that last one. It's a bit more difficult that our usual cake making skills. So I might end up taking over the rainbow cake for my mom, which I totally don't want to. But she seems really hesitant about doing it.
So today was a test run, seeing how well splitting up the batter into the cupcakes and the cake pan worked, as well as playing around with the food coloring. I was also able to play around with my decorating ideas. The cake came out... well. Certainly acceptable as a cake, but I now know several things I need to work on before the actual cooking day. Wish me luck people, I'm going to need it. Lots of cake to make before the week is over. *sigh*, and I don't get to eat any of the later ones. (Did I mention that I'm not going to even go to the shower? Which I'm NOT upset about, it sounds like it's going to be as boring as all get out.)
So in the afternoon, I didn't feel like doing much. Don't have an exact project at the moment or the motivation to start something. Instead I played around online, and I managed to find my next big project. Haven't had one of those since the Tales of the Hoffmann dress. I'm going to make Cinderella's dress! No, not the classic Disney versions, there's already enough versions out there and it would be cheaper to buy one of those than make it, instead I'm going to replicate the dress Cinderella wears in a vintage golden book that I remember from my childhood. I don't have the book anymore, but I still love the art direction of the book. What's unusual about the book is that while everyone looks like they should, and most of the costumes are the same from the movie, except Cinderella's ball gown. The silhouette is the same, but it's pink and white, and there are several changes from the movie version. While I like the original dress the best, this pink dress is also stunning.
So I'm going to give this dress it's due by creating it. I don't have any of the supplies, and I need to work on translating the drawing to an actual design. Hopefully my next trip to Hobby Lobby will net me some interesting choices. (Although, I'm still trying to be good and not spend any money.) I do know that I'm going to be changing one thing right off the bat. The dress has two ribbons on the skirt, one high one low. I'm going to make them even. I hate the uneven look of them, and I know it will bug me if I do it. So I'm going to change it, even if it isn't totally accurate. Just so you know what I'm talking about, here's a photo of the dress. I do not own this image, I swiped it from online. It's just for illustrative purposes, I will remove it if asked. Pretty right? Any suggestions or recommendations? I would love to hear any thoughts on how to do the sleeves, or any thoughts on what to do for that scalloped trim on it. Or any other general advice somebody wants to share.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes you need something to work towards...

I forgot to mention that yesterday was also a shopping day. And I'm still trying to be good in order to save up for that living Skipper I saw last week. So originally I decided to skip the temptation altogether and just not go. But then I remembered that I needed to get a few very specific things, not for me, but for my sister's upcoming bridal shower (on August 5th). It's not fair to make my dad go out and get these specific things, when I can go and not put that pressure on him. So I went along. And I will say that I was very, very good even in the face of temptation. I mean, we even went to the library bookstore that's near the antique stores. Can't get anymore tempting than that, oh wait, it can. My dad asked me if I wanted to go to the antique stores. Since I'm trying to be good, I declined going to them. (I will however go in a few more weeks)
I did however end up getting something while out, no matter how good I'm trying to be I can be tempted. At the Salvation Army I found a full sheet of small snaps. Yeah, a full sheet for 49 cents, I couldn't pass that up, especially since I go though snaps like nobodies business. Really this was much cheaper than buying a sheet at Walmart. So in fact I saved money by buying this now. (Keep telling yourself that, right?) They are Fruit of the Loom brand (didn't know they made snaps), in three small sizes. And that was the only thing that I bought while out. And quite honestly, I wasn't tempted by anything when I was out. Other than the snaps I didn't see anything that I needed. Normally I'd be disappointed that (most) everything was a bust and I didn't get anything. This time since I'm saving up money to buy something, I wasn't so bothered by not getting something. (Real mature I know) I mean, I didn't even set foot into Hobby Lobby this week. Which is good, can't think of anything that I need for a project at the moment.
So even though I did buy something this week, I'm still counting it as a successful no-shopping trip.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More mail for me???

I got a package in the mail today that I was expecting (But had not told you all about). Don't worry it was not another doll, it was just part of a doll that I needed. It was the head to Free Moving Barbie!
Do you remember how I posted over on "In the Pink" looking for her head as well as one for a TNT Skipper? With the recent influx of dolls I'm managed to pick up those two specific bodies as well, and I just can't have a body without a head. It's a sick compulsion, I tells ya. Back when I posted, I didn't get a lot of people contacting me about them. I did have on person offering me a Sweet Sixteen Barbie head, but I politely declined that. Since it's such a specific gimmicky body I thought she should have the correct head. Also Sweet Sixteen has such a pink skin tone, I didn't think it would work with the body I had. Eventually I do want to get a Sweet Sixteen Barbie.
So knowing that my ad didn't net me any leads, I moved on. I searched Ebay and Etsy looking for the heads I needed. Which is a lot easier said than done. I guess since my search was so specific that finding exactly what I needed was going to be more difficult than I expected. But I didn't give up, I kept looking, checking from time to time. But I didn't have to look for that much longer. Someone over on "In the Pink" had found one, and posted on the board looking for the person who was searching for one (Me!). I e-mailed them about it and was sold even before they sent me a picture. When I saw her picture I was even more sold. She was on a Malibu body (not included), but her makeup and hair was in really nice condition. She ended up costing me ten dollars (which was a bit more than I was originally thinking), but it included shipping and like I said her hair and makeup was in really nice shape. But I am cheap, so I usually think things cost too much. Luckily I had enough in my PayPal account.
She arrived the other day and she went straight from the padded envelope to the body I had for her. She was still warm from being out in the mailbox from the sun that I didn't have to heat her head to put in on her body. She's actually pinker than I thought she was going to be, but she does match her body. I guess my earlier statement about her being too pale to use Sweet Sixteen's head was wrong. I just went on memory about how pale she was. Since she didn't have a head when I got her I put her away and worked on the dolls with heads.
She ended up getting a bath as soon as she arrived. I hadn't washed her body when it had arrived. Plus, (this wasn't disclosed when I bought her,) she does smell a bit like cigarette smoke. The bath helped it a little bit, but it's still there, just fainter. (Like smoke does) It's not a strong smoke smell like other dolls have had, but it's definitely smoke. I guess she just didn't spend that much time around the smoke, just enough to pick up the smell. Hopefully it will keep going away. Right now her body smells like a heavy floral and her head smells like smoke. It's a fight to the death to see who wins out. Hopefully they will both counterbalance each other out until they fade away. I can hope right? If I had to choose one, I'd hope that the floral smell wins, anything's better than smoke.
Still need to figure out how I'm going to dress her. But there's several dolls ahead of her on that list, and since she's new that mean's she's at the bottom of the list. Did you know she is the tenth doll I've gotten in the past month? I've never had that many dolls come in at one time.
Now I just need to find a Skipper head... (Actually I already know where to find one, I just need to save up the money first. Here's hoping something sells on Etsy or the Show and Sell page!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Malibu Gets Cold Sometimes...

of course I don't mean now since it's the middle of the summer, and in the middle of a terrible heatwave, but I'm sure sometimes Malibu is a chilly place. (I mean, dead of winter, middle of the night? It must be cold to them, even if it's in the mid 70's or something.)

Do you remember that I was working on the coat for Malibu Barbie? It's made from that doll skirt that I got in the bag of stuff at the Christian Second Hand store. The skirt was a terrible home made mess, but the fabric was really pretty. I ended up making the coat a while back, and was satisfied with it. So poor Malibu sat around wearing a coat and boots, just waiting for me to come up with something for her to wear under it all. Something that wouldn't even be seen since I was planning on keeping the coat closed. My girls are modest like that.
Originally I was planning to make a skirt out of the same fabric as the coat, but I didn't have any to spare. I just had enough to make the coat, luckily. I ended up buying some matching green fabric from Hobby Lobby. I decided I wanted a simple sheath dress, since the coat's the real show piece of the outfit, but I'm still trying to find the best sheath dress pattern. When I was working on it, I couldn't get a decent fit with it. So I ended up taking out the darts and leaving it as an unfitted sheath dress. And while I was fine with how that turned out, the dress as a whole seemed a little plain. It was this great expanse of green with a minor strip of orange at the base. I tried using what little bit of orange fabric I had left to add some sort of interest to the top of the dress, but I just couldn't work out anything that I liked, especially since I had such a tiny amount of orange fabric left.
So I took a break, and ended up buying another half yard of orange broadcloth at the store just for this project. But even with a huge amount of fabric at my disposal, I couldn't figure out anything that I wanted to do with it. Instead I changed gears. I decided that I wasn't happy with the dress as a whole and it was time to try something else. So it went into the unfinished project box for perhaps another day, and I started a second dress. I decided that I wanted to use the same pattern as I had when making the American Girl's dress. This is where I discovered the issue with the pattern, when trying to flip the dress the right side out, the fabric at the neckline had a nasty habit of tearing. I ended up throwing out two bodices, which sucked because this was expensive fabric compared to what I usually use. The red fabric was cheaper and held up better, annoying.
Eventually I ended up cutting the neckline a bit shorter, so there was less stress on it, and it wouldn't tear. So I was able to get it to work. After that I toyed around with several different skirt styles, and couldn't come up with a decent one. Again everything I tried just didn't work out. This dress seemed to be shaping up into another failure, so it too ended up in the unfinished project box. I stopped thinking about it and worked on some other projects, leaving poor Malibu on my desk waiting for her dress. She ended up becoming my fit model for a while, so it worked out for me. But it could not last, eventually I had to come back to her and get her dressed. So I pulled out the second dress from the box and took off the skirt that was on it. And I replaced it with a simple circular skirt, made from the green fabric. I've used this pattern before. It's the one I use for underskirts that hang off the waist. And it looked good. Certainly not like how I originally envisioned it, but certainly doable. But it still needed some decoration. So I added a "belt" of orange at the waist. The best part, it's what I had left from my original orange stash. I made this dress without any of the new fabric I bought for it... what a waste of money. Hopefully I can find a use for it eventually.
But she's dressed. I was able to fish her head out of the fabric softener and wash her hair. Seems to be a little bit better. She's already dressed and over on the bookshelf with the rest of the collection.
Another one dressed!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Single Gal seeks housing, major hair work, no extra baggage...

As you should know from my post on Sunday, I did manage to go out shopping last week. I needed to pick a few things up from Hobby Lobby to work on some redressing projects. It's that always the case whenever you think of something, you never manage to have the supplies on hand?
I was actually really fortunate that I went, they had everything I wanted plus more. I guess they restocked finally! (They must read the grumbling on my blog.) First I went and picked up what I originally went there for. Orange Broadcloth for Malibu Barbie's dress (a half yard), and some bead caps to use for a broach for American Girl Barbie's dress. I was also hopeful that the pink taffeta was still there from last week. I know, I said I didn't need it, but then I came up with a project for it and needed some. Again, isn't that always the case? I was in luck there was still some on the bolt in the clearance section. I ended up getting the last of it, it was just a yard and a half left. So it was three dollars. I'm a little hesitant about using it since it's so fray happy. I'm sure I will get around to it, I just need a little more courage. While in the fabric section I looked through the fabrics to see if there were any that inspired me to make something for the people that I don't have any ideas for yet (most of them). No luck, but I saw several things that were new. That's when I realized they had restocked. So I went out to check the trim section, hoping that they got more of the heart trim that I like. And they did! I was hopeful they were going to get more since it was still being sold online. And since they had that I also checked to see if they had buckram, and they did! It was over with the muslin. I was basically checking to see if they had it but with a different name (that apparently happens sometimes), but this was clearly marked buckram, so they must have been out last time I checked. I ended up getting a yard of it. Since it only takes a five by five inch square of the stuff to make a hat, and I don't need that many hats, I think it will last a while. I'll run out of interest before I run out of material.
We also stopped in at the antique stores. I headed over to the Barbie shoe dealer and picked up a pair of white thin superstar heels (with a split), as well as a pair of blue clone pilgrim type shoes. Thinking I might need them for a mod doll, don't have many mod shoes. I did check out other stalls in that store, but didn't see anything I wanted. I did see someone who was trying to sell a dirty icky superstar Barbie on the wrong body for twenty two dollars. Even if they wanted that price they should have given her a bath first, why would someone buy a dirty doll for that price? And I hardly believe she was worth that much.
Anyway, we also hit up the other antique stores on the strip, one I didn't get anything at, but another one I made a nice discovery (nice depending on who you ask). Do you remember me talking about the booth that had a Skooter, Talking P.J., Malibu Ken, Ricky, Living Skipper, and Malibu Barbie locked away in a case? I mentioned it way back when on May 20th of this year seeing it at the store. They were all locked away the case with their price tags not visible and judging from the other prices in the booth, they were most likely out of my price range. But today, I could almost make out what it said on Talking P.J.'s tag. It looked like it said 14.00, which was a decent price for her if correct. So I mustered up the courage and asked if I could see the dolls in the case. (After I asked my dad if the tag looked like it said 14 dollars to him as well.) So the woman working there opened the case for me, and I asked if I could take the dolls out to look at their price stickers. P.J. was really 14 dollars. Ken was 15, Ricky was 29, Skipper was 18, and Barbie was also 18. Kind of really decently priced. Skooter on the other hand was 187 dollars! Why, I have no clue. She was a regular blond, normal skin tone, and she was wearing a dress that I own, and don't think is so uncommon. It's just weird that she has such a huge price jump compared to the others. No idea why it's like that. But that group's one Talking P.J. less now. I just had to have her. I'm planning on eventually getting all of them (if I'm able), except Skooter. Since I don't have any real cash flow of my own, I'm going to use being good and not spending any money when going out each week as money earned to put towards these dolls. Right now I need to be good for the next three weeks to be able to afford Living Skipper. One week of being good to make up for being bad this week, followed by two weeks of being good to save up for her. So far I'm one week down, so just two more to go. Oh, and before I forget, while I'm interested in the Malibu dolls, I'd only get them if they're from Japan. I already have two Malibu Barbie's from Japan that I paid less for, and one Hong Kong Malibu Ken that I again paid less for. So depending on where they from they might not join the collection. But I am interested in Skipper and Ricky.
So they might join the collection in time, if they're still at the store when I have enough money. But I still managed to get one doll from them. I picked up Talking P.J. there. When I first saw her I thought she was just a Mod P.J., but looking at her up close she has the speaker holes, and the hole for her pull string to go. She's since lost her pull tab, so I have no clue if she speaks or not. I wouldn't be too shocked to find out that she could still speak because she's in really nice condition. Like, hard to believe the actual age of this doll nice. She has no bites, no scuffs, nothing like that on her. Her knees click, hold position, and don't have any splits. She might have a few stains on her skin though, she hasn't gotten washed or anything. Her makeup is full and flawless, her eyelashes are perfect, and her skin tone is a rich pink, no paling on her. She has no smell to her either. Unfortunately her hair's been hacked at, which is a shame since what hair is left is in really great shape. If she still had her hair she's be one of the top condition dolls in my collection. Also, this is a bit funny, her legs are bolted on. It's really smart how they did it, both legs still are able to move separate from each other. I know that the talking dolls have a history of having really poor leg joints, and this is how one person dealt with it. You can't even tell she's got this when she's dressed. I didn't even notice it until I was looking at her later. She came dressed wearing her original dress, again in wonderful condition. I took it off her and hung it up in the Barbie closet.
I don't think she'll wear it again anytime soon. I think she breathed a sigh of relief when I took it off her. Could you imagine wearing the same dress since the 70's? She will also be getting a re-root. At first I thought about just living with her hair like it is, but it eventually wore me down. The mullet's got to go. But, it's going to be a bit of a twist. I'm not going to be rooting her with blond hair, P.J. is going red! She's also going to get a name change, I'm going to be making her over into a Mod Midge. I mean, Midge didn't just vanish in the 60's. In my world she tried to grasp onto the Mod world but couldn't do it. So while Barbie was running around trying to pretend she was still a teenager Midge grew up. Doing her own thing until Barbie came around in the 80's. So while I will dress Midge in a mod-esque outfit, I'm going to be doing something not as wild as it could be. But her re-root is first. I just have to get over the fact that her part line is all the way down the back of her head. I will tackle that someday...someday...

Monday, July 25, 2011

She's my all American Girl.... made in Japan. I hope she likes irony

Even though I was taking a break from writing on the blog, I wasn't taking a break from sewing. So while I was not typing, I was still sewing, slaving under the hot sun to make tiny clothes for tiny people. Okay, it just my room, but it was still hot! And while I did a lot of different sewing, I only managed to get one doll dressed to my satisfaction. I attempted several items that were destined to either the unfinished project box, or simply the trash can. But still, I got one doll dressed, and progress is still progress.
I started focusing on my American Girl Barbie. I have been waiting for her for months, so I was eager to get her dressed. But before I could start dressing the doll there were some physical issues that needed to be dealt with. She needed an actual Barbie body, and she needed her neck split dealt with. I started off with the neck split. I used the glue I have just for this type of issue. Unfortunately, for some reason I could not get the sides of the neck split to match up correctly when the glue was on it. I could get it to stay for a little bit, but it would shift slightly before it was able to cure enough to hold it by itself. It was not a good situation. Eventually I had to make peace with the idea that her neck wasn't going to be a perfectly aligned and let it cure. But when I tried putting the head on the spare body body the glue didn't hold and the split opened up again. So I took a deep breath and re-evaluated what I was doing. I remembered reading that when dealing with a neck split it's best to use a Barbie body with a small neck knob. It's less stress on the head when putting it on the body. I only have two dolls with the older type of bodies that use the smaller knobs. One is being used by my blond ponytail who has her own neck split, and the other is with my blond Midge, Honey. So Honey had to make a noble sacrifice so that American Girl could have a body. But don't worry about Honey, it actually worked out in her favor. The body with the small neck knob was actually in worse shape than the newer one. It's missing more fingers, and has a few cracks in the torso. So Honey was able to upgrade. I would never sacrifice a Midge doll for a Barbie doll. I like Midge just as much as Barbie, and it's not fair to take something so big as a body away from one doll to give it to another. Anyway, I re-glued the neck devising a system that was able to keep the two sides lined up, and it worked this time! When it had cured I heated the head up with a heating pad and eased it onto the body. It worked this time, the glue held! Finally she was on an actual Barbie body. I'm sure she's happy, it's probably been decades since she was last on the correct body for her.
When that was all sorted out it was time to actually start dressing her, the fun part. The other day I found a photo of a person sized dress that I really liked. It was a red sleeveless dress with a wide neckline... hard for me to explain, you'll see what I mean when you see the pictures. It also had a full skirt. So other than the neckline nothing that I hadn't done before. So I set about to modify the top pattern I use a lot for it. I originally made a practice run with it on the 10th, so that's how that dress came about. Wasn't totally happy with it, so I tweaked it some more and remade it. This neckline was much better, but you really have to be careful. Pulling the fabric through the straps sometimes tears the fabric, but that's a risk you have to take. Other than that, the bodice came out decently. Some fit issues that I had to take care of. I think I need some more work on the pattern, but eventually I sorted it out.
The skirt was a simple gathered skirt. I did have some issues with this because for some reason I kept making the skirt too short. I think on the third attempt I finally got the right length. But again, I eventually sorted that out too. After that it was time to finish it up and reinforce seams and add snaps. After that I wanted to add a bit of decoration to the dress. The original had a broach at the waistband. I decided against that, and moved it up to near the neckline. Now I just had to figure out how to make one. I don't have any Barbie broaches in my collection, nor do I have any idea how to make one. Eventually I decided that it needed to be sewed on. I made one using fake pears and one small rhinestone, but I hated it. So I put the dress aside and left it alone for a while. I was not happy with it. So I did what I always do when unhappy... shopping! But it ended up for the best, I picked up a few things that I really needed for this project. I picked up a package of the metal end caps things for beads... forget the name. I ended up flattening one, and sewing it to the dress. Then I took a single seed pearl and sewed that in the center. Much prettier than the original one.
Also at the store I found some buckram, so I was able to try my hand at hat making! This is my first attempt at it. I will say that while I like how it came out, there's room for improvement. But not too shabby for my first time, I've had worse results with similar situations. For decoration I added this red ribbon to it. I might end up making more hats and doing more decorations with them. Now who needs a hat...
We're reaching the final step with this outfit. The majority of the outfit is done, all that's left are some accessories. The skirt was a bit flat, so I ended up giving her an underskirt with it. I didn't have to make one because I already had one that I had made earlier, so that was nice. I also ended up giving her some white pumps that I had free (since I got rid of the doll wearing them), as well as a pearl bracelet, which again I already had made. But that's when I stopped being able to add things I had around, and actually make something. Since she was on the other body, she had a lot of missing fingers. So I bit the bullet and made her some gloves. I hate making gloves, such a pain. I actually ended up making several test pairs before I made the pair she's wearing now. Still hate making them though. Finally I gave her the red clutch purse that came in the Barbie case with her. It works.
And like that I was done. One doll dressed! I really like this look for her, just wish I knew where to put her on the bookshelf. And I wonder who am I going to work on next?
Recommendations anyone?
Your choices are:
Sport and Shave Ken,
TNT Barbie
Tuesday Taylor
and Superstar Barbie

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you miss me? I missed you

And my one week mental hiatus comes to an end. And while I enjoyed my time off, I still missed working on the blog. A few times I wanted to come back to talk about my day, but I held off knowing that if I did come back it would just mean that I wouldn't get the break that I needed. Instead I played video games, and worked on several projects. It was a good time off, although, I will say this terribly hot weather's really thrown me for a loop, most days it's been too hot to do anything. Can't wait for it to cool down.
But even with my break, I did do some work on the blog. I have several posts that were still in draft format, that needed to be finished. I got a couple of those done, so that was good. Although, I will say that I had one post totally disappear on me. I wrote it, let it do that auto-save thing, clicked off the page, and when I came back, it was all gone. I wrote to Blogger asking them for help, but haven't heard anything. Blogger really isn't the best about those things are they? I still am having issues from their major mess up a few months back, which was totally their fault. Just good to know I'm on my own when it comes to issues with Blogger, but you get what you pay for I guess.
I do have a few things to share with you guys, but that's for later posts. But before I go, I have a question for you. Does anyone recognize this logo? It's on a Barbie wardrobe that I bought the other day. I found it in one of the local antique stores, for a dollar. Can't beat that price, right? It was missing all the stuff inside it, (including the bar at the top), but it was only a dollar, so I bought it. A great price, plus it's not blindingly pink, it's an off-white color (but I think it was originally white) It also had one of the folding chairs from the Barbie Camper from the 70's in it. I replaced the bar in it with a chopstick that I cut to size. Right now I've been using it to store the vintage clothes inside. Remember how I said I wanted to make another garment rack for them? Well this is a better solution because I can hang them up, but they are protected from the sun and whatnot. Also it's cheaper than buying the parts for the rack. Right now I just have the few things from the Barbie case hanging up in it. I may have said that in the post about the dolls, but did you know that when I got that case it basically doubled my vintage clothes collection? (I collect the dolls, not the clothes, so whenever I get clothes, it's a happy accident.)
More updates to follow!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's not you, it's me...

Hey everyone,

Today was a really rough day on a variety of levels. So again, I'm announcing another break. I think that I just came back too soon from my last one (wasn't only for like two days?), and I wasn't ready to jump back on. So this time I'm going to be giving myself a date for when I'm coming back, one week.

See you then!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my gosh! Let's go to the spa!

That title will make more sense at the end of the post, I promise. My morning was a difficult one, plagued with the fact that when the lawn mower went on the truck yesterday, it needed to come off this morning. So I and my brother were called into action by our father. We went out and helped getting the heavy thing off the truck. Shockingly it went pretty well. There was only one real anger freak out, and it was from me. I'm sorry, but when I'm trying to get your attention to tell you something important about the truck you are moving and I know you see me, you don't ignore me and start backing up... Dad. But we got it done without incident, and don't have to deal with it for a while. The rest of my morning was filled with video games. I'm still working on Final Fantasy X-2, but I'm getting pretty annoyed with it. It's an interesting game, but it's filled with all this busy work. If I wanted to do busy work I'd get an actual life. I chose video games to escape from all that, not do it in a digital format. But still I slave away at it so I can finish it. I'm addicted like that.
It wasn't until the afternoon when the mail arrived that something exciting happened. Since I was expecting something I went out to check it. Since I assumed that eight dolls would be too big for the mailbox and that the postman hadn't delivered a package to the door (which is what happens when stuff it too big for the box) that I was going to be out of luck for my dolls from Canada today. But I was wrong, they were wrapped up in a large plastic envelope and in the mailbox! I was a little worried on how they were packed, since that's a lot of dolls for one envelope, but I didn't need to worry, they were all packed securely, and I even found out the woman was charged more than what I paid for for shipping, (by 73 cents) so that cut into her already slim profit margin. She didn't mention that when she e-mailed me, but I would have reimbursed her if she had asked. I've already given her some glowing feedback.
But anyway, I'll start off with the bad. The Heart Family... those babies are still creepy! They're are just so mis-proportioned. Mattel's done much better young children before and since. I mean just look at Kelly, adorable and not at all odd looking. They look to be in decent condition and come with their clothes, no shoes however, and there's a few dings and loose threads in each of their outfits. Their hair is beautiful just needs to be reset (especially the boy, it's sticking straight up!). Mrs. Heart on the other hand... has a lot of problems. She's a bit more messed up than I was expecting. She's got a cute face, but she'd need a lot of work, and I just don't have the room, time, or desire for just another cute face, especially a non-vintage one. She has bite marks on both hands and feet, one leg is discolored, and her hair has been cut. I think she had some makeup or something on her lips, but was able to wipe most of it off with rubbing alcohol. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up selling the three of them in a lot. I'm thinking for four dollars, can't see much of a demand for them. Ken who was wearing Mr. Heart's clothing is also moving soon. I also stole his clothes. He's actually in really nice shape, I don't think he got a lot of play from whoever owned him. His clothes are interesting. They are so dreadfully 80's it's almost funny. I made Joe wear them for a bit. They need mending in a few spots and the pants have faded, but I'm still going to keep them. It's not like it was his original clothes anyway. His white loafers don't fit Joe (he's got big feet), but have several Ken and male dolls that can wear them. (Although with our most recent clean out only five dolls in the collection can wear modern Ken shoes.) So basically the Heart Family dolls were a wash, but I'm not shocked, I didn't buy the lot for them, I bought it for the second set of dolls. Being able to steal the Heart Family's clothes was just an added bonus.
Now onto the second section. From the first one we have the Superstar Barbie, you want to know her flaws?... Nothing. This doll is mint, mint, mint. No bites, no chews, no haircut. Her face paint is perfect, her hair shiny and full, she even came with her original ring, although it's missing it's "jewel". I mean this doll is so mint that even her hip joint still squeaks. I'd say that other than taking off her original clothes and earrings this doll did not get any play. That's a bit different than my original Superstar doll, (the re-bodied Ashley) who came to me with an arm ripped off (ouch)!
Next I'm going to talk about the Tuesday Taylor dolls. There were two of them in the lot, but only one body between them. And that body, was missing both hands. Since I had Dorthy Hamill's body for one of them, I had to make a choice to which one I was going to pick. but I had a shock when I was looking at them for the first time in person. Only one of them had a swivel scalp! I just always thought that they had that feature, even though my knowledge of those dolls are super limited. But the one on the correct body didn't have any brunette hair, just blond. She also had an interesting feature where you moved her feet she swung her arms. Just like Walk Lively Miss America. I did some research and there is a doll like that, she had a special stand that made it look like she was walking the runway. Apparently you could get the walking doll or the swivel scalp, not both on the same doll. I prefer the scalp one myself, so that's the one I moved over to the spare body I had. I mean, I have a Barbie (type) doll that can walk, and Barbie doesn't have a scalp that can rotate (not intentionally anyway). The other doll that's missing her hands is in the spares box. Maybe eventually I'll get another body for her, I just wish I'd figure out a way to just give her new hands, I'd hate to lose her walking feature, without it she's be just another blond around here. And there's plenty of those around here, can't throw a rock with out hitting one of them, not that I would throw rock or anything.
Taking Tuesday Taylor's head off the body she came on freed up the TNT Barbie body. When I did that I also took the TNT head off the Free Moving Barbie body. That's when I found out she had two small neck splits on her head. I can live with that, unfortunately. I also saw that she's had a hair cut. For some reason somebody cut off both sections of hair near her ears. Other than that it seems fine. Not sure why only that was cut. She's missing most of her eyelashes, but her face paint is stunning. She doesn't even have the usual bottom lip rub that I find on most of my TNT dolls. Kids are weird sometimes. Right now she's drying from her neck gluing. When she's finally on her body I'll try and see if I can style her hair to cover the cut parts. I'm hoping I can manage something that works. Her body is also one with an usual play pattern. For the most part it's in decent condition. Both legs click fine and hold positions. She had all her toes and finger, there's a bit of wear on one of the hands, like she brushed up against something rough. She twists just fine. But one of her hips is out of joint. It still turns and moves just fine, but when she's standing there's a weird gap in it. Might just leave it alone, not sure what I can do to fix it, and I wouldn't want to make it worse.
Since she's back on her original body, that meant the one she came on was free. It's the Free Moving Barbie Body. It looks in decent shape. There's a bit of melting going on at the hip joint, but both of the legs still move. I just hope that I can find a head for it. It's actually a bit harder than I was thinking it was going to be. Shocking I know. I guess if worse comes to worse I could just put somebody else on there, but I'd like the correct head for her. And her "free moving" feature is a weird one, it's basically a large ball joint that the torso can rotate on. Weird. It's in the spares box as well.
So overall I'm happy with what I got. For thirty dollars I got three dolls that I'm going to use. I do like the TNT doll the best. I will say however that all of the dolls stunk! Not a bad smell, nothing like smoke, but everyone had a heavy floral scent. Like they've been rolling around in a garden. Normally I'm fine with florals, but not when they're this strong, it's overwhelming. Just a bit much. So before I did any sewing for anybody (like I have a clue on how to dress them) I gave a couple of them baths. So far it's only been Superstar and Tuesday Taylor. They got baths and some hair work, thus the spa comment up at the top of the page. (Their pictures for this post came after their spa treatments, and the TNT's picture was after she was put back on her body.) They came out from their baths pretty well, but they're the easy two to work with. It was all surface dirt. The TNT might need some more hands on work. But that's for another day, this post has gone on long enough!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a day...what a day...

My ankle appears to be on the mend. It's still not totally back to normal, but it's much better than yesterday. Still having troubles with stairs, and there's some odd pains from time to time, but I'd say that on a scale of one to ten, I'm a three. Hopefully it keeps going away and I can get back to normal mobility. I'm tired of having to be careful on stairs.
But anyway, with my ankle sore I decided to skip out on another shopping trip. But when I was asked again, my resolve weakened. Plus I remember that I needed something, so I decided to go out. Of course since I was going, we ended up in a variety of places other than our original reason going. We never go straight to where we should go. First we ended up at Habitat for Humanity. This was one of our first times back there since it moved to the new location. I was looking for more small cabinet doors to make another garment rack out of. Lately Charlotte's one has been getting rather full, and I needed a second one. Not for her things, but I decided since I got a bunch of Vintage clothes the other day I was going to start storing them on the racks, since it looks pretty. I've already placed some of what arrived yesterday on the one rack I have, but space is limited. Charlotte's a gal with a lot of clothes. Plus, I want to keep the original rack just for her stuff, since while the vintage stuff is cool, I doubt that I'm going to end up using most of it in the collection, preferring to make my own. It's mainly just for show. But I did not see any cabinet drawers there, I don't know where they ended up from the move. I did however find something interesting there, Ken. I saw him on a shelf and immediately snagged him. I couldn't remember his name, but could picture his outfit in my head. I knew that he was older, but couldn't remember how old exactly. He was nude, but for his price I could overlook that, he was only a quarter. They also had a Hannah Montana doll, and a modern play line Barbie, they were both a dollar, and I knew I didn't need either of them, but Ken came home with me. I'd be hard pressed ignoring a doll that was a quarter, much less one that could be vintage. At home I found out he was Sport & Shave Ken, from 1979, so he misses the cut of where I call things Vintage. Since he's so close to the bar, and is a bit different, I'm going to keep him in the collection. I think I'm going to have to split up the true vintage dolls with the newer dolls. Otherwise it's just going to look weird. I've already brushed his hair, and have been thinking about how to dress him. I want to do something similar to his original outfit, I just need to make it different enough from the way I dressed Micheal, with his 70's jogging outfit. I'm sure something will come in time. I also picked up another doll at that store, this tiny little Baby doll. I also did some research on her at home, and she's a Little Miss Matchpack doll from the 70's not made by Mattel, I forget the company who made her right now... I just got her because she's cute. She actually ended up being free. She's in decent condition except at the back of her head the plastic is a little ragged. Not sure what caused that, but I might need to hit it up with some vinyl glue to stop the issue.
After that we hit up the Salvation Army, and my hot streak continued. I was looking though their craft section when I found it... I was so excited I held it in my greedy little paws. It was... it was... it was... RIBBON ROSES! I finally found some in state. It was a package of eight, light pink with green leaves. You have no idea how happy that made me, I finally have some. I don't know why it's been so impossible to find these, you'd think they'd be readily available. Either way, these were mine! I also found a book, it's the sequel to the one of the books I bought a while back. It's called "The Meanest Doll in the World". It takes place after "The Doll People" book I bought somewhat recently. I had this book long ago but I lost it. Now I have it again. There's a third book in the series, which I have not read, so I'd be interested in picking that up if I found it, but only for cheap, it's a nice series, but not one that I'm willing to spend a lot of money on. (This one was only a dollar.)
Next was the Christian Second Hand store. They had out front a rider mower... which apparently we needed. It was 250 dollars (expensive!). My Dad thought it over, and called my Mom. Apparently we were going to get it...yay... I was not really excited to load it into the truck, especially since my ankle was still easily re-injured. Luckily the back of the truck was full, and we needed to go home and empty it and come back for the mower. We paid for it before we left. I also got something there. I found an American Girl doll there, for a decent price. She's the Native American doll, I forget her name now. She was in played with condition, but other than a nose nick she was in okay shape. I'm not planning on keeping her, so she's going to be resold. (Anyone need an American Girl doll?). Since she's been home I did some hair brushing (she still needs more), redid her braids, and removed the scuffs on her. She's really interesting. This is the most interaction I've ever had with an American Girl doll. Before that I've only seen a few of them in person, much less held one.
Okay, confession time. I've always wanted an American Girl doll. My (spoiled) older cousins each had one, Molly and Samantha, and I remember seeing them the few rare occasions that we went to their house. Of course we were never allowed to touch them, I don't think my cousins touched them very much either, they were show dolls. I remember my sister would get the catalog and we'd sit in her room making a wish list. I would like to say we were still somewhat modest even though we were just making it for fun (but wished it wasn't just for fun). I always liked Molly, and my sister liked Samantha, but we would pick out clothes and accessories from other doll's collections that we liked. We never got one, so it was only a dream. So I moved onto other things. I ended up focusing on Barbie and her friends and family, since even from a young age they were plentiful in my life, and from there I moved to vintage. Eventually I got a similar sized doll, Chatty Cathy. Since she can wear American Girl doll clothes, that's where most of the patterns I made for her originally were designed for. And now that I have an American Girl doll... I'm just not impressed. Sure they're a cute doll, but Chatty Cathy is just as cute, if not cuter. (And I will say that American Girl dolls are oddly similar to Chatty Cathy, I wonder if she was an inspiration source.) They are nice dolls, but for their price I was just... expecting more. I see people who spend so much money on them, and treat them like such a big deal, but they're really not that impressive to me. She's just a doll. I guess I built them up in my mind into something they're not. I guess nothing will ever live up to the grandiose ideas that you can build in your head during childhood. And I know lots of people like them, so it's all my issue. But, not that big of a deal, just not my thing. I know lots of people out there love them, and good for them.
So when at home I was able to send my brother off with my Dad to get the mower, but I really should have gone, hurt ankle or not. It turned out that the heat was just a bit too much for my brother. When he was out with my dad getting the mower, he ended up passing out. He seems fine now, and doesn't seem to be worse for wear, but he does have a cut on his forehead. So I feel a touch guilty for that. We've all been checking in with him throughout the day to see if he's okay. So far so good.
Other than that it was a quiet day. No real progress on any of my project. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better on that front. I did re-read the book I bought today. It's a children's book so it's a quick read, plus I'm a fast reader. It's a decent book, although the moral of the story is really laid on rather thickly, especially at the end. It was tolerable until the last few pages where one of the adult characters basically flat out told the children characters the moral of the story. It was not subtle, like at all. It was like watching Cinderella, and right before the credits role she looks directly at the camera and says, "See what happens when you're ever gentle and kind compared to being mean?". Really takes you out of the moment, but it's a children's book, so maybe I'm being a touch too critical.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have arrived!

Since I knew that my Fedex package was arriving today I spent the morning stalking the Fedex man. I had a poor night's sleep, and was awake and functioning by 6:30. By 7:30 I was dressed and waiting for the sounds of tires in the driveway, other than the ones belonging to my Father's truck. he arrived around eight, he was working last night. Today's his Birthday, I wished him Happy Birthday in the morning. The morning was a very quiet one, I did not want to be distracted by any noise that would cause me to miss the delivery. I ended up cleaning up the room a bit (it was seriously a mess), and even managed to do some dusting on the bookshelf. It gets so dusty so fast!
I started off pulling all the dolls on the vintage shelf and sticking them on my desk. Here's a photo of all of them over there. Please ignore the naked plastic man in the back, he's one of those naked dolls that have been inhabiting the desk. He's going to be sold... eventually. As you can see it's a veritable who's who of the plastic world. Lots of clothing that you've read about here on the blog with this group, but there's several things there that predate the blog.
After that it was Charlotte's shelf. So I moved the vintage group back and pulled out that shelf. There's also a picture of that chaos. You can see that Charlotte's not there (she rarely is), and there's also two vintage dolls there (three if you count re-rooted Midge). Midge lives there full time, the other two are just there for the time being. You can't see it, but Tommy and Kelly are there too. You just can't see them behind the bigger dolls. They are to the left and right of Ashley (rebodied Superstar in the red suit). Also I went and redressed Kelly and Tommy, when I was moving them I realized that they were still wearing their winter clothes, that must have been hot these past few days. They are finally wearing some hot weather appropriate clothing, and I'm sure much happier for it. Joe is still stuck in his Regency outfit.
And the last shelf I dusted (I ran out of steam after this one) was the Japanese doll shelf. It's all the Momoko's and Jenny dolls, as well as most of the short dolls that don't fit elsewhere since that shelf is shorter than all the rest of them. Some familiar faces here, but lots that I've never introduced before. You can also see my single Monster High doll. After I got them put away, I stopped. The shelf below it didn't seem that dusty, plus with my swollen ankle (which is now even more swollen), I didn't feel like much for kneeling or putting more stress on it than I had to, so the rest of them can stay dusty.
But shortly after the last doll was back where they belonged I heard a car pull into the driveway. Messed up ankle or not, I rushed down the stairs like I had the devil behind me. I was greeted with the best sight possible, the Fedex truck! So I went onto the porch to meet him, and he handed me my Birthday present! I was so excited I almost passed out, I just couldn't find a fainting couch to do so with. Instead I took it from him, and dashed back upstairs, like the devil was chasing me back up them. I placed it down on my desk and manged to snap a couple of quick pictures before I tore into it. The first one is the package itself (with my address blurred out). After that is a photo of Charlotte sitting on the box. She wanted to help. Also it shows you the dress she got back from the Silkstone the other day. I forgot how much I like this dress. It's adorable. I set Charlotte aside, since it was time to open this box up! Opening it revealed it's newspaper packing, as well as a pair of black flowered patterned Barbie pants. I don't see them in the original pictures, so they might be something they added last minute, but they could be original to the box, there's lots of things in there that I didn't know were going to be there. Finally I pulled out the newspaper (and just threw it on the floor), to reveal the case. Here's how it looked the second I pulled back the lid revealing my treasures. I felt like I was opening King Tut's tomb, who knows what treasure I'll find.
The first thing I did was look at the dolls themselves. They are the reason I bought this thing in the first place. I'll start off with some good news. That stuff on the Casey body that I thought might be glue? It was just some scotch tape, that looked new. I think the people at the second hand store put it on there in an attempt to keep the neck split from getting worse. I was just able to peel it off. I also eased the head off the body. I'm going to repair the neck splits tonight, and let it cure while I'm sleeping. So the American Girl head. You know that it has a neck split, as well as one that starting on the inside. She also has some damage to one of her eyelids. There's a chunk out of one, which I didn't know. Also that eye is missing it's pupil... which is kind of creepy. But other than that her makeup is stunning. Her lips are in the process of oxidizing from their pink color to a yummy butter cream yellow. She even has the dot of paint in each nostril! Her hair is lovely, soft and full. She may have had a small cut to her bangs, but it's really not that noticeable. Once she's gotten her neck fixed it's time to get her the body I bought a while back. I'm going to miss having it around for a fit model, but it's going on to bigger and better things. I'm going to need to work on dressing her soon, after she gets her correct body I mean.
I also freed Casey from the body she was on, since it wasn't the right body either. It is a Skipper TNT body, I wasn't totally sure from the pictures. It seems to be in decent condition. Both legs click and hold their positions. It's got some play damage, but nothing too different from most of my Vintage dolls. Now I'm going to need to find a head for it, and I'll have another Skipper. She's my first TNT Skipper...partially. Everyone else is SL, and there's one solo Malibu.
When both Casey's head and body were free, it was time to return them to each other. It was also time to see how her hair looked under the wig. And just like I feared, it was terrible. It looked like Casey had spent a lot of time at the beauty parlor. It was fried, and missing large chunks. I can't save it. So guess who's going to be getting a re-root soon! I'm sure she's going to clean up nicely. Her face paint is beautiful. I wish her body was an easy of a fix compared to her hair. Her body is one that shows a lot of wear. Whoever had this doll really liked playing with her, either that or Casey was clumsy and lived near a meat grinder. Her toes are all chewed up and missing pieces, her knees are both broken, her legs are covered with marks, her thumbs are gone, and she has an odd green stain on one of her hands. A stain that was never mentioned in the ad, and when you look at the pictures from the seller, the dolls hands are both behind the dress she's wearing, and the stain is never mentioned. (Have I been had?) Does anyone know how to get rid of a stain like that? I'm not sure what to do, so advice would be appreciated. Also, her wig was appropriated by Hong Kong Lilli, who needed some hair.
Now onto the clothes. I again will say, that whoever owned this really loved these toys, and played with them... often, and a lot. I saw several different things here that I recognized as vintage, but most of them all show a lot of signs of play. Not sure if I can save some of them, but they're more of a bonus since I really just wanted the dolls. First up we have the pile of clothes, that I'm calling, "the do not wants". These are mostly things that are not going to be staying in the collection, with only a few of them being thrown out. I labeled the pictures with number so you will understand which thing I'm talking about, plus it's easier for me. I've also labeled the pictures with letters. This all pertains to the photo marked "A"
1. Home made pair of Barbie pants. They're some sort of soft possibly fake velvet. Cute but not what I can use.
2. Barbie Towel. Made from Terrycloth, light blue-green in color. This looks a lot like the towel that comes with Malibu Barbie, but it's the wrong color. It could be that towel, and just the wrong color (or maybe a variation of the regular one?), but if it was it, it would be a totally different era than the rest of the stuff in the case.
3. This is a red and white polka-dot bag. It's okay, but it's got this weird applique on the front, that really doesn't add anything. Not a fan of it.
4. Home made Barbie skirt. It's made of red denim and used to have an elastic waistband, but it's snapped. It also has two pockets in front, or at least I think it's the front. Coming undone in the back, not going to bother fixing it.
5. Purple wool like pants, also home made. These have some holes in them, plus they look really too skinny for Barbie. These are heading to the trash heap, as soon as I take off the hook and eye in the back since I'm out of those.
6. Modern Barbie Swimsuit, not sure if Mattel or not, but it's broken. Not really sure if it's worth repairing.
7. Black Velvet coat with sheep collar. This is actually cute, but it's really threadbare and not going to last to too much play (even light play). I may end up remaking this coat, it's that cute. My mom really liked it too. It's also got an interesting decoration on it. For buttons (most are now missing), they used sequins, with a single clear bead sewed in the middle. That's pretty neat!
8. Unusual bag thing. It's a little satin? bag made up horizontal striped. not really much to say about it, it's just really tacky to me. It's empty.
9. Okay, I will keep this, I just learned what it was after I took the picture. It's the original swimsuit to Bend leg Midge (I thought it was). It's a bit rough, but original swimsuits are still cool. Has a "Midge" tag in it. I'll add it to my vintage swimsuit collection. I have the Red Bubblecut one, one of Francie's, half of Ken's, and half of Ricky's.
10. These are the pants that were in the box outside of the case when I opened it. The pattern is cute, just don't need the pants. I assume they were for Barbie, but the elastic's shot so they could fit Ken. I may end up re-purposing these. Turns out they are for Barbie, they are a best buy 7514, from 1975.
11. Small doll? apron. Mass produced apron of blue and white checks. On it it reads, "Little Beggar Bear". A quick Google search shows me that this was from a bear (shocking) and it's not an apron it's a bib. Either way, I don't plan on using it.
12. Dark blue Jersey knit skirt, another home made item, with more shot elastic. Would be easier to make a new one than fix this one. Not that I need to make one.
13. Fake suede bag. Cute, needs to be fixed. Another home made thing, might see if my brother wants it. Wouldn't G.I. Joe look good rocking this?
14. And finally we have a circle skirt made out of the same purple fabric as the pants. This also has some holes in it, so it's going to go into the trash as well. It has not closures in it at all. It's just supposed to go over the hips of the doll. That's got to be fun with a doll that doesn't have smooth legs. Could you imagine getting that on a doll with bendable legs? Ick!
All right, photo one done. Now it's time to move onto some vintage Barbie clothes! I also set this up using the number system as the last one. This is for the photo marked "B".
1. First up we have the dress to Suburban Shopper. Such a cute iconic dress. It's in good shape with some discoloration that I'm sure would come out. This is the dress that the American Girl doll was wearing in the photos from the store. It's weird, it doesn't zip up all the way on the vintage doll, the bust is too big. Fits Charlotte though. I cannot find a tag in it.
2. Next is a Skipper dress, Red Sensation. It's in rough shape, and has been repaired at the waist. Also untagged it's missing one of the gold beads. Maybe with some work it will be pretty again.
3. Next is another untagged dress. Now I'm not sure if this is Barbie or not I just have a hunch that it is. So any shared knowledge would be appreciated.
4. After that we have the dress and vest to Francie's Concert in the Park. This outfit is really really nice condition. If I didn't know better I'd say that this was a new outfit. This one clearly did not get a lot of play.
5. This is the top of "Fashion Editor". It's in somewhat rough shape. The linen is in good shape, but the ribbon on it and the flowers at the waist are both shot. It could stand a good pressing.
6. Next we have the coat and dress to Francie's Shopping Spree. The dress is in good condition, only suffering from some unwoven threads inside. The coat however has a few wear spots to the fabric. Don't think I can fix them since they're so severe and it's a woven. It's a cute outfit though, might have to see if I can get a replacement coat. It is blindingly pink!
7. This is the dress to Francie's Go Granny Go. Another really nice condition dress. It has a Francie tag at the bottom of the skirt. Love the pattern on this one, super cute.
Onto Photo C!
1. This is the dress that "Casey" was wearing in her photos. It's a cute (I assume) home made dress. It's made from a cute pink flowered pattern cotton. I believe that it's a shirt dress, possibly made from the vintage Barbie pattern. They had it on "Skipper" backwards. You can't tell because it's backwards in the picture but it has four mother of pearl buttons down the front.
2. Next is another home made dress, this time for Skipper. It has an off white top with a red checked skirt. Pretty cute.
3. Next is what could be a Mattel made dress. I think this is a dress that is from the 70's but I could be wrong. Anybody care to correct or conform that? It's in decent shape, but part of the trim on one sleeve is coming undone.
4. Next there's a home made skirt with a rainbow color scheme. I just think it's pretty. Not too much to say about it. Might end up putting someone in it.
5. And finally in this photo we have the nightdress to Francie's Tuckered Out. It's another really great quality outfit. The only issue is that the buttons are a little warped on it. Interesting to see that such a modest nightgown is actually really really shear. Francie's a bit of a naughty girl!
Photo D, nearing the end.
1. Up first is a cute little dress. It's made from a white and blue micro-dotted cotton. Super cute, but also super short. Might make a fun costume for somebody.
2. This is a dress with a matching head scarf, at least I think it's a scarf. It's another cute dress. It's in nice condition, and adorable. No idea who made it, anybody have any clue? It just screams best buy to me. It's missing half of the snap in the back. Will have to see if I have one to replace it.
3. After that is a vinyl rain jacket. It's tagged with a "Made in Hong Kong" label. I think it's really cute and might end up with a doll wearing it. I do need to fix the snaps a one side has come undone on both of them, but they're still attached to the other side.
4. Here we have a small flowered slip? I think it's a slip, I feel like I've seen this before, but not sure when. Anyone have any clue? Is it Skippers?
5. Next we have a purse. It looks like the one that came with Barbie's Red Flair coat, except that it doesn't have a stone clasp, just a bead. So it could be from anything. Cute purse though.
6. And finally we have a pink bathrobe. Not a lot to say about this, it's untagged, but pretty. You can see it in the picture from the seller, it's under Casey's feet.
Now we have two final things. First off we have simple white dress, obviously hand made. I'm not sure why I like this dress so much, but I do. It's got lace at the sleeves and the neckline. I think it may be a bit too big for Barbie. I'm sure I could make something like this myself, but I wouldn't. So this is the next best thing.
And for our final final thing, we have this: Barbie's Sophisticated Lady from 1963-1964. It's a lovely dress, with some major wear on it. It's still very lovely. It has a very frayed tag in the jacket.
Whew, that was a lot of typing, took me most of the day to write it. I'd say that this was a very decent purchase for me. I got some interesting dolls, as well as several outfits, most of which I had no idea existed. I'm just super glad my wait is over.
I wonder if I'll get mail tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a terrible day...

I woke up this morning with some swelling in my left ankle. For the most part it doesn't hurt too much except when I'm trying to maneuver stairs. Everything else isn't too bad, still some pain though, but it's minor. There was also some pain on my left arm earlier in the day so I must have slept funny on it last night. Isn't funny how something that is caused by one night is going to have to take several days to get better? *Sigh*
So I wasn't really motivated today. I did however manage to finish re-beating Final Fantasy X. Man, what a powerful game. It's just so wonderfully written. Takes a bit to get into it, but once you are you're hooked. So when I was done with that I started it's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 (literally ten-two). It takes place two years after the original, and I'm not a total fan of it yet. There's just so much that's happened in between games that it's hard to believe that it's only been two years. Also they monkeyed around with the battle system and I much preferred the old one. And finally, I miss the Aeons, they were my favorite part of the last game (and most Final Fantasy games) so without them it's not as fun. But still I want to beat this game, even though I am using a guide for the whole thing. It's just that you need to do a lot of little thing to get the best ending, and if I'm going to spend hours and hours of my life on something I want to get the most satisfying ending. Today I managed to get 23 percent completed in it. Hopefully I can get 20 percent done each day and wrap this game up pretty quick. (Those are famous last words however.)
I did do some sewing today, something for Skooter, but I didn't end up liking it. I'm still trying to find something that works for her that I haven't done already. While the thing I made today was cute, it wasn't right for her, so it goes into the box for another day. Who knows when you guys will see it.
And in conclusion no mail for me again today. Sad face. At this point this waiting is worse than Christmas. At least with Christmas you know the day it's going to be. So right now I'd say it's like Christmas morning, where you know you're going to get presents, you just need to have your parents wake up so you can open them. Which is well and good, I've just been waiting forever for this particular Christmas morning. But I am happy to say that this evening I checked Fedex, and there was an update. My package arrived in Charlotte (what a lovely name) at 4:29 this afternoon, and the delivery date's been bumped up to tomorrow. I need to make sure I'm within earshot of the door tomorrow and dressed for company. Because if I miss the Fedex man and have to wait until the next day I will be MAD! I don't care if I have to throw myself down those stairs to get to that door, I will get my package!

Some Numbers because I'm Bored

So I was bored this morning so I decided to count the number of things people are wearing in the collection I made versus the number of things made by other people or companies. I counted; shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, hats, belts, underwear, gloves, and socks (as pairs). I didn't do jewelry or shoes because I can't make shoes period. And the jewelry's really something that they're wearing, it's more of an accessory. Here's a breakdown of each based on the shelves. (Made it easier to count and recount doing it this way.)
Silkstone Shelf
I made: 10 Others made: 21
Vintage Shelf
I made: 36 Others made: 16
Charlotte's Shelf
I made: 20 Others made: 20
Japanese Dolls Shelf
I made: 24 Others made: 22
Other (Vintage and Misc.)
I made: 27 Others made: 14
Chatty Cathy's Shelf
I made: 4 Others made: 2
Media Bookshelf (Vintage Runoff)
I made: 24 Others made: 12

I made: 145 Others made: 107
A difference of: 38

So you can see I've made more the clothes that dolls are wearing compared to other people, which is pretty cool. It's interesting to note that the majority of the shelves show that I've made more than others, except for the Silkstone shelf. That's the only one where the ratio of what other people made is greater than my own. The closest one to that is Charlotte's shelf, where we're dead even between the two amounts. The Japanese shelf comes close with only a difference of two. After that we're basically 2:1 for the rest of the shelves, except for the vintage shelf where the balance is a bit greater in my favor. Pretty interesting, right?

(Also it should be noted that I didn't count Malibu Barbie in this since she's not officially done yet either, but she would have added two more to the made by me count. I also didn't include Skooter either, but since she's not dressed, she wouldn't have added any to either number.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Come on Fedex!

My morning got started off with asking if I wanted to go with my Dad when he went out to pick up a few things. I declined, and got asked a follow up, "Are you feeling okay?". Okay I get it, I like to shop, but just because I don't want to go one day doesn't mean I'm sick. It means that I'm trying to be better about spending when I shouldn't. Plus I don't have a project that I really need to get anything for. Right now it's all in the pre-planning phase. I'm sure once the new dolls arrive and I decide what Skooter's going to wear I'll need to get stuff, but right now I'm all set.
It was another slow day here. I continue to not have any progress with Skooter or Malibu. I did however manage to post Princess Jasmine for sale. That's one naked doll on my desk. I'm hoping to keep dealing with them until they're all dealt with. Malibu's head is still soaking in the liquid fabric softener. I will return it to her body (one of the naked dolls on the desk) when she's dressed (and therefor no longer naked) or when the other dolls get here, if I decided to do it then. And in case you can't tell, no mail for me today. I got my hopes up when the mailman delivered a package, but it was for my father. I handled my disappointment with the dignity and class you've all come to expect from me. I threw the package through the kitchen window while unleashing a torrent of off color words at anyone who would listen. Just kidding! I put it in front of my parent's door and quietly went back upstairs. My dad was sleeping, he's working tonight... poor him. I hope something for me arrives soon, all this suspense is killing me!
I did manage to finish the second dress I started yesterday. The first dress is still soaking trying to get rid of some of the tea dye. This dress needed the usual, seam reinforcement, snaps, trimming the threads, all that fun stuff. I also ended up changing the color of this dress too, just not using any tea, leaned my lesson with that. This time I just stained it using a tiny bit of paint. Blue, making it a lovely ice blue color. I set it out to dry this morning, and it dried really quick. Today was a SUPER hot day. I really like this color it ended up with. I also added a sash of similar colored fake satin, that ties in the waist. I wasn't even finished with it before Charlotte gave it up to someone else. It went to one of the Silkstones. I love how their proportions are in-between vintage and belly button, really allows some clothing sharing. She used to be wearing a different dress I made for Charlotte. A black one I made for using with the shoe pack that took me forever to find, but now Charlotte's gotten it back. I really like how this dress looks on this doll. Isn't it funny how a dress that was an after thought comes out better than a dress that I wanted to make originally?
P.S. It does suffer a little with gaping in the back, but she doesn't turn her back on people, so it's cool!