Friday, November 30, 2012

Now for something totally different!

I was up bright and early this morning. No time for dolls today, I had bigger plans. Today was the day that my Grandparents were coming through the state on their way down to Florida for the winter. Thankfully they had agreed to not come to the house so I didn't have to do a massive frenzied cleaning. Instead we were going to meet them in Denton for lunch at a restaurant. My cousin who lives in Charlotte was also going to be joining us.
So my mother, my brother, and I got into the car and headed off to Denton. My dad didn't go since he's working this weekend. We actually got there pretty easily, with only one real mix up in finding the restaurant. But we still got there before everyone else, even though we traveled the furthest to get there. But we weren't waiting long before my Grandparents and cousin showed up.
We were meeting at a restaurant called "The Mayflower". We actually have one of these in town, but have never been. It's mainly a seafood joint and I personally don't eat much seafood. But they do have burgers, which is what I got. It was okay, not really the best. It felt a little... processed. But I wasn't really there for the food, I was there for the company. I had a great time seeing my Grandparents. I had missed out seeing that for our fake Christmas, so getting a chance to see them was really nice. Even seeing my cousin was nice. I don't have a real relationship with any of my cousins, but this was a nice visit with him. We ended up chatting while after were all finished eating, and after we left the table we ended up sitting in the restaurant lobby talking some more! What can I say, we're chatty people.
Eventually we said our goodbyes and everyone went their separate ways. We were able to get home without any driving errors! Very proud of that. Back at home I had something waiting for me in the mail, actually three things. Everything I was waiting for in the mail arrived today. I was actually the only person to get any mail today. Even the lone letter was for me. It was my bank statement, I'm still poor.
I tore into their boxes the moment I got inside. I'm pleased to say that my Christmas doll is who I thought she was, but more about that after I've officially received her after Christmas. All the dolls got the start of their refreshing before I surrender them to my parents.
I wasn't able to spend my entire evening working on the dolls, I had to stop so I could make cookies. I have another social obligation tomorrow that I need to bring some food to share with me. So I decided to make sugar cookies using the recipe from that Cookie Book I bought the other day. I made this recipe with my Grandmother a lot growing up. I was going to be all fancy and decorate them with some egg yolk "paint", but after doing that with the first batch it looked terrible, so I ended up making the rest of them plain.
I was feeling kind of bummed that my cookie plans didn't work out, but I was also feeling kind of... icky, like I was coming down with a cold. I finished what I was doing, but decided that if I was still feeling under the weather in the morning I'd skip my plans for tomorrow.
Here's hoping it was a minor icky feeling and not the start of something bigger.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Something old, something new... mostly new.

All right, like promised here's a photo of our second dressed doll for November:
She's not wearing shoes because I don't have any that work with this outfit. Dolls going shoeless is becoming the new norm around here unfortunately. Also, does she look familiar? She shouldn't because she's new. I bought her earlier in the month from Etsy. That lovely lady cost me 31 dollars, including the 6 it cost to ship. She's in wonderful condition, her only issues are a couple of deep scratches on her body. Other than that she's in amazing shape, a really great buy, even though it did totally drain my Christmas shopping money.

So today I started working early. I was working with Skipper, the final doll I had any ideas on how to dress. I did like the dress I made for her, but the fit was just not right so it needed some work. I was hoping I could save the skirt, but knew that I would just have to remake the top. So today I took the pattern and worked on it. I made four version of it... but I wasn't really that successful. I was able to work our my problem with the sleeve holes, but wasn't so lucky with getting the fit right at the bottom. I think I'm going to have to redo the outfit entirely to get it how I want it. I just hate having to redo the skirt since I spent so much time hand tacking that ribbon on it. But if that's what it takes to get her dressed.

But that had to wait since today I ended up going out in the afternoon. I was actually going to skip it, but as the day wore on I changed my mind and went out. I was hoping that while out I could find some more Christmas presents at the second hand stores, but it was real slim pickings while out. I didn't find a single thing of interest at the Salvation Army or the Goodwill for myself or anybody I was shopping for. But I did manage to find a couple interesting things at the Christian Second Hand store. 
I hit up the toy section first. They didn't have much in terms of Barbies, but I did find two dolls of interest. They're Baby Face dolls. I've read all about them online, but never seen them in person, so it was pretty cool seeing them for real. There's a really cohesive site about them here: PrillyCharmin. I found so Sorry Sarah and So Innocent Cynthia. They were both really dirty, and Cynthia has had a hair cut, but they were both really cheap and it would be cool to just play around with them for a bit, so I decided to get them. I won't lie, they're fun to play around and pose. I don't think they'll be living here forever, but it's nice to have them visit.
I also picked up some stockings to use for material for Joe's Christmas costume. I'm thinking about making him a classic Santa costume. Not the most innovative thing, but at least it's something. buying these are cheaper than buying actual fabric for it. I also found a couple of bags of the thread my mom uses to cross stitch with. For four dollars I managed to pick up a ton of them, and many of them look like they're unused. No picture of those since I've already wrapped them for Christmas. And finally I bought a book, a cook book. It's a vintage copy of the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. I'm actually very familiar with this book, my Grandmother has a copy that's she's used forever. Her copy is actually falling apart, and a couple of years ago we found a reprint of it that we gave her. And now we have our own copy! It's in good shape with minor wear to the binding. Can you believe that we actually paid less for it now that how much it sold for new? I don't think I'll make that many cookies in it, but it'll be nice to have in case I want to cook something like that, I do like cookies!
Back at home I did start working on Joe's costume, and it did not end well. The fabric is just too furry for the scale and it looked really off. So I'm going to have to do something else for him. I'm annoyed, but at least I found that out after ruining one of the stockings I bought, there's still one that I didn't cut up, so it could have been worse.
Thinking positive.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just under the deadline

Before I start talking about my day, I believe I owe you all a picture of Midge in the dress I made yesterday. Like usual you're not the first to see it. Since I already took the picture I uploaded it to Flickr and shared it on "In the Pink", so like usual you're the last to know. But you guys get to hear about the actual creation of the outfit, so it's kind of a coin toss as to which is better. But I've prattled on long enough, here's the picture:
It's a little washed out since I had to brighten it since it came out really dark. Not sure why that happened since I took the picture in the middle of the day. But there's her dress cataloged for all posterity.
Anyway, onto what I did for the day. You'd think that after my long day yesterday I'd end up taking it easy today, and I sort of did, but sort of didn't. Today I ended up finishing up that Barbie outfit I started last week, the one with the pants. I had done all the main sewing already, so I just needed to finish it up. The pants went together pretty quickly. I was able to get those finished this morning. The shirt took longer since I had a ton to do by hand just like the shirt Midge is wearing above. I also ended up tearing out both of the front darts (Midge's top doesn't have front darts) and redoing them. But just like with Midge's shirt yesterday I added buttons (using up the last of my red buttons), and added a ribbon belt. And just like Midge's you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see a picture of that since again I finished it too late to take a decent picture.
But I did finishing it today, meaning there's been two dressed dolls for November, which is awesome. I really doubted I'd get two of them done. I wish I could say that means I'm making progress on keeping the numbers of undressed dolls low, but I'm waiting for those two new dolls to fill up any empty spots on the sewing cabinet. I'm not sure how much progress will be made for that during December since it's already shaping up to be a real busy month. And right now the only doll I have any idea for is Skipper, but I've managed to avoid working on her dress for quite some time now.
I wonder how long that will last.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sooooo bad, but sooo good... sooo break even?

I'll start off with how bad I was today... I bought two dolls this morning. I know, I know, I really shouldn't have. There's already a pile of them waiting to be dressed over on the sewing cabinet, and I have two new ones that I'll be getting for Christmas. But today I found a doll I HAD to have. It was a Bend Leg Allen in decent condition. From the Seller's own words, one of his legs is a bit swingy, and he has some hair paint damage (and it looks to me like a darkened face). All this "massive" damage made him being sold for 13 dollars! Can you believe it? I never see Bend Leg dolls for sale, and when they are they go for much more than that amount. The seller did want 8 dollars to ship him, but I guess I should be happy that in total he only costs 21 dollars. But since I was already buying something from them, I also checked out what else they had for sale. They had a decent condition TNT Stacey doll for 10. If I bought both dolls together, it would only add three dollars to the shipping. It may be counter productive, but I feel better about spending 14 to ship two dolls compared to 8 for one.
But I shouldn't have felt too good about spending that much on either of them, because I actually have the money for either of them... I had to borrow it from my parents, meaning I now owe them 46 dollars. I will say I tried to walk away from these two. I actually clicked off their pages twice, hoping someone would buy Allen so I wouldn't have him tempting me like that. (I wouldn't have just bought Stacey if Allen had sold) But when the third time I went back to the page and he was still there, I had to get him. If I was that invested in just looking at him, I would be devastated if I lost out on him. So I'm now 46 dollars in the red, and I still have to get two Christmas presents. I have GOT to stop spending money on myself.
It's kind of funny, the past week or so I was thinking that I wanted to add another Allen and Stacey to the collection, I really didn't think it would actually happen, much less so soon.

And moving onto how good I was today. Remember yesterday's post where I talked about needing to make five outfits this holiday season? Well now I only have to make four. I spent today (when I wasn't shopping for dolls) working on a brand new Christmas outfit. When I started this morning it was just some uncut fabric and now it's a totally finished outfit. But while I finished it completely today, you won't get to see it until tomorrow since the it's too dark to take decent pictures. Darn these early nights! 
The dress I made today was for that Midge doll I got for my birthday this year. The other day when I was pulling out all the Christmas fabric I owned one of them really jumped out for me. It was that white calico with the holly print I bought last year for Ashley's dress. It never ended up working for Ashley, even though I did finish a dress and there's still several uncompleted bodices in the unfinished project box. I honestly thought that I had just wasted my money buying it, but it turns out I just hadn't found the right application for it. While it never seemed to work for Ashley it just seemed to click with Midge and I quickly designed a dress for her using it.
For the actual design of her Christmas dress, I was actually just going to remake her usual outfit, just in the Holiday fabric. In case you don't remember she wear a solid yellow shirt, with a pleated geometric printed Sindy skirt. I made the shirt, but not the skirt. So I was able to use the same pattern that I made the shirt from originally to remake it. The skirt was a little different. I went with a simple full skirt instead of doing a pleated one. I was able to get all of the machine sewing done this morning before lunch. I should mention that the reason I did separates instead of a traditional shirt-dress is because I was worried the print would look too overwhelming altogether and wanted the option to mix and mach with other pieces if that was the case. Luckily, they look pretty awesome together.
It was after lunch that the extreme hand finishing part of this outfit started. The skirt is entirely hand hemmed. Also the shirt has several places that I hand hemmed it including it's hem, and the sleeve holes. That took me forever, but I stuck with it, because I wanted to finish it today. I got all the snaps sewn, and I even added green decorative buttons to the front.
For accessories, I kept in simple. Midge kept the white hair ribbon she normally wears (mainly because I didn't want to redo it after Christmas). I also gave her a belt made of green ribbon with a white buckle. I could have gone all fancy with it, but it just ties in the back. For shoes she stole the white pumps that Mary Clair normally wears, good thing she's currently stealing Charlotte's black boots. And that's it, a lot of work, but totally worth it. I've already dressed her in her new outfit and had her join the rest of the dolls in their holiday clothes (I've pulled everyone not wearing holiday clothes off the shelf for the time being), but she won't be staying there long.
I had a bit of an sneaky reason for making this dress. The North Carolina Fashion Doll club is having their holiday party this Saturday and I was thinking about bringing a doll with me. And I wanted to make something new for the meeting, and now I have something. Now the only question is, do I bring Midge, or steal her dress for someone else (which I was planning on doing until I saw how cute she looked in it)?  

Monday, November 26, 2012


It was a pretty quiet day around here today. Ken's clothes were finally dry this morning so I was able to dress him and move him into the collection. He's my first dressed doll since September. I was beginning to think that the dolls that plague the sewing cabinet were going to be there forever. At least with someone joining the collection it gives me hope that more of them will eventually get dressed. I didn't take pictures of him since you're already seen the outfit for the most part the other day and I was feeling lazy and didn't want to drag out the camera.
I also did some more Christmas decorating. I went into the closet and pulled out most of the Christmas decorations. I took out the foil tree that gets placed on the Japanese doll shelf, and I also took out the nutcrackers I bought last year. I even went and changed Charlotte's chair. It's now the white rocking chair instead of that Pretty Polly chair I bought during the summer. I liked that chair so much I left it out for months when I really should have changed it. Anyway, I also finished redressing the dolls on Charlotte's shelf. I had dressed most of them on Saturday, but not everyone. Today I dressed Artemis, Vannessa, and Kelly. Tommy is still undressed because I noticed his clothes were looking a little dingy so I washed them and they're still drying. Once they're dry and on him, I will have officially dressed all of the dolls that have Christmas outfits on that shelf.
But there are still several dolls that need some Christmas outfits. We had two new additions to the shelf over the year, so they clearly don't have anything yet. Also Joe never got anything last year because by that time his body was broken and I was already planning on getting him the replacement so I decided to not make him anything when I knew it wasn't going to fit the next year. And finally Charlotte needs something new, because well, she always needs something new.
Meaning I have four planned outfits to make in December, which is quite a daunting task, but I am hopeful. Last year around Christmas time I made five outfits. It's true. I made Mary Clair's, Midge's, Vanessa's, Ashley's, and Charlotte's. In fact I'm planning on trying to make five again this year, picking someone on a different shelf to make that final outfit for. I was thinking that Cindy Sad Eyes might be the extra doll, it's been a while since she's gotten any new clothes. I actually even have an idea for her. I did some work on it since I have to draft the pattern myself, but it did not go well. It certainly needs more work.
I actually have ideas for 3/5 of the dolls I'm planning on sewing for. Right now Midge, Joe, and Cindy Sad Eyes all have preliminary ideas of what I want to make for them, but right now Midge is the only one that I could make the entire outfit for. Joe I still need the fabrics for, and with Cindy I need to work on that pattern. The only two that I have no idea what to make is for Charlotte and my Number 4 Barbie. I pulled out my limited Christmas fabric assortment and played around with each of them on her (the Barbie, not Charlotte), but didn't care for any of them on her. I'm planning on going to Hobby Lobby eventually and seeing what they have for Christmas fabrics. Maybe I'll get inspired by something I see there.
But I certainly have enough to keep my busy until then (The next time I'm able to go out isn't until Thursday.). Time is ticking, even though I have three more days than most people!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Month Until Christmas (For Most People)

I'll start off with some good news, Oliver is alive. Around noon today I went downstairs, and on a whim I opened the door to see if any of our cats wanted to come inside. Stepping outside I saw a familiar looking cat over at the corner of the porch. It was Oliver! People were very very exited to see that he was back. We brought him out a bowl of food (on the front porch, we're no longer putting any food on the back porch) and I ended up spending some time petting him. I also took that time to check him for any tender or sore spots from his run in with the dog. He let me and didn't freak out on me, so I guess he's not in too bad of shape. I'm so glad he came back, really takes a lot of my mind.
My day was spent working on that Ken outfit. Since it looks like December is shaping up to be another hectic month I want to get him finished and moved into the collection as soon as I can. In order to do that I needed to finish his outfit. I was mostly done, but there were still several minor things that I needed to do in order to count the outfit as totally done. I started off with the belt. Like I said when I shared the picture asking people's opinion for how to wear it, I wasn't going to use the ribbon belt on the actual outfit. I took some red calico and made a new one. I made this pretty quick, it's just a tube of fabric. I did hidden stitch the ends though, only the best for my Ken.
I also color fasted the undershirt and the pants. They're both dark colors and I didn't want either of them staining Ken, so I set them up soaking for a couple hours in some boiling water. While I was doing that I threw the shoes I'm planning on using with this outfit into another cup of boiling water. I wasn't worried about them staining since they're plastic, but somewhere along the line one of the shoes got a puncture wound on it's top. It didn't go all the way through and make a hole, so I was wondering if the boiling water would help it pop back into shape. It did help, somewhat. It still has the ding in it, but it's much smaller and you can only really see it if you're looking for it. I'm glad that worked out.
Ken also got some work today. He has some very minor melting going on to the very bottom of his torso where his legs meet his body. Today I scraped off all the melted plastic, sanded the area smooth, and coated it with clear nail polish. I was told that's how you deal with melting. I noticed there might be some melting going on inside his leg joint. I might have to do an even more invasive fix, but not today.
I don't have a finished picture to show you since even though the air is super dry his pants and shirt still haven't dried out yet. Maybe tomorrow you can see it. It would be nice to have a dressed doll finished.
That hasn't happened in a while.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We're so cool even our Holidays are fashionable late!

I had an early start to my day. I was awoken by an unholy noise coming from the downstairs. I could tell it was from a cat, but I could not figure out who. Since it didn't seem to be letting up, I ended up getting up and going downstairs. Turns out it was coming from outside. I turned on the outside lights, and carefully opened the door. And I quickly found the source of the noise... it was Waffles. Unknown to any of us he had apparently snuck outside the last time someone opened the door. And he made a new friend. There was a random gray cat on the porch as well, and that unholy noise was Waffles growling at the cat. So I let Waffles in, mainly to shut him up. I also stayed outside for a little bit with the gray cat. He seemed skittish but friendly. He let me pet him. He seemed nice. He looked pretty well fed so I'm not sure if he's a stray or just visiting us. He's been seen around a few times the past couple of days, so it could go either way. If he's still hanging around we're going to call the animal control and see if there's anyone looking for a gray cat. We're also thinking about posting a Craigslist ad to check if anyone's looking for the cat. But all depends if he ends up hanging around, we might end up not seeing him again.
I was worried that after all that moving I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, and I did toss and turn for a while, but I stuck with it and managed to fall back asleep. I managed to fall asleep for four more hours and wake up at a much more respectable nine.
Even though today was our Thanksgiving I didn't have to get started on it as soon as I woke up. at 10:30 I headed downstairs to start prepping the turkey. You should remember that I'm still ticked at my family from yesterday so I was hoping to avoid them as much as possible. Apparently they had that same thought since the entire time I was downstairs working on the turkey I didn't see hide nor hair of anybody. I was actually able to get the turkey prepped and into the oven 15 minutes before I was planning to.
I headed back upstairs to wait for it to cook, it was much too early to start anything else. But the problem is, I didn't know what to do with myself. But I did manage to make good use of my time. I actually started my Christmas decorating. I was trying to hold off until Thanksgiving was officially over, but I had time to kill. I just worked on changing people on Charlotte's shelf into their Christmas clothes. I dressed Mary Clair, Ashley, Modern Circle, Re-rooted Midge, Blaine, and Pierre. Everyone just got the same clothes they wore last year. I forgot how much I liked Ashley and Mary Clair's outfit, they're super cute! I still have to dress Artemis, Vanessa, Kelly, and Tommy in their clothes, but it's not like I won't have the time. It's not even December yet! I also have to do some sewing, there's a couple dolls on that shelf this year that weren't there last year that need some clothes. (But more about that later.)
About an hour before the turkey was set to be finished I went back downstairs to work on the rest of the dinner. I was working on the stuffing when my father came out of his room, he had been sleeping until that point. He unloaded the dishwasher while I did all the cooking. It was quite a whirlwind as I made the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits in a short period of time. The turkey ended up being done earlier than I expected (which I knew could happen), but I still managed to get everything done, on the table, and still warm all by myself. So we all sat down for our Thanksgiving meal. It was okay, I thought the turkey tasted a little dry, but other than that it was decent. I was a little annoyed with everyone at first, but eventually I got less frustrated and had a decent time.
After dinner I went out. I was hoping to go out to the Dollar Store to pick up some cheap things I still need for Christmas, but never ended up making it there. I did however ended up at all three of the second hand stores were we found some really nice presents for people for Christmas. We got several ornaments for my sister, a pair of binoculars for my sister's husband, a Japanese key chain for my brother, and a wool plaid blanket for my mother. We got some pretty good prices, those binoculars we bought we paid three dollars. I found them online being sold (refurbished) for 30. That's a pretty decent price difference.
Once back at home after updated the Christmas word document I have I wrapped all of the presents we bought while out. I'm trying to stay on top of that so I don't have a ton to wrap closer to the big day, makes it more fun. And yes, I listened to Christmas music. I can do that now, Thanksgiving is over!      

Friday, November 23, 2012

Up and Down

I started off my morning with some doll sewing. You remember those red pants I made for Barbie a couple of days ago? The ones that I said I didn't like any of the fabrics to make a shirt to go with them? Well it turns out I did. It was actually a patterned fabric that I had decided against the first go around but this morning when I looked at it again, it seemed to work with the pants. So I decided to take a chance and make a shirt with it. Even if I decided I didn't like them together I wouldn't be out much, besides I was tired of sitting around waiting to visit Hobby Lobby to see if they even had a fabric that could work. And we all know by now that Hobby Lobby rarely has anything close to what I need on a regular basis.
I used the simple collared shirt pattern that I have, and managed to get all of the machine sewing done this morning. I did start finishing it by hand, but I ran into trouble. I think I'm going to have to take out one of the darts and redo it, but I ended up giving up on it for today. I actually do like the shirt with the pants. If I can get my act together it might end up on someone and actually have someone join the collection this month. If not the doll wearing this outfit and Ken might end up being December's dressed dolls.
In the afternoon I was busy with some cooking. Since our Thanksgiving is tomorrow I wanted to do what I could do today so I wouldn't have to do everything tomorrow since it's already going to be rather busy. There's not much that can be done that early except for the desserts. So today I made chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake mousse, and chocolate cream pie. I personally wouldn't have made the cookies, but my father asked for them. I was hoping to cheat with them and use a premixed bag, but couldn't find any at the store, so I ended up making them from scratch. They took the longest out of all the desserts to make. Anyway, I got all those done all by myself.
After that I started on the Turkey. I'm not cooking it today, but it needed some prep work. But while doing so I managed to mess something up due to someone's unreasonable, impractical, frivolous eating issues.Which made me mad because how it all played out didn't have to be that way. And it really made me mad because I'm doing all this work, and nobody is giving my feelings any consideration. And by really mad, I mean really mad. I was ready to start smashing dishes and I was just looking for reasons to be even more livid than I already was. Luckily by the time that happened I was mostly done so I was able to get everything done that I needed to then retreat to my room without going off on anyone.
I've been trying to cool my hot head the entire evening, and while what I've been doing has helped I'm still plenty annoyed. If I had my druthers I'd just skip Thanksgiving at this point and avoid everyone all day tomorrow. But that's not going to help anything, so I'll just suffer though it, but once that's over I plan on going back to avoiding everyone for a while. I'm certainly no longer as excited about it as I was in the morning.
Would it be rude to safety pin a "Do not disturb" sign to my shirt?

Retro Dolls US

A couple months ago Retro Dolls US posted an ad over on In the Pink announcing their new US website. In their post they also said that they would offer some free samples of their product to people who wanted to check out their product. Since I do re-roots on dolls from time to time, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. I do have other sites where I buy my doll hair, but would always welcome another site, especially since they had some color changing hair and their prices seemed pretty decent.
I perused their website trying to find their contact information, but could not. I ended up having to ask them for their email specifically on their Facebook page. They were quick to reply to that, so I sent them an e-mail with my address so they could send me a sample of their product.
And I have been waiting. I sent my e-mail in September, and I have not received anything from them. I was hoping to be able to post a blog post comparing their hair to the other two sites that I have purchased from, but can't do that without a product.
And yes, I know I could have contacted them again to ask about my free sample, and how since it was free I really shouldn't have expected anything, but there was no point offering a sample and then not follow through with it. I'm not saying anything bad about the product since I really can't tell anything about it. I can just say that from what I've experienced about their customer service I really do not wish to do business with them.

Just sharing what I experienced so others can make an informed decision. 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving... to everyone else!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (for those celebrating it). Like I said in yesterday's post, we're holding off ours until Saturday. Although I am starting some cooking tomorrow, but just the desserts. I'm going to make those tomorrow so there's three less things to worry about on Saturday.

So today was business as normal... kind of. Remember how I said I was avoiding Skipper's dress and sort of implied that's all I had to work on? Well that was misleading. I actually had another outfit that was 85 percent done, but I was just stalling on finishing it. It was something for that Final Live Action Ken that I bought a couple of months ago. The other two Ken dolls that came with him both quickly joined the collection, and they were waiting for him to join them. I actually had an idea for Ken quite a while ago, but never found the right fabrics for it, so I ended up giving up on it and trying other ideas in order to get him dressed. But apparently he was meant to wear that outfit, because the other month when at the Swell Doll Shop one of the first things I found was a clone 60's Ken shirt that was perfect for the outfit. So I wasn't finding the perfect fabric, I was finding the perfect already made shirt. Could not get any better than that. All I had to do was sew the rest of the outfit.
Since this Ken has that weird chalky issue with his torso, I wanted to cover up as much of that as I could. So Ken was getting a turtlenecked shirt under his other shirt. The shirt I bought at the Swell Doll Shop was red with navy designs. I looked through my entire jersey knit stash before I decided the best color I liked with it was red. So I made him a red sleeveless turtleneck shirt to go under the other one. For the pants I decided to go with navy, I'm really going "far out" with this one, aren't I? I was actually out of navy calico, but I had bought some for a different project shortly before I started this one, so I had some on hand. I have yet to start that other project. Anyway, the pants are a kind of new.You should know by now my love for the pants with the fake pockets. Turns out, I have yet to make them for Mod dolls. So far only vintage Kens or Joe have gotten a pair like that. So I needed to adapt a pattern. Luckily I made those Ken shorts for Busy Hand Ken, so I was able to just lengthen them to make the pants. I'm not totally sold on them as it, I'm kind of thinking they're too wide in the legs. Will you give me some feedback on that?
Anyway, I made this in October, and managed to get most of the shirt totally finished before I stopped. I did like it, but I just didn't want to work on it for some reason. But today I picked it back up again and worked on it. I finished the shirt and the pants! But it's not totally finished yet. The shirt I bought at the Swell Doll Shop required a belt. It only has a top snap, and there's a thread belt loop in the back. There's a couple of ways to use a belt, and I'm conflicted which to use. I took a picture of the two styles I'm stuck between. Which do you like better, the regular belt or the side tie belt?
P.S. I'm just using a bit of ribbon to play around with it. I plan on making the actual one out of red calico.

But wait, that's not all that happened today. I also used up my final Christmas budget!... as well as all of my saved money... and some borrowed money. Let's just say a lot of things came together for me to get this final item. I was over on Ebay this morning looking to see what was listed. I really shouldn't have been, but there I was. And wouldn't you know I found something I really liked. It was a vintage Barbie lot. It consisted of a Vintage doll, a couple beat up hangers, two pieces of vintage clothing, and an icky mildew ridden case. It was listed with a starting bid of sixty five dollars with seven shipping, or a it now price of 85 dollars. It was closing in 18 hours, and still didn't have any bids. I really liked the doll, but did not want the clothing or the case. So taking a chance I emailed the seller if they would be willing to split up the lot. They emailed me back saying they'd be willing to just sell me the doll for 60 plus shipping. I then asked them if they'd be willing to let me pay it in layaway, half up front, and then the rest in a couple weeks. They seemed okay with the idea, but wanted more information before they agreed to it. But I didn't need to actually work out a layaway plan. I was telling my mother about this deal and she offered to loan me the money from her Paypal account for it so I could buy it outright! Which I did. That means I've spent all my Christmas money, and now owe her 16 dollars, but it was totally worth it.
I'm 90 percent sure she's one type of doll, but if she ends up being another one I'll be disappointed, but not crushed. She's far from perfect, but I just love her. Poor girl had some bad green ear, her hair was a mess, she was filthy, and there's some missing paint to her lips. The seller said they would ship her out on Monday. They're in Virginia, so I'd think it would get here relatively quick. This one is going to have the same deal as the last one. Once she arrives I get her for 24 hours so I can give her a bath, fix her hair, and clean out her green ears (and remove her remaining earring that caused some of it). I'm also going to dress her since she'll be arriving nude. After that she gets turned over to my parents until Christmas.
It's going to be a very Barbie Christmas around here!
I won't lie, I keep looking at the pictures from her auction that I saved.
I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it, she's just so pretty!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So today was better than today, save for one thing. Although, I will say honestly it would have been harder for today to have been worse than yesterday because yesterday was terrible, just terrible.

I went out again this morning. It wasn't Christmas related this time. Instead I was just going to the post office to mail two things. I had a pattern sell late last night and I wanted to get it into the mail as soon as I could since I don't know the next time I'll be able to get to the post office. I also had a present to mail out for a Flickr friend. That one I wasn't planning on mailing so soon, but since I was already heading to the post office I figured why not. They're both on their way to their new owners as we speak, so I won't have either of them hanging over my head this Holiday week.
That was all I did when out so I was back home relatively quickly. But I really didn't know what to do with myself. I don't have any projects slated, and I'm still avoiding Skipper's dress. So I decided to work on Charlotte's Christmas outfit. Even though I'm keeping myself from going fully into the Christmas mindset, I can at least start working on that project, since it always takes me far longer than I expected. So today I started looking up Holiday dresses trying to find something that called to me, the problem was, nothing did. To be perfectly honest, I really shouldn't have bothered looking up Holiday Dresses, for the past two years Charlotte's Christmas dresses have had really nothing to do with Christmas. Typically they're only Christmas dresses because I call them that. I mean last year's Nutcracker dress was as far from typical Christmas as you can get. It was pink! And while I did like that costume (still do in fact), I want to do something new this year... but similar. But the problem is I can't really think of it. There's not that many Christmas stories (that I can think of) with female characters that wear interesting clothes. Dear Readers, can you think of a story I'm missing? You all know Charlotte's style pretty well, can you think of a Holiday outfit for her? I make no promise I'll ever follow through on your suggestions since history shows I'm a jerk like that, but I do like hearing from you. 
But I actually did some sewing today, just not for Charlotte. The other day I found a vintage outfit I sort of liked. It was a kind of like where I saved the picture, but didn't actually plan on making it for anyone who was needing clothes. I liked the idea of it, but not the application. It was a sleeveless collared shirt with an attached full skirt. The picture I found they were both the same plain pink colored fabric. It was kind of boring. But today I found an interesting outfit that was similar, but different. It too had the collared shirt, but instead of a skirt, it had pants. And instead of being made of the same color, the pants were a solid color, but the shirt had a pattern that matched the pants color. Which I thought looked really cool, and since there's very few people in the collection wearing pants, it would be an interesting addition. I decided to use red for the pants, but when I was looking through my collection of prints that used red, found them all... not what I wanted. I decided to hold off on making the shirt until after my next Hobby Lobby trip. But that didn't stop me from making the pants today.
I pulled out the vintage Barbie pattern and got to work. There's only one other pair of pants on a vintage doll in the collection, but I still wanted these different. There's not much you can do to jazz pants up, except these have a rolled cuff and the other pair does not. I got all the machine sewing done for this pair today. I didn't finish them because I decided to colorfast them instead. They've been soaking for several hours now, and I've already changed the water once. There's a lot of dye leeching out of the fabric. I'm thinking that even with all this soaking I'm going to have to wrap the dolls legs in plastic to avoid staining. I don't want her to get damaged from the pants. I like this outfit a lot, just not enough to damage a doll with it.
Once that was done, I was back to not knowing what to do with myself. I did more clothing research, but didn't find anything I liked. I'm trying to not beat myself up over that though. I made some progress on dressing a doll today, and that's huge. I haven't sewn in a while and it felt good getting back into the swing of things. And right now I've made a step towards getting a doll dressed, which hasn't happened in a while. I'd love to get at least one doll dressed this month, but sometimes a lull like this happens. Just remind me of that tomorrow when I'm back to my usual freaking out over not making progress on the undressed dolls.
Speaking of tomorrow, Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone! Don't feel obligated to wish me it back, I'm actually not having Thanksgiving tomorrow. Due to my Dad's work schedule he's working tonight and tomorrow night, so we're postponing it until Saturday when he's off. So tomorrow will be a normal day around here. Saturday however it will be super busy with all the cooking and stuff! And then on Sunday... it'll time for CHRISTMAS STUFF! And just a heads up, Christmas will be delayed this year too. Since we get my sister this year, that means we have to work around her schedule. And she actually has to work on Christmas (which sucks). Christmas is on a Tuesday, and I think we're planning on having it on the following Saturday the....29th? That date isn't set in stone, but around then. Either way, Christmas is going to happen after the fact. Which is actually better since that means we can hit up the half off sales and spend less money on Candy and Ornaments (which is what my sister asked for).
I can't think of the last time we actually celebrated a holiday on it's correct date. Which is weird, right?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My day was incredibly terrible. I don't feel like going into detail, so I'll just hit the low points.

-Walked into the kitchen for Breakfast, stepped on a dead mouse.

-Went out to buy myself a Christmas present, it had sold. Even though it had been there for months, and I was just there a week ago. (Why does this keep happening???)

-Found absolutely nothing at any of the thrift stores when out.

-Even went to the Antique Mall where I decided I actually didn't want any of the vintage clothing there (it's only swimsuits and nightwear).

-Came home, and immediately stepped into cat vomit.

-Took off my shoes, then managed to stub my toe.

Do I need to go on?


I am so over today.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Today was neither good or bad, which I guess should be a blessing based on my last two days. 

But right now I'm not feeling much of anything, meaning my depression has come back.

Hopefully this is a minor dip and things will come back to normal soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So I misspoke about my Grandparents visit date. They're not coming this Friday, but next Friday. Still a ton of cleaning to get done, but at least I have a week longer than I thought I did. But there's still hope we don't have to do that. We texted my Grandmother today about maybe meeting them in Charlotte on that Friday and spending the day there with them. I'm hoping that it will be better for their travel plans and that will work out. Haven't heard back from her yet, but there's a glimmer of hope. If it does work out we'll have to figure out what to do in Charlotte.

Please let it work out.

My day was... mostly dull. I didn't do much. I did do some sewing for Tutti, but it ended up being a total bust and I ended up just wasting fabric. I hate when that happens. I also did some inspirational searches but didn't find anything. I guess it's time to fess up... I'm stuck. I haven't found anything I really wanted to sew this month, and the few times I tried sewing something it was a terrible disaster. Last month was really bad too. I didn't get a single doll dressed in October, and it looks like November is shaping up the same.

And today wasn't without it's fair share of terrible moments. And I do mean really bad ones. This morning when my dad was home from work he put the dogs out. Do you remember that stray cat that's been hanging about? Well, he was on the back porch when my father was putting the dogs out. Yellow Fellow ignored him, but Pach attacked him. He got him in his mouth and was shaking him about. Luckily my father was there and was able to get him to let go. The cat got away, but we have no idea how hurt he is. In all honestly, he could be dead by now, which is really upsetting. This really upset my dad. I was awoken this morning by his screaming and going off on the dog. He was really, really, really mad. There was a real risk of this being the end of Pach. I tried to calm him down and have him go to bed, at this point what was done, was done. I ended up checking outside several times today for the cat. I even walked over to the barn to check for him. I didn't see anything, which I'm hoping is a good sign. I'm praying that he's just scared and he'll come back in a couple of days.

Please let that work out too.
Is there something weird going on in the universe? I'm just really tied of having crappy days.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It just keeps getting worse...

So, today sucked. Let me explain.

It started early, and didn't let up. I woke up to finding out that doll I was hoping to save up for had sold. I don't know what it is about me but it seems something can sit on a certain site for months, but the moment I become interested in it, it sells. I really hate it. So that little bit of bad news really put a damper on my entire day.
I did start to feel better as the day wore on and I got over the disappointment, but today was the crappy gift that kept on giving. So... my Grandparents are going down to Florida. They usually stop in and visit when they come back from Florida, but not this time. They're planning an East Coast Grandchild visit, including a stopover at our house, most likely this Thursday. Meaning, I now have less than a week to get this entire house in order for them. Which is bloody wonderful since it's a total mess. AND I JUST KNOW I'M GOING TO BE THE ONLY ONE CLEANING.

The whole reason I started cleaning in the living room recently was so I could take my time with it so I didn't have to do this massive cleaning frenzy close to Christmas. But nope, Universe can't have me being practical like that and has to throw a monkey wrench into the works like that. I'm just so livid about this. Of course nobody else seems to really give a crap since it's not like they'll actually feel compelled to do anything.

This blows... it just blows. I'm trying really hard to not swear in this post, but it's really hard. I just want to unleash a torrent of curse words.

But Cinderella wouldn't talk like that, and that's what I am, frickin' Cinderella.

I am so not pleased. So stay tuned for tomorrow when I get to spend all day finishing the living room, then I get to start another room, probably the kitchen.

I'm still not cleaning the stupid Dining room.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I have sold something!

Yes, it's true, something sold today! It was one of the items I posted over to Etsy yesterday. While I do hate paying them their 20 cent listing fee and a percentage of my item fee, they do have decent traffic and the more people who see my item, the more likely it will sell. Due to the timing I won't be able to get it into the mail until Tuesday. I've already emailed them to let them know about that.
And with this new purchase it means I'm closer to my goal! I'm actually not closer to the doll part, this money will eventually be spent on my sister for her Christmas present. I already have a general idea of what I'm going to get her and from where. I just actually need to decide exactly what to get for her. I have time to decide that since I'm not going to even touch that money until the buyer has what they paid for.

Speaking of my sister, my mother got her and her husband's Christmas list yesterday. I actually gave everyone a November 15th deadline to send their lists since usually they don't send it until the last minute meaning it's a scramble getting them their gifts in time. Not this year. I gave everyone a November 15th deadline, with a 5 percent penalty if they were late. (That was a joke, I never actually planned on taking anything away even if they were late.) My brother opted out of the entire thing and just asked for money. I did warn him he was getting a tangible item from me since by the time he said that I had already ordered it. Anyway, my sister is asking for the following items: Socks, Christmas Ornaments, Cat Toys, and Rice Crispy Treats. Her husband wants: Skittles, Superhero Shirts, Sherlock Holmes Movies, and a Pocket Knife. They're so weird, but at least they're easy to shop for. I've already been doing some price checking for some of the items they want. Like usual I'm trying to get the most for the money. I'm just not sure the best places to be looking for some of these items. Where do people shop for unusual socks? Or does anyone know a good place to shop for any of these things?

Other than that, my day was pretty dull. I ended up taking today off and just relaxing. My family does that Blockbuster in the mail thing and a video game I put on our list arrived yesterday, so I spent today playing with with my Brother. It's "Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics". It's... okay, kind of monotonous, so I'm glad I didn't actually buy it, but I do plan on holding onto it until Monday. I also did some online searches for vintage fashions hoping to find something that I wanted to recreate for the dolls, but no luck.

*Oh well*
At least I tried.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1.20 in the RED

So this morning I posted those four things over to Etsy. Since I had all the work done I was able to get them listed super quick. And with that done, I started working on the next batch. I took the photos in the morning, edited them in the early afternoon, and got the ads written in the evening. I even went ahead and posted two of those things on the site. I still have two more ads written to post from this batch, but that can wait until tomorrow.

I also got one thing listed over on the Dollpage. It was only a two dollar item, but I'd rather have the money than the item.

Here's hoping something sells. I haven't even had a nibble, and I really need that positive reinforcement!

In other news my Brother's Christmas present arrived in the mail today... and I broke my Christmas rule. I was trying to be good and avoid getting into the Christmas mood too early, even though I had a secret thrill every time I saw Christmas stuff in stores. Obviously Christmas shopping wasn't part of this ban, but I was avoiding decorating, listening to Christmas music, or wrapping presents until after Thanksgiving. But today I had a setback. I ended up wrapping a couple presents, while listening to Christmas music. But the music was only when I was wrapping presents, when I was done I turned it off. I figured that since I was in the mood to wrap presents I might as well go with it. The closer we get to Christmas the more stuff I'll have to do. This way, there's seven less things I have to do later on.

And there will be plenty of things to do when the date gets closer. The house it a total disaster. And since (I assume) my sister will be staying for a couple days, I'm going to have to make sure the upstairs and the downstairs are presentable. I have already done some work on it though. The past three days I've spend a little bit more than a half an hour each day cleaning and organizing stuff in there. Still nowhere near done, but things are looking more presentable. I'm hoping to have it cleaner for Thanksgiving since there's no way the Dining room will be clean, especially since I have no plans to clean it.
.001 percent of the stuff in the living room is my stuff, but 0.00 percent of the dining room is my stuff, so I'll be darned sure if I clean that up.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So I didn't end up getting those things posted in my Etsy store today. I did take the pictures this morning, but I forgot how long it takes me to edit photos. By the time I finished them it was well into the afternoon and the peak selling hours were over, so I decided to hold off listing them until tomorrow.

But I did manage to get some more stuff listed over on the Dollpage. Earring Magic Ken, Sleeping Beauty's Head, a TLC Starr doll, and some single Bratz shoes all made their debut over there and moved off of my dressed and into the closet. These were all lowed priced items, so while they will add some to my goal, it won't be a huge amount, but I'd still be grateful if they sell.

But I'm also enjoying clearing off my dresser, it's been a long time since it's been somewhat clear, although there's a still long way to go. I counted and there's about 12 things still waiting to be listed, although a couple of those can't be listed yet since they still need some work, but most of them can be. And even when I run out of things on my dresser, I can start posting patterns again. There's still plenty of those to work my way thru.

And I'm sorry for boring people with these posts, but in all honesty, I haven't been feeling that creative lately. So if you weren't getting posts like these, you'd be getting your standard "I can't think of anything to sew!" posts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Lofty Goals

Not much progress today on working on old blog posts,

or sewing,

or any other projects in fact.

I sat around today mostly listless for longer than I care to admit. I was really not feeling like working on anything, and I almost didn't!

I ended up doing some online searches trying to find what I could get with that remaining twelve dollars I have for my Christmas money, turns out not a whole lot. So I decided something, I was not going to spend that 12 dollars, I was going to use it to go towards a more expensive purchase, and I would make up the rest. I already had something in mind. I did the math, and I'm going to need to raise 80 dollars by Christmas. That's not all for me, that's also factoring in 20 dollars for my sister's and her husband's wedding present, see, I'm not totally spoiled. I broke it down. That means I need to raise slightly more than13 dollars each week. Which might sound like not so much, but with my money situation, that's not always so easy.

But I did make an effort today. By giving myself a goal like that, it finally motivated me to get stuff listed and off my dresser. Today I got four dolls listed over on the Dollpage. So if you're interested in an 80's Barbie, a Walk Lively Miss America, a Disney Megara doll, or a 15 1/2 inch action figure, head over there to find them. But I wasn't done there, I also managed to write up four ads of other stuff to list over on Etsy tomorrow. I would have listed them today, but by the time I got around to writing the ads it was too dark to take pictures. They can wait until tomorrow.

Now I don't want to brag, but after getting those dolls listed and pulling out what just needs pictures, my dresser is now so much emptier. Before the dolls and the non-doll stuff was piled on top of each other, and now, each of them can fit on one side! Here's hoping I can keep paring them down!

So who's surprised it took the bribary of a new doll to get me off my duff?

No one? You know me so well.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Quick Post

Like I promised my Christmas doll is back with my parents. I miss her already.

Today I worked on my blog and managed to get two older posts published. I would have like to get more done, but had a hard time sticking with it.

I also worked on Skipper's dress, but I think I'm going to have to undo everything I did today.

Sometimes things like that just happen.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

My awesome buy!

All right, like I promised, it's time to share with you all what I bought yesterday while out.
First up let me share with you the hangers:
Pretty standard stuff. I got 25 of them for about three dollars, which is a pretty good price. Unfortunately they're not the kind with the bottom bar that I can use to hang up pants that I am in dire need of, but I'm sure I can find a use for these. I still haven't used up all the ones Joanne sent me, but we are starting to run low on them, so I'm sure eventually these will come in handy. But I think by the time I get around to needing these, I'll also need a third garment rack, since right now both of them are getting pretty full. Luckily I know how to make them! 

After that we have the bag of accessories that I bought. This one is the actual exciting part about this post. Here's how it looked when I find it with everything together:
 Now let's split it up into categories

Up first we have the sunglasses. Not all of these came in the bag, the one on the far right is reproduction Barbie that I added to show off the scale of the other ones, all the rest of them came from the bag. For the most part, I won't be able to use most of these. The one on the far left (the glasses with glitter at the temples) is too big for Barbie. It does fit Sindy pretty decently, except her head is a touch bigger making the glasses bowed when she wears them. She does look cute in them, but I'm afraid of them breaking if I left them on her, so she won't be wearing them that often. The pair to the right of that one is probably the best out of the four and might actually end up on a doll. It's also the dirtiest pair. It's covered in like a tacky cobweb like substance. I haven't tried cleaning it off, but I'm sure it will clean up nicely. The final two are probably will never be used. Like the reproduction pair they have working arms (In fact all of these glasses have working arms), but how they were designed they arms can't open fully meaning they aren't able to open wide enough to actually fit Barbie's face. Which is a shame since they're really cute, but I'm not too upset over this fact, there's still plenty in the bag that totally made this purchase awesome. (And besides, Barbie can always just hold the glasses, she doesn't have to actually wear them)
Up next we have some Barbie shoes, well clone Barbie shoes. There were no single shoes in the bag so everything was complete pairs, which is nice. Some of these I might end up using in the collection. While it's true that I'm a brand name snob when it comes to dolls, the same cannot be said about shoes or clothing. Starting at the far left we have a pair of blue stiletto sandals. These are a bit different than your normal Barbie clone shoes, usually those are too small, these are in fact too big. Also the front strap is much lower than your usual Barbie shoe. I tried them on a vintage dolls, and there's no way these fit. (I also tried them on Tuesday Taylor and they were too small, rats). I'm thinking that they belong to a vintage clone doll like Uneeda that had bigger and wider feet than Barbie. I don't have any of these dolls so I can't really check. So right now they're not much use for me, but if I ever get a doll like that, she might have a pair of shoes to wear. To the right of that we have a pair of red Barbie clone shoes, these are marked (everything else is unmarked unless stated) with Hong Kong on the bottom. These are a bit smaller than usual Barbie shoes, but actually fit her feet and look good. These might end up on someone, or at least next to them since I believe red shoes can cause staining. Next to those we have another pair of red shoes, these are classic clone shoes and are too small for Barbie. Not much to say about them, doubt I'll ever use them. To the right of that we have a pair of white clone shoes. They have some red stains on them (in fact lots of the white shoes had red stains on them). These are really cute, and I think someone will end up wearing them eventually. I'm thinking about trying to remove the red stains. Has anyone ever tried that before? Would slathering it with acne cream do anything? Anyway, finally we have a pair of Tammy sneakers, marked Japan on both soles. One of these has a minor red spot, but are in good shape otherwise. They do fit my Sindy doll, which isn't much of a surprise since they're made from the same molds.

Up next we have a really exciting group from the bag, actual Barbie shoes, marked and everything. Most of them are in really good shape, except for the staining on the white pairs. In this assortment, we have two pairs of vintage Barbie Wedges, one pair with the earlier cork bottoms and one with the later plastic bottom. I've been searching forever for the match to the solo one I got ages ago, and now I have two very nice pairs. Still want to find a match to my single one. After that we have two pairs of white open toe heels, both marked Japan, both with some red stains. They're in good shape without any breaks. And finally we have a pair of sky blue open toed "slippers". They're the same as the other shoes, but they had a fuzzy ball glued to the front, one is missing, but one is still there. This pair belongs to the vintage outfit "Sweet Dreams". I can say that for certain since the outfit was in the same booth being sold separately. This single purchase has more than doubled the number of vintage shoes I own, which is pretty awesome for a confessed shoe addict.

There was also a lot of random stuff in the bag. Out of all of them, only one of them was vintage Barbie. That's the blue corduroy purse in the lower left corner. Above that we have a "Made in Japan" straw clone Barbie purse. It's in the style that came with the vintage Barbie outfit "Plantation Belle". In the center we have a Tennis Racket and holder? both marked Japan. I found out later that these belong to Tammy, which makes sense since her shoes were in the bag as well. To the right of that on the top we have a blue phone marked Hong Kong. The yellow "cord" is actually a wrapped wire, meaning it can't ever be uncurled (I actually had to rewind part of it), and the phone won't actually sit correctly on the base, the cord gets on the way. Below that we have a transistor radio also marked Hong Kong. It looks like it's missing things, maybe an antenna? It does have a cute handle that can come out. I think the dial on the side is supposed to move, but it looks like the glue might have leeched and it's stuck. I might try taking it apart to see if I can get it to move, but I might not bother. And finally there's a random blue spoon, and a clone camera, unmarked.  

I saved one of the coolest things for last. That vintage Barbie purse? It belongs to the outfit "Evening Splendor". I was examining it at home when I opened it. You know what was carefully tucked inside? The very hard to find vintage Handkerchief (it's the white scrap of fabric to the right of the purse). Also tucked inside was a scrap of paper. In tiny cursive it says; "beautiful looks Midge...." (I can't read that last word). How cool is that? That the child who owned this was so smart to tuck that small piece of cloth into the purse and it managed to not get lost! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I assure you that the handkerchief and note are going back into that purse, I don't want to be the fool to lose either of them! I wonder if the Midge doll the note talks about is that Brunette doll the seller wanted 45 dollars for. I wouldn't be shocked if these all came from the same lot.

So that's everything that was in the bag, pretty awesome, right? I can't believe I got all this for five dollars! This entire bag could have sold for five times as much easy. But it's mine! All Mine!

How many days until Christmas?

Hopefully this will be a quick post since I didn't do a whole lot today and I still need to share with you all what I bought yesterday. That will be a separate post from this one.
In the morning I did get some stuff done. I worked a little bit on the "Rocking Chair Rehabilitation" project, which is due for an actual blog post any day now. I also took a bunch of pictures for the blog for some older posts, so I should be able to get those written and posted soon...ish. I even managed to edit them!
But the afternoon is where it got really exciting, you see I went out shopping... again! But this time was different, I was buying a Christmas present... for myself! (Because clearly I do not get enough things regularly.)
You may remember my going to the Antique stores and mentioning there was some new dolls at the Antique Mall. I didn't mention them in detail because I really didn't look at them that closely. I saw that there were new dolls in the case when I first came into the store, but by the time I came back the second time I only had eyes for that bag of accessories that I desperately wanted. One doll in the case did catch my eye however, but at the time I just filed away the information and forgot about her, until in the evening. I was back at home playing with my new things when I had an epiphany. Why not have my parents buy her for me for Christmas? I was planning on taking a trip to the Swell Doll Shop for my Christmas presents, but this new doll would be perfect for the collection. And it's not like I really needed to go back to the Swell Doll Shop, I haven't done anything with the dolls I bought the last time, and I'm sure the Barbie Club will have their meeting there sometime next year, and that would give me plenty of time to save up more money.
So I decided to really think about getting this new doll. She was expensive and would use up most of my Christmas budget, but from what I remembered she was in really nice shape (except for one major flaw), and like I said she would be perfect for the collection.
So I made plans to go out today when the store opened to check her out with the possibility to buy her. When I saw her yesterday I really didn't look at her in greater detail since I wasn't planning on buying her, so she might have other issues I didn't realize at first. While I was there again I brought a notebook and wrote down the prices of some of the other dolls that looked like they were new. They are as follows:
Dressed Living Skipper for 50,
Dressed Living Barbie for 50,
Dressed Live Action Ken for 15.50,
Dressed Julia for 80,
Dressed Julia for 80,
Dressed Buffy Doll for 50,
and a Brunette Midge wearing a Barbie Zebra Swimsuit for 45.
I might have already shared some of these dolls and their prices before, I kind of think the Julia dolls were there before. Also that Midge doll's price was hard to find. She was priced, but her tag was behind her and directly blocked by her stand. When I opened the case to check out the doll I wanted I also checked out her price since I would like a Brunette Midge, but not at 45 dollars. That's too rich for my blood!
Well not always, the doll I bought today was actually 45 dollars. I guess I'm not willing to spend that much money for a Midge doll, brunette or not. But she was actually cheaper than that since the dolls and stuff in the case are twenty percent off. I was actually a little worried that she wouldn't fall under the twenty percent off since the sign on the case (stating ALL dolls in the case were on sale) was for dealer 522, but she was being sold by dealer 123, who I'm 99 percent sure is the same person. Either way the person who rang her up added the discount. I would have made a small stink had she not be discounted, but I still would have bought her. With taxes she ended up being 38.52, meaning I still have about 12 dollars to spend for Christmas. I know I'm a major cheapskate, but do you think I can find another doll at such a low budget?
Anyway I bought her and she was mine, or at least she would be come December 25th. I actually have her for the next 12 hours. She was in dire need of a cleaning and a hair reset, so I decided to hold onto her for 24 hours then surrender her to my parents to keep until Christmas. It's a bit nontraditional, but with her main problem, had I not intervened it could have gotten worse, and I certainly do not want that.
So she's had a bath, a scrub, and her hair brushed. Her hair was the worst. It was the most tangled mess that I've ever dealt with on a vintage doll. I think she has about half the hair she started with, but at least it's manageable and not one clumped mess. I still have a couple more things to do to her before I give her back to my parents.
It's so conflicting, I want to have her on Christmas morning, but I want her now!
I must keep chanting, "Be strong. Christmas will be here before you know it."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Such a deal.... such a deal!

So, today I was planning on working on the blog. I've been trying to be good keeping it up to date, but that's easier said than done. At this point I really need to spend an entire day getting caught up, on this week alone. I'm seeing a lot of draft posts when I check in, and that needs to stop. At the rate I'm going I'll need to devote an entire week to getting caught up in order to get things back to normal... or at least as normal as things get around here. But like usual, what I planned on doing for the day, ended up being nothing like what actually happened. I ended up going out again. I totally didn't need to, and I thought about skipping it, but I ended up going, and thank goodness I did.
The reason I was going out was to pick up some Christmas presents. One of the last times I was out I had found some small items that my sister's husband would like, but ended up not getting them (I needed to conference with my mother to see what she thought of the idea). I also didn't get them the next time I went out. But this time I was going out to get them, so I had no excuse not to.
But you know I can't just go out to one store and just get a few things. I think I ended up visiting half the stores in town. No, I didn't get something at all of them, but I certainly made my fair share of purchases, including some really good ones. (And I do mean really good).
Of course I ended up at the three second hand stores, even though I had just been to them last Thursday. It's just you never know what will turn up at them so you should check often. I didn't see much that I needed, so I left most of them empty handed. I did find a hot glue gun at one of them for two dollars. Don't worry I don't plan on starting to use hot glue for my sewing, it's just the other day my mother and I were talking about having one around the house just in case it was needed for something. (I can't remember what she was talking about specifically, but I think she actually had a project she needed one for.) So when I found one today I decided to get it. Now I have it in case I need it, and I just know that if I did find a project I needed for one I'd never find one cheaply and have to buy it new. So I gladly shelled out the two dollars for it so I won't have to spend seven later to get the same product, just new in the package.
And while I didn't find much at the second hand stores that interested me, we did manage to get a couple more presents for my mother for Christmas. Right now she's the person with the most presents, a lot of little things, but I think she'll like what she's getting. Since I'm in charge of the Christmas stuff (by choice), I've started a word document to keep track of what we've gotten and what we're still missing. Although it's a little sad looking at my own section and it's totally blank! (But I do have company, my sister's section is still totally blank too.) Hopefully that will change soon, for both of us.
My mother wasn't the only one to get presents today. Like I said I was heading out to get those presents for my sister's husband. What I wanted for him was over in Big Lots, so I headed over there to get the items... which was easier said than done. Turns out between the week since I had been there last and now they changed their toy section. Not by a whole lot, but enough to make what I was looking for harder to find. I did end up finding 2/3 of what I set out to buy. One of the things I was looking for I just could not find, I guess they ended up selling out of it. I did find a replacement item there. I also managed to pick up another present for my mother (an inexpensive watch she can wear around casually) and something for myself. I needed a gold pen for another one of my projects, and I managed to find a gold gel pen when I was there so I got it. It's in a pack with several other colors that I don't need, so my sister might end up with the rest of them in her stocking.   

And I'm saving the best for last. Also when out I stopped into the Antique Stores on Sunset. I haven't been there in a while and with Christmas coming up I wanted to check out what was available locally for myself. (What can I say, greed is a wonderful motivator.) The first store I visited was a bust. I didn't see much that was new, much less of my interest. I did see a bag of three dolls, two were clone dolls, but one was a Growing Pretty Barbie head on a small (not sure who's) incorrect body. I really don't want or need that doll, but the five dollar price tag was tempting, but I ended up putting it back deciding to think about it, and come back for it later, unless something better caught my eye.
Skipping ahead to the third store, it was a total bust. I didn't see anything that I wanted. I did see a familiar doll face there though. It was a Sunrubber doll. One that I remember playing with during my childhood, I called her Sally. Sally was my first (and up until Chatty Cathy, only) foray into child dolls (I've always been a Barbie boy). I put Sally through a lot over the years. I actually still have her, but she in bad shape. I also bought a second doll (named Allie) several years ago who's in much better condition. They live in a box in my parent's closet, and while they don't get out much but I know they're there. If I didn't already have Allie already I would have bought this other doll. But I really don't need a third version of a doll when I rarely do anything with the first one. They also had the boy version of Sally, who was more tempting to get, but I didn't want to split them up. I know, I'm weird like that. But either way I really didn't need to get them, so they stayed there for someone else to adopt. My father didn't leave that store empty handed, he managed to find a military hat he wanted. It's going to be one of his Christmas presents. Right now it's locked away in a plastic bag. I'm sure I'm being overly cautious, but I never trust random hats to be bug free. It's going to stay in that bag until any risk of bugs has passed. There's plenty of time between now and Christmas for that.
Jumping back to the second store, that's where I had some good luck. I started off with checking out the Barbie booth like I typically do. And it actually had some new dolls in it! I didn't stick around too long to check out all the new dolls because I wanted to see what else was new in the store, I did plan on coming back to that booth though. I went upstairs, since that's where I find most of my purchases in that store. I actually didn't find anything that I wanted. In fact one of the booths I always check out was flat out gone this time! I did however find a book that my dad might like. It was an written account of a Marine that was in Japan during World War II, which was a situation that was very similar to my Grandfather's. (I know he was in Japan at that time, just not 100 percent sure he was a Marine or not). I decided to buy it for him as his Christmas present, but only after running it by him to see if he even wanted it. I did, and he did. So I ended up getting it for him. I also ended up going back to the Barbie case. I did have a reason for doing so. You see inside the case was a ziploc bag with some random Barbie stuff in it for six dollars. I could see that it had some vintage style shoes and some other random stuff. I had them open the case so I could look at it, and it turns out I definitely wanted it. I also picked up a bag of doll hangers from there as well for four dollars, because well I'm addicted to doll hangers.
My grand total? Ten dollars! I was so shocked. I thought the book for my father was going to be half off, but when I mentioned that to the woman she corrected me, it was actually 75 percent off, which was music to my ears! And all the doll stuff was 20 percent off, so I really got a deal.
But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that because it's too late to take pictures and I do love being cruel and making you all wait like that!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

When will my lies end???

In case you couldn't tell from my lack of new out of order posts, I never got around to working on the blog today. But I still managed to get things done today, just nothing that I actually planned to do. But sometimes that happens.

I ended up buying my brother's Christmas present today. It was a toss up between if I was going to buy my father's present or my brother's with that money I got from that doll I sold, and my brother won. It was just that when I was searching for what to get them, I found something I liked for him first. I'm still searching for that perfect present for my father.
Anyway, for my brother I ended up getting him four Lego Skeleton figures with the older style arm joint, he (and I) prefer those. They're not exactly what I wanted since they have a mean face and not the regular grinning skull face, but they were the best price I could find. It was either get four of these, or two (at best) of the other kinds. If he's got a real problem with their faces he could always paint his own, the back of their heads are white. The ones I got are actually on sale for the next couple days, so they were only 1.69 each. Shipping ended up being a bit under four dollars for the four of them (which does seem a bit high since they are literally so tiny), bringing the total to just slightly above ten dollars, my budget for each person. And with that I can cross another person off my Christmas shopping list! I'm 2/5 of the way done! All I have left now is my father, my sister, and her husband. Still have no clue what to get him though. It's hard shopping for someone you've only known for several years and have a very superficial relationship with. I just want to get him something that he'll actually like, but I'm not really sure what to get him. He's the hardest one to shop for since I don't know him like I do everyone else. My mom is supposed to get Christmas lists from everyone and hopefully I can use his to give me ideas as to what he wants.

I also ended up doing some sewing today. That failure of a dress yesterday for Skipper got me thinking about an earlier dress I had attempted to make for her. A couple of weeks ago, I believe during one of our hiatuses I did some work on making a dress for her. Like usual for Skipper I had to draft the pattern for her, which I did. I worked on it for a while, even getting to the point where I made the bodice out of the correct fabric. But, what happens far more often that I'd like, it ended up not fitting and being unusable. So I gave up. I was pretty annoyed with the project that at time, so I took it off her and put it into the unfinished project box. But even though I was done with it at that time, I wasn't done with it forever.
A short time later I needed to go into the unfinished project box for something else, and I found that bodice again. I still wasn't ready to start work on redrafting the pattern, but I did end up taking it out and putting it back on Skipper. Eventually I took it back off her and put it back in the box.
But with yesterday's dress it came back into my mind. I still liked it, but wasn't ready to work on that pattern again. So I ended up starting from scratch... sort of. Yesterday's dress used an old pattern, but in a new way. It was the belt pattern piece from that vintage Barbie's Let's Dance pattern it ended up working as a Skipper bodice, with some adapting. So that's where I started with today, taking that pattern and adapting it again. I made three paper pattern adaptations before I started with fabric. One quick test piece, and I was ready to use the correct fabric. And it actually ended up coming it pretty decent, especially for a brand new pattern. I did have to go back and fix the armholes a little bit, for some reason they ended up being bigger than the test piece and when you moved Skipper's arms they got in the way. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time.
I wasn't done there, I made a lot of progress on the skirt today too. I even hand tacked down a ribbon to it (which took forever). I even attached the skirt to the bodice but I'm going to have to redo that. For some reason, what I thought was the center of the bodice actually wasn't, so when the dress is on Skipper the skirt is really off center. So I have to fix that, and there's also a lot of finishing work to do with the dress, but I do really like it.
Could she be the first dressed doll of November? (Please be yes.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm sorry....

I just don't think I'll be able to work on Charlotte's Halloween costume this week. I've tried forcing myself to work on it, and it's just not happening. I feel like such a jerk because I go and set up a vote, then promptly ignore the results. I feel like such a rude-ious maximus. I did try to work on the costume today, but I'm not sure if I want to keep working with what I have, or start over again. I think I need a little break from this costume for the time being. I'm planning on pushing it back until next week. Hopefully then I'll be back in the mindset for it. And if not, I might end up dropping it altogether. I have a lot to get done these next two months, and I don't have the time to work on a time vacuum if I'm not enjoying it like I should. I'll keep you updated.

Today instead of working on the costume, I did some much needed things. I ended up putting up the plastic on the widows in my room to help keep the draft out (and in the bathroom). It's been incredibly chilly in my room lately, so this was something that I had to do. It feels a lot warmer right now, not sure if that's actually the case or just my mind telling me it must be warmer, at this point I'll take either one. I also ended up doing some cleaning in my room. It was already a bit of a mess, but in order to get to all the windows stuff to put up the plastic I ended up making more of a mess, but I managed to get that all cleaned up. It's not perfect, but it's certainly better than before.

I also did some sewing today. I had an idea for a dress I wanted to sew. I actually made a version of it a couple days ago for Francie. But it ended up not working, so I decided to try it on Skipper. So I started all over making it for her.... but I don't like it on her either. I was thinking that it might work on Barbie, but I don't think I'll end up making it for her. I don't need a third version of this dress. I think it's a cute dress, but it's just not working in this scale, so I need to cut my losses. There will other dresses for these dolls, and right now I'm just wasting fabric and time better spent on other things. It's just October was such a bad month for dolls getting dressed, but such a good month for new dolls. I've managed to bring the undressed numbers back to 20! And I'd really love to start getting those dressed.  When there's so many it wears on me.

But I don't think that will be happening tomorrow, I think that will be a blog day, I really need to get caught up on some of these back posts.
Again, sorry about that whole Charlotte dress snafu, hopefully this is just a minor break from it. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Non Stop Tuesday

I'll start off with an apology, I did not manage to work on Charlotte's dress today. I know, I know, I took a poll about what I'm going to do this week, and so far I've managed to avoid working on it. I do plan on fixing that soon though.
Instead of working on the dress, I ended up going out today. In my defense (Boy, do I say that a lot), I haven't been out for a while, and needed to pick up some supplies for other projects that are at a standstill without them. Also, I had a doll sell the other day, so I needed to get that into the mail.
Going off topic, but can I just say that I'm thrilled something else sold? With Christmas coming up I really need to get stuff sold so I can buy people presents. Right now I've only purchased my Mother's present. I still have four more people to buy for. Right now I have decent ideas for what to get everyone else except my sister's husband. Right now it seems like the money I'm getting from this sale will be used for my brother's present. But I'm getting off topic, more about that in later posts.
Anyway, while I was going out to get supplies and visit the post office, I also managed to visit the three second hand stores. Come on, you knew that was coming. It's been a while since I've been to any of them, and you'll never know what you'll find there, every trip is an adventure! I might even end up finding a Christmas present for my sister's husband... I'll cut to the chase, I did not.
I did however find some things for myself (shocking, right?). I didn't find anything of interest at the Christian Second Hand store. They did have several bags of random dolls, but they were all modern play line, and nothing that I needed or thought I could resell. So left them there. I did find a couple interesting things at the Salvation Army. The first thing was a book regarding how marketing has changed the face of fashion. I don't have an extreme interest in this topic, but the small section I read in the store seemed interesting. Also it would be good to have a book kicking around that I kind of want to read in case I find myself needing something small and portable to amuse myself with for a couple hours. And that's not all I found there, I also found a totally adorable music box. I'm not sure about any of you, but I adore music boxes that not only play music, but have added features. This lovely little box has a caged bird that dances and spins along to the music, which I think is really cool. It's made in Hong Kong, with the actual music box made in Japan. So that means it was probably made in the 70's. It is broken a little, one of the weights for the birds perch is missing, doesn't seem to affect the movement though. I've been listening to it all day. The song it plays is "So does the Youth" from the late 60's version of Romeo and Juliet. It also has a nifty little feature I've never seen before on a music box. If you look at the picture there's a post on the box on the left side. That's a stopper you push in if you want to stop the music box. I've never seen one like that before, usually just just have to let the music box wind down naturally. Pretty cool huh? 

After visiting the second hand stores I made my way to Hobby Lobby, one of my main reasons for going out. I had an actual shopping list for there, both items I wanted to buy today and stuff I just wanted to look for and do some price checking. Up first was the pattern section. They had McCall's patterns on sale this week, and I needed two. Well, I really didn't need them, but I wanted them. They're M6669 and M6670. They're both new patterns for American Girl dolls, which means they should fit Chatty Cathy. She hasn't gotten clothes in a long time, and I'm not sure if I'll ever make her anything from either of these two, but they were only a dollar each and you can't beat that price. And if I never use them I can always resell them. The envelope for 6670 is a little beat up, but it was the only one in the store. I wish the pattern companies would make more Barbie sewing patterns, now those I'd really want. I also picked up another sheet of snaps since they were on sale this week. Only one sheet since they only had one that wasn't missing any. I refuse to pay full price for missing snaps!
I also picked up some paint for the Rocking Chair Rehabilitation project. We're finally at that point where I needed it. I got a small bottle of "Antique Maroon", which actually just looks like a brown. I don't know why they named it that. I also looked into some gold paint pens for that project, but the three dollar price tag made me decide I still wanted to do some more price checking elsewhere. I was planning on using the coupon for the pen, but since I didn't end up buying it, that means I still have it available. I ended up buying a new spool of white thread since I know I'll use it eventually and that means the coupon won't be going to waste. That darn coupon, gets my money every single time!
I was also supposed to go to Big Lots when out to pick up some presents for my Sister's Husband, but I ended up skipping it. I didn't have enough time to go both there and Hobby Lobby, and since the Hobby Lobby stuff is on sale and the Big Lots stuff isn't, Hobby Lobby won. I'll just go out another time to get the stuff at Big Lots.
I also stopped in at the Habitat for Humanity while out. They rarely have anything of interest, but I have been surprised a few times. I did check out their fabric section, and since it's mostly upholstery fabrics it usually doesn't have anything that works for my needs. I did pick out a fabric that could work for a coat, but ended up putting it back. I rarely make coats and have plenty of other fabrics to use if I decide to, there's no need to buy more. I didn't leave there empty handed though. I found a small instructional book about learning to crochet. I have no immediate plans to learn to crochet at this time, but I would like to learn at some point in my life. This book looked like a good starting point, plus the front cover was too tacky to pass up. I mean look at that guy's face, he's just so put upon when his silly wife makes him a sweater the arms are too long! The fool!
And finally I found myself at Walmart, but that was a really quick trip to get a grocery item that they didn't have at our local grocery store place. While I was there I managed to get two small table presents for my Mother and my Brother. Slowly but surely I'm making progress on Christmas shopping. At this rate I'll be done before December (Just kidding, it always takes longer then expected)!
But now I'm just going to rest, my knee was a little swollen this morning, and my going everywhere in town certainly didn't help make it better.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We have a winner!

It was a real nail biter there as to what option for what I'll do next week would win the popular vote... just kidding, we had two votes, and they were both for Charlotte's Halloween costume. A real shut out/land slide.

A very special think you to the two that voted, stay tuned for more information regarding Charlotte's Halloween costume!

No Givesies Backsies!

Like I promised yesterday, today I will be sharing with you what I traded some of my stuff for during the last meeting.
I'll start off with the shoes. I ended up trading what I brought for five pairs. A couple of them I needed, and a couple I just wanted "just because". Here's their picture.

Starting from left to right, up first there's a pair of Barbie Kimono sandals, which I actually did need. Even though Charlotte has moved beyond wearing the Kimonos I made for her, I still didn't have any shoes that would really work for those outfits if she chose to wear them again. And while she was technically fine going barefoot, it did sort of bug me that she didn't have any actual shoes to wear. But now that's not a problem since I have a pair of shoes that will work for that! Next to those are a pair of blue sandals. I got these also for wearing with Kimonos, just in case that other pair doesn't work out. Also these should match that dusky winter Kimono better than the first pair. Not sure how well they're actually going to work out though. When I tried them on Charlotte, I saw a small split starting on one of the top parts, not sure if they will last too long without breaking. I think I'm going to need to get some glue to reinforce the area before I try them back on her. To the right of that we have a pair of silver plastic formal shoes. They're kind of really tacky, but I wanted them. It kind of hard to see in the picture, but they have yellow stickers in the center of the decoration at the toes, they're so 90's! To the right of those we have the same sandals as earlier, just in red. These have the same issues as the the blue pair, and the same reason for wanting them. And finally we have the gold with silver Mary Jane style shoes that came with the Barbie Loves Elvis doll. I could have traded for the entire outfit, but it wouldn't have fit most of the dolls I own. Instead I just traded for the shoes since I love Mary Jane style shoes, and don't own any in gold yet. Not sure if I'll keep the painted silver accents on it or not. Depends on what I use them for, if I ever do.

Now it's time to talk about the clothes!
Up first we have a simple blue skirt. I traded for this because it looks exactly like the red skirt that Charlotte wears a lot. And while it's very similar to that skirt, it's actually a cheap clone skirt. It's made of much cheaper materials and I don't think I'll get much use out of it. It actually is too small to fit on Charlotte when she's wearing her turtleneck shirt. It's also actually a bit shorter than the original, and I thought that one was pretty close to being too short. It's not a total waste of a trade since by looking at it and seeing how they made theirs, I might be able to make one of my own. It won't be as fancy as the original, but it might be fun putting my own spin on it.

Up next we have a pair of silver tights. I've been wanting a pair of these for a while now. I think they would look really awesome on a Mod doll. I would have made my own, but finding silver stretchy material around here is near impossible. Now I don't have to since I found a pair to trade for. They're in decent shape with a couple of snags, but they're minor and located at the top of the tights, easily hidden by a dress. Now I just have to figure out who will get them, and design a dress for it!

From there we move onto dresses, most of what I traded for were dresses. I made sure I traded evenly, those two clothing pieces above I traded other clothing pieces for, and for the dresses I traded either dresses or tops and bottoms. I really didn't want people thinking I was trying to take more than what I brought. 

Now, before I talk about my next trade item, let me pose a scenario for you all. Does anyone remember a specific toy item from their childhood that they never got? Something that you wanted, but for whatever reason it never actually ended up being something you had. Have you ever felt the need to get that item when you were an adult even though it's not anything like your current style? Well that's how I ended up with the first dress I traded for. It's the dress from Teacher Barbie from the 90s'. I will admit that it's not my usual style, but I had to have this dress. I remember being a child when the doll came out and really liking the dress, but not enough to pay for the entire doll to get it. So I never did, but I still wanted it, even though I doubt I'll actually end up using it much, that pattern is rather garish. But it must be mine! So I traded for it. It's in pretty good shape, I did notice that there's a spot where the hem has frayed and come undone. I think I'm going to have to glue it up. But now I own it and can put that childhood disappointment to rest. And, not to brag, but Charlotte looks pretty good in it, if she has something under it to fill out the bodice some since it's for the older doll body.  

Next we have another dress that was designed for the older Barbie body. I actually ended up taking it off a dressed doll, but she needed to be washed so I needed to take it off anyway, and when I was doing so I just swapped it for something I brought. It's Mattel made, and has a "Genuine B" tag, so that means it's from the 90s. I really like it, it's just so pretty. There's some wear on the brocade, but overall it's in good shape. I will need to fix the flower on it, it's coming undone a little, but that's an easy fix. Isn't it so pretty?

After that we have a dress that I originally believed was from that line of dolls when they were promoting that Barbie in the Christmas Carol movie. I actually found a Fashion Avenue tag in it, so I guess it's from that line, no idea of the year though. If anyone knows I'd appreciate if you would share. It's a cute dress, and I do like the flocked detail on the sleeves and the bodice, but now that I've looked it at in detail, I doubt I'll use this that often. The fabric that the dress is made out of is really stiff and doesn't look that nice on a doll. It really doesn't work for the scale. Oh well, live and learn.  

And finally we have my favorite dress that I traded for. This one I actually stole off a doll, I have no shame. I just really liked it, and couldn't let it pass me buy. It's a wedding dress. Mattel made with a genuine B tag. It's such a beautiful combination of frilly but not too frivolous. I think if Charlotte was going to get remarried, she'd pick a dress like this one. It has some minor wear, but I can live with it. I am looking into trying to tack the lace in front down, it has a unsightly ripple, but that's a minor issue. I'm not normally a gown guy, but this one was too beautiful to pass up. Charlotte was wearing it earlier and looked beautiful in it. So pretty!

So that's what I got, pretty cool, huh?