Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm a winner!

Last week was the National Barbie Convention. 
I did not go, but that ended up being in my favor. Over on "In the Pink" several people were hosting contests for the people who weren't going. I haven't been sharing a lot over there, but have still been reading what everyone else has been posting. The contests motivated me to post something. I feel bad entering contests when I'm just lurking so usually I try to share something so I'm at least contributing a little bit. Also, I only enter for things I want. I personally feel it would be very tacky if I entered for everything just because it was free. Not everything offered is something I can use, and plenty of other people will want it compared to me.

But I entered a contest, and I won! (I also entered one and lost, but such is life).
Here's what I won:
(Not my picture stolen from online, will remove if asked.)

I'm not really sure of the name of this set, I think it's Barbie hearts Disney? Either way I'm glad I won this set, I actually tried winning this set at a doll meeting a few months back, but lost. I wanted it mainly for those sunglasses. They're very Lady Gaga in the Alejandro video looking.
I'll break it down quickly. What I do like in this set; the sunglasses, the black jacket (although I noticed some staining on one of the clear elastics it was touching), the hanger, the pink purse, the bow bracelet, the Minnie Mouse t-shirt, and the yellow shoes (although I think one of mine is mis-molded). Things I don't like in this set; the fake mirror (kinda pointless), the necklace (kinda tacky), the belt (kinda pointless and tacky), the pants (they're so tight in the calves very few of my dolls can wear them), and the children's accessories. I plan on splitting up the set into things I will be keeping and things I'll be donating to the doll club.
Oh! I should mention, this Barbie has articulated knees. She's like the later issue Fashionistas without the bust joint. I wasn't able to find out if she had rubber legs or hard plastic until she arrived. I assumed she had hard plastic since her feet were angled away from the direction the rest of her body was facing, but it's nice to know in case someone out there is interested. I plan on keeping the body and getting rid of the head. I should also mention that mine was made in China and does not have the glue in the head.

The person also sent me a gift of a handmade Barbie outfit. I think I know who originally made it. It's a very cute set consisting of a navy polka dotted dress with a red felt hat and purse and stretch knit gloves. I'm not sure if I'll use it. It's a very cute set but I prefer making my own clothes. However it is nice seeing other people's work and comparing their construction to mine!
She also sent me a pair of Barbie headphones, which are so cute! I'm going to give them to my Mom since I don't use headphones in the house and I don't want to be out and about with Barbie headphones. And she could always use a backup pair.

It's a good thing I bought a package of thank you cards recently, I'm going to need to send one out!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a Two Doll Dressed Month!

Yes! It's true, I managed (just under the wire) to get another doll dressed and ready to add to the collection! This is the first time in a long time that I've gotten two dolls dressed in one month, my old average from several years ago. Now if only I hadn't added like 20 dolls this past month in need of redressing then my accomplishment would be more substantial. But at least I'm making progress in some forms and I'm trying to be better about buying new dolls all the time.

I'm going to share the picture of the newest dressed doll, then talk about it.
Here she is: 

This outfit has origins very similar to the last dress I finished. I made the top several months ago for Superstar Barbie, it ended up having some sewing issues and I just wasn't feeling it so I quit on it and threw it into the unfinished project box. While I was sorting through the box when I also took out that Midge dress this came out too. I tried it on a vintage Midge and sort of liked it. I liked it enough to fix a sewing issue and actually work on it to where it became a wearable garment. All during this time Midge was still wearing it.
After I did most of the sewing on the top, I had to think about what I wanted for the skirt. Originally it was going to be a simple a-line skirt in white with a band of the blue fabric from the top for decorations but that was quashed quickly. I tried making a pair of crimson colored shorts, but I wasn't liking the fit or the look. I ended up deciding to make a full pleated skirt out of the same fabric for it. I managed to get all the machine sewing done in one evening.
And then I had a dilemma, while I liked it on Midge I just wasn't loving it on her. I pulled out all the boxes of undressed dolls and went through all off them trying to find the doll who was going to wear this outfit. Unfortunately, nobody fit the glass slipper. I was ready to give up on the outfit and put it back into the unfinished project box when I couldn't find anyone to wear it. I didn't want to, but I'd rather give up on an outfit instead of putting it on a doll that I didn't love it on. I was still thinking about it, and had a realization, Superstar Barbie. For some reason I had forgotten to try it on her. I pulled the big box out of the closet and dragged her out. I tried it on her, I liked it on her the best out of everyone.
Putting it on her motivated me enough to finish it. I got the shirt done followed by the skirt. I also made her vinyl belt. I knew that I wanted a white belt there, when I was making the outfit I used a white ribbon as a stand in. Shoes were rather tricky, I do have white Superstar era shoes, but other dolls have claimed them (how ironic!). I dug through my bag and found those white clunky heels. I've had them forever and it's the first time I've used them. I think they'll work for now, but if I get another pair of white Superstar shoes, she's upgrade to them. I also ended up giving her some jewelery, a superstar necklace and ring. I do have earrings but I worry about them causing damage to her head so I left them out.
I do still feel like this outfit is missing something. I tried several hats on her, and even tried making one for her but I just didn't like it. So while I'm considering her dressed, I might revisit this outfit at some point if I can think of what I feel like is missing. But for now she gets to move into the collection and out of the boxes.
I'm so pleased when I've made progress!

And I don't think I've ever shared that Superstar Barbie with you all either. She actually came to me in parts. I got her body back in December in a small lot. She had a head but it had been mouse chewed and had a haircut so I took off the head. The body is in nice shape, with some play wear. She has a pinched spot to her left hand and some scraping at the upper arms from her torso. I'm not sure when it happened, but the other day after I finished the dress I noticed a split in one of her ankles! The hard plastic "bones" had torn the "skin"! :( It's not really bad, and I did put vinyl glue on it so hopefully that helps it from getting any worse.
I bought the replacement head for her over on E-bay last.... January. I think it was my first doll purchase of the year. She's in okay shape, but I haven't warmed up to her. I think her left eye is smaller than her right eye. I actually thought about not keeping her (or at least reselling her head), but now that she's dressed she'll be staying. When I got her she was dirty and needed her part line re-thatched. I just finished re-thatching her. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than when she got here. I hate, hate, hate fixing part lines. What a pain.

But at least she looks good, and is another doll dressed! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, I guess it's now a collection within the collection

My newest doll came about courtesy of that Sweet Sixteen head I just shared with you all. I had the head saved on my watch list to keep an eye on it to see if anyone bid on it and to keep track of it as the clock was counting down. A couple days before the auction I went to check on it.... and it was gone. I had several things on my watch list (mainly to see what they sell for) and that was the only one that was missing. First time that's happened to me. So I did a search for it on E-bay, I was thinking maybe E-bay glitched and removed it from my watch list. I was unable to find the listing. At that moment, it was just gone from the site. However, I did find another auction for a full Sweet Sixteen doll. That also had no bidders and several days left to go. I figured that if the head was no longer available I could at least try to get this new doll. So I added her to my watch list. She was a little more expensive, but did come with a body. I'm not sure why it happened, but a little while later the original listing reappeared on my watch list and if you've read a few posts back you know that I won it and it arrived. Even though my new Sweet Sixteen head should have been enough, it wasn't.
I still wanted this other doll. She went without bidders until the very last day. I did put in a bid of my own, but they had put in a higher price so they remained the highest bidder. At that point I was out of the running, I put it as much as I was willing to pay for her and walked away. Thus is the life of the limited budget auction user. After losing out on that doll I spent some time doing other searches hoping to find myself a consolation doll. I wasn't super sad over losing the doll I just wanted to see what else was out there. On a whim right before I stopped searching I did one for Sweet Sixteen. I found a listing for another full doll, this time as a Buy-it-Now listing. She looked to be in fair shape, so I made an offer to the seller. They had it listed for 15, I offered 11. I went to bed shortly after that, hoping they would accept my offer.
I woke up the next morning with an accepted offer in my e-mail! They actually accepted it 2 minutes before I had woken up. I went over to E-bay and paid on the spot. She ended up costing me 16.85 including 2-day priority shipping. She got into the mail on Thursday, and had a projected delivery date of Monday (which to me is not two days). I hate waiting all through Sunday to get something in the mail. However Monday rolled around and she didn't come! The tracking had been updated and she was in town, just not at my house. Her tracking had been updated as "Out for delivery" at 9 pm that night, which I knew was wrong. She did arrive on Tuesday, but her tracking still said she was supposed to get here on Monday. It also had been updated with a "no new information had been updated since...." message, which was both worrisome and confusing. But she did arrive on Tuesday so I didn't need to follow up with the post office, she was just a day late.
Condition wise, she's in fair shape. I don't think she was played with much, so most of her issues are age related. Like the other two I have she has an issuing with paling. She has several spots of paling to her face. I didn't notice them in her ad, but I can live with them. I really didn't pay too much for her. Her hair also has it's issues. It is really frizzy at the ends. It's also really choppy. I'm not sure if a child cut her hair or if it came like that from the factory. Mattel's quality control took a real nose dive in the 1970's. Her face paint is gorgeous though. I'm not sure why it looks it in the picture, but her head isn't as discolored in person as it looks in the photograph.
Her body is in nice shape, she was a little dirty when I got her but a bath cleaned her right up. I will need to do some work on the seams on her legs. She has a little extra plastic I need to trim off. Interesting note, she has a problem where her right leg isn't seated properly in her hip joint. My first sweet sixteen has this same problem too. The leg doesn't fall out so it's not that bad of an issue and when she's dressed it shouldn't even be seen. An interesting difference between the two dolls to point out is that their markings are on different spots on their bodies. My first doll has them on the small of her back, this new doll has them on her buttocks where they were on the vintage Barbie dolls. If I had to make a logical assumption, I'd say this new doll is older than my first doll. Since Mattel moved the markings to the backs around that time, and still have them there to this day. I think with a little work she can be a really nice doll. For right now I'm going to keep her hair as is, but if I do decide to go crazy and re-root another Sweet Sixteen, she'd be much more likely to get it done to her instead of the second one.

So now I officially have a collection of Sweet Sixteen dolls!

I wanted to mention that Sweet Sixteen did come to me wearing a dress. It's obviously a home made dress. It's made out of a pink cotton shirting material. It has a pattern on the fabric that runs vertically of repeating three striped of white and a stripe of gold. It's an simple semi-fitted dress with darts on the front and back with a flared out skirt. It has binding at the neck hole and arm holes with bias tape made from the same fabric. It is cute, but does have it's issues. It does have some spots of discoloration on the front and both shoulder seams have come undone. I think it's cute, but can't think of what I would do with it. Also, it might take more work to repair it than it's worth. So I might end up just getting rid of it. But not Sweet Sixteen, she's here to stay! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello Everyone

Happy Sunday Dear Readers,

I decided to do a quick update post for you all. It will be a nice break from the "here's what I bought" posts I've been doing exclusively. Today I got the eight listings I've been working on during the week listed over on E-bay. E-bay's been annoying me with it's insistence of changing settings on me without my knowledge or consent, usually costing me money. No E-bay, I do not want to give my online shipping discount to the buyer. Please stop repeatedly trying to give it away especially since I don't see you giving away your cut on what I charge for shipping.
I've had some minor (and not so minor) setbacks on buying new stuff for resale, but I am trying to better. Last Friday when I went out I didn't buy a single thing for resale. I was actually really good and put something back. I was even rather frugal in general and didn't buy much. I don't expect a ticker tape parade, but a nice pat on the back for somewhat fiscal responsibility would be appreciated. Here's hoping I can keep making smart decisions going forward.

I did some sewing today, but I'm not sure how much I like it and doubt I'll finish it. I might come around to it again, we will just have to wait and see. It is nice that I'm at least doing some sewing again. There was a long stretch where I just couldn't gather the courage to start working on any sewing projects. I'm hoping to be able to strike a balance between sewing and selling. I have a sewing project in mind and six items picked out to list this week. Here's hoping I get time for both of them.

4 days since I bought a new doll! 
(But I'm still waiting for stuff in the mail. Once I get them, that's when the really hard part starts.)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here comes the Bride!

I haven't been sleeping well lately. Well, that's not totally true. I haven't been able to fall asleep at a decent hour lately. No matter what I try when bed time rolls around I'm just not able to fall asleep. While I do get tired around bedtime, the moment my head hits the pillow I'm wide awake. I've learned that it's foolish to fight this, so lately I've been getting up and doing stuff until I feel sleepy enough (and stay sleepy enough) to fall asleep. Usually this means goofing off online until around 2 am.

One such night while bored I checked out Etsy's new listings when I found a doll I just had to have. She was a doll that whenever I'd see pictures of I would feel a slight twinge of jealousy over. However, she's an expensive doll so I figured the odds of me actually owning one was slim. So I wasn't actively searching for her. However now I had one in front of me, at a price that I thought was fair. She was still on the expensive side and I would have to take the money out of my bank account to get her. I was having a tough time making a call on if I should get her or no, so I decided to let E-bay be the deciding factor. If I found that this doll was a good price I'd get her. If not, I'd let her go. There wasn't too many listings to use as a guide for how much she sells for. I didn't find any current listings but under sold listings I saw two MIB versions had gone for 300, and one un-boxed version that originally had a Buy-it-Now price of 150, but it had been crossed out so the seller had taken a cheaper price. So while I knew she was worth something, but couldn't tell exactly what. Since I'm writing a blog post about it you can assume I bought it. But I made a promise to myself that I was going to start really cutting back on online doll purchases. I'm going to try having this new doll be my last purchase for a while. I will say that I've already made an amendment to my vow. This new rule goes in effect after the two auctions I'm already watching are finished. (You met one of those auctions, the Sweet Sixteen head, already).

Back to the doll, I purchased her on Sunday (very early Sunday), she was in the mail on Tuesday, and due to get here on Thursday... and then she didn't! The tracking lied! She actually took an extra day to get here. I detest when I get all excited for a new arrived just to not have them show up. But she arrived fashionably late on Friday, and luckily undamaged. The seller shipped her in the thinnest, cheapest box I've ever dealt with. I'm shocked the box didn't get more damaged in transit than it did. I'm not sure why the seller used a box like that, it's not like I got a deal on shipping, I paid slightly over 6 dollars to ship her. And even if I had, I also paid 65 dollars for her. You'd think the seller would have wanted to ship her in something more secure. But she arrived unscathed, the seller did at least wrap her in bubble wrap in the box. Now, who is this doll that's giving me such a fright?

It's Beautiful Bride Barbie!

Per usual, you get a bit of a history lesson about Beautiful Bride Barbie. Beautiful Bride Barbie was
released in 1976. She was a department store special, however I'm not sure which department stores carried her. She is obviously a Bride doll. I read she was the first doll to be sold dressed as a bride. She also has the distinction to be the last doll to use the TNT face mold and have rooted eyelashes. They have brought rooted lashed back, they're actually in some of the current lines, but not the TNT face mold. I don't count the TNT reproductions as true TNT's since their head mold has been recreated. While Beautiful Bride is a unique doll in some aspects, in others... not so much. Her makeup and hair style are very similar to Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie's. She just does not have the wires in her hair (and Quick Curl does not have rooted lashes). I actually thought about getting a Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie to re-root and add eyelashes to make my own fake Beautiful Bride, but I decided against it, and now I don't have to! It's not like I really need another doll project, especially one that involves re-rooting. An interesting note about this doll. She has the later issue arm mold with the palm to rear hands that they were using well into the mid 90's, but she still has the angled TNT style waist. It hadn't changed over to the flat style twisting waist. I personally really dislike her arm mold, always have even from childhood. I actually changed a different doll that came with those hands to a new body with Mexico arms. This doll will be staying on her original body, but you'll be hard pressed finding another doll with that type of hands joining the collection. She's a rare and single exception.
I should mention to people who are trying to find this doll, the same name was also used for a Superstar doll who also came dressed as a bride. She's a very pretty doll, but a lot more common so don't pay as much for her as you would the TNT faced Beautiful Bride.

Back to my doll. She is in very nice shape. Beautiful Bride dolls tend to have a real issue where their faces go a ghastly white. You'll even find mint in box dolls with this problem. Mine has some slight paling going on, but her face is still very pink. That was one of the reasons why I was so tempted to get her. My doll is in played with shape, her biggest issue was her hair. Her hair was a frizzed out dull blonde mess. It took me a while getting it all untangled and once that I was done I still had to do the hair treatments, but it was totally worth it. It went from dull gray blonde to a shiny platinum blonde. She does have that hair fiber that gets frizzy, but after I reset her hair curl to it's original set most of the damage got covered. She also got a bath when she was getting her hair worked on. She cleaned up really nicely. Her makeup is stunning, I can't see anything wrong with it. Her eyelashes are mostly in nice shape, she does have one thin spot over her right eye, but they do look pretty good. Her body is also in nice shape, she does have a few minor scrapes here or there but she wasn't played with very much. She does have one minor indent to her left foot. It doesn't look to have broken the skin, so I'm hopeful it might ease out over time. She's such a beautiful doll, I'm really glad I got her. Although, I will say she's got something rattling around in her torso. That drives me crazy, but there's nothing I can do about it!
Beautiful Bride did come wearing her original dress. It's a pretty dress made from satin, netting, and
lace. Mine is in mostly good shape. The skirt has one snag on it, there's a spot on the right sleeve has come undone, there's a spot where the hem has frayed and come out, and the back opening needs some slight work. It's a cute dress, and while it's fancy it's not too fancy. Does that make sense? In terms of a wedding dress this is practically understated! I'm glad she came with it, otherwise I'd never would have gotten it. I am missing her veil, her bouquet, her necklace, her garter, and her shoes.

The seller did include a pair of clone pilgrim shoes in white with her. They're okay quality except
they seem a little short for her feet and on one of them the top part has broken off. I ended up sanding off the broken one to smooth out the edges. I could trim the other one to match, but I don't want to ruin the one that isn't broken even if it would make them more matching. I don't plan on using them with the dress though, they're a bit clunky for a wedding dress. Also, with their still slightly rough edges I'd be worried they'd snag the dress.
I was planning on keeping her in her original dress. It's a rare occurrence when that happens around here, but it does happen. I was going to make a veil for her, so she will get something sewn for her. Mine won't be as fancy as the original one, but it'll be something she can wear.

She's my something new, now I have to find something old, borrowed, and blue!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New from the Neck Up!

So as usual I was over on E-bay searching for vintage Barbie, I was looking for her head to be specific. I already have more than I need, but I'm always in the mood to hunt for my next purchase. And you can get some pretty nice deals if you happen to be looking at just the right time. If I did manage to find something for a bargain I'd quickly snatch it up. I didn't find any vintage Barbie this time, but I did stumble something I was interested in. (Shocker)

It was listed as a friend of Barbie, but I'm pretty sure that's technically not true. What I found was a Sweet Sixteen head. You may remember me talking about this doll years ago when I got one.

I don't feel like dragging up that post, so I'll give you a brief history from what I've learned about this doll. There is very little information out there for her, and what I know has been gleaned from several random sources so it could end up being dis-proven. So please don't take what I'm about to say as gospel.

The Sweet Sixteen line was released by Mattel in the mid-70's. The doll was just named Sweet Sixteen from what I can tell had no real back story. From the ones I've seen she was made in Korea. She has the older style straight leg Barbie/Midge body, but made in a pinker, cheaper, shinier plastic (sometimes these dolls are found with classic Francie arms). While her body was a familiar mold, her head wasn't. Sweet Sixteen has an over-sized anime inspired head. I have heard people claim it's the same head as German Francie, Tuli-Chan (a Japanese doll), and Living Eli (also a Japanese doll). I don't own any of these dolls, but to me she looks closest to Tuli-Chan. German Francie's looks to have much smaller eyes that Sweet Sixteen and while she has a lot of similar features to Living Eli, Eli has a pivotal neck and Sweet Sixteen has a neck designed for the vintage neck knob. Mattel could have modified Eli's neck (or vice versa) but they're not the exact same molds.
Anyway, Sweet Sixteens all look the same. I'm pretty sure she only got one issue. She has brown eyes, pink lips, and shoulder length blonde almost white hair with a side part. She was sold on a blister pack wearing a pinky-red one piece swimsuit. I believe the only things other than the dolls themselves made for this line were a small series of outfits. They were also sold on a blister pack and were pretty generic 70's era outfits. They all look extremely similar to the Best Buy fashions Barbie was getting at that time. They were different, but looked to be a continuation of that line. I'm not sure if they even made shoes for this doll (I could be wrong, I know less about her clothes than the doll).
Sweet Sixteen didn't made much of a splash on the doll world. In fact, she barely remembered. She is very overshadowed by Barbie. Around the time she came out Mattel released Sweet Sixteen Barbie to celebrate Barbie turning 16 (the Barbie line itself, not the doll she's supposed to be 18). So if you're looking for Sweet Sixteen, you're going to be inundated by people selling Barbie. Even MIB Sweet Sixteen clothing will be credited to Barbie even though Barbie's name is nowhere on the box. Barbie and Sweet Sixteen were never linked together by Mattel. In fact, while they used Barbie body molds for her, they removed her name from the markings on Sweet Sixteen. Her body will just be marked Mattel and Korea. As far as I know they were supposed to be officially two completely separate lines.
I didn't even know about her until several years ago I stumbled upon her over on Flickr and fell in love. A somewhat short time later bought my own on E-bay. (She doesn't turn up all that often). Even though she's not that common, she doesn't sell for very much. I got one nude with cut hair for under 20 dollars. I re-rooted her in brown hair (which I hope to never have to do again, she has SO many head holes) and she's still waiting to get dressed. I was having a hard time dressing her with her cutesy face and mature body so eventually she "downgraded" to a Francie body. I still haven't dressed her yet, but I like her a lot better now. Although just a word of warning, even though she's a 70's era doll her head can go yellow or pale. Mine original one has yellowed *sigh*.
Anyway, over on E-bay I found a head. She had three pale spots on her forehead, but looked to be in nice shape. I guess I don't really need another one but I still wanted her. She was an auction and had several days to go. At that point she had no bidders. I put her in my watch list and let the clock count down. I figured that if nobody bid on her I would closer to the end of her auction. I ended up being the only bidder, so I got her for eight dollars with free shipping.
I didn't get tracking information, so her arrival today was a nice surprise. Another nice surprise is her condition. She looks to be a really great shape. She does have the paling which I knew about. I tried coloring it in with a marker I was recommended, but it doesn't work for me. It ends up turning everything orange. I'm not sure if I got a bad marker or if my expectations were too high. All I know is that the spots are still highly noticeable and the area around them now has an orange tint. What a waste of 5 dollars. But, I digress. Sweet Sixteen other than the paling is in very nice shape. I did notice that she has several pin dents on the right side of her face, between her cheek and ear. I'm not sure if this is damage or factory quality control issues. It's only located in that one spot and they're not actually pin pricks, just slight indents. I didn't notice them until I was examining her, so they're not that glaring. Her hair is that terrible 70's fiber that frays like crazy, her's however isn't that bad. It does have some fraying at the ends, but it's not as extreme as it could be. I did do several hair treatments to her. They didn't do much, but hopefully they will help keep her hair from getting worse. The first one I got had a haircut, so it was an easy decision to re-root, but it's nice to have one that I can keep original. However, if her hair gets too bad, I can always re-root it. It's just going to have to get really bad to motivate me to do that!
Like I already said she came just as a head. I did have a free Sweet Sixteen body for a little bit since
my original one changed to a straight leg Francie body, but another doll claimed that back in December. Which is fine, I don't like them on their original bodies. For the time being I put her on a trashed bend leg Francie body I had in my spares box. Ironically this is the same body that my original Sweet Sixteen used before getting the nicer conditioned straight leg body for her. I'll have to hunt down a better condition Francie body for this new head, she looks so much better with that more petite body.
So with that Dear Readers, is my newest doll. A charming little cutie, who hopefully will be easier to dress than her older sister!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I finished something!

Due to some situations out of my control I found myself with more free time these past two weeks than usual. In order to keep my sanity I've been throwing myself into my projects hoping to A. ride out this time and B. get some things cleared up that have been langushing for a while now.
One of those things was this blog, you should have noticed a real glut of new posts recently. I'm still working on the blog, but I'm in a much better place than I was before.

But there's only so long I can sit here typing at the keys before I want to slam my head into them. So I've been working on other stuff too. One of those was dressing the dolls. I'm still going through a terrible lack of sewing creativity and issues with the quality of my sewing. I decided to at least work on the creative part recently. I grabbed the unfinished project box, two undressed dolls, dumped out the box, and started playing around what was in there seeing what I liked on them. I had grabbed two Bubblecuts, an ash blonde and a brunette.
While I was sorting through the pile of random half finished clothes I picked up a plaid dress that I had made a while ago for a brunette Midge. I wasn't liking it at the time, both in general or on Midge, so into the box it went. When I tried it on this new doll I thought it looked really great on her. What didn't work for that Midge certainly worked for her. I liked it so much it motivated me to actually finish it! It's not perfect, but I need to relearn that minor imperfections can be lived with.
It's not exactly the same dress as when it was destined for Midge. It's pretty much the same dress, but some decoration details ended up changing. The first one was the belt. I made a belt based off an idea I had. It's a working prototype, but it's a good start. I think it really adds something to the dress. I would like to add something else to the dress, something like a pin, but couldn't find anything in my bead stash. I'm planning on stopping at Hobby Lobby soon and checking out what they have. No idea what I want, but sometimes it's best going to Hobby Lobby with an open mind. You never know what they'll have and they never have what you want when you have something in mind.

For shoes I went with a pair of modern heels in black. I would have liked something in green, but I didn't have anything that worked and fit. I don't like tying up those incredibly versatile shoes, but someone's got to wear them! 
And just like that we have a doll dressed! I'm certainly not up to my old numbers, but I am very happy that I am finishing some things some times. Although, I don't even want to think of my new doll to dressed doll ratio. I'm probably at 5:1 at this point.

Next month will be better! ;)

That reminds me, I don't think I ever introduced this bubblecut to you. I bought her earlier this year on E-bay. I was still buying plenty of dolls, but hadn't bought a vintage Barbie in a while so I wanted a vintage Barbie, any vintage Barbie. I found her being sold along with a Midge doll for 36 dollars including shipping as a Buy-it-now listing. So I bought her. She's an early bubblecut on a Barbie only body. She's in nice shape, she just has two earring holes in one ear and green ear. I used CLR on her and got it to lessen somewhat, but it hasn't gone away. I did it for a while, but didn't have great luck with it. I eventually stopped. I might try it again later, but for now I'm just enjoying her being dressed and able to officially join the dressed dolls on the bookcase!

Tis the Season!

So I bought a new doll the other day.
I know, I know I'm always buying new dolls but one was different. This was a new doll. A brand new MIB released just this year doll that I bought from major retail store and not on clearance! How often does that happen around here?

Almost never, but it does happen from time to time. My newest addition is the Barbie from the current beach wave line of dolls. You can get her and each of her similar friends for 5 dollars at Walmart. (I've seen them elsewhere for slightly higher prices, Walmart is the cheapest). These are the basic dolls and only come with a swimsuit and sunglasses, and apparently it's the year of the sunglasses for me. I am currently obsessing over the second wave Glam Luxe Midge doll mainly for her shoes, belt, and especially her daisy sunglasses. She has been slowly trickling into stores, but hasn't made much of an appearance online yet. I was looking for her on Walmart's website recently. They weren't showing anything when you searched for Midge, so I looked through all the Barbie listings. They're not too many to look at.
I can't remember why, but I ended up clicking on the swimsuit Barbie doll and falling in love with her sunglasses. They're pink and heart shaped! Which is totally not my style, but apparently they unlocked a need deep within me. But even though I wanted the sunglasses 5 dollars is a lot to spend for a pair. I even asked the doll group their opinions hoping maybe someone there would deter me. They did not, so that Friday I went to Walmart to get her. I had only wanted her for her sunglasses, but I will admit her heart print bikini won me over. They had several in the toy section and I selected the best one, then I found a display in the isle full of them. Again I spent some time looking through the dolls to get the best one. Finally satisfied I bought her.
I deboxed the doll at home, she was so easy to debox! She had two plastic ties holding her loosely onto the backing. I just had to cut the one at her waist and she could slide out of the packaging. I quickly stripped the doll of her swimsuit and sunglasses. They both needed work. The sunglasses needed a quick hot water soak. They had one of those plastic ties anchoring it to the dolls head and had gotten warped. A little bit of time in the water and they straightened right out. The swimsuit needed a bit more work. I liked the swimsuit, but hated the over sized cheap
bow on the top (seriously, it was a bit of ribbon cut, glued on the ends, then gathered when sewn onto the top). I removed it, which also took out the gathering of the top. I was going to redo it, but I kinda like it without it. I also added a small bow out of a very similar matching ribbon (the ribbon Mattel used is slightly more purple in color, but it's hard to tell the difference). And like that I was done! Charlotte's been wearing it since I got it. It's really cute on her. Although I will say the underwear pattern I drafted has better fit than the swimsuit bottoms since mine follows the shape of her torso and doesn't interfere with her legs, but it works as is. I added some mostly matching shoes I had. I don't love the shoes, but I can live with them with the outfit. I do love the sunglasses, but don't let Charlotte wear them. I'm afraid they'll scratch her eyebrow paint, but I think they look adorable in her hair. I tried making her a sarong cover up, but it did not go well. Maybe in time she'll get one. However, I think she looks nice as it.  
The Barbie that came with the swimsuit will not be staying. I'm planning on bringing her to the doll donation project later in the year so I can swap her for a doll I do want (or is more valuable for resale). For a five dollar doll, she's actually not that bad. She does have some cost cutting features like the hollow hard plastic legs and a molded on neck knob that doesn't allow her to look up or down, but these aren't too terrible. She does have glue in the head, but that's getting more and more common. My Audrey Hepburn doll had that and she's a collector's doll! This doll has a really pretty face and smooth and easily manageable hair. My only complaint with her (other than the glue), is that her hair is rather thin, especially at the part line. If they fixed that I'd be even more impressed. I was even toying (no pun intended) with the idea of keeping her, but I have too many dolls as is, I don't need one that I only have a mild infatuation with. 

I was so impressed with the first doll, I actually went back the next week and got a second one. This time I got the
Teresa doll from the line. While her swimsuit was cute I was mainly buying her for the daisy shaped sunglasses she came with. They look to be the same mold as the Midge doll glasses, just cast in yellow and unpainted. I decided it would be smart to buy this five dollar doll and see if I even like them before shelling out 20 dollars to end up not liking them for some reason. And if I do like them, I'll have a second pair. Teresa swimsuit is very similar to Barbie's in style. It's made from a similar type of fabric, just with a floral pattern instead of hearts. I'm pretty sure that the bottoms use the same pattern. The tops are a bit different. Teresa's top has a yellow
ribbon sewn at the bottom hem, the top is only partially gathered and has two ribbon straps that tie at the neck to keep the swimsuit up. I'm glad that I bought it, but I like the heart swimsuit and sunglasses a lot better. The daisy sunglasses are cute, but HUGE. They're bigger than the heart pair and look rather over sized for my doll's face. I haven't tried them on a vintage doll, but they look rather big on Ashley (who ended up with the swimsuit). I didn't need to boil these, they were straight right off the doll. They were not anchored in Tereasa's head.
I thought about changing the straps on the top. I have no love for halter tops, and it's really easy to pull the top down. I was going to change it to a regular double straps like on the heart swimsuit, but that means I'd have to tear out the straps in front and quite honestly they felt like a little too much work for it. I don't have that much of an issue with it. So for now it stays as is. However I did add another small ribbon bow to the front. I just wasn't loving the amount of cleavage it was showing. It wasn't obscene, but I didn't like it for Ashley. 
So that's the two swimsuits from the line I bought. I have no intention of buying any other dolls because the rest of them have boring sunglasses. Come on Mattel, made some fun new sunglasses, apparently it's a must have for me!

BTW, that white ball they're holding is a volleyball to go with the beach theme, it's actually a ping pong ball!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some Somewhat New Additions

I've mentioned it a few times before, but back in June I got a large lot of doll parts from someone in the doll club. I had already said that I asked for a Tammy body and a Living Barbie arm, but I also asked for a bevy of 70's era Barbie bodies. Part of the reason for this was in case I couldn't repair Quick Curl Barbie or Quick Curl Miss America, but part of this was because I had several 70's era heads that needed bodies. I ended up with several new bodies, some assembly required. I said I wouldn't mind if the bodies had melting, so I had some repair work to do to them. Other than the melting they were in pretty good shape. A few pin pricks here and there and some general play wear on them, but they're still very nice bodies. I've manged to get two of them completed so I wanted to share them with you. I'm still working on a couple bodies so in time they will get their turn at an introduction.

Our first doll is Sweet Sixteen Barbie. I got this head earlier this year in a lot of TLC dolls. I actually got three Sweet Sixteen heads in the lot. She was the prettiest, so she got a body. Her head is in really nice shape, great hair too. She was a bonus of the lot since I certainly wasn't buying it for her. I am glad I have her, she makes my second Sweet Sixteen doll in the collection. Not sure what I'll do with the other two heads since while I like having two examples of that doll, I don't really need two more. She is a "highlight" doll of Barbie through the years, so when the collection grew to including the 70's dolls I was glad to get her, but I still don't like her that much. I think she's pretty, the issues is her hair. Reminds me too much of a mullet. Still glad I have her. One less random head in the egg crates I store them in!

Our second doll is Free Movin' P.J.. She's supposed to be on a body with a
ball jointed waist and a post that pops out of her back so you can control her movements. I have the Barbie doll from this line on her correct body. P.J. arrived years ago in that bag of parts I bought at the Antique Mall (in a weird coincidence that same bag is where my first Sweet Sixteen head came from). She's in really nice shape except someone cut her hair, at the very start of her part at her forehead. They just did it in a the worst spot, the rest of her hair is totally untouched. What's your problem past person??? She'll most likely end up with a headband or something to cover up the damage. I think it might be too much work to try a partial re-root. After I got the bodies I was pulling through my spare heads for 70's era heads when I found her. I hadn't thought about her when asking about the bodies but I decided to put her on a regular body since I doubt I'll find a Free Movin' body any time soon. I wasn't sure if I was going to even keep her when I first got her, but she's grown on me. It's a shame about the hair, but otherwise she's a very nice doll.

So that's the two new dolls, eventually the remaining dolls will be shared. I just have to finish repairing them first, which might be a while. They're not an easy fix.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Less Regret in Life!

As you should already know, the majority of my collection is vintage.
However, there are still a few modern dolls in the collection. These are childhood dolls or ones that I find at thrift stores that catch my eyes, or a rare new doll I buy new at a retail store.

(That last part really only applies to the few Monster High dolls I own, which at last count is 5).

This next doll I will be sharing with you all does not fit into any of those categories. While she is a modern doll and I had hoped to find her locally second hand eventually I had to hunt her down on E-bay and pay more for her than she originally sold for, while getting less than what she originally came with.

Who is this rare creature you ask? 
Why it's Giselle from Disney's Enchanted.

And now it's story time dear readers. I had been into Barbie for most of my life, playing with my sister's dolls until age five when I got my own. I spent most of my childhood with Barbie. There were several times were I briefly grew tired of her and moved on, but eventually these passed and she came back with full force. So I never really "grew" out of her like most children, she was around from my childhood well into my late teen years.
Then I went away to college and Barbie stayed home. I was living with roommates and she just wasn't safe to have around. However, my collecting habits just transferred over to another childhood favorite, Disney. I guess even though it was still pretty girly it was a bit "safer" to be a Disney guy than a Barbie guy. Over the course of college I spent a lot of time and money collecting up the classic Disney films on DVD, even the not so classic sequels. I had quite an impressive collection. Meanwhile Barbie had nearly dropped off my radar. During my college years I got... 5 new dolls I think. I only bought one doll online, it was a Disney Barbie that I bought for her clothes sophomore year. She remained hidden in my closet until I went back home for break, even though I had my own room at that point. This was well before I was sewing, at this point I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine, much less successfully. I still had my childhood dolls, they were all just tucked away in a blue plastic tub. So while I wasn't enjoying Barbie I certainly didn't clear them all out of my life. Charlotte did join me at college my final semester senior year, but that was because my family moved and while the rest of the dolls stayed up in storage I couldn't bear to leave her like that. She stayed in a drawer in my dresser wrapped in a baby blanket.
But again, I'm blathering on. Also my senior year Enchanted was released. For a while Disney films had been rather... sucky. They were churning out films that while serviceable where not really that exciting. However, Enchanted seemed to be different than all that. It was a brand new Princess film, and one that had tons of winks and nods to classic Disney films. I eagerly watched and read up on all information regarding the movie's production. I even bought a picture book and a children's story book before the movie came out because I wanted to see the art and know the plot (I also listened to several leaked tracks from the soundtrack).
I should have been a bit more careful with this film, when you go in with high expectations they hardly pan out, but I did like Enchanted, really liked it. I thought it was an absolutely adorable film. I especially loved Amy Adams as Giselle, which has translated into a love of her as an actress and person (but I find my enjoyment of her films is based on how cute her hair in the film). Anyway, Enchanted was released when I was still going through my lack of interest in dolls phase, so I didn't buy any when they were originally released. Once I was done with college and living down in North Carolina I did buy the Robert doll from that line. I found it in a bookstore and I think it might have been on sale. They also had the Robert and Human Giselle set, but that was really expensive and I never cared for the Amy Adams human head sculpt. For such a pretty person who's rather doll like they really made a not so pretty head sculpt. However, there was one doll I did want from that line but never got, the animated Giselle doll from Mattel. Disney made their own version too but she looks crazy. Like seriously, she looks unhinged. But I never got her when she was released, and of course she's one of the Disney Princesses to get no merchandise after the movie was released. Part of that being is that she was designed in the likeness of Amy Adams so they'd have to pay her to use her likeness. Also, while Enchanted was successful it wasn't that successful so she got to join the ranks with the rest of their forgotten princesses (*spoiler alert* Even though technically Giselle isn't a princess since she didn't marry a prince, but that doesn't stop them from putting Mulan in the princess line!)

Anyway, I wanted this Giselle doll so much that whenever I would see a picture of one online I'd look at it, sigh, and kick myself for not buying her when she was on shelves. I can't remember what prompted me to, but I decided to do a search for her on E-bay the other day (which I have done before). There were several listings, but the majority of them were MIB dolls, which I cannot afford and do not want. I wouldn't want to debox a hard to find doll like that, much less one I paid 70 bucks for. I want one that's already been played with, so I could play with it. There was a new one listed in played with condition. She was paired with another newer Barbie doll and cost 22 dollars including shipping. I had just under that in my Paypal. I hemmed and hawed and thought about how on earth I could get her. I even contacted the seller and asked if they'd be willing to sell her separately. They told me they wouldn't. Which as a seller I understand, but as a buyer it makes me grumpy! I even asked my mother if she would be so kind as to borrow the money out of her bank account and put it into her Paypal, but that would take 3-5 days, and I knew she would have sold by then. In the end I took a gamble and just bought it from my Paypal. I was like 86 cents short, which Paypal just zapped from my bank account. And so she was mine, just several years later and without her original outfit.

She and the other doll arrived a few days later. I think I bought them on Thursday and they got here
on a Monday. The other doll is a newer doll than Giselle, she will be cleaned up and resold so I can at least try to get some of my money back. But back to Giselle. When she arrived she had on this terrible short jersey knit dress that had some color blocking and lace details. The lace was all frayed, but the rest of it looked okay. She quickly took off that dress and it went into the re-donate bag. Her hair had been put up into a side ponytail (a style I hate), so I quickly took that down too. When she got here she was dirty, but a quick bath fixed that. I also used that time to put her hair back to it's correct style. It should be pretty much hanging straight with a side part. Giselle is in pretty decent played with condition. Her face paint is very nice, her biggest issue is her hair. It hasn't been cut, but it has a lot of shorter pieces in it. I guess that's the risk of having dolls with longer hair. I've done several different hair treatments to it. They don't do anything for fixing the broken hair, but it at least makes what's there softer and easier to manage. It is slightly frizzy at the bottom, but I can live with it. And if it ever bugs me too much I could always re-root her. But that would be a long, long, long time away. I hate re-rooting modern dolls, they have so many head holes. Also I have a ton of dolls who need it before her, I just need to find a non-terrible hair supplier.
Giselle is now one of those super pale skinned dolls that will always be tricky to find an articulated
Giselle on the pivotal body

body for. I did however see if she was a good match for the Frank Sinatra Barbie doll body I have that Audrey Hepburn uses. So I popped off Audrey's head and popped Giselle's on. While I was doing this I noticed that Giselle's neck was breaking. At the front she had two small breaks starting and on one side the neck seam was coming apart. I did end up repairing the breaks and splits with glue but also gave her a new body. Just not the Sinatra body. I did like the articulation it gave her, but the body just didn't work for her. The molded in details at the neck really looked odd compared to her cartoony head. Also I think the Sinatra head has a wider neck. It looks to me like it's wider at the base than at the top. It works much better for Audrey Hepburn's much more realistic sculpt, so it went back to her and Giselle didn't upgrade. I had a matching body in my stash, so I just swapped it. I don't have a ton of dolls that could use this body, so someone might as well use it. So Giselle has been banished back to a belly button body for now.

I really like having her, and I'm glad I finally got her. I still wish I had found her locally, but I guess it was not in the cards. Now that I'm thinking about it I guess I've never seen any Enchanted merchandise out and about. Either it didn't sell very well or people like it too much to pass it along to the thrift stores.
But I got the doll I wanted, so I'm happy. 
And I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot since she arrived.
"That's what brings ever afterings so happy!"

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Apparently around here, it's the year of Midge!!! (AKA Celebrating her 50th one year too late)

So once again I was over on E-bay. It was the final minutes of an auction that had a vintage Barbie body. I was now in need of one because of that Toothy Midge head needed one that I didn't have a spare of so I had to steal one from a different doll and now needed another one. I was on E-bay waiting for the clock to count down, I did try to put a bid in at the last second but my internet was being really slow and my bid never went through. And I would have won too! But, in the end it ended up being for the best. It was then that I remembered that over on the Dollpage there was a seller who had several vintage Barbie bodies for sale. I headed over there to see if they were still available and remind myself how much they were selling for. I never ended up finding that listing, I guess they all sold, but I did find something even better.

Under the vintage section there was an ad for a vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge doll, for TEN DOLLARS. She had a vintage body and everything (Wig Wardrobe Midge originally was just sold as a head). I quickly read the ad trying to see what the catch was for why the doll was so cheap. The seller said there was some damage to the doll, but nothing too major. While I was looking over the pictures, I noticed something usual about the doll's body, but I'm going to talk about that later. I quickly wrote to the seller asking if Midge was still available and how much shipping would cost. It was pretty late at night, so I wasn't expecting to hear back from that night but I still checked my email several times before heading off to bed. I was worried that she had already sold, I guess I wasn't that worried since she didn't invade my dreams that night (sometimes my subconscious is so suggestible!). When I woke up in the morning there was an email in my inbox, she still was for sale and shipping would be 5.15. SOLD! I sent payment that very minute and was all happy with my new purchase.
So after that comes the long wait until I have the item. Torture! (Said the man getting something practically every day of the week lately!). Usually I track the progress when the item gets listed as sold over on the Dollpage. However, it never happened. I checked it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and it was still listed as "Available". Of course all weekend these terrible thoughts were popping into my head, especially thinking I was getting scammed. I kept having to remind myself that if I was going ripped off, I would have thought they would have gone for a bigger ticker item. You have to sell a lot of 15 dollar dolls to make that much of a profit. Also, it was a holiday weekend, so they might have been busy. On Tuesday I contacted the seller. I kept it really casual asking them if my Paypal payment went through. You never know when Paypal just decides to act up! ;) They contacted me backing saying they had gotten my payment, the doll was packed up, and was getting into that mail the next day. And she did. She was in the mail Wednesday. I even got tracking. The original estimate for it's arrival date was Monday! Which is crazy, she was just coming from Tennessee, that's a neighboring state! Luckily I didn't have to wait an entire Sunday to get her, she traveled quickly and I got her in my hot little hands on Friday.
I eagerly tore the box open (yay a reusable box!) to get at my new doll. She didn't have a lot of packing material keeping her secure in the box, but she didn't seem to have suffered from her trip too
badly. The seller said she had some wear to her paint, this ending up being a little bit of wear to the paint at the back of her head. Her face paint and the majority of her hair paint were perfect. The only thing wrong with her head other than that tiny bit of paint loss were a missing headband, which by far is not a big problem to me. She doesn't even have earring holes!
But now let's talk about her body. I knew from the pictures that she was coming on a Barbie only body. I could tell when zooming in that her markings didn't say Midge. While I was looking over the pictures I noticed something, her body was a lot paler than her head. And it wasn't just her torso that was paler, it was all of her, arms, legs, the whole deal. This made me wonder if Midge was on a very early Barbie body, one that starts to pale with age. I was hopeful that she was, but even if she wasn't it would still be a good price for her. However I didn't want to ask the seller about the body, I just bought it and hoped for the best.
I was correct. (I love it when I am!). She is on a Barbie only solid torso body. I took her to my doll meeting and asked someone, he said she was a number 4 body. I was hoping she'd be a number 3 body and that way I could just buy a head to create my first number 3. Which I so desperately want. And while I do trust this person's knowledge, the thing is the body is a shade or two lighter than the two number 4 dolls I have, so I'm still holding out hope that it could be a number 3 body. The body is actually in really
It's hard to tell, but Midge is lighter.
nice shape. When I got it the left hand was really warped (like really warped), but a nice long soak in boiling water fixed it mostly back into it's correct position. I also did a boiling water treatment to the legs, they were slightly warped. Not as bad as the hand, but enough to need some work. Overall the body is in nice shape. It does have some issues, on the right side at the shoulder on the torso and on the right leg at the hip there's two tiny holes. They're the sizes of pins, but they're not pin holes. It just looks like the plastic didn't fill those spots in the molding process. And I've noticed some light play wear to her legs, the worst being some indents at the legs at the hips (most likely caused by them getting pushed into the torso). She even has most of her nail polish and a lot of her toe nail polish. I really got a great deal on her!

Now I just have to get a new head for that body, and a new body for that head.
(Which I actually already have, Wig Wardrobe Midge will be getting the one toothy Midge didn't end up using).

At least I can keep dreaming....

You know what I wish would happen? 

I wish Mattel would release a fashionista doll in a pale skin tone. I have several dolls who need a light skinned body and so far they're out of luck. Mattel has come rather close with certain Raquelle dolls, but she's still far too pink. They have made pale skinned articulated dolls, but they're all pivotal dolls and I just don't care for the short length of the torsos with certain dolls. Also I find that the molded in collar bones and neck details really makes an odd juxtaposition to the less realistic doll faces. Things would be so much easier if Mattel would just make a pale skinned articulated fashionista!
I was even looking over at one of those buy direct from China factories websites. They do have light skinned dolls, but who knows the quality and the actual colors of them. Pictures can be so subjective.

Also, since I'm wishing I might as well go big. I wish Mattel would sell bodies separately. Slap them up on their website for 8 bucks a pop, maybe sell them cheaper if you buy several. I would love that. That way I wouldn't have to shell out 12 bucks or more (or now 16 bucks or more) for an articulated body, a head I don't want, and an outfit I don't like.   

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sooooooooooooooooo Unmotivated

Ugh, I have just been so unmotivated lately. 
It happened suddenly a few weeks ago where I just lost all enthusiasm for anything. Typically when something like this happens it just means I've become focused on something and everything else has faded into the background. But right now, I don't have anything that manages to get my butt up and moving. Not dolls, not video games, nothing. It's really weird when even dolls (including new dolls) fail to motivate me.
I've tried forcing myself to get productive, but it's hard to keep doing that especially when it fails to catch on. I'll force myself to do one simple thing and once I've done it I go back to sitting around. And it's the darnest thing, this is a tell tale sign of a depression, but I don't feel depressed. I feel highs, I feel lows, I just don't feel motivated. I just feel like doing nothing compared to doing anything.

Well that's not true, I can still be motivated to make a mess. Tonight's goal is to put away all the messes I made today. I can't be bothered to put the old stuff away, but I can at least keep it from getting worse. And it's soooooo hard to do. I'm so unmotivated I'm not sure if I'll even be able to get this simple blog post finished.

If anyone finds my motivation can you please send it back to me?
I miss it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Dear American Readers. (And Happy Friday to all our international readers). 

I hope everyone was (and is) having a good holiday. Today my family trucked up to my sister's for a low key celebration. We hung around, talked, played video games, and had hamburgers made on a grill. It was a fun day and a quiet day, but that's usually how our celebrations go.

We spent most of the day there, but left around six. We made a couple stops on the way home, up first was Walmart. I wasn't sure what would be open since it was the 4th, but it still was Friday and there was money to be made. It was interesting seeing what was open today, Walmart was (not too shocking). We were hitting up a different Walmart on our most patriotic day for.... acne cream. Weird right? I needed it. I've been working on removing spots on several dolls with it for several months and keep running out. I have some dolls with a lot of stains. I use the cheaper Walmart brand but my local store just cannot seem to keep it in stock. When I started this acne cream regiment they didn't have any in stock, and when they finally did it was just one box. The next time I needed another tube there was also just one box on the shelves. And the last time I looked it was empty and I had no idea when they would get it back in stock. I thought about buying it on their website, but that's so much work for just acne cream. Since we drove right past this one I asked if we could stop. They did have acne cream, several tubes of it. I ended up buying two, That should last me about a month. Hopefully some of these dolls will have their stains come out and I won't need as much acne cream going forward.

Our last stop was McDonalds for ice cream and did you know they currently have Mario Kart toys??? I NEED the Princess Peach figurine. I need it like I need air. I got a Happy Meal, but ended up with Mario who I promptly gave to my brother. Not sure how many times I'll get to go, but I seriously need Peach.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!