Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Exciting update before work!

Hello Everyone!

Have to go back to work today. Working Sunday means I have an hour of signs to do before the store opens and since I'm commission and only get paid when I make sales it means I'm working for free... yay. And it's completely legal with how the system technically works, lucky me.

However I wanted to tell you all I got my grail doll! My top most wanted doll that I've been wanting for forever! I paid an arm and a leg for it, waaaaaaaay more than I've ever paid for a doll before and hopefully not a price I'll pay again any time soon. I'm still actually paying for it, I did the first giant chunk of it this morning after winning the auction followed by paying shipping and "handling" fee later. I hope it's not too bad, I already paid this company 44 bucks for the privilege of using their service.

I'm going to be a total meanie and not tell you what doll I got and make you all wait until it gets here for the introduction post. (Unless I get at least 5 comments on this post from people asking me to tell, since I seek power and validation from strangers on the internet regarding my hobby) It's going to be a long post since getting this doll was a real comedy of errors, but not comedy in the haha kind of way.

So excited for work, so dreading this doll!

Wait.... reverse those.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Talking about Saturday on Wednesday

My Saturday did not start off the best. I lost an auction for my top grail doll. While that was disappointing, I was not too bummed over it. I was going to be spending way, way, way more than I've ever paid for a doll before so it's not like I missed out on a deal. And while these dolls are fairly uncommon, but they're not impossible to find. I'm going to remain focused and keep checking for new listings. Maybe the next one will be mine! I will point out that being focused on one doll is actually good for me. I was bad at the end of July with my doll spending, but so far in August I have only bought one thing online, a tlc Barbie body that set me back 12 dollars including shipping. Compared to what I have been spending, that's so much better.

Even though I wasn't very upset the loss it did change part of my day. Last night I had decided on bringing two dolls to the meeting. I ended up bumping one of the dolls in favor of Joe. Even with not making him anything new for a long time I still wanted to bring him. I haven't been to one of these meetings since May and despite knowing everyone and with a job that I have to talk to strangers all day I still have anxiety for social situations so his familiar plastic face has a calming effect on me. I guess he's kind of like one of those service pets, but in doll form. I ended up sticking him in his most recent shirt, his old jeans, and some grey sneakers stolen from a One Direction doll. He also wore his glasses, now that I have more than one pair of doll glasses Joe has started wearing a pair all the time. He looks good in them, plus it helps cover up the fact that from years of play (and abuse) his eyebrows are mostly worn off. The other doll that I brought with me was Italian Barbie wearing Entrepreneur Barbie's dress. While I really like her, she's not as much of a doll I want to brag about so I don't mind if she's doesn't get a lot of attention.

Of course I made a few stops along the way. Up first was the flea market. I rarely go but it's coming to the end of summer and I figured why not? We were a bit early, so there weren't too many people there. There really were not many Barbie dolls at all. I did see an Action Man wearing a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt that could have worked for Joe, but he was unpriced and quite honestly, I could probably make one if I wanted it badly enough so I didn't bother asking the price. Shortly before we left I was looking at a different table with unpriced dolls when the seller came over and told me the prices. I ended up buying a Maddie Mod doll and a Mattel hero from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame doll whose name I can't remember for a quarter each. They'll both will be resold. I just bought Maddie since I've never had one and for a quarter might be interesting to see what she's like. Neither of them came in their original outfits but that's fine. They did come with clothes, some of which I might be using. We also stopped at the thrift stores, the PTA thrift store was a bust. I did find some doll clothes at the other one though. I found a Christmas baby dress that was in the doll clothes bin, I plan on using it for fabric, a Monster High Frankie as Cinderella dress (I looked for the matching doll, but no dice), and a green with pink flower jacket from a Best Buy outfit. They cost a dollar altogether. We were a little early to the meeting, so we stopped at a bookstore that was across the way. I just wandered around looking at everything since I don't need any more books but it was nice being in a book store. I did find a book for my mother based off a BBC show she watches. So that was kind of neat.

I got there a few minutes early but pretty much everyone was there already. I think when I got there we were just waiting for two more people to arrive. The majority of the club was there that day, I think we were just missing two people, but I'm not sure if one of those people is still part of the club. Some drama went down between them and another member. I'm curious to know what's going on, but I'm staying as far away as I can get. I like the doll club and everyone in it, but I am not here for drama. If I ever have to choose between the club and my love of Barbie, Barbie wins every time. We started off with some chit chat. Talking about how things are going and such. I really wasn't that chatty. Quite honestly I just don't have that much going on that's interesting to share. After the general chit chat was over we broke for snacks. After that it was time to talk about convention. Sounds like for the most part people had a good time, it was a good convention. People were showing off what they bought, the host of the meeting bought a MIB Barbie gift set for over 2,000 dollars! Which is a lot of money, but for what it was it seemed like a deal. I mean, it's way out of my price range, but if I saw that listed on E-bay I'd guess it would be listed for a bit more than that. People also showed off their items they bought in room sales and everything. Lots of interesting things, of course all of the hand made pieces I examined to see how they were constructed. I spent most of the meeting listening, which is what I expected. The dolls I brought didn't get that much attention, which again I expected. I even got a souvenir from convention! Theresa gave me a Barbie bag they had gotten. She's so sweet, I'm going to have to think of something to do to thank her. Someone also gave me a cute pattern they had gotten in the convention packet. It's for a pair of Ken "Romeo" pants and I believe a "Juliet" style dress. I'm going to have to do some research into how it all goes together since there's no directions on the paper. It's so sweet they thought enough to think of me to give it to me.

The meeting started at one. I planned on leaving at 3:30, which was the perfect time. I was the first one to leave, but the majority of the people were packing up by then. I don't like being the first person to leave, but I certainly don't want to be the last. After that my family (sans my brother) went to my sister's house. We had a late lunch and chatted. We ended up playing a new card game she had gotten "Exploding Kittens". It was fun. We played two games, Jesse won one and I won the other one. I liked the game, but I think we have more fun when we play other games. I prefer the games we play where we end up laughing most of the time instead of playing to win.

Overall, I did have fun at the meeting. I didn't do much talking but this meeting wasn't anything I could contribute to. I didn't go to convention so I really couldn't talk about convention. I am glad I went, it was nice getting out of my head and just doing something fun for the sake of having fun. Not to get too serious but I haven't been in a great place lately so it was good just getting out and take a break from it all. Sadly, this meeting did nothing to deter me from going to a convention at some point. Right now it's not a good time for me financially but maybe in the future I'll go. But if I did go, I'd want to start planning early. I'd be sewing a lot more and do room sales. I'd just have to think about pricing. I'd want to do simple pieces so that there's less to mess up on, but I'd want to price them so I'm getting a fair amount of money for my work but not over charging people. I have years and years to think about that.  

Friday, August 14, 2015


Tomorrow is the next doll meeting. 

It's the first one after the Barbie Convention so it's the meeting where people are going to talk about their experiences and show off their new finds from convention. I specifically took the date off from work a month ago so I could go. I'm usually pretty blase about going to Barbie Convention all year long but when it comes up and so many people I follow on Flickr and are Facebook friends with start sharing all their pictures and about how much fun they're having it makes me yearn to go. Usually this feeling doesn't last long especially when people start talking about all the issues that happened at convention and start sharing the prices of their "deals". I freely admit that I'm a total cheapskate but when people are talking about their deals and listing numbers that are way out of my price range I realize that convention is still too expensive for me to think about at this time. Lots of times the dolls I've bought online are considerably cheaper than their convention deal counterparts. But I'd still like to go one year just so I can have the experience of it.

Since I'm going to the meeting and it's been months since I've gone I would like to bring a doll with me, the issue being who. I have several new dolls that I would like to show off but the issue is this meeting really isn't about me. It's about the experiences that people had at convention so I don't want to bring a special new doll to just have them get pushed to the sidelines while people are showing off their new dolls. My dolls don't deserve that treatment! I thought about bringing Joe (my standard fallback since Charlotte doesn't leave the house), but he doesn't have anything new to wear since I haven't sewn anything for anybody in months. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a solution to this.

Sad thing is, once I pick someone I'll spend a lot of time picking out what they should wear tearing apart my room in the process. Meanwhile for me I'll be wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and same old ratty shoes I've had forever. My clothes are just so boring!