Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Dear Readers!

Sorry for being a non-entity for the past month and a half. My sleep issues have still not cleared up. I've been having an easier time falling asleep (most nights), but my newest party trick is waking up at 3 am and taking a while to fall back asleep and continuing to wake up during the night. Being so tired has really zapped my energy for everything but what I absolutely have to get done. I've been working the past few weeks to push myself to get a few things accomplished that I should be getting done. I've been meaning to get back to blogging, but it's just hard getting motivated for anything.... anything buy buying dolls. I still seem to have no problem doing that. (But I really do need to be better about it).

But me complaining about my life is not what this post is about, this is about the annual Halloween post and showing what the dolls are wearing for their costumes. I'm pleased to state that a LOT of dolls have new costumes this year. I think we only have three repeats AND I even sewed a few things this year!

Without further ado, here's Charlotte's shelf this year:
Close ups of each side:

You'll notice in the front we have Artemis in the purple Barbie Halloween cat/witch dress from this year's doll with Modern Circle wearing the Target exclusive orange variation. I will admit that I probably paid too much for both dresses (even retail was probably too high), but I just love the effect of these two dresses being almost symmetrical on the shelf. These dresses do have matching witches hats I added, but they are far too tall for the dolls to wear when on the shelf. Next to Artemis we have Joe kneeling since he's taking Kelly and Tommy out trick or treating and wanted to get a picture of him all together. His green spiderweb shirt is new, I finished it yesterday. I almost ended up throwing it out since when I was trimming off a seam allowance I accidentally cut into the fabric in a bad spot (and I was being so careful too!). I ended up patching it since I was so close to finishing it. I normally wouldn't have and started over, but for a one off thing that he'll most likely wear just one year, it's fine. Kelly and Tommy this year are repeats, British Guard and Princess. I like Kelly's princess costume, but hopefully can find something better for Tommy for next year. Behind Joe is Pierre wearing a pirate costume. I got this off a doll at the last doll donation project, it's Mattel from the late 90's. It was a just removed from box doll, so I snagged it just to steal the costume. They also had the female doll that I swapped for but nobody ended up wearing it this year. I also used their cardboard treat bags for Kelly and Tommy. Pierre looks great in it! It also fits Joe, but the V-neck of the shirt exposes his cobbled together neck joint. His sword is one my brother got at a military show years ago. It's a souvenir from a real sword making company in Spain. It's metal and has a real point (I have stabbed myself with it accidentally before). Next to him we have Audrey Hepburn dressed as Grace Kelly (because I love irony). She's wearing a vintage Hair Fair wig, Disney store Tiana's dress, and the fur stole from the 45th anniversary Silkstone. In front of her seated, because he's too tall to stand up, is Sebastian dressed as Tom Cruise in "Risky Business". Other than the socks I made everything he's wearing. He's holding the sunglasses since his head/hair is too wide for them and I don't want to break them. Behind him to his left is Ashely as Supergirl, another costume picked up at the donation meeting. She's wearing Trixie from Speed Racer's gloves and red boots I had. Not sure how long this costume will last since it has that fake leather that cracks and peels, but it works for this year. Standing front and center we have Charlotte. Breaking a recent trend, Charlotte got new clothes this year! She is wearing the cat ears from this year's Halloween doll (love them), a black bodysuit, a satin belt with glitter pumpkin buckle, an orange with black cats skirt, and black Mary Janes. I made the bodysuit, belt, and skirt. The belt buckle is actually a scrapbook decoration that I modified to be wearable. It's actually held on using Velcro to the belt, so I can swap it out for something else if I wanted to. (So you might get to see it again at Christmas). Her shoes are from the just released Raquelle Style doll. I love, love, love them. Just a word of warning, if you are putting them on the older dolls, make sure the strap isn't stretched any across the doll's foot. The older dolls have higher arches and I had a different shoe snap on the strap right in the center where it has a molding seam. As long as the strap isn't under any stress they'll be fine, at least they are so far and Charlotte's been wearing it for several days in a row now. To Charlotte's left along the back wall we have Mary Clair as a Genie, her usual costume. She just looks so good in it! Next to her we have the Number 4 Ponytail as an 80's flight attendant, another swap out from the Doll Donation Project. I'm not in love with it, but I figured it should get used at least once. I'm sorry she's hard to see, the shelf keeps getting new additions, so it's hard to get everyone seen in pictures. In front of her we have re-rooted Midge dressed as Juliet. Her dress is also from the donation project, and her pearl head decoration is from the 2014? Ballet Wishes Barbie. To her right we have Vanessa dressed as Snow White from the start of the film. The dress came in a random lot of stuff, the shoes are stolen from a souvenir doll, and her cardboard broom is from the Halloween doll. (Remember, the one that I complained that they might have well skipped, of course I ended up using it!).

The majority of the decorations are from the dollar store. except for the pumpkins behind Charlotte and next to Sebastian, those are from thrift stores. I added a few new decorations this year that will be repeats for next year, I especially love the Skeletons on the outer walls. They're so scale appropriate for doll sized decorations and they're so off in design I don't think the person who made them had any skeletons for reference! BTW, If there's anything I posted I didn't talk about and you want to know where it came from, feel free to ask in the comments.

So that was Halloween around here. Everyone got dressed except for Blaine (ran out of time and didn't have a decent costume for him). We had lots of new costumes and a pretty cute display. I'll probably leave it up for a while since right after that I'll want to put them into their Christmas outfits. (But I am thinking about making some Thanksgiving clothes to add to the holiday routine).

For me, I'm working today, which means I'm actually going to dress up. There's a Halloween costume contest at work. I'm not planning on winning, but you do get a free pass to wear jeans on a Saturday if you participate. I'm going as a Target employee since I still have my red shirt and name tag from when I worked there years ago. Last night when I went in I brought in a spare work shirt in case they demand I change. I figure that it would be funny, but I don't want to cause trouble.


Happy Halloween everyone, have fun and be safe! Hopefully I'll post something before Christmas!