Saturday, July 9, 2016

I need to stop buying from Mattel

I really should stop buying in general, but specifically from Mattel. The last four new still in their box dolls I've bought from them have been riddled with quality control issues.

I bought the Ruffles and Leather doll from shopMattel, she had this weird defect where either her arms were too big or her torso was too small and it scraped up her upper arms really bad (as I said in the email to Mattel, it looks like it's being peeled like an Orange).

I also bought the curvy doll with the glasses and the emoji denim vest. I like the vest and saw a picture of her with red glasses, but she actually comes with black glasses (Boo). I was cleaning her up today (the glasses are rubber banded on and leave dents in the face) and found out she's got a pin hole in the middle of her forehead. I want to contact Mattel since I've already thrown out the box for her, but I contacted them about Ruffles and Leather and don't want to come across as trying to take advantage of them.

My African American Made to Move doll arrived with a torn scalp. At the front of her part line the hair was rooted too close together and split the scalp. She also a missing a hair plug in the back and it looks like it might be tearing back there too.

And the Raquelle doll that had the leaking glue, which out of all the issues is the most minor.

I just want to get a doll who's not riddled with issues. Come on Mattel!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wall 'o text (ramble, ramble, ramble)

Hello everyone,

Another month behind us and once again I'm checking in for another update on things going on in my life.

June was a pretty uneventful month. It was my birthday, but other than that (and even that) it was pretty blah.  Still working at my new job. This month I've barely gotten any hours. I still don't like it, so I'm grateful for not having to be there all the time, but I'm working to save up money so if I never get any hours I'm not really saving up anything. However, I'm glad I'm not working with one of my co-workers. I'm starting to dread working with her. She's been the person who's trained me the most and while she's nice there's like this underlying ... resentment? that keeps bubbling up. And she doesn't seem to understand that I just started this job and I'm still learning the aspects of it so I'm not going to be at the same speed as people who've been doing it for over a year and longer. I want to learn, but I'm not going to do everything right the first time. I keep trying to build some sort of comradery with her but every time I try she shuts me down. One of my favorite aspects of working is the feeling of being on a team to get the job done, but if she doesn't want to be on my team, so be it. I've given up talking to her unless I have to. When I first started there she told me she's going away in January for school and as far as I know she doesn't plan to commute, so hopefully then she'll be off doing her own thing and I won't have to deal with her. I'm sure her leaving will make things harder (she does a really good job), but I'm fine not having to deal with her. The other day she switched with my co-worker and when I saw her when I came I was like, ugh!

I did do a lot of work on E-bay this month. I pushed myself and got 30 things listed, I've never done that much before. I made a small dent on what I had to list but there's still a lot to go and I keep adding things to the pile. I'm going to try to keep pushing myself to list things I really need to keep making progress. And while I know I have a lot of things, it's feeling a bit more manageable after this month. It's going to take dedication and focus to get it done, but each thing listed gets me closer to my goal. I had some good luck with sales too. The last week of June I got another round of free listings, so I was able to get several items another chance to sell. I had a grand total of 9 things sell! A new record! Most of them were new, but there were some things that were old. I even sold something I've had so long it was originally on the Dollpage! All but one person paid so they got into the mail and hopefully onto their new owners. I even got two items sold from that lot of stuff I bought on Etsy. I sold a belt and the fabric boots and between the two of them I got my entire purchase price back for the lot! I do like it when that happens. So for the month of June, once that last person pays I'll have made 15 E-bay sales, which is not too shabby.

I didn't spend a lot in June, especially not on dolls. I'm still looking at vintage Barbie online, but nothing really interests me. Lately all the good buys I see are for dolls I already have several of and I know I don't need more. I'm even thinking about selling a few dolls from the collection. I did win a vintage Barbie doll in an auction but I had to return it when the doll's face arrived damaged and the seller did not disclose that. I did get the newest Silkstone doll, City Suit for my Birthday (love the doll, hate her outfit). I also got two of the new Fashionistas, but one I just wanted the accessories and the other one I'm not bonding with, so she might not end up staying. I'm just so blah on dolls right now. Oh, I did buy the two new Made to Move dolls. I de-boxed the Lea faced doll in the hopes she would be a good skin match for Charlotte (I still hate the torsos, but I love the double jointed elbows), but she's far too dark. Charlotte is more of an orange skin tone. I do like the Lea doll and did redress her and played with her for a little bit, but who knows if she'll kick around. I'll probably keep her body, but her head might end up getting listed.

I have still been obsessing over the Disney store dolls. However, nobody seems to be doing reviews on them. The Elena dolls I've seen reviewed a few times but that's about it. The only other reviews I've seen are for dolls that don't have shoes or Snow White and I can see her shoes in her stock images. Last weekend The Disney Store did a buy more save more special where if you spent over 75 you got free shipping. Despite not knowing if any of the dolls would have new shoes I bought some of them. I bought Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty. I've since found out Belle's shoes are the same color as last year's so I didn't actually need her. I think Aurora's are probably the same as last year's too. I think my Disney flat collection is going to be only adding one or two new colors a year at best nowadays. That might be for the best since it means I can stop buying so many Disney dolls to steal their shoes from. Although, I am trying to talk myself out of buying the Deluxe Beauty and the Beast gift set. I'm pretty sure the pink shoes that come with that doll are the same color as the Singing Belle doll I bought a few years ago. And I don't need to buy an 80 dollar gift set to get repeats. I am also thinking about starting to collect the other style of Disney flats they sell. They were released with the .... 2012? classic dolls and they just used them for one year. A couple of the current dolls have them still. I already have a gold and the purple pair that came with Rapunzel, but I'm not sure if I like them enough to collect them. I might be just trying to find something to collect and that's never a good thing to do.  

And really, if the new Disney shoe colors aren't really exciting me, why would a shoe mold I don't like as much do any better? I'm taking it one day at a time, but I'm just so blah over everything.

Just blah.