Sunday, March 12, 2017

February Update, Better Late Than Never, Right?

Hello everyone!

Bet you thought I was skipping over my February update, but fear not, I'm not. I've just been wrapping up the last few bits and pieces for February over on E-bay and wanted to wait until it was all finished before updating everyone. (I wrote that before I left this sitting in my draft pile for a month, whoops!)

I did a huge E-bay push last month and really focused on listing things. I don't have an exact number, but I completed at least 50 auctions last month. I'm very impressed with my number, especially since I didn't start at the beginning of the month working that hard on it but I really threw myself into it and made a lot of progress. All my hard work was rewarded with a decent amount of sales. I had a grand total of 14 sales for the month with a couple of them being buy-it-nows. And everyone paid! Pretty decent amounts per sale too. I still have a lot of things to list for sale, and even keep buying more resale items but I am making progress. I just need to keep my focus and list, list, list. I know not everything will sell before I move but things won't ever sell if I'm just sitting on them and not getting them listed.

Work has been.... okay. I've dropped my official complaints and am just surviving. My boss is still being just as bad but I just don't care any more. Luckily she's been doing a pretty good job of avoiding me which I don't mind. I realized something the other day, I've stopped asking questions. I used to ask people questions, including bringing up the subject entirely about the process, what they were doing, and why. And I can't remember the last time I did that. I'm just kind of sticking with what I know, doing the best job I can, and that's it. I've realized there's no future for me at that location. It's sad, but it is what it is. I've been doing a better job with my metrics, which does kind of have a negative affect on you. When my manager sees you're good at something she kind of forces you to do that something forever and does try to keep you limited so you can just do that. It's bad management, but I'm not the one in charge. I did hear from someone that the woman who has the most training in my department (who has become the unofficial department head) put in an application somewhere else. It would stink to lose her but I kind of want to see my manager's poor future planning really blow up in her face (I'm nothing if I'm not petty).

I did tell my manager that going forward I'm unable to do more than four days. I was originally only working four days but at Thanksgiving time I went up to five, which I was expecting and was fine with. I told my boss I would be willing to work six days in December since I wanted the extra hours. She failed to realize that meant overtime and was giving me 6 days, but around the same hours I was getting at 5 days. Luckily my other supervisor gave me more hours. Once Christmas was over I thought I'd dial back to 4, but she kept giving me 5. When I told another supervisor about this she told me my manager did say "Yeah, she did say you were being helpful and taking on the extra day.". Which is not true since I was never asked, just scheduled for it. But after last week where I had two short shifts I had enough. I left her a note saying I could only work 4 days and left it on her desk. Originally this week she had me working just 3 days (spiteful), but the schedule was tweaked and I got the 4 I wanted. I was fine with 3, that gives me more time to work on E-bay. I'm part time and have 100 percent open availability, the only thing I ask is that I only get 4 days. I don't think I'm asking for too much. I do think that once I get back to my 4 days routine I'll be a lot happier. It's not fun being there and the overall attitude can be very depressing.

With all my E-bay work I didn't have a lot of time for personal doll stuff. I sewed twice this month. The first time was making a dress for the Barbie Convention that I was volunteered for. I actually made two of the same dresses. I decided to make two and donate the best one. They didn't turn out awful, but one was slightly better than the other so one I donated for the auction and the other one I donated to my doll club for it's annual raffle. I also made a more summery body suit for Charlotte, but I messed it up, overworked it, and gave up on it. She's still wearing it, so I plan on going back to it eventually, just not right now.

I would like to say my spending habits dialed back some too but that would be a bold faced lie. I spent a lot of money, but only bought a couple of dolls. I will say that I was good and avoided buying anything at the Disney store their last big sale, but there's nothing I really wanted. I mean, I do want the Elena of Avalor clothing set and kind of still want the Beast doll to see if Joe can wear his clothes, but that's it. I am hoping the classic dolls will have new shoe colors but they won't come out until the late summer, but I digress. I bought one vintage doll (who was at the top of my grail list) and the Pinkie Pie doll from the Integrity MLP line. I like his face and hair color, but not his hair style. I actually had to return my first one. He had a faint indented line on his forehead and a spot on his torso that was slightly scuffed up. They mailed me a replacement, but he still has the forehead line. I guess it's a mold flaw. He might end up re-rooted. I like the pink hair, but want it longer and straight. That's a project for much later though I don't have time to start a re-root and he's low on the list for one. I plan on saving up for Applejack next. I also like Rainbow Dash, but I just like his face mold and prefer the two other dolls that used the face mold. I just need to decide which is better, spending 80 for a nude doll that I'd like better, or spending 140 on a dressed doll and reselling the clothes.

It wasn't all expensive dolls. I've also fallen heads over heel for the Megabloks American Girl figures. I bought a set of three of them back in October but really got into them last month. When I was working on E-bay I dug them out since they were with some items I was going to sell and I found myself playing with them again and again. They also make cute American Girl sized dolls for 1:6 scale dolls. I found out Walmart had the other set of 3 dolls on sale on their website with free store delivery. I ordered them and waited for them to arrive. They finally did and Walmart sent me the wrong set! The one I already had, and one that was cheaper on the site. When I picked it up I wasn't sure who made the mistake so I took it but once I got home I saw that I had ordered the correct set. I returned it by mail and waited for my replacement. It finally arrived and they mailed out the next set. I had to contact them about it since the tracking showed they got it back and days later they still hadn't mailed out my replacement. That finally arrived and once again they sent me the wrong set! I just took it from the back of the store to the front of the store and returned it. The woman who took my return even commented that the item numbers were very different between the two items. The really sucky thing is that they just got both sets in the store but they were full priced. I checked online, but they don't price match in the store any more (even to their own website). I ended up buying the set off of Amazon and they sent me the right set the first time. I also bought several of the small single packs. I think they're too expensive at 3.99 each but I found a lot of them for under 3 dollars so I bought them. I'm still waiting for two single packs but as of right now I'm just two more away from owning all of the first wave solo dolls. I know there's a wave 2 with six solo dolls and another 3 pack (which I have only seen listed on the Megabloks website and they don't sell those there). After that there's several building sets that include dolls in them. I'm really trying to not go overboard but I feel like I'm going to be. I'm already trying to justify buying the most expensive building set because it's a house and they dolls need a house!

Wish me luck on that! See everyone next month!